TV & Movie Games that are Actually Good! – Game Sack

TV & Movie Games that are Actually Good! – Game Sack

(exciting Game Sack theme music) – Hello and welcome to Game Sack. This time we’re talking about good games that are based on TV and movie franchises. – That’s right. And you may remember, four years ago we did an episode, I
think it was episode 116, called “Games Based on Movies.” Now of course we’re not
gonna talk about those games since we’ve already talked about ’em. These are gonna be completely different. You’re not gonna see GoldenEye since we’ve already covered that. So if you’re gonna turn
it off, turn it off. Sorry, but you’re gonna
miss some good games, so don’t actually turn it off. We’ve got some great games here for you. We do, we do. Anyway, without further
ado, let’s get into it. (upbeat, playful music
from Retro City Rampage) – [Dave] Okay, let’s check out Goof Troop on the Super Nintendo. Goof Troop was originally a Disney cartoon that came out in 1992. I’ll be honest and say that
I never really watched it, being that it came out
when I was 20 years old. At that point, I had pretty
much grown out of cartoons, except for the ones that I
liked when I was younger. But I had nieces and nephews
who were around 8 years old that really liked it, so I’d
watch the occasional episode. It was in 1993 that Capcom
released the Super Nintendo game. Capcom and Disney in the
late 80s and early 90s made some seriously awesome games, and this just happens to be one of ’em. So yeah, Capcom went in a different direction with this title. As you know, they loved to make
platforming games back then, but this time they went with more of an action-puzzle type of game. In the beginning, you can choose to play a multiplayer game, with one person controlling Goofy while the other controls
Max or vice versa. Luckily for a guy like me
who has no real friends, you can play a single-player game choosing either of the
protagonists to play as. The goal of each level is to make your way to the end while solving
puzzles along the way. These puzzles mainly consist
of you pushing blocks onto a square-shaped
pattern with a star on it. They’re fairly easy at first and are really fun to figure out. But as you make your
way to the upper levels, they do get a lot tougher, which is great. And you’ll need to be
prepared and stare at a puzzle for a long time before
you can even make a move. Oh, and to make it even tougher, you can’t pull a block away from the wall. There’s many times you’ll exit the room and re-enter just to
reset the damn things. In single player, your
character can hold two items at a time that will help
you out along the way. There’s a grappling hook that will stun enemies for a very short time. You can also use it to
grab items and to make a rope bridge at certain
spots for you to cross. There’s a shovel that can, (sighs) well, you know what shovels do. They dig things! This one is weird since you can only dig when you’re facing sideways. Can you imagine if you could only dig in real life when you’re
facing east or west? That’s just goofy! The strangest one, though,
is a bell that you can use to get the attention of your enemies. I don’t like this one,
but I’m gonna use it here so you can just see how stupid it is. The best and most fun thing to do is catching barrels and whatnot that your enemies throw at you. It’s pretty satisfying just to throw these things right back at ’em. The game has lots of
good-looking backgrounds with lots of variety in them. The music is actually pretty good, too. Capcom usually likes a lot of reverb in the Super Nintendo games,
but this one isn’t bad. And here’s a secret that
you probably already know. Shinji Mikami, the director of Resident Evil, designed this game. Sometimes you might even think
you’re playing Resident Evil. Just kidding, that’s stupid. But anyway, go out and find
yourself a copy of this game. It’s great fun. (squeaky Capcom SNES music)
(boulders clunking) – [Joe] Here’s Blazing Dragons on the Sony PlayStation
from Crystal Dynamics. It’s also available for
the mighty SEGA Saturn. Now, Blazing Dragons was originally an animated TV show in Canada created by Terry Jones
of Monty Python fame. Some episodes did air
in The United States, but evidently they were
toned down quite a bit. But we’re here to talk about the game. It’s a point-and-click adventure where you play as Flicker, a dragon trying to become a squire and then a knight so he can
get with Princess Flame. In the world of Blazing Dragons, the humans are evil and
the dragons are good. And in this particular story, the humans are trying to enter a contest held by the king dragon and win it so they can rule over everything. However, only dragons
