Xbox One Wireless Controller on Switch! How to Use an Xbox One controller on Nintendo Switch!

Hey guys, my name is Scoby Today I’m gonna be showing you how to use an Xbox one controller wirelessly on your Nintendo switch This is gonna be a nice quick and easy tutorial. I’m gonna be showing you step-by-step how to do everything On-screen I know you can see a quick example of how this works It works really really well I haven’t noticed any real noticeable input lag Let’s jump right into this So the first thing I should mention before we get too far into this video We’re not gonna be able to do this without some extra hardware What we’re gonna be using is the may flash magic NS wireless controller adapter this of course will also work for USB controller so you’ve got a couple of different options with this you don’t just have to use Wireless So what you’re gonna need for this is the adapter itself Along with a USB type-c cable and I think most versions of this adapter come with the cable included But if you’re looking to get your hands on this adapter I’m gonna leave a couple of links in the description down below so you can easily get it down there I’ll leave some links to Amazon as well as some links to Aliexpress So once you have all this set up what we’re gonna be doing is plugging our may flash into our Nintendo switch in this case you may have to update the software if it’s not already automatically connected I’ll leave some carrot information on screen mine worked out of the box So I’m gonna be assuming most people’s will so all you need to do is turn on your switch Unlock the screen and we’re gonna be plugging this into our USB port at the bottom Now what we’re gonna be looking for is this stick to flash in a red color? In this case, if yours does not flash in a red color All you need to do is click on this black button on the side of your controller once and you should see a rapid flashing And then what you need to do is hold a black button for 3 to 5 seconds and then it should change color in this case you can see it’s currently blue All I need to do is click on it once press and hold for 3 to 5 seconds Then the flashing won’t stop and then a new color will pop up in this case it’s green. And all we need to do is repeat this process until we get to the red one Once your may flash stick is finally flashing red What we’re gonna be doing is clicking the black button on the side until we see a rapid red flash Which means it’s currently in connection in sync mode From here we’re gonna have to do is grab our Xbox one controller and press on the power button And then we’re going to be pressing the sync button on the top until your Xbox one controller also starts flashing rapidly once this happens you should give it a couple of seconds and then these will eventually connect up and they should automatically work after this So for me this took about 10 seconds, you can see the flashing on screen and once they both connect they’ll both be a solid color and then your controller should link up and work perfectly You can see as I move around the Xbox one controller it navigates the menu perfectly and now even if I continue to play Mario Kart, it’ll still continue perfectly Now as this controller is an Xbox one controller. It’s going to function as a Nintendo switch pro controller So the controls pretty much matched perfectly So everything should work pretty much out of the box and this is a really really nice experience and for me it really really enhanced my Nintendo’s switch playing ability As well as using it wirelessly increases the portability a lot This is a really really nice feature. And I really really enjoyed using this Anyway, guys, this is a product that really recommends So if you check out the description down below you should see the links to this If you click on the Amazon affiliate link, it is gonna help support me So I’m gonna recommend that Anybody’s it’s as easy as that to use an Xbox one controller wirelessly on your Nintendo switch If you guys enjoyed this tutorial be sure to drop a like Subscribe if you’re new check out the other videos on the channel I’m gonna be leaving a link down below to my paypal if you found this helpful, and you want to support me anyway, guys thank you so much for watching until next time as always Keep it saucy peace

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