Top 10 Best Roguelike PC Games

10. Opening our list of Top 10 PC Roguelike Games
is Rogue Legacy Taking after the 1980’s classic dungeon-crawling
spectacle, Rogue, the genre it spawned has usually taken after their dark worlds, grim
environments, and deadly stages. Which is why it’s such a sigh of relief to
find games like our first entry. Rogue Legacy, with all its dungeons, old-timey
visuals, and punishing difficulty–doesn’t really take itself too seriously. While it might frustrate you with short lifespans,
it will take you to brand new adventure through your genetically flawed lineages. Boasting the same permadeath formula and procedurally
generated worlds as any roguelike game, Rogue Legacy takes the genre to a new level of variety. As you explore their castles, eliminate some
paltry beast, and then die inevitably–it won’t be you running back in there. Instead you’ll have a choice of three heirs,
with their own classes, spells, and disabilities. Yes, you heard that right. If you thought it was hard enough already,
then boy are you in for a treat. Reenter the land as a warrior with ADHD, and
revel at your maddening speeds; or become a magi haunted by visions from his onset of
dementia, or the black and white world of color blindness, or tunnel vision, or all
of that in one go. With each of your traits affecting the game,
the challenge and fun of it all keeps escalating as you yourself get back up with higher levels,
better skills, and upgraded weaponry. All that, along with satisfying combat and
controls, creates a perfect balance of permadeath and progress that will keep you coming back
for more. It has a PlayScore of 8.39. 9. Hand of Fate An interesting spin on the roguelike genre. Hand of Fate is a hybrid of card and deck-building
games, roguelike, and a little sprinkle of action. Unlike the unforgiving enemies and stages
of most platforming roguish endeavors, Hand of Fate choose to take you against the powerful
forces luck and probability. A card game at its core, you sit in front
of a mysterious dealer, arranging cards in front of you, and offering a collection of
fates to overcome. With its colorful, visual storytelling, and
eventual dives to action, it seems to capture the intriguing atmosphere of the tabletop
dungeons and dragons game. Spin the wheel of fate to gain weapons, shields,
and a lot of deadly encounters that try to put a dent in your perilous journey. It’s in this field that we realize how equally
unforgiving lady luck is, as you shuffle decks to meet starvation, traps, and difficult monsters. The victory lies in defeating the dealer’s
13 Jack of Scales, and ultimately, the dealer himself. Mixed in with the gratifying choose-your-adventure
style gameplay is its hack-and-slash action scenes that serving the purpose visualizing
the events of your cardgame of life. It’s both artistic and rewarding, appealing
to both fans of the action genre, as well as the storybook enthusiasts. It has a PlayScore of 8.47. 8. Spelunky Not to be confused with 1983’s Spelunker,
Spelunky takes us on a more modern and adorable treasure-hunting expedition. Inspired by the one of the most iconic archaeologists,
Indiana Jones, our little red-nosed spelunker dons his signature fedora and casts his whip
around in the procedurally generated tunnels of his world. He searches for lost treasures, amidst a mass
of slithering snakes and crumbling terrain. As a roguelike adventure, it sprinkles obstacles
and dangers at every step–a lot like Indiana’s own misadventures. It requires you to have a keen eye for traps,
or risk launching boulders and explosives that will fearlessly propel you back to square
one. Nonetheless, you go back with new skills and
a keener eye, playing victim to the game’s addicting cycle. Described as a Souls-like 2D platformer, it’s
ultimately not avoiding obstacles that get you to the finish line–it’s a go-getter attitude,
and a shitload of patience. While it might be working against you in your
quest for treasures and completion, it also does a lot to keep you wallowing in the masochistic
act of roguelike gaming. Lurk around in the missions in between worlds,
and help an ailing tunnel man create shortcuts and get some gear. If you’re looking for a challenge, then this
is probably the game for you. It has a PlayScore of 8.57. 7. Don’t Starve Venture into worlds unknown in this german-expressionism
inspired game of gigantic proportions. In the increasingly blurried lines of genre,
Don’t Starve stands to be more rogue-lite than roguelike, though. It retains perma-death and randomly generated
worlds, but it mainly highlights exploration and survival over everything else. In this dark tale, a mad scientist transports
you to a strange new dimension filled with anthropomorphized pigs, steampunk horses,
