Why used gaming PCs are NOT a good idea (Sometimes)

Why used gaming PCs are NOT a good idea (Sometimes)

On the last video, I did a little bit of work
improving “El Cheapo”: a computer built by the folks at Linus Tech Tips that represents
what happens when you buy the cheapest new components available from a current generation. This was very similar to the PC I use for
a large number of my videos so with a slight adjustment to RAM and some ingenuity I was
confident it could play a large variety of heavier AAA titles. Now what I did not mention on that video is
the argument that came up several times in conversations during the conference… at
that price level, why not just buy older user gaming components? This was very interesting to me because: 1. Linus had brought this exact sentiment up
when he first tried El Cheapo on his video: Now. I would probably still recommend used hardware over a brand new $200 tower 2. This is a very common point of contention
over the comments of any video I do where I review and experiment with entry-level components. So… why don’t every budget gamer and low
spec enthusiast just buy a cheaper used PC? Let’s start with the obvious point that usually
people argue about: upgradeability. While this is not the central point of this
video it is important to contextualize everything else that I will say. When you are using older gaming components
you are usually sacrificing ease of future upgrades in some way. Let me use myself as a good example of this. The PC that I use for several behind the scene
stuff on this channel when I am home, such as recording or streaming footage using a
capture card has a used i7 4790k inside, with a used motherboard and used ram that I found
a decent price. Incidentally, this is overkill for most games
I play with only a couple of exceptions. However, this older CPU is giving me trouble
while streaming and recording at the same time which is why I have to use such terrible
bitrate. So if want to upgrade to… say, a newer first-gen Ryzen with lots of
cores I have to change the motherboard and the RAM and that encapsulates the
problem. Depending on how old the used components are
you might end up having to hunt for very specific parts to upgrade or having to spend a lot
of money if you want to change down the road. Now, this is not a bad thing per se, I have
made video playing on DDR2 ram and I am always of the opinion that if you have no PC and
want to get started with as little spending as possible every technique in the book goes,
as long as you are aware of the caveats. In that sense, something like El Cheapo seems
good. You want to add a dedicated GPU, you do not
have to replace anything, you want a better CPU? That socket is compatible with almost every
Ryzen CPU out there! Do you want to overclock? You only need to change the motherboard. But to be fair I see the point on the other
side: rather than struggle with entry-level parts paying less for something that already
works quite well seems more reasonable, even with the upgrade issues. Let’s make a small experiment to illustrate. Up until somewhat recently, I was using a first-gen i5 for my main PC
(and it worked fine) so if I was trying to build a cheap used PC I could go with… first gen i5 goes out the window to be replaced
by a cheap third gen i5, a cheap motherboard
for that socket and a cheap GTX 750 Ti which I was surprised to discover is still rather
common as a LAN party PC part and provides reasonable
performance on low resolutions and settings. Even an anemic 400W power supply should work
there so let’s fill everything else with the cheapest options including case, 8 GB of RAM
and storage. Disclaimer: Since the experiment is on saving
money I am going all trashtop on this but I do not recommend getting a power supply
without certification because it might have a power failure and damage the rest of your
components. But for this thought experiment, it will do. I went through American eBay and found cheap
listings for all of these and to be fair if I had dug deeper I could have likely found
better stuff but even on a quick build I was able to get something reasonable for a low
price. If I tried just replacing the motherboard,
RAM, CPU and GPU for a new Athlon 200GE APU, the cheapest new AM4 motherboard and the cheapest
DDR4 dual-channel RAM and even before tax that would be pricier for what could probably
be a lesser out of the box experience. And you can probably get something even cheaper
by buying a cheap decommissioned office PC and adding some RAM or a used GPU. So case closed right? NOPE NOPE NOPE The thing that gets glossed over on these
conversations is that the United States is a special place with a excellent used parts
markets that not everyone gets. I am not from the US and my analytics tells me most of you are not
and here in Spain, I am consistently frustrated on how much more expensive or scarce used
components can be comparatively. Another example, Ozi, Coalition Gaming and
Nerd on a Budget three channels that often do great budget tech content after hearing
a lot of viewers complains about being too US-centric Ozi: we constantly get messages from people saying just how amazing american deals are and that you can’t find them anywhere else. Like, it’s everywhere Alex: Decided to use their trip to LTX in Vancouver
to try and build a cheap PC in Canada: Ozi: and it was rough. So for all of you guys screaming about how good americans have it: I finally understand. And
these examples are Canada and Spain. Nice, developed countries. Do you know when this gets really interesting? When you go to the developing world where
economies make no sense, neither do salaries and decommission office PCs have core 2 duos
and DDR2 ram at best. So I asked twitter for where to search for
used PC parts in all sorts of “developing” countries and I set out to do to check the
price of building a similar PC from the previous example on every different place so
I could to demonstrate just how screwed up the used market is worldwide. Before beginning a few clarifications: I will leave links to the listings used for
all of these prices, per country, in the description for you to scrutinize. Since these are used parts some links will
likely go dead in the future. Gathering this data was a huge undertaking
by me and Joe the LowSpecEditor and since we were dealing with lots of marketplaces
and often languages we were not familiar with there are likely mistakes where we used websites
that are known to be too expensive or unreliable. If you are from one of these countries and
noticed one of these mistakes feel free to leave a comment so we can learn. Just be kind about it, we really tried our
best to take into account things like places where changing prices to dollars is not a
straightforward exchange rate. I will leave a section in the description