can enter the contest, but they’re cheating by creating their own mechanical dragon. I tell you, these guys are up to no good. This is true evil if I’ve ever seen it. Your adventure includes
stopping the humans of course, but you’ve got a lot of
other things on your mind, mainly getting with the princess. – [Flicker] I just became a squire, Flame. – [Joe] The game plays like most other point-and-click games of the era. You have an icon that
you move about the screen and you can change that
icon by pressing L1 or R1. Different icons do different things, like looking at an item,
talking to someone, picking something up,
walking somewhere, and so on. You have a bag which stores all of the various items that you pick up. You’ll need to use each and every one of these at some point in your adventure. Now it’s not always clear
what you need to do, but try every item on everything in a scene if you get stuck. You can even combine items to create new ones in certain cases. Again, it’s not always
clear what you need to do, but just mess around and
you’ll figure it out. You’ll be going all over the map to discover what’s going
on and how to advance. You usually know what you need to do, you just need to figure out how to do it. – [Flicker] That ant must have a weight problem if he sprung this trap. – [Joe] The humor in
this game is pretty good. – [Chancellor] This same-day carrier eagle will get the plans there lickety-split. Curse you, stupid bird! Oh well, at least I have my
back-up ground delivery dodo. – [Joe] For example, at one point you need to follow a dodo bird in order to find a kidnapped Princess Flame. But the dodo bird is trapped
by a hunter and can’t advance. So what you need to do is
making hunting dodos illegal, which you have absolutely
no authority to do. And of course, this instantly places the hunter under arrest. But at least now you can
follow the dodo bird. Or at another point, you’re trying to pretend that you’re Sir
George, who’s the main bad guy, by making a mask of him, but his blind servant doesn’t believe you because you don’t smell bad enough. So you go out, dip the Sir George mask into some manure and try again. Success! The game is mostly point and click, but there are some mini games that you’ll have to partake in. – [Flicker] Can I have
some useless information? – [Joe] Like slinging
a cat on the catapult to knock down the cardboard
cutouts of human knights. Or even a dance competition,
which is actually pretty easy. Pretty much every line of
dialog in the game is voiced. I say pretty much,
because sometimes the game forgets to play a voice sample or two. But the voice cast does a great job and is voiced by Terry
Jones, Cheech Marin, and bunch of other people. – [Sir George] When my
entry into your tournament, the Black Dragon win and is crowned king, he will turn your hide into lady’s handbags and tight shoes. – [Joe] Occasionally, they’ll do some impersonations, like of Arnold. – [Angry Dancer] You want funny papers? Dance me for them on-stage, girly dragon. – [Joe] Or hell, even Rodney Dangerfield. – [Policeman] (scoffs) I’m
gonna throw the book at you, and my aim’s better than yours. I’m wild, I tell ya! Wild! – [Joe] Definitely
random, but entertaining. The graphics are really well done, with nicely colored backdrops that look very natural and well drawn. The animation is also quite good, too. In fact, it looks entirely
different from the TV show. Personally, I’m gonna say that the change here is actually welcome. Overall, this is a game that’s fairly easy to play and navigate,
it isn’t overly long, and it has a cheeky sense of humor. And from what I’ve seen, this is way better than
the cartoon itself. Check it out. – [Flicker] The magical home
of The Lady of the Lake. Look, something magical’s happening? Oh, what are the chances? (mysterious music) (zipper zips) – [Fisherman] I got you now, fish lady! Speedy, quick! – [Lady Of The Lake] (groans)
Let me go, you brute! – Dude, that Blazing Dragons
game looks actually really fun. And since it has your seal of approval, I think I might just have to pick it up because I like point-and-click adventures. – I would not put my seal of approval on a game that was bad. – Okay, there you have it right there. – Well, let’s get back into more games. (sweet music from PS2
Assaults Suit Valken) (overly dramatic music) – [Joe] Here’s Transformers: Devastation on the PlayStation 4. It’s also available for the PC, the Xbox One, and even
the PS3 and Xbox 360. Now, I might be cheating
a little with this one. Is it based on the toy or the TV show? I mean, the TV show is based on the toy, so does it really count for this episode? Well, since the characters
in the game here look like the ones in the TV show and are voiced by many of the same actors who did the voices in
