Weekly Gaming News: Battlefront 2 World Record, Pokemon Go Lawsuit and GTA 6 for Next Gen?

well well well what is up beautiful
people of YouTube welcome to the first episode of Gaming News Mondays where we
sit down and tell you about the gaming news news is going on for this week, all the
gaming releases and any breaking news that you need to know about now we got a
few really cool interesting stories for you today but before we start if you’re
not really into the whole watching the whole thing I understand everybody’s
busy, right there is where you find all the
time timestamps in every episode will do where you can go for the news there’s
breaking news or game release for the week so let’s get into the first one was
actually a funny one all right so remember in 2017 in Battlefront 2 where
people have to grind and grind and grind for basically loot boxes and ei just
kept trying to justify why they were doing tha.t well it actually won a
Guinness world record, and the Guinness world record it won is the most down
votes on Reddit, 680,000 down votes on reddit and the most downloaded content
and written basically was an official post by a video game publisher
Electronic Arts responding to players complaints about having to unlock
characters such as Darth Vader, lalalala sky and all this stuff said it basically
the people or the gaming comedian reddit said now we’re not having to do it six
hundred eighty-three thousand downloads said the hell with you and you response
to us they basically didn’t like the fact that they had to grant hours after
hours after hours unlike such characters you know I think as gamers would like
gaming to be challenging but not to the point where I can’t spend 20 to 40 hours to
get something done at the same time so there’s another gaming record for you
and reached the Guinness world record I would really hate to be on the receiving
end of that one that second one and I gotta be very careful about is GTA 6
news and reason I gotta be careful about GTA 6 news because there’s news coming
out every day about GTA 6 according to a legitimate publisher, Express, if
they actually didn’t say anything about GTA 6 but they did bring up an
interesting and interesting thought when that thought is this Rockstar Games might
actually not be even thinking about GTA 6 for next release an article said fans
hoping to find what the next Grand Theft Auto game will be
like may have to wait for several other projects from rockstar games to be
unveiled for now it appears at GTA 6 will skip ps4 and Xbox one and launched
on the next-gen tech with PC and Google stadia further down the line it really
doesn’t make complete sense to me that they might wait for GTA 6 for a next-gen
or the next consoles which which makes complete sense of hours Rockstar I
probably do the same as much as I want GTA 6 now but at the same time when they
talk about Rockstar might release different projects there isn’t any any
really any news on that we don’t know what projects that might be talking
about if we look at the last year’s for rockstar I mean the main obviously
blockbusters I read that Redemption ng to eight maybe to bring back bully maybe
to bring back midnight club who knows I don’t know if to bring back midnight
club and of course as always that it should be noted that no announcement has
been made by Rockstar Games and PC version so this is the latest evidence
has to be paid taken with a pinch of salt
pretty expected like I told you anything with GTA 6 that we talked about gaming
news Monday you’re always gonna be like huh what so you can’t really take it for
granted and a quick one if you’re 21 or older at least in the US if you’re 18 or
older actually doom is getting an officially licensed bone vodka yes doom
is getting a bodkin you gotta guess drink doom vodka you
know I like doom I people gonna hate me for this I really not into like that
crazy to do them as much as people are but you know Peter apparently enough
people are crazy for that they have a vodka now so hey if you’re 21 or 18 in
Europe you know what to drink and this one is actually really really cool but
the Central Connecticut State University is opening a new gaming center I stayed
at art gaming center with the fastest speeds obviously the best screens a lot
a lot of the most comfort is the most comfy net now I did not know this but
apparently CCSU has a gay eSports team I shouldn’t say
gaming team but they have an eSports team just like they have a basketball
team and a football team and actually compete in competitions and they decided
to open eSports Center for them now pay now based on a few images that I’ve seen
online it looks more like internet cafe really more than a gaming center I don’t
know if that’s where teams are gonna be practicing or not but the fact that you
have an eSports scene the fact is you can go to college and get scholarships
to play video games just tells you one thing is that video games are not really
that Asda scab move like you know if you play him a lot you know you’re this
person that lives in your mom’s basement or blah blah blah you know got my own
how it’s got a job blah blah blah one-two-three-four right and it’s very
very cool that people are actually starting to recognize gaming and the
gaming industry as an industry be messed with
not just sell us video games and consoles and that’s it kind of like
we’re we’re kind of hitting in the shadows it’s actually and university
studies have been done about video games and how to improve mental health mental
health professionals actually sometimes you recommend video games to recommend
multiplayer online games for people with with social anxiety so all these stuff
is really really cool and it’s very interesting to see how the more the
future progresses the more video games get integrated not only in our day to
day lives but obviously in universities where they decide to have an eSports
scene but even my mascot to it and last but not least neon tech that the
developers of Pokemon go and this is not really really that recent but it is
officially now that they slapped Pokemon go what a four million dollar
trespassing lawsuit and that’s because people can’t respect other people’s
privacy people can’t respect that we broke people’s property now we’re
talking about the gaming and how good it is in the other section but you know
stuff like this sometimes the gaming community could be a little toxic and
used to even and even in general online all this stuff so please if you’re
playing Pokemon go stay the hell off of people’s yards just get your Pokemon
somewhere else man and really to be honest with you how do you guys feel
about this kind of a place where I want to start a discussion do you guys feel
like they deserve the formula lawsuit or not I feel like if you intentionally put
pokemons in somebody’s yard and you know if you collected every Pokemon for
example and there’s one or two or five more that are rare in this person’s
backyard and it’s nighttime like to me what’s blocking you from going to get it
if the developer already got a had made you kind of do it so in a sense I get
why they got slapped with the four million dollar lawsuit a lot of you
might disagree and say well it’s not really their fault is it’s a player’s
fault but still you know you’re the one that chose to go on people’s property to
get that Pokemon but really it’s kind of like you don’t have that choice and at
the same time the developers or the order game publishers should have really
been a little more careful about that but how do you guys feel about them
getting into $4,000,000 trespassing loss if you think it’s worth
it or not let me know and that’s it for gaming
news let’s talk about gaming releases for September 9th through September 15
we got a football Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 now they call it easy football they
don’t call it just Pro Evolution Soccer and you kind of twist to it but II
football PES 2020 coming out I’m kind of excited for this one everybody and
their moms know about this release Gears 5 another very interesting release is
Greed Fall another steam PC release for all the strategy game lovers out there
is Men of War Assault 2 – Cold War War version and again that’s been
getting a lot of mixed feelings it’s Borderline 3 coming out this week as
well and last but not least EA’s NHL 2020 NHL 2020 is coming out and of course you
guys already know they have a hot champion it’s kind of like FUT
champions you know which is the hockey Ultimate Team obviously but you know so
that’s that’s very interesting so what that means that is gonna wrap it up for
episode number one of gaming news Mondays to keep in mind gaming news
Monday’s happens in this channel every Monday but we talked about gaming news
breaking news if there’s any this week it was kind of like a mellow mellow week
and of course we end up with the game releases for the week so with that being
said ladies and gentlemen thank you thank you very much for tuning in for
the first episode I always appreciate your support if you
lose to the channel make sure you hit the subscribe button my name is your
tastic and do video game GTA 5 mods tropical GTA 4 gameplay series and of
course new games are coming out in the future such as call of duty and all this
stuff but with that being said thank you from the bottom of heart for watching
I’m Jerutastic and I am out

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