for obvious mistakes that people point out so, be sure to check that. Also, people in every country tend to earn
very different amounts of money. So when commenting “Oh you could just save
$50 and get the next best APU and that one is so much better. $50 is nothing” is not very useful when $50
means a lot more money for someone else. Another typical comment is “That is not efficient,
this other component offers much better bang for buck”. The most efficient “bang for buck” components
means nothing when its price makes it unobtainable unless you are rich, which tends to happen
in a lot of these countries. To account for that I will also note the average
income of the country in question compared to the US. If your country is on this list you will likely
think this average income is way off the mark for a typical salary and it is. Average income is not a typical salary. Median Income is better for that but that
data is not readily available for most of these places so average income is good just
to get an idea of differences in purchasing power between countries. Also, if rumours are to be believed the Athlon
200GE is about to get replaced with a new model that is much better while maintaining
the same pricing so if you are watching this in the future this value proposition might
actually be better in the direction of the APU. Let’s get started by taking a swim in the
Philippines a land of beautiful b roll touristic footage that is likely not as good for the
people living there considering how many have left. Right of the bat, average income takes a heavy
heavy hit and the very same used PC becomes a bit more expensive… which probably feels
a lot more expensive given the income difference. Still I was able to recreate something similar
to our target used PC without too much difficulty for as low as $200 If we replace the motherboard, CPU, RAM and
GPU for a new Athlon 200GE APU with a new cheap motherboard and new dual-channel RAM. It is still more expensive but the gap is
significantly shorter isn’t it? Well, it is about to get worse. Let’s travel to the exotic faraway land of… Mexico. A country of wonderful good and beautiful
colorful culture which some American tourist insist is the same one
as Spain. I swear the next time I get a tourist in Barcelona
asking for where to get authentic Spanish tacos I might lose it. I am sure my Mexicans viewers facepalm about
this as much as I do. Where was I? Oh yeah. Average income is still fairly lower than
the US but gives us a bit more breathing room than the Philippines. Sadly the same used parts are about 30 dollars
more expensive than Phillippines and here is where thing start to turn. If you replace the core components for the
Athlon APU it is a bit cheaper… cheaper than used components and without sacrificing
upgradeability. How’s that? You are telling me that in certain circumstances in Mexico it could more sense to buy entry level components? No time to be shocked because we now go to
South Africa, land of tremendous linguist and cultural diversity
and beautiful musical tradition. Average income takes a hit again, but not
as bad as poor little Philippines. Same used PC climbs just a bit from Mexico
and once again the Athlon 200GE combo of new parts is just a bit cheaper. Time to switch continents, yet again, to the
growing power of India, one of the most populous countries in the
world and the modern battlefield for the tech revolution. India has by the worst average income of all
countries I included, mainly to some staggering wealth disparity from what I understand, Interestingly enough if you ignore the crippling
drop in purchase power which is… hard to ignore. The used market in India, at least on a quick
look, seems a bit better than others we had explored as the total used price costs drops
a fair bit, and used core components is once again competitive, although the new Athlon
200GE core set is still right there juuuust beating the used parts in price while still
being upgreadable. Want to make things a bit harder? Welcome to South America, specifically Brazil
on of the big bastions of fans of the channel. Brazil has an average income similar to that
of Mexico but its used market is significantly worse, as a similar used pc no climbs to $300 dollars. Sadly the new market is not exactly a consolation. I found a motherboard plus Athlon 200GE combo
and the dual-channel RAM for… basically the same price as the used core components. Huh. Hey, that is still a decent deal. Which is different from the case of Argentina
land of the… my price calculations are probably already
obsolete… No seriosuly I am sorry these prices were
updated before that happened so… sorry if they appear old. Ah shit, I should say something nice as well…
mmm… Your empanadas are great? I mean I do really like them. Average income is one of the highest among
the countries we have explored but its component prices can be eye-watering thanks
to the expensive motherboard, CPU and GPUs. Interestingly enough here the Athlon 200GE
shines as not having to spend on a GPU makes it away, way cheaper than the other option. This is definitely the biggest win for entry-level
new hardware. So, the average income is a poor way to truly
illustrate the economic differences between countries but it gives some reference and
it is likely that if you are from any of these countries and are familiar with the used market
you can likely hunt for a better deal than a random foreigner but what I hopefully showed
is that entry-level components make for fantastic
makeshift gaming machines when not every marketplace is as blessed as North America. New components are very pricy on those countries
as well, and anything branded as “gaming” tends to shoot to the price to stratospheric
levels while unsuspecting APUs and entry-level GPU tend
to conserve value much better. This is why I love modern APUs so much and
hope that Intel starts selling their equivalent budget devices soon. I am not saying that building an used PC is not a valid strategy. It is still pretty much is. But when you step out of developed countries the situation regarding entry level hardware is not as black and white So next time someone online is asking about
building a low spec pc and you feel that impulse to bark and dismiss them by saying just buy
used or to search for better bang for buck components you can take a breath and ask them what country
they are from and help them actually get something on their budget because now, you know better. What was that? Quick shoutout to Venezuela. We tried including it here on this video since
this is the native country of both me and Joe but just explaining how the conversion
to dollars work or the complexities of how importing components alters prices would have
required a video of its own. Just know that we have you in our thoughts.