the original TV show, I’m gonna give it a pass. As a life-long fan of the Transformers, this is the game that I’ve always wanted. You can choose to play as one of five different Autobots to
battle the EVIL Decepticons. It’s developed by Platinum Games who have created plenty of other great action titles like
Bayonetta and Vanquish. It has many of their usual tropes here, which I’ll get to in a bit. But right away, they took great pains to make this game look as
much like the Generation 1 Transformers cartoon as they could, and they exceeded my
expectations in most areas. The game is given a cell-shaded look, which of course works perfectly. The characters themselves all look really nice and fairly faithful. There are some differences, though. For example, Bumblebee doesn’t transform into a VW Bug anymore, probably due to licensing reasons. It’s okay. I can live with that. And of course, Megatron
now transforms into a tank. I really don’t like that at all, but honestly I can understand why Hasbro doesn’t want him transforming into a realistic-looking gun anymore. But at least he looks the
same as always in robot mode. The gameplay consists mainly
of running around large areas, getting into battles, gathering items, and proceeding to the
next area of the stage. Since it’s Platinum Games, the action is really well done and quite fun. As you’d expect, if you
dodge at the last second, everything slows down, giving
you a nice window to attack. I love this and it
feels really good to do. You can forge and upgrade your weapons which helps make the
combat more enjoyable. And again, since it’s Platinum, you know that repetition is gonna be a pretty big thing here, and it is. Same with long boss fights. Also, sometimes things
get entirely confusing as the screen fills with chaos. Or the entire situation is confusing and you’re not sure what to
do or where the enemy is. And I do wish some of
the stages were smaller, because it seems to take forever to get out of the first city, for example. None of these issues are in
any way game breaking, though, and you’ll likely figure
them out and still have fun. They’re just minor gripes. – [Soundwave] Detonation imminent. – [Joe] Like I said, the
characters look good, but the backgrounds really only look okay. There’s plenty of popup
when the game tries to draw distances further
than the unlimited power of the PS4 is capable of. Sadly, this game is not PS4
Pro or Xbox One X enhanced. The music is energetic and
often really, really good, but a few of the earlier tunes feel perhaps a bit repetitive, and they’re over-use does no favors to the repetition of the gameplay. Many members of the
original voice cast return. – [Optimus Prime] The humans are evacuated and our mission is clear. Save the city and stop Megatron! – [Joe] Not all of ’em, but a lot. – [Megatron] Oh Prime, you have no idea what you’re really up against, do you? Who is really behind this? – [Joe] Some voice actors
really wanted to return, but they were too busy being dead. Other voice actors were still alive but just not invited, so their characters were done by impersonators. – [Shockwave] Welcome to Cybertron. – [Joe] All in all, I say that this is really a treat all around
for any Transformers fan. And even if you’re not,
it’s still a fun game. The story is nonsensical, but that’s okay. – [Teletraan 1] It’s location
is highlighted on your map. – Grimlock almost there! – [Joe] There’s a lot going on here, and this game will keep you
busy for just long enough. Definitely recommended. (music that makes you feel
like crap’s about to go down) – [Optimus Prime] Devastator! (Transformers grunting, as they do) (8-bit Ghostbusters theme) – [Dave] This is New
Ghostbusters II for the NES. Now hold on, don’t worry. I’m not gon talk about
the Activision version of Ghostbusters II, because
that’s not a fun game. I’m gonna talk about something that was never released in the USA and that’s HAL’s New Ghostbusters II. HAL is awesome! They make some really cool stuff, and this game isn’t any different. At the player select screen, you can choose to play as two of the four Ghostbusters, or you can even pick the
accountant, Louis Tully. It’s really cool that they included him, even though I decided
to pick somebody else. Controlling your Ghostbusters is a lot easier than you think. They follow each other
around just like in an RPG. One controls the Proton Beam while the other controls the trap. Once you get a ghost
caught in a Proton Beam, the guy holding the trap
automatically moves into position, and with the push of a
button he traps the ghost. And keep in mind that the Ghostbuster with the Proton Beam can move around. This can come in handy if
you have a ghost trapped and you need to move out of the way of another ghost in your space. I like the fact that you can
