Xbox 360 Gamepad Review

The Xbox 360 controller was replaced by a
newer Xbox One controller. But is it still worth it?
Today I’ll review the wired version. The shape of this controller is pretty good;
it’s kinda small for my hands, but it’s at least usable (not like the PS3 controller).
The surface of this controller has a very nice texture, which adds a little bit of grip.
The top and bottom of this controller is made from a glossy plastic, and it looks very nice.
The whole controller is made from a very durable plastic, and the build quality is sturdy enough. The analog sticks are nice and responsive
and they have very little deadzone. The triggers are pressure sensitive, but holding
them for a longer period of time will cause your finger to hurt.
The Windows integration is great. I bought this gamepad for PC, and it works straight
out of the box. Even vibrations are supported on PC The wired version has 2.7 meter long cable,
which is enough distance from your PC to the couch. The cable has a weird connector, but
thankfully it comes with a USB adaptor.

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