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  • Thanks for making this, even in Belgium, arguably a very developed country, the used market hardly even exists and 5 year old parts often get sold for more than low price new ones, if you even have second hand options in the first place.

  • Hello! I've worked in South Africa before so I wish to add to it. There is a niche site called Carbonite that exclusively sells 2nd hand PC parts, here you can get a GTX 1050 Ti for around the same price you listed for the 750 Ti. A 1060 would bump up to roughly $100. olx and gumtree are extremely terrible with selling computer hardware, some even sell used for more than local retailers brand new.

  • I built a cheap gaming PC for the brother of my gf with my old GTX 970 and a upgrade kit that I got for 190€ on the german ebay. the upgrade kit contained a i5-4690K, a Gigabyte G1.Sniper Z97 mainboard, 16GB of DDR3 RAM and a decent cooler for the CPU. I bought a case for around 45€ and had a powersuply laying around that worked for this. I would say it was a very good deal.

  • from what i have expierience so far americans are (sorry to say but true) freaking blindfolded when it makes to there worldview for them everything on the internet gotta behave like its us-american and everything else doesnt excists.

  • my used parts pc has a ryzen 5 1600, 12gb ddr4, gtx 970 and x370 motherboard. took 3 weeks to gather parts, and costed about £300gbp. plenty upgrade path, and out of the box performance with pretty good value.