trap ghosts through walls. Sometimes it doesn’t work if your partner can’t lay down the trap, but for the most part it does work. Your characters mostly control well. The only thing I found annoying is that some objects in a room, like a chair that’s fallen over, needed to be skirted around. Why can’t I just walk over it? Getting hung up on a
little thing like that could mean the death of our Ghostbuster. Which brings up another point. Your Proton Pack character
is the only one that can die. The guy with the trap will never die. This is a good thing, since you only have to worry about the
positioning of one character. So the game follows
the movie close enough. There’s no cut scenes or
dialog or anything like that, but the locales that you bust your ghosts in are straight from the movie. You’ve got your courthouse, the abandoned underground subway tunnels, and even the River of Slime. Yeah, they don’t look
exactly like the movie, but use a little imagination. Overall, the levels are pretty short, and the thing is, you’ll go back and forth to the same rooms a couple of times before the boss door opens up. The ghost busting is fun
enough that you don’t mind seeing the same
areas a couple of times. The boss fights aren’t horribly difficult. They don’t have life
bars of any of that jazz. All you have to do is trap them. Most of them go pretty quickly, and their patterns aren’t so tough that you can’t figure it out. The music is interesting, but I don’t hear any melodies from the movie. Granted, I don’t have a
movie score memorized, but what I hear in the
game doesn’t sound like it. Still, it doesn’t bother
me since it’s kinda catchy. Believe it or not, I’ve
always liked Ghostbusters II the movie, and the game does
justice to the franchise. (music that sounds like a Kirby wannabe) – Follow Game Sack on Twitter
@GameSack and @GameSackDave, on Instagram @GameSackOfficial, and check out our Patreon if you want. Ah, it’s too bad we didn’t
get New Ghostbusters II. But Ghostbusters on the Genesis was still the first
good Ghostbusters game. ‘Cuz this actually came out after. – Yeah, and that’s very true. It is a shame that we didn’t get that because I really like how
they’ve got Venkman’s, even, hairline up there. It’s actually pretty cool. But speaking of cool, I’ve
got a really good game to start off this last segment with. – Ooh, let’s check it out. (rockin’ music from Nina Gaiden Sigma 2) (gentle music from The Warriors) [Dave] Here’s The Warriors, based on the 1979 movie of the same name. Depending on your age, you may or may not have seen this one. It’s all about The Warriors gang who have to fight their way back to Coney Island after being framed for killing Cyrus, the
leader of the Riffs, who’s trying to unite all the gangs of New York into one huge gang. It’s a great movie and
if you haven’t seen it, you better watch it after you enjoy the rest of this episode. Rockstar developed the game version, and honestly I can’t
think of a better company that I’d want to handle it. This game starts out before the movie, but includes that part, too. You’ll play as various members of the gang as you progress through the story mode. Instead of an open-world
setting like Grand Theft Auto, everything you do is initiated
at the game’s hideout. From this area, you can do
lots of different things like progress the story by
starting the next level. You can also play flashback levels. These are cool, since
they give some background to things like how The
Warriors gang started. Plus, they’ll open up new missions and items inside the story mode. And if you wanna know how you’re doing, you can also check your stats here. The story mode will have you doing lots of different things besides
just straight-up fighting. But you’ll be doing tons of fighting, so don’t worry if you think
there won’t be enough. Fighting is fun. There’s a ton of different
moves that you can do if you wanna take the
time to learn them all. You can even enter a rage mode if you build up the rage meter by doing combos and stylish fighting. It makes you really strong
for a short period of time. I don’t know if it’s just
my amazing video game skills or what, but I found it really
hard to die in this game. I got beat up pretty good a lot of times and should’ve died, but I survived. Like when I was fighting
the Baseball Furies. They mobbed me and my boys and were pretty relentless, but I never died. Which leads me to another point. In this mission, I had
to get to the subway which was on the other side of
the Fury’s baseball diamond. I figure that I’d have to beat
them all up to make it out, but that wasn’t the case. Instead of putting up a fight, I could have just ran straight by them and went to the subway. A lot of missions feel like
you can bypass the action and just get to the next
