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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Gaming Myths | The Completionist”

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  • For number ten- it wasn't a joke. It was originally going to be a thing in game. Though for some reason or another it was removed and they just didn't take the line out.

  • Look they can try to tell us that blowing into the cartridge doesn’t work, and that it’s harmful, but we know better

  • I remember a myth of a fully rendered version of the original Donkey Kong game hidden in Donkey Kong Country.

  • By the way just so you know in Diablo 3 there is a secret cow level where you have to do is melt down the bovine blade thing and then it gives you a little ring token and it's basically the same thing that you do to get into the Goblins dungeon but it brings you to the cow level when its destroyed

  • I remember reading a bunch of red-on-black angelfire sites about the Pokemon myths: pikablu, Dreamland, poke-gods, extra evolutions, etc.
    Funny thing is, they all eventual became reality in various sequels.

  • 3. Blowing in carts didn’t work. A slow and hot breath always worked. It made better contact on corroded or stretched pins. It worked, end of story.

  • I made up a myth and disproved it: leveling a pokemon to 100 forces evolution. My haunter never evolved in pokemon gold.

  • about aeries , ifn you go to the church and hold up immediately
    you can walk up to the ghost … i know random right?
    but yeah

  • Two games, related easter eggs, killscreens hmm… i can imagine it, due to me seeing patterns on everything, a code placed in the last level before the endless mode is killed by input, or in this case, painstaking code made to deduce legitimacy of completion, the game is on a server after all, meaning every minute of the game is tracked via time played for endless mode, of which an equal time sequencing of either exiting the stage, inputting a code, and or doing both will trigger the sequence. Now between both games as it is said the easter egg relates, i believe one can invalidate the easter egg by triggering it in the wrong order seeing as it that the games are on a server and tracking "when" you played "how long" you have played, and "inputs" in the background, it may also may need to be completed in a single sitting as per the title, endless. The final worst case scenario i can think of is all that above, then slapped on a specific date and time, but that would require extensive digging and time synching, ludacris levels… almost to the level of a robot one might say

  • Does anyone remember that Golden Raichu myth
    Edit: you might be confused because this is probably something that was just in my neighborhood. It was like pilablu but my bro told me that if you gave raichu a sun stone at a certain area at level one hundred you would get golden raichu

  • One time I told my mom my ds wasn’t working (it was it was off I stupid) and she took the game out and blew in it

  • when i was a kid i heard you could unlock "pikablu" in pokemon yellow as a replacement for pikachu. it was the buzz in my elementary school football team.

  • To be fair, there was originally supposed to be an all bonds mode in 007, but they couldnt afford getting the rights to all of the bonds

  • My #1 myth was Sheng Long from Street Fighter II. I don't know how many quarters I lost looking for that guy! I wish that SF had taken a page from MK and made the myth a reality like with Ermac. When they finally introduced Gen as Ryu & Ken's master, I was like WTF? Who is this weirdo and why doesn't he have a Shoryuken? In my head-canon, Sheng Long is the true master of Shotokan.

  • I remember when my friend told me about Pika-Blue. It’s like it was yesterday; for the first time I heard that there was more to the games then I was seeing and it was fascinating and fun!

  • Myth for Pokemin Black and White: Zygarde was in the game.

    This myth/rumor started when a famous leaker said that there was a Pokemon that looked like a green snake, with a crystalline like structure (what Zygarde looks like) planned for Black and White. Then, word got around that you can find Zygarde after creating a new Save File, capturing Victiny, Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem, defeating Genesect and the Pokemon League. You would then need to head back to the location where you found Kyurem, and Zygarde would appear. This was false, seeing as there is no mention of Zygarde in the games code, so it was dismissed quickly.

    Pokemon Black and White are my favorite Pokemon games, so i tried it. It took forever, but i was dissapointed to see that it was fake, but also happy. I was happy that Zygarde wasnt in the game, because it took me forever to catch him in X and Y, so i didnt want to do that again.

  • I wouldn't simply blow in my cartridge… I'd BLOOOW in my cartridge! I probably spit so much in it lol

  • There was a second part to the cartridge blowing myth. For some reason, everyone knew to put the cart in your shirt and blow through the fabric. Somehow this was the "safe" way.

  • TMNT on NES supposedly had a better bo staff for Donatello if you met Splinter at the train at midnight. Knew it couldn't be real, but kind of wished it was.

  • I remember a lot of these "myths" from growing up…we didn't have the full on internet, so it was cool to discuss with your friends and try to figure it out. I miss when it was a "big deal" to discover secrets in games because we didn't have the internet to just give us the answers. I remember the rumors of there being cheat codes for 007…and magically years later we all found out it was true. That is good shit when a secret is hidden for over a year after a game is released. To be fair they were not intuitive whatsoever, I honestly don't know how anybody just figured it out. I mean by that time we had AIM I guess…so we could communicate via that lol.

  • There is an actual cow level in Diablo 3 as well, but you can only get to it during the month of March. During that time if you go to the Immortal Throne, Kanai's spirit appears an opens a portal. Following him in leads to a hunting ground full of angry cow-men for you to slaughter.

  • I've heard about the whole thing with blowing into NES cartridges before. It's like shaking a Polaroid … something "everyone knows to do" but it can actually damage things. I think constant blowing into the carts as well as condensation from your breath can damage both the cartridges and the pins in your system itself. The classic-game stores around here refurbish NES and fix all the pins, then sell them – they are like new. I don't think they refurbish cartridges, but if I recall, they tell you not to blow into them.

  • you know how myths are debunked like the mega myth. 2 words. DATA. MINING. it always, ALWAYS happens eventually, we just gotta break it till it gives us what we want. THE TRUTH!!!!!

  • Whenever my cartridges didn't work, i would have it to the fan i had in my living room. My mom always said blowing into a cartridge was bad.

  • The truck to get mew… I know it's a myth but I've seen it with my own eyes.
    Pikablu….the myth I heard was if you used a water stone on lv 25 pikachu

  • That thumbnail. We're on Ultimate now and we STILL don't have Tails… yet. Can't rightfully be called "Ultimate" without him.

  • I'm not taking it, I dont care.
    After hearing that blowing in the cartridge doesn't so anything, the first time I played with my game boy and got the corrupted logo, I took it in and out a billion times and the logo was corrupted the same way.
    I try blew in it and it worked.

  • French CC? Fallen that extremly far? I thought you were still one of the pure contentmakers. An add here and there, but this? Am watching .com not .surrender

  • 12:31 thanks for the heads up. I'm currently playing through FF7 (and loving every second of it) so I need as little revealed to me as possible.

  • As a kid I thought there was a way to blow up Katina Outpost from Star Fox Assault as well as play Airwing levels as Fox with a jetpack.

  • just to broke all your dreams … there was an evolution for raichu … called Gorochu that was prepared but has been unused and can be seen in many pre-builds on the first gen pokemon … Have a great day/night !