  • Im a filipino, and Im so jealous of the US, and really want to leave my country. Our wifi is 3.5 mbs is the highest… believe me, some of us can't even afford the 1mbps. US even has black fridays and etc.

  • I live in Paraguay and here the used market it's a little bit crazy because you have real idea items an stolen one and if you buy new and try to sell you need to compete with stolen prices. In another hand you can buy from Ciudad del Este new items just a little bit higher than the price in USA

  • I agree with you, Yankee channels focus mainly on their market, so a 2000USD PC is normal, but that is very distant from the reality of the rest of the world

  • Hey guys i currently have a gtx 950 i5 4590 and 8gb ddr3 ram im thinking of upgrading to a gtx 970 would it bottleneck my pc? I dont trust bottleneck websites at all.

  • eu não sei ingles vai pt br mesmo, no brasil as coisas são muito difíceis mesmo, por isso a maioria dos brasileiros preferem importar peças de sites chineses onde sai milhares de vezes mais barato doque no mercado nacional, as pessoas metem a faca mesmo, extrapolão e superfetarão os valores, pra ter uma ideia muitos ainda investem em lga 775 ddr2, é não é um core2quad e sim os core2duo e olhe lá

  • Here in France everything is ok but AliExpress prices on 4th gen Intel CPUs are better , you can get an i5 4690 for 70€ and on our local craigslist you can get an RX 580 8GB for 120€

  • Pricing for Germany with great local deals:
    Used PC with Z68 motherboard, 8gb ddr3 ram ,i7 2600, PSU, case, windows key and GTX 570 50€
    128gb SSD 8€
    500gb HDD 8€
    GTX 960 2gb 30€

    I feel really sorry for you guys with bad local markets out there!

  • i live in brazil and the only problem with buying from aliexpress is that most of the time our products gets taxated at the customhouse and we have to pay another 60% of the price we already paid for these pc parts (of couse a lot of the time we also get taxated for much more than we paid, i myself paid 5 US$ for a ddr2 ram and had to pay 20US$ in taxes to get my ram, i didn't pay and the ram is now property of the brazilian government.

  • Yeah… That's why I bought my laptop from AliExpress.

    It's a Maibenben Heimei, cost 2300 BRL only (keep an eye on sales and get coupons too! – I saved 300 BRL on that), but after 60% taxes it reached 3680 BRL, but still a good deal for a computer with a GTX1650, Pentium G5420 (easy to upgrade), [email protected] single channel, 256GB NVMe and a stunning 16" 1920×[email protected] IPS screen. Any computer with a GTX1650 here in Brazil will cost no less than 5500 BRL and will come without any possibility to upgrade (but they usually come with a slightly better CPU like a 9th gen i5), a worse screen and less storage (at least in 01/09/2019).

    Now I got an i5 9600K much cheaper from a buddy who is just upgrading his PC with some i7… I actually planned to buy a 9400, but this 9600K was much cheap than the 9400 available at the moment. lol

    Too bad Maibeben on AliExpress (for some unknown reason) stopped shipping the Heimei 7 to Brazil.
    I hope they resume their business here soon, because this laptop is simply amazing for a budget option.

  • My build, prices in USD.

    CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 —- [$199 Best Buy]

    GPU: Sable Hunting Radeon RX 580 8GB — [$147 New Chinese ebay seller]

    Motherboard: MSI B450 Gaming Plus — [$99 Amazon]

    Ram: Timetec 32GB DDR4 3200mhz [8GB x 4] — [$140 Amazon]

    Storage: Intel 660p 1TB NVMe [Boot], WD Blue 2TB HDD — [$99 and $5 best buy points]

    Case: Bitfenix Nova [White] + 1 White 2 Red LED Fans — [$40 newegg and $10 ebay]

    Power Supply: EVGA 600W 80+ White — [$40 best buy sale]

    OS: Windows 10 Enterprise — [$6 ebay key]

    PCI-E Devices: EzCap 294 [1080p/60], USB 3.0 Expansion Card — [Aliexpress about $80 for both of them]

    Optical: Samsung Blu-ray 12x SH-B123L — [$25 ebay, new old stock]

    Total Build Cost: $890… Though you could easily cut the capture card, Bluray drive, hard drive, usb expansion, use 16gb of ram instead of 32 and build the core system for around $600-650. Those were just extras I added on.