area with no problem. Still, the game is fun and
while you’re in a level you do have some freedom to do stuff, like break into stores
and steal cash and goods. Or you can break into
cars to steal stereos. One mission has you
spray painting your tag all over another gang’s tag. This is the only mission I
found to be really annoying. The actual spray painting is easy, but I can only hold one can
of spray pain at a time, and it runs out after every tag. – [Rembrandt] How am I supposed
to write with no spray? Geez. – [Dave] You then need to buy another can from some dude who’s luckily close by selling paint, and of course
it’s the color you need. So you have to tag and then
buy paint like 10 times. You also run into money problems and need to mug somebody
in order to buy more paint. It felt very tedious, and I thought why can’t I just beat up
the dude selling paint and steal it all from him? I guess gang members have
problems too though, huh? Other than that, the game is really fun and has all the gangs from the movie, and it’s great fun to get
into fights with them. It’s very well made and I
had no problems with controls or wondering what I need to do next. Everything from the music
to the gritty graphics that look like bad parts of New York really made me feel like all of this could have been in the movie. And that’s not surprising,
since most of the movie actors returned to voice their
characters in the game. – [Ajax] Look, you girls
can stand out here all night deciding if you’re gonna
grow a pair of balls. I’m going in there. – [Dave] And if it matters to you, the Xbox version is displayed
in widescreen at 720p, while the PS2 version is 480i. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this game, as it’s really fun. (gang members yelling,
grunting and being very angry) – So for the final game today, I figured I could cover South Park: The Stick of Truth on the PlayStation 3. I’ve had this probably
for nearly two years now. I got it for really cheap,
but it’s still sealed. I’ve never played it. I figured this would be a
great chance to cover it. But nope. (dog barking) Instead, I figured I
could cover South Park: The Fractured But Whole
on the PlayStation 4. It’s also on the Xbox
One, Switch, and the PC. It’s currently more expensive on the Switch though for some reason. The game looks just like
you’re playing the cartoon, which is no surprise given
the power of the PS4, which is beyond unlimited. Believe it or not, it
kinda plays like an RPG. You play as the new kid, who you get to design at the start of the game. You start out doing what
I assume is the same stuff that you did in the Stick of Truth, as it seems to pick up
the day after that game. Man, the weekends are crazy in South Park. But it quickly switches
over to a superhero motif, and now you’re looking for this
cute, little lost kitty cat. I mean, that’s what superheros do! But there’s lots of other
stuff you’ll need to do in the meantime, like gain
followers on social media and take lots and lots of selfies. Of course there are lots of battles, and it uses a grid system similar to a lot of strategy RPGs, only a touch crappier. You have many different moves that you and your party can do that are decided with different buttons, and you can see the range for your attacks. You sometimes have to wait
for certain moves to recharge. It’s easy to get the hang of, but it’s kinda clumsy sometimes. I mean, it’s not too bad. It’s good, but it’s just eh. They’re usually pretty funny until you start hearing the same retorts from the enemies again and again. – If nothing else, beating on you guys is really therapeutic for me. – [Joe] In typical Ubisoft fashion, the game is slightly over-designed. Hints will keep popping
up throughout the game because Ubisoft knows that you’re not gonna figure out how to do anything unless they explicitly tell you. It’s actually not that bad, and I’ll take hints
over a tutorial any day. But there is a lot to remember, and your phone is populated with a ton of stuff to worry about. Honestly though, I mostly
just ignored all that and I seemed to do pretty well, so it’s nothing that brings
the game down too much. You can wander around peoples’ houses and take things that
will be useful in battle, like things to heal and whatnot. Other things can be
used to craft new items or enhance your costume, which affects your battle abilities. I love looking around the
homes finding weird ass things. The humor is, of course, 100% South Park, with tons of references to
the show and also real life. If you’re easily offended
and think everything should be politically
correct, well then be careful because this game will absolutely end you. It’s full of uncensored naughty words that will corrupt society
