ZERO1 AWARDS 2017: Best Gaming Mice |

Hey guys welcome back to For
every day usage you would not bother whether your mouse is accurate or not.
Competitive game play is where you start taking these things seriously. We wanted
to find the gaming mouse that was not only accurate but also gave the best
overall performance in tracking. And the zero one award for the best gaming mouse
of 2017 goes to the Asus ROG Streaks Impact. The streaks impact perform well
in the Enotus Mouse Test and generated smooth graphs in the mouse tester test.
Although it did not scored the highest among all the mouse we have tested from
the previous year it has earned a place amongst them. There was no spin outs or
acceleration observed in the mouse and there was no visible jitter in cursor
movement. All of these earned the streaks impact the zero1 award. The runner-up
for this category is the Logitech G603 It performed better than some wired gaming mouse.
With some surprisingly brilliant scores in the Enotus Mouse Test, the new Hero sensor from Logitech
proves to be a good sensor for gaming. There is still work to be done in the
sensor when it comes to maintaining a stable polling rate. We can certainly say
that for casual and even hardcore gaming you can opt for the G603. But there is
still work to be done to earn the respect of competitive gamers. And the
best buy for this category is the Cooler Master master mouse light S. Buying a
budget mouse for gaming means that you have to compromise on performance,
features and build quality. There are mice being sold at dirt cheap prices but
they are literally unplayable even for casual gamers. Cooler Master’s MasterMouse
range of gaming mice has 3 variants in different price brackets where the
entry-level Mouse the light s is a decent choice for gaming. However it has
a high lift off distance and does display positive acceleration and angle
snapping. But if you want to casually game and not be irritated with your
crosshair spinning out or experience random pixel jumping, the Mastermouse
light S is a good choice. So what do you think about our winners? Comment down
below and don’t forget to like and share this video. Thanks for watching

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