  • here on Brazil we have Five options:
    1- we try get the best "Sale OFF" or wait to "Black Friday" happens on November from websites like Pichau, TeraByte Shop, Kabum…
    2- try get used or new hardware on websites like MercadoLivre, OLX, MarketPlace(Facebook).
    3- Import Hardware (used or new) from Ebay, AliExpress, DealExtreme, BangGood, Alibaba, TaoBao
    4- *visit(travel*) to "Santa Efigenia" neighborhood on São Paulo City (Or go visit the street "25 de março" too) where have much stores selling used/decommissioned hardware (sometimes imported from china) and new hardware imported sometimes from Paraguay(Country) and China.
    5- for how live on southern part of the continent we have one more option like go shopping on Cidade do leste(ciudad del este) on Paraguay where is an border city on Brazil called Foz do Iguaçu.

    But the main problem on Brazil is the !! TAX !! and the process called "imposto sobre imposto" (free translated to TAX over TAX). because of that southerns commonly and historically visit ciudad del este to shop anything more "electronic product" because of that… at some point is easy to go there, shop and bring the product to Brazil without pay the TAX… and visit Itaipu Power Plant on this process sometimes.

    sometimes importing something from china don't result to pay tax… because of that much people do it too.

  • I am from Brazil and recently bought a new computer on this site you found the athlon 200ge. The "pichau" in recent months has been at a very competitive price.

    I bought a computer with ryzen 3 3200g, 8Gb of Ram and an RX 580 for the equivalent of 489.73 US dollars.

  • I'm from Russia and there is real spike of peoples. salary. With elder brother's help I bought Athlon X4 860k, GTX 750 Ti, 8 gbs of DDR3 (2 4gb sticks), ASUS A88XM-A motherboard (cant remeber name of PSU and for power supply) 23000 or russian rublees ($300+ now I think) without buying new case and hard drive.

  • Al menos en centroamerica existe esta ideologia tonta (que al menos creo yo que viene de la cultura de los automoviles) de que no puedes vender algo usado a un precio mas bajo del que lo compraste. He ironicamente todos quieren comprarte algo usado a mitad de precio del que sale en paginas de USA como amazon o ebay. Al final alguien que compro nueva una gtx1060 luego de un año quiere por ella $300, y ese mismo personaje se molesta cuando tu quieres venderle una gtx980ti por $150.

  • Even if you take a little trip from UK to Germany, prices here in Germany tend to be a bit higher on the used market, much to my dismal.

  • jajaj tacos españoles eso si no lo sabia XD but talking seriously, here in Mexico all the sellers think that their old components are valuable, most of times is better to buy it from aliexpress and take the risk that the component doesn't work.

  • In Easter Europe as far as I have seen, only the used GPU market is worth mentioning, all other components are about the same price freshly bought (this excludes auctions)

  • Let me put this in perspective, Romania, avg gross wage ~1200 $, avg net wage ~ 700 $ (yes, I know, big taxes). Second hand build: i5 ~70$, 750 Ti ~ 48 $, mobo ~ 43$, RAM ~ 24$, PSU and HDD make no sense to be added as they can be used SH in both builds and not influence performance in any way (a shady new PSU here starts from 12$, a 80+ 3 yr warranty chinese one starts from ~18$ so I wouldnt go used). TOTAL FOR USED CORE COMPONENTS: 185$. New build: Ryzen 1200 60$, mobo 45$, Ram (8gb 2666 single stick) 40$, RX 550 83$ (RX 550 is a lot better compared to 750ti in my opinion) TOTAL CORE Components: 228 $. Give up the RX 550 and get a 2200g for 20$ more and the total cost is: 165$. My recently made build: R5 1600: 110$, mobo 45$, Ram 8gb 2666 40$, refurbished RX 470 8gb 100$, PSU 450W 80+ 17$ new, HDD used 500G 15$ – 327$ for a lot more power than mentioned used system and a very good price/fps.