and flaming flies. In world full of monsters and creeping loneliness,
survival does not come easy. Venture around a world teeming with resources,
and use them to your advantage. Forage for food, unlock new technologies,
and fight against the sullen darkness and the transitory seasons. While exploration is one of its more exciting
aspects, building your own base is also important. Acquaint yourself with the beasts you dwell
among, deciphering which is friend or foe, to find yourself a fitting spot in the grand
scheme of things. Don’t Starve also comes with plenty of unlockable
characters, each with their own different playstyles. The darkness isn’t as haunting, playing with
the pyromaniac Willow who can burn down entire forests with her lighter; and monsters aren’t
quite as scary with Wolfgang’s strong arms. Gameplay might be fun, but what really draws
you in is its impeccable artstyle. It oozes with the gloomy artistry of the German
art movement. Bask in its eerie atmosphere, listen to the
character’s musical silence. It has a PlayScore of 8.61. 6. Invisible, Inc. While Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve was
an impressive hit all-throughout, that definitely didn’t stop them from venturing back into
the risky tides of videogame development. Klei’s second entry to this list has a world
of difference in between them–sharing more similarities to platforming Mark of the Ninja. Instead of a grim open-world, we’re taken
a series of turn-based stages where stealth is the key to success. Inspired by the likes of XCOM, Invisible Inc
takes on a tale of espionage, set in the neon futures of 2074. Working for a private intelligence agency,
take control of the organization’s best agents mounting a counter-attack against a corporate
invasion. Pick from a team of 10 unlockable agents and
customize each of their builds as you play through each of their randomly generated levels. While it also offers an array of weapons at
your disposal, stealth remains as the prime focus of the game. Hack into cameras, sneak past guards, and
avoid conflict as much as possible. With over five different game modes, there’s
always a wealth of surprises to overcome or avoid entirely. Challenging as it is, the game also lets you
customize campaign levels to your wishes, letting you adjust difficulties according
to your playstyle. It has a PlayScore of 8.67. 5. FTL: Faster Than Light A retro space-simulator that doesn’t overstay
its welcome. Subset Games’ takes you into the vastness
of space with a ship called the Kessel containing a vital secret. Throughout the game, you will escape your
pursuers in a fun and frenetic roguelike experience. It’s like Star Wars plot, but with permadeath
and no mystic midi-chlorians. The gameplay is pretty much watching a top-down
version of your ship fleeing from the game’s 8 sectors. Travel from planet to planet in its procedurally
generated galaxy filled with hostile alien and rebel threats. By upgrading your artillery, gathering more
crew and customizing your ship, you can easily dominate the universe. It’s inspired from classic tabletop games
that let you manage various sections, like the Kessel. It’s a stressful multitasking job, but that’s
the best thing about it. It’s widely considered as an old-fashioned
game with a modern approach. It was praised for its strategic depth, fast-paced
scenarios and content. For $10, you get what you pay for in a game
that slowly grows on you once you spend hours and hours of it. Though it has its own shortcoming in terms
of enemy variety and difficulty. It’s still worth the try. It didn’t fulfill its Kickstarter goals
for nothing. It has a PlayScore 8.71 4. Enter The Gungeon It’s Binding of Isaac with guns. A frenzied bullet-hell dungeon crawler that
merits fast reflexes and heavy artillery. Be a part of the Gungeoneers, a merry band
of misfits trying to find a mysterious Gun that can destroy the past. Silly as it may be, it’s just another one
of Devolver Digital’s ridiculous published games. To find this powerful Gun, players must enter
the Gungeon, a mysterious castle filled with randomly generated levels and intense difficulty
spikes. Face off hordes of creatures called the Gundead
and veer away from its multitude of colorful yet punishing bullets. Throughout its roguelike gameplay, collect
various guns with unique bullets and unleash your carnage against the game’s brutal boss
fights. Players can also gather someone in its co-op
Gungeon mode. Team up with a friend and live through an
onslaught of Gundead. It’s a totally Gunbelievable game. Gunforgiving as it may be, it really take
players into a gauntlet of unmitigated disaster. With a sweet soundtrack, humor, and it’s beautiful,
beautiful variety of guns, it makes the game so worth playing. Stylish and filled with charm, Enter the Gungeon
