Unboxing the VicTsing Gaming Mouse Pad.

today I bought a mousepad because why
the f*** not? Well not really because uh this is what I used to use I got it for free
when I bought a laptop like eight years ago or something and first of all it
looks hideous and it’s pretty grubby depressing ugly
looking it’s just an ugly piece of material that I just don’t want to have
in my room anymore so every time I look at this and I’m
working on my computer I just want to I just want to go and cry and vomit in
that order so I went on Amazon and bought this instead it’s a matte it’s
like a mouse mat that covers you know keyboard and the mouse
it’s from vicked same vicked same victi sing vic teasing vic ting vitsin vic
teasing vicked sing color black i read the review and apparently you can wash
this in the washing machine I don’t know do people use this thing as a cheese
plant or something I don’t know apparently I guess it gets pretty grubby
and disgusting so I don’t know but I’d I guess I’ll
wash this to keep it clean we’ll see how long it takes for me to
wash this well actually a good point is I mean this looks pretty disgusting I
don’t know if you can see this but yeah I mean it looks like a crime scene so
yeah good point yeah I’ll probably end up washing this
apparently it’s really durable it’s really well built good quality I don’t
know how it will improve my mousing if that’s a
word my mouse action mousing use of mouse but yeah so this is literally how
it came in the box like there’s no box for this so anything just rolled up in a
plastic sleeve like this in an Amazon box anyway I’m gonna unbox this not
unbox cuz there’s no box to unbox I’m just gonna open this up yeah I’m not
even gonna use the table for this I’m just gonna go for it yeah right now how
annoying would it be if I didn’t ASMR session with this that would be so
annoying okay you belong to victim VIP sounds like some exclusive club or
something for mousepad users okay okay it’s actually bigger than I imagined to
be okay so I’ve just placed it on my desk and it’s a little big it hangs over
the edge just a little bit which is going to annoy the hell out of me
actually that’s so annoying or maybe I think I could just place it
on top of this I guess but I will have to see that’s really annoying let’s
place this mouse the keyboard it’s not too bad right but that is going to bug
the hell out well it’s all good and of course we have to
have the logo here vicked Singh in case what if someone walks in and doesn’t
know that you’re using a victor Singh keyboard mouse pad right I mean you know
your friends are gonna call you losers you don’t have this logo sticking out
here and the upside-down pyramid here just in case you know to make sure this
is in fact authentic vicked Singh mousepad you know it’s like if you
didn’t have this logo or this logo if it was just like a plain keyboard it’ll be
like oh look guys it’s Toby’s room he’s gone and you Mouse bad oh my god it’s
not even a fixing mouse bad what a loser Jesus Toby go why get a vixen keyboard
mouse bad Jesus you suck can’t believe I’m friends
with you yeah that kind of thing you know that will save the humiliation that
you may encounter if you’re didn’t see this logo sticking out here so visible
so yeah there we go man but seriously this thing I mean can
I just like cut it off all this is gonna bug me they’re just gonna I’m gonna have
to live with it I’ll figure something out I’m gonna yeah sort something out

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