  • It's not a good idea in Brasil sometimes because the used is almost the same price as new in some promotions, i get really pissed off around here when i look the prices of used stuff, i'll let them die with their old hardware but will not buy if is the price is not 50% to 60% less than a new one, die with that, dieeeee.😂😂😂

  • 7:19 Each 1 dollar more here is kinda multiplicated by 1 million lol is not converted directly just like money in a bank at the normal exchange rate, you guys have to understand that, it's sad, but it's how it is😐.

  • One thing you didn't consider was the inflation in this countries because you can have higher income and good prices in hardware but the others stuff that makes you live take all your income lol😂.

  • here in Iran, buying a used business grade DELL Optiplex is the best option available. you can find one with 3rd or 4th gen i5, 8GB RAM for ~ $180 (without SSD). the used market here is trash due to the fact that most people don't tend to sell their stuff because "it might come handy someday". the brand new market is even worse. because of monopoly in importing most of the hardwares, the price of anything but CPU is a joke. and we have to choose from what big brother offers us. besides that, our economy got fucked (AGAIN) last year and the value of our wages now worth 30% of what it actually worth back in 2017.
    divar.ir is a used market website
    lioncomputer.com is a computer hardware store
    if the prices were confusing, multiply it by 10.
    and for reference:
    1 USD = 110000 IR Rial = 11000 IR Toman

  • In South Africa there is a website called https://carbonite.co.za which is a great place to get pc hardware, its way better then bidorbuy and gumtree

  • WHAT? 55 bugs for a used 750Ti? Two weeks ago I bought a GTX 770 for 40 bugs (he asked 60), little haggling doesn´t hurt 🙂 But I wouldn´t really recommand older CPU´s, at least in germany they´re totally overprived concidering their performance to new gens of Intel or AMD CPU´s. For an I7 4th gen they asking for 120-150 bugs, at this price I would rather get a Ryzen 1300X (DDR4 is way cheaper than DDR3) which is slightly weaker for just 70 bugs or 3200G or 1600, depending on what´s planed. No matter what, my picks are way better price to performance, those changes in chip design making a hughe difference!

  • But for the budget built: brand new a Ryzen 3 1200, B450M motherboard, 1x 8GB DDR4 3200MHz is less than 150bugs; used 40-50 bugs for CPU and board, 25 for 1x 8GB 3200MHz and 40 bugs for a GTX770, case´s get thrown out or given away all the time, so save money there. Capable system with tons of room for upgrades for less money, or through the savings to a better used, 1st gen Ryzen, like 1600 + board for 60-80 bugs.

  • Here in Brazil, what I do is just ask a friend to send me parts. Even with the cost of shipping, taxes (60%!! which may make you forget to declare that the motherboard had RAM and an SSD on it, oops) and such it still makes sense to buy parts that way. If I had no friends I'd use one of those redirection services.
    Prices on the US are great, since it's such an efficient capitalism. People there can afford much better hardware for the price. I would give up our "free healthcare" and "free education" for an economy like the US's. Trust me, government stuff is not "just like private stuff but free".

  • Awesome video! But but.. Can you help to stop Wish advertisements on youtube please? Wish is ruining every dannn video on internet!

  • Prices in croatia ain't saint,in fact they are almost dobule of USA ones,trying to buy newer stuff? Spew out 700$+ just because stupid high prices getting boosted by 25% tax and used market is bit more interesting with rx 460- rx 580 being almost 200$,let alone higher end where you could litterally buy a goddamn fully functional registered car for the same price

  • rn in vietnam a i5 4570 3 months warranty (at their shop) goes for 75.50$, asus B85M-G 34.51$, 2×4 Gb ddr3 1600mhz for 22.43$, RX580 8gb 94.92$ everything i mention have a 3 years warranty. You can also so cover your entire system with RGB and a sick case the xigmatek gemini for 85$ including RGB graphics card backplate, 6 RGB fans with hub, RGB CPU cooler, RGB RAM, overall i would say amazing value what about other places?
    PS: also the 500W 80plus EVGA PSU looks really slick with black wires
    The aesthetic i would say is pretty top notch

  • In Hungary (East EU) an entry level used PC with I5 8gb DDR3 RAM and 1050 is around 300 or 370$ It varies from stores and such.

