X-Men Destiny Walkthrough Part 1 ~ Aimi Yoshida Path (PS3, XBOX360, Wii)

this is all we have this isn’t the
amount we agreed on that is everything Alioto this ship will take us tonight
what about mother I will bring her wait for us on the boat try to keep out of a
sight do not delay the motors leaving come back there Sinclair citizens of San Francisco
you have seen your city retreat to do separate on please press there Xavier
stood for integration and unity today the honor his memory I guess Magneto just gave us a board of
no confidence the Bayonne so yes you’re a coward without money are you okay what’s happening looks like we got
ourselves some beauty take this freak out at the knees you’re all taking what
who is this you’ve got it don’t forget to breathe nevermind that I say we just take them
all out try jumping why are you standing still so slow pay
attention follow Quicksilver see you Grisi if you have powers you better
learn to use them projector market volume can you see it this should be easy with your identity your purifiers a penis this is our calling thanks for the backup we won we beat them but you think have a
feeling that was just a warm-up event there are weapons they seem very
advanced and very dangerous yeah more sophisticated than I’ve ever seen them
used before one of their supplier is I’ve never seen anything like it
this whole thing’s new to you I could tell he did good
sorry it has to be under these circumstances but we stick together
right I’ll do what I have to so what happened to the x-men and news stories
are always in New York we lost our base and the man who brought
us together in the first place Charles Xavier
yeah Professor X hard to believe he’s gone he said the x-men in the first
place didn’t he he was the most powerful telepath the world had ever seen he
found us they brought us together how did he die
same way he lived fighting for peace bastions struck it down
who’s Bastian a robot kind of most of him anyway he came from the future on a
mission to wipe out mutants where is he now he’s scattered debris he lost that
fight we’re hemmed in here exposed to attack
from all sides it’s exactly how they want us we have to keep moving make sure
to check alleyways and rooftops for any mutants in trouble okay better keep
going fight a good fight I’ll see you around other mutants are trying to find
a way out for us all hang in there get to the bridge get everyone to the
bridge so many people are in a panic the psychic noise is deafening I need
your help to search purifiers aren’t the police Kate you know I’m clear out of my
way hey what you want to stand around and talk now these people who are they
you’ve never heard of the purifiers stick around kid you’ll soon learn
enough but we should fight them the two of us
together could defeat them the purify flock roasting mutants for fun and
there’s an army of the pettiness way you want to take them on be my guest
okay I understand you like to talk but when the fighting starts you turn tail
and run no I mostly jump now repeat we’re
outgunned here maybe you didn’t learn to count yet so where is it exactly that
you’re going lost aya yay looking I’m not gonna slow
down for you kid keep up or fade out I’ll race you kid
follow tote Klim
you can do it don’t let any mute crew it’s an easy smash through for you I need your help I have a lot of mutants
here there’s a whole community of mutants here
I never realized help them if you can we
you to attack the rally you muties are gonna pay

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