Video Games with CRAY

( music playing )Hi, my name is Cray.
I’m a DJ, Song Writer,
Performer, Gamer, Streamer. I’ve played some music today at
Lollapalooza and now it’s time
to play some games. So follow me and lets go get
into the gaming chair.( music playing )( laughs ) My first favorite game when
I was a kid. What comes to my head first
is Golden Eye 007, on N64… or Super Mario 64. Those are the two games
I think I played the most as
a child. Huh, which are classic games
that I still play these
games today so. I think, there’s so many new
Gamers out, because it used to
be looked at as nerdy and lame. But now, because of Ninja and
like the growth of like,
successful cool Gamers That now people can feel like,
comfortable saying they’re
a Gamer. And feel more comfortable
playing more games. And I think it’s awesome.
Nerds are the best!( music playing )I need a outlet too..
you know, create and get a
second job and another hobby I love gaming,
I game every day So I thought why not turn
on the camera… and the first time I streamed.
I streamed for eight hours and
I fell in love ever since. You think of gaming as so
connected that my fans are
from all of above. You know? We’re all nerds and it’s like,
this really makes us comfortable and I think we all
connect to it together. Hey guys, it’s Cray!
Hope to see you guys
online soon.( music playing )

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