Tilted Fables: The History and Lore of the Four Tilt Types

Tilted Fables: The History and Lore of the Four Tilt Types

Grandpa, why do people get tilted? Why, tilt is as old as gaming itself, little one. But the spirit of tilt takes many forms. Would you like to hear a story? Yeah! Once…there was the perfect player. Passionate. Competitive. She never died in lane or missed a cannon; She was beloved by her teammates, all of whom shared this inner fire and love for the game. Everything changed one fateful match, when she finally made…a mistake. Her opponents were the first to point it out, quickly joined by the perfect player’s own teammates; Mocking her, telling her to uninstall in shame. Her head told her “mute.” Her heart cried “murder.” Self-conscious and blinded by tilt and betrayal, This Barbarian now thirsts for blood of friend and foe alike — Screaming curses in caps lock; threatening to feed; Welcoming the sweet embrace of death as she charges down the middle lane. There was once a noble Paladin, A master of strategy and leadership; a diligent reader of patch notes Who understood each meta perfectly. One day, the Paladin and three companions found their dead teammate At a crossroads deep within the jungle. “We must go this way to pursue the objective,” the Paladin declared. Their teammates disagreed. “The other way is better,” one replied. “We must have revenge!” The petty argument spiraled out of control, tilting the Paladin until they could take no more And drew their question mark-ping from its scabbard. “You’re trolling, I knew it all along!” they said, Spamming ping after ping in the ears of their comrades. “OBEY ME IF YOU WANT TO WIN!” But when their teammates abandoned them, the Paladin was left alone, With none to hear their helpful advice. They wander the jungle to this day, hoping to restore order to the chaos of solo queue, Demanding anyone who will listen to report their whole team. Long ago, there was a positive player who enjoyed the simple pleasures of gaming. One day, she came across a demon on the side of the road. “Why are you so positive all the time?” The creature asked. “I am in control of my emotions! How can I be upset if I take regular breaks between games? Nothing can tilt me! GG, WP!” Seeing this as a challenge, the demon cursed the happy player: You will lose seven games in a row, each day for a thousand years! Every night you’ll want to end on a victory, but that victory will come at 3 A.M.! You will spend 7,000 ranked games trying to reach your Gold promos, Only to watch your teammates feed and your power go out! Your tilt will simmer within you, boiling, Eating at you until you EXPLODE!” Legends say that when the moon is full, The cries of this stoic, scarred veteran echo softly in the night, As she queues for just…one…more…game. Many who tilt pay homage to Lord DGAF. Able to predict the future, this enlightened nobleman was a beacon of knowledge and sportsmanship. But too much wisdom can be a deceptive curse. Madness and melancholy consumed Lord DGAF as his future-sight became corrupted by experience. He believed he could tell instantly whether a match was over before it even began. Succumbing to despair, Lord DGAF chose to embrace the cruel joke that is life. “FF at fifteen!” Lord DGAF bellowed with pleasure as he gorged himself on wine and tears. His teammates begged him to try harder, insisting they scale better to late-game. It didn’t matter — Lord DGAF had been tilted since champ select. “Late game doesn’t matter! Nothing matters, except pleasure!” Lord DGAF cackled, flashing into a wall for the lulz As the feelings of emptiness and pessimism grew inside. Hatred, or passion? Nagging, or leadership? Masochism, or grit? Jaded nihilism, or experienced foresight? Tilt blurs the lines and twists our perspective. Feelings are complex and weird, but we must learn to harness them. We’re all human; tilt is inevitable. The question is: how can we master it? Mindfulness and regulating my emotions? No, no…no! By visiting the Riot Games Player Support site.

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100 thoughts on “Tilted Fables: The History and Lore of the Four Tilt Types”

  • You motherfuckers are blaming the people playing the game instead of looking at what the game has become and does to people. We just experienced the worst season yet and people have gotten frustrated beyond belief but you release this hacky video to do what exactly, share some light on the psyche of people when they rage. Bullshit, make the game enjoyable again and not a coin flip in the win/lose department and then talk about tilt. Don't try to divert attention to the players when you are at fault.

  • Test: (Tells me I'm a scarred Veteran.)
    Me: (Never played a game past 1 AM in my damn life.)

    Narrator: "Tilt is inevitable."
    Me: (Laughs in playing other games besides Lol that don't have forced PvP for a chance of pace.)