and also your soul. You won’t be laughing like crazy from beginning to end, but
you’ll laugh often enough, or at least you’ll be mildly amused. – [Cartman] Ah, there you are, butthole. Being a superhero’s a little
harder than you thought, huh? – [Joe] As I mentioned, the game looks like you’re playing the show. Hell, I’d say it even looks better because there’s no way a compressed Comedy Central broadcast looks this clean. This is enhanced for the
PS4 Pro and Xbox One X to run in glorious native
4k at 60 frames per second. – Did you ever think that such power would ever be possible? I mean look at this! OHHH MYYYY GOOOODDD!!!!!!! – [Joe] The voice acting is
exactly what you’d expect, and the sound quality is good. – [Butter’s Dad] Cute PJs, kid. If you see Butters, could you
tell him he’s grounded again? – [Joe] The music is fine. It’s not spectacular
and it’s not bothersome. But sometimes I tries to be epic, and I’m just getting sick
of all this epic music in shows and games, and
it stresses you out. Everything doesn’t need to be epic! Oh, and the previous
game, The Stick of Truth, is also included, so that’s cool. But you have to download it. I mean, at five and a half gigabytes, there’s just no way it could ever fit on the same disc with Fractured But Whole, as its already on a dual-layer Blu-Ray with close to 17 gigabytes of free space. That’s just unreasonable. Oh well. Fractured But Whole is fun, and it really represents the show well. And now it’s at a good price brand new, at least the PS4 and
the Xbox One versions. This is so much better than
the other South Park games. – [Kyle] Bird, bird, bird! (overly dramatic music) (lasers buzzing) – You lit me on fire? How’s that fair? – Whoa, people are still alive down here? (retches) – [Craig] I really hope that
we can finish this up soon. – The Fracture But Whole. Now when I say that, what
image comes to your mind? It’s not what’s on the cover.
– A fractured butt hole. – Of course. Anyways, that’s an interesting title to an interesting game for sure. The Warriors is awesome.
– Yes. – You definitely need to watch
that movie if you haven’t. – It’s actually pretty good. Hard to believe it’s from 1979. – I know, and based off a book that was like 10 years earlier, which I haven’t read and
I do want to read that. – Anyway, what are some
more movie and TV show games that you’d recommend
that are actually good? Let us know. And also, next episode we’re gonna look at some that are pretty bad. So stay tuned, and thank
you for watching Game Sack. (Game Sack end credits theme
which fills your soul entirely) Dude, is that the new Contra? – No, Dave, this is the Game Chasers seasons 1 through 4,
all on DVD and Blu-ray. – You actually own these? – I do. – Oh my god, you must be proud! – Not really. – Did you hear they’re making a movie? – I did. Now you think if they make a game based on the movie, it’ll be a good game based on a bad movie, or a bad
game based on a bad movie? – (chuckles) Are you serious? I have absolutely no doubt
that’s gonna be a bad movie. – So are you gonna see it? – Yeah. – Yeah, me too.

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  • megatron should have been a tank always. i thought it was stupid how he shrinks and some other decepticon shoots him as a handgun. he doesn't even seem to have as much firepower as in robot form so why would he ever turn into a gun? his arm cannon is way more powerful by the looks of it.

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    It's kinda short, with maybe 7 or 8 levels, but it makes up for that with a ton of replay value and stuff to unlock. To top it off, it's pretty cheap! It usually costs around $20, but I picked it up from the eShop for under $5. All in all, I highly recommend it if you're a fan of the original or if you're looking for a fun challenge.

  • The best 8th Generation game I've played based on a film or TV show and was actually good is "Mad Max." One of the best $5 bargain bin games I've ever had along with "Valkyria Chronicles" (PS3) and "Sonic CD" (Sega CD).

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  • You really should play Stick of Truth. It has a more traditional RPG battle system. I prefer Stick of Truth over Fractured But Whole, but both games are good.

  • One great flaw about Transformers: Devastation…you have to buy a physical copy of the game as Activision lost the rights to the Transformers franchise and you can't download it digitally….but I found me a copy on Amazon for the XBox1 for a fair price. It should be noted that this game was released a means to push sales of Combiner Wars Devastator which as I have seen in videos is true to the original G1 releases, just with slightly better articulation.

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