is Dodge Roll’s crowning glory. It receives a PlayScore of 8.74 3. Crypt Of The Necrodancer It’s not everyday you think of a game idea
that clicks. Brace Yourself Games’ blend of roguelike
dungeon-crawling and rhythm takes you to a crypt. Not just any crypt, but a crypt of the mysterious
NecroDancer. A mystical being dedicated to end your life
with the power of music. At this point, you don’t need to be surprised
on how silly these games are. It just works. As an adventurer trapped in this dangerous
place, groove into tunes of Danny Baranowsky’s soundtrack to deliver musical beatdowns to
the pathetic monsters. Similar to any roguelike game, the greater
you proceed through its dungeon, the difficult it gets. Its procedurally generated levels gives players
a tense beat to beat action that requires careful listening. Miss a beat and you’re whacked. Aside from that, the game’s biggest feature
is its customizable dungeons. You can equip your own music and jam to its
beats. Just import your favorite MP3 music and you’re
in for a rhythmic treat. Expect a ton of stress and frustration because
this game doesn’t go easy on you. Wear your best headphones and move to the
beat. It’s an award-winning game and it has a
PlayScore of 8.93 2. Nuclear Throne You’ve heard of Gun-wielding adventurers
and beat-dancing explorers, this time, it’s a post-apocalyptic shooter… with mutants. After a massive nuclear attack on Earth, the
planet is filled with radioactive mess. Everything is green, gooey and gross. But what else should we expect from a post-nuclear
world? Choose from its 12 disgusting characters with
unique mutations and fight for the Nuclear Throne. This top-down roguelike shooter involves no
humans because there’s nothing left human to fight for. As a mutated creature, fight your way through
its mutated wasteland filled with irradiated weaponry and some odd limbs growing on your
stomach. Aside from its characters, the game has 7
main worlds, over 30 mutations, 120 weapons, and 15 booming tracks. For a $12 game, it’s quite a bargain. Vlambeers did a successful job by developing
a game that could cater fans of the Roguelike genre. The creators developed the game by streaming
on Twitch. Listening to fan feedbacks and suggestions. Now that’s dedication. It receives a PlayScore of 8.94 Here are the runners up before we reveal the
number one: 11. Dungeons of Dredmor. Harken back to the good old days of classic
pixel rogelikes, with the refreshing twist of point and click goodness. Dive into the dark dungeons, and fight to
defeat the dark Lord Dredmor. It has a PlayScore of 8.38. 12. Risk of Rain. Mixing two vintage genres into one great kickstarter
campaign? What could possibly go wrong! Embark on the thrills of metroidvania, along
with the punishing randomness of roguelikes. It has a PlayScore of 8.29. 13. Thea: The Awakening. A turn-based survival game set in the heart
of Slavic mythologies. With a vast procedural world, and over 200
story events to uncover. Defeat the haunting darkness, and witness
the awakening! It has a PlayScore of 8.17. 14. Darkest Dungeon. Another turn-based RPG dipped in the miserable
reds and blacks of the gothic era. Deal with the punishing affliction system,
and wallow in their artistic backdrops. It has a PlayScore of 8.12. 15. Sunless Sea. Lose your sanity to the loneliness of maritime
expeditions. With exploration, discovery, and a whole lot
of death. It has a PlayScore of 8.12. 1. And the best Roguelike game on the PC is The
Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth What else? Edmund McMillen’s roguelike shooter received
a huge update after its successful 2011 Adobe Flash game. Due to its limitations, they decided to give
the game a rebirth, thus the tagline. It offers new gameplay features and additional
content to our adorable crying boy. Some of it includes a sweet new soundtrack,
increased framerate, and more poop! Out on almost every consoles, Nicalis’ game
really gave Indie development the respect it deserves. A 2D dungeon crawler that’s similar to its
original, play as Isaac. A poor boy trapped in his religous mother’s
basement. Awaiting to be sacrificed, he uses his tears
to shoot monsters that creep in the dark. It’s inspired from the Biblical tale of
The Binding of Isaac and also from the creator’s personal experiences with religion in the
family. Just like any roguelike game, guide Isaac
in a series of randomly generated levels. And as per usual, the deeper it gets, the
more sinister it becomes. Meet new monsters, encounter deadly bosses
and bask in its 500 hours of gameplay. It was very well-received. It has a metaphorical story, a rich world,
and content so large, Rebirth singlehandedly dominates our list of Roguelike PC games. It has a PlayScore of 9.06

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