  • I can say what i see here in Brazil:
    – Used parts here are more expensive that new parts is the US.
    – New parts are 60 to 100% more expensive to buy here than the US.
    I'm buying a lot of parts from the US and bringing them to Brazil in the last 2 years. I have to pay some taxes and in the end i can still build PCs and sell here for 25% less than the Brazilian market. yeah, its very crazy…

  • Filipino here… Yep… Ever since… PC Gaming or even Console Gaming here in the Philippines is Ridiculously Expensive here… Yes, I agree, I'm living in a Poor Country… Yep, you can call me Poor, that's the Reality… God Bless America Indeed… =)

  • The median of $5000 in the US is inflated by the large amount of rich people in the cities. That might be true for the wealthier areas with the super rich raising the overall average. The area I live in the median is about $1500-$2000 for most people I know. I make about $1700 a month personally, though I know some rich people who make upwards of $15,000. It's really not well balanced in this country.

  • Well, I get lucky with my PC.
    400$ I paid vs 500$+ if I build it myself, or even higher for pre-build solution. So, yeah. Greetings from Ukraine, by the way!

  • to me, you buy what you're going to use, not planing for the future. Your never know what might happen and worrying about it just isn't worth it. sacrificing your present experience in hopes of having a future upgrade path is not a smart move.

    i don't think i'll be able to upgrade my current ryzen 2700 to anything worthwhile because ryzen 3000 is the last cpu to be compatible with this socket. sure, there IS a upgrade path, but it's a short one, and it might be severely unappealing compared to ryzen 4000 or some intel future cpu, who knows. then, what's the point?

  • Two places work for me near the south american region aliexpress free shipping slower but good deals even ryzen 1rst and 2nd gen are appearing on it. And ebay need to seek more and also use a US adress for forwarding myus,puntomio etc. Using a US adress also guarantees import taxes at least where I live it's still cheap compared to local though. Many things available in the US are not even being sold abroad.

  • Good video. Thank you for going through the trouble of looking up prices in other countries. What i can say for sure is that for brazil you picked one of the best stores. More than half of the components i buy come from there. They do often have huge sales, like when i bought my ryzen 2700. it was discounted from R$ 1200,00 ($300~) for R$ 850,00 (~210). Still haven't seen it cheaper. It was probably because it was just before the launch of ryzen 2 and they wanted to do away with stocks. It has since dropped to R$ 1022,00 (~260) and it's discounted now at R$ 899,00 ($225?), so it still hasn't reached that price again.

  • i dont know where do you research the avarage income to do these videos, but today 02-09-2019 a single U$ dolar is R$4,32

    so our minimum wage is R$:998,00 or U$232,00

    and as a uninployed person that i am the avarage income here is R$ 1400,00 or U$ 325,00

    and yes, core 2 duos CPUs with 4gb are being sold about R$ 500,00 or U$: 116,00

    here is another exemple on market place:

    Notebook Gamer Acer Vx15 I7 7ºgen 16gb 1tb Gtx 1050 4gb USED is being sold for R$: 4200,00 or U$: 972,00

    but keep doing videos! they are amazing! 😉

  • One of the reasons PC parts and electronics in general are so expensive in Brazil is the import tax, which is 60% for EVERYTHING, unless a particular company has an agreement with the federal government which might lower the tax. Only books and medicine are exempt. So if you have something that costs 100 dollars, here it will cost at least 160.

    To have an idea of how expensive electronics are in Brazil, when the PS4 was released in 2013, its retail price was 4000 reais, which at the time was equivalent to more than 1700 dollars. Think about that, 1700 dollars for a PS4! And people bought it!

    Even to this day, it's not that easy to find a PS4 for less than 500 dollars, and I'm talking about the original model, not the Pro.

