XM300 Gaming Mouse RGB LED & Ergonomic Design – GIGABYTE XTREME GAMING

XM300 Gaming Mouse RGB LED & Ergonomic Design – GIGABYTE XTREME GAMING

Gaming Maus RGB Beleuchtung – Finde Deinen Style Gummibeschichtung – Beste Kontrolle Klassische Form – Elegantes Design Ergonomisches Design – für verschiedene Stile DPI Anzeige – sehe Deine DPI Einstellung

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27 thoughts on “XM300 Gaming Mouse RGB LED & Ergonomic Design – GIGABYTE XTREME GAMING”

  • If it had a right/left tilting scroll wheel, 2 small buttons on the edge of the left click as well as the right click, it would have been the perfect mouse for me.
    I always dreamed of a Deathadder clone with these extra buttons.

  • The best mouse you made is ghost mouse m8000x it does have the best ergonomic design and functionality but it lack the build quality , DA design cause hand pain in long term , that was based on opinions from our clan members.

  • I've seen your comment saying that this mouse is inspired by Microsoft IME 3.0, but the shape and the buttons does look 90% similar to Razer Deathadder . I like the Deathadder , but it is too expensive for me , I might get this one because it is cheaper. My Rival 300 is going to have a rival 😀 What is the sensor in this mouse ? Is it lightweight ?

  • Woah this mouse looks fantastic! I might pick it up a nice 3988 mouse with a good looking shape also it isn't a crazy weight like 120grams. Plus the sensor position looks fantastic i hope it has a good build quality to it.

    This makes me hopeful that somethings being cooked up at the gigabyte using the 3360

    Also glad that the cable isn't braided, braided cables either fray (should see my friends deathadder holy fuck the cord was so frayed he got a new mouse because the friction on his mousepad was unbearable


    This looks very similar to the Deathadder from Razor. I've been looking for a Razor replacement as the internals are not that good quality wise. Heavy use of the Mouse 1 & 2 buttons along with the click wheel will wear these components out in 3-12 months. Could you provide a image link to the circuit board so I could have a better look at how you implemented scroll wheel function and mouse click? On the Deathadder scrollwheel tactile feeling is done with a tiny plastic piece glued to the scroll wheel. Would like to avoid bad designs like this in the future.

  • I have been searching gaming mouse for a few months. I was going back and forth between ASUS Gladius and Razer Deathadder. I was not a big fan of gigabyte gaming mouse and keyboard, but one day I was watching gigabyte's live stream video. There were a bunch of Ad at the beginning of the video, and one of them is Gigabyte XM300. It immediately got my attention, and I ordered after a few days of research. I love the mouse so much. I want to thank gigabyte for building a such beautiful gaming mouse for gamer. I am looking forward to see Gigabyte gaming mouse in the future. Good Job Gigabyte.

  • I really want to get this mouse, but it seems that it has a big bummer that Razer had fixed for us:
    The cool software for the mouse requires ADMIN RIGHTS to download :/ This is a problem that I and many others face, and what Razer does is that when we plug in a razer product for the first time, it detects if the computer has razer synapse, and if we don't, offers to install it directly, which does not require admin rights at all. I really hope Gigabyte could try to make one like that for people like me!

  • fix the firmware first,we all r having issues with sensor lag… many of people r having problems when using 1000hz of polling rates or in with solid colour…

  • I just bough this mouse and the software asked for a firmware update but the update failed and now my mouse is acting like it's 4 hz :(.

  • I just bought this mouse, and I like it. But, what is the music please? I know, it is "Dawn" but from WHO? The name Beda doesn't help..