Top 10 Best New Android & iOS RPG Games 2017

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we are back with list of best and new RPG games for your android and ios devices.. But before we dig in, make sure to hit that
subscribe button and also click on the bell icon so you never miss any future updates. First on our list is, Honor Against Darkness. In this game you will leap through time and
jump into a mysterious fantasy world, where you will fight real-time battles against other
online opponents. You can either fight alone, or team up with
your allies, to enjoy some t intense and challenging battles. In the game you can also buy, sell, or even
trade different weapons with other players. And Game’s auto battle system helps you to
level up even when you are offline. Honor Against Darkness is a free game and
has rating of 4.2 stars. Lineage 2: Revolution. Venture into a breathtaking new fantasy world,
with stunning visuals powered by the Unreal Engine 4, and experience large scale, open-world
combat where up to 200 players can battle in real time, on a single screen. In the game you can party up with strangers,
or form clans with friends to conquer epic dungeons, take down fearsome boss monsters,
or compete with thousands of other players around the world in competitive battles. Lineage 2 has received the ratings of 4 stars
and is available for free. DarkStory. Dark Story is a 3D action fantasy rpg game,
where you will fight against a legendary evil wizard, who has cursed all the martial artist
and have brought chaos by awakening ghost and devils. Game fighting mechanics are similar to other
rpg games, and controls are easy to handle. In the game you can also join different guilds
and take part in in massive guild battles. You can also buy different weapons and equipments,
and upgrade you player. Dark Story is a free game with the rating
of 4.3 stars. Era of Arcania. This is another new 3d rpg game, which has
superb graphics, and awesome sound tracks. In the game, you can immerse yourself in the
grand adventure, and join other players in, Online multiplayer dungeons, World Bosses,
or 3v3 real-time arena. Game also features many different weapons,
different player classes, different mounts, and other character customisations. In the game you can also use voice chat to
communicate with other players during battles. Era of Arcania is a free game with the ratings
of 4 stars. Legend of Blades. Legend of Blades is a 3D real-time RPG game,
which will take you into the world of Li Xuhuan, who is a martial arts master. In this game. there are many different heroes to unlock,
each with their own unique skils. You can gather your own team of martial artist,
and during battles you can switch heroes any time to use their unique abilities. In game you can also fight against other online
opponents in 3 vs 3 battle, or 1 vs 1, or you can simply do story missions with your
own heroes. Legend of Blades is a free game, with the
rating of 4.1 star . ZGirls2. Zgirls2 is a 3D mmo zombie survival game,
where you play as a bionic girl, who has supernatural abilities. Your character was thrown into the hellish
world, filled with zombies, and your only goal is to survive. Explore the island in search of food, resources,
and secret places. Use resources to build a shelter where you
can hide from zombies, and craft weapons for the battle against the monsters. You can also team up with other gang members
for mutual benefit, or stab them in the back, and take all their loot. This game has received rating of 3.5 stars,
and you can download it for free. Returners. Returners is a management RPG game, in which
you are able to collect various historical heroes, such as King Arthur, or Robin Hood,
and take part in battles, based on the strategical team management. Defeat strong monsters and evil bosses with
the help of unique abilities of your heroes, and level up characters to unlock new combat
abilities. You can also buy legendary weapons and equipments,
and fight in a weekly league of the best heroes, and compete with other players. Returners is a free game with the rating of
4.6 stars. Reborn of Fantasy. Start a journey across the bright locations
of a fantasy world, and fight against the dark powers. In the game, your mission is to save the Tyrande
continent, from the forces of darkness with the help of your allies. Control the strong heroes, and their unique
abilities in the battles against monsters and powerful bosses. Use in game currency to buy different armor,
weapons and other equipments for the characters and make them even stronger. Reborn of fantasy is a free game and has the
rating of 4.0 stars. Pocket Legends Adventures. Pocket Legends adventures is a new rpg game
and is currently in unreleased state. Travel across the incredible world inhabited
by intelligent animals, and various monsters. In the game there are many characters to choose
from, such as a squirrel, a bear, a tiger and many others. Each characters has different appearance,
which are customisable, and their unique combat abilities. Game features an innovative real-time combat
system, unique skills-based advancement, and Co-Op multiplayer battles. You can download this game for free. Daybreak Legends. This game is a 3D MMORPG, which is developed
with a unique engine, and has great combat mechanics, with exquisite 3D graphics. The game brings you seamless combat with thrilling
blows and various combos! There are lots of things to do in the game,
including various raids and duels, ranked matches, guild wars, warpet battles and dragon
airfights. In the game there are 4 different classes,
and character customisation with different items, equipments, and pets. Daybreak legends has the rating of 4 stars
and can be downloaded for free. So guys these were 10 new rpg game, that are
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