  • itried to build a mid range pc with 500, in colombia was hard, ended in a ryzen 1400 and a 1050ti and just 8 ram 🙁 it jsutr stream barely decent

  • My simple comment in a video! Thanks a lot! US is a separate world in this planet…they do not understand the FIFA World Cup…

  • I bought a cheap am4 motherboard(170 reais )
    A ryzen 5 1400(300 reais)
    An 650w power suply(130 reais)
    And 8gb (2×4) ddr4 (140 reais)
    Hd 7950 (150 reais)
    A mid tower (130 reais)
    Got the used prices and new upgradability for like 250 us dollars

  • Te unirias a un grupo de habla hispana argentino? Nos dedicamos a armar maquinas con partes usadas y de rendimiento medio o bajo, hardware retro etc. ademas de PCS de gama alta. Estarias invitadisimo a que discutamos al respecto

  • Oohhhh you don't realize how many tourists come to Puerto Rico expecting us to give them Mexican food, when the base of our food is African and Spanish

  • The Brazilian PC market (and electronics in general) isn't for the weak.

    Sometimes even when looking for deals online (aliexpress, gearbest etc.).
    When the package comes to Brazil it's price skyrocket due the thing called "alfandega" not to mention the patient you need to have as let's say;
    China to Curitiba (where the main "alfandega" stays here in Brazil) = around three days/weeks, depends on the shipping method.
    Curitiba to your home = 1~3… months, at best! when it actually comes '°u°)

  • idk where did you got the avarage salary from argentina, Cause it is no where near 1000 dolars. Its actually less than 500.

  • En México es mejor comprar nuevo, sale casi al mismo precio que lo usado o siempre esta la vieja confiable, el mercado chino :'v

  • Here's info from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the 5th poorest country in Europe where I live.
    Average monthly salary is $500 USD.
    A used office PC with i5 3470, gtx 750 ti and 8 GB RAM is $241 USD.
    An alternative is the same system but with gt 1030 which is around 5 fps slower but the PC is $168 USD.
    Athlon 200GE with motherboard and 8GB dual channel DDR4 RAM is $136 USD.
    Conclusion: These kinds of PC price discrepancies are an indicator of a *hithole country.

  • Idk about price of used mid-range used pc parts in America, but in Russia you can pretty much build r5 1600 + vega 56 + 16 gb 2666 with a decent motherboard and stuff for about 550$ U.S.

  • Philippines $300 salary is stupid, as a Filipino.

    There are jobs here where you just need to learn to speak Spanish to earn much more, more…. And more, for the same job.

    And the biggest offender is……. 1/3 of words in your language is borrowed from the Spanish language. You can learn it quite easily

  • There's a part from the Istanbul's famous grand bazaar but no stats for Turkey. Just like the other countries, pc parts are extremely expensive here too. The minimum wage is around 350 usd and even if you have a master degree, you start with that salary. So I still live with my parents and spent 6 months worth of salary to build my OK gaming pc… It's simply ridiculous.

  • i live in SEA region too and the price is about as same as philippines. 40$ can be use for buying an used monitor. if we want a very cheaper hardware, we can buy it from china or australia. but you know, import some used hardware from other countries is a hard thing. its not hard btw, but the price will going up because of tax. example, buying a set of pc that cost 200$ will end up in your hand for almost 300$. made it way more expensive than the country market itself.

    so we better built a new cheap upgradable pc than buying the used one. yeah, we are not in america, i mean united states (i just remembered when linus do a scrapyard wars and get a good ssd for 10$, ………..)

  • So…. my Wife's PC wasn't that expensive, at least when compared to minimum wage in brazil.
    It cost us around 2,600 BRL, about 600 USD.

    With a Ryzen 5 2600 (New), Radeon RX 480 8GB (Used), 8gb 2600ghz (new, memory sticks here are kind of expensive), no SSD, 1tb HDD, with an Asrock B350(new), And a Corsair 500w white(new). only expensive thing is the case, which i say "is" not "was" because she's using a spare one i had, she wants some RGB Pimp Case.