  • I love the video but all forms kinda put some fault on the player, whereas the causes of tilt might actually be legitimate thoo

  • you should do an in game choose your faction with the 4 tilt categories haha to get icons and words with voice lines with the face of the representatives

  • Well made video and the message has a certain amount of importance and further it was quite funny (especially liked the demon) but can i point out that, mainly in the barbarian story, riot have completely acknowledged that their game and community is full of bullies and are just making it seem like that's just part of their game and to get used to it. The barbarian character, as said in the story, made ONE mistake and was ridiculed by the enemy and their own team, was told to "uninstall" and lets be realistic, anyone who has experienced even 10 minutes of league of legends, that barbarian probably would have been told to kill themselves, or that their "mother must be proud of their failure child" etc etc. and yet riot are accepting that these 9 bullies (in their 5 v 5 format) are fine to say and do these things and that it is the barbarian who is in need of correcting behavior as they are the one who is tilted. I'm not sure if riot realize what is actually happening in a lot of these situations of tilt. Is it self-consciousness and tilt blindness causing the barbarians anger, or is it the fact that the are angry that they have fallen in love with a game like so many others but the creators seem so focused on their own ego and e-sports scene (and money making) that they don't seem to even pay attention to their own community. In my head it shouldn't take a thousand reports to get someone banned (obviously not an exact number but this is the internet i have to point out exaggeration) after they are spouting the the hateful vitriol that they do. bad language/ general criticism (helpful or otherwise) is one thing but telling people they should stop enjoying something they love for one mistake (or several) or that they should die or that their families should die and so on goes beyond the boundaries that "free speech" gives them. Perhaps someone reads this and it leads to something i don't know but its something worth thinking about.

    TL:DR maybe i'm tilted but i don't like bullies and the game is full of them, and riot needs to do more than make a funny video to fix that.

  • Just embrace the tilt, then you can tilt in a thousand more different ways and never be really tilted about it, it's just part of the riot game.

  • RIOT greated a game wasting billions hours of young peoples lives, profiting from their need for achievement and rewarding their effort with 1:1 ratios of good team mates and trollers, tilters, feeders to keep them stuck in place in all eternity.

    fix your matchmaking by starting to question the skill-rating system

  • My tilt type is the one where I get harassed by multiple people for many games in the row, then instantly get banned for saying a single rude thing to the 0/20 troll who's said nothing but the N-Word for the past 5 minutes.

  • wait this isn't just a picture of tank/support biting onto a ward screaming 'you are about to get ganked' at the over extended top laner foaming at the mouth if thirsty rage as other teams jungler strides across 4 wards with an adc sh!t talking being dragged with one hand as the other as mid lane who feels the need to give ap yasuo a try and doesn't understand why he is 0 12 2 and can only scream and cuss at every one else while jungler shaco is either silent all game or just kinda clowns around as every thing burns around him being unable to help in anyway but some how is still is blamed for every thing?

    But then this is seventh game across 2-3 days of this very thing happening back to back so even if tank/support is just trying to play and have fun its like stones slowly being stacked on the chest as they are haunted by that one game that was super awesome X days/months ago where every one was relaxed but trying and messing around–setting up a mental cage that keeps the player stuck thinking always oh this next game will be that game, oho oh this one till so much time has passed and now you feel the need to just commit or at the least wait till something similar comes out and change to that.

    but but then your like, oh man, learning all this again? could just go to league again, next game will be ok. just gotta go and have fun, not let any one bug me. yeah.

    Then lastly that point comes either after you just kinda give up or have been banned, refuse to spend money on the game, refuse to care and just go in to have 'fun' no matter what and pepper in a few games here and there as you will spend the rest of your life bad mouthing the game and going out of your way to ensure any one you come across who shows any kind of interest in it gets your grim stories so even if they do try the bad mouthing will cling to the edge of their mind that in turns will poison their experience.

    You slowly do this as it becomes a hobby till some years in the future when all the bad feels start to really take more physical effects and it has to shut down, sitting there in a dark room most likely alone watching riot go away or be eaten by EA if not just moving on to other things, leaning back with a smile on your face for this pointless thing that's happen not caring for the time spent as the hate kept you warm all those nights and fueled all your other endeavors.

    If dunkey is toxic, even seeing all he showed. Rito, I watch and I hope, watching you wither will be my joy.
    The fact you would even post something like this shows such an unreal disconnect with the reality of your game, Fact I dare say rather than trying to fix anything you desire to just brew a culture of mocking tilt without trying to mend its underlining problems so you don't have to do anything, try anything.

  • But legends say that to this day, the ancient demons that wrote the book, the Rioters they are called; only prevent the barbarians from playing. All of the others can tilt freely, yet the barbarians are always having penalties because the Rioters are too weak to read their battlecries and "strong words".

  • First we had event of 4 houses to chose
    trials are here, and once you decide where you're standing, we'll be waiting
    chose your tilt

  • "u mad br0?" rito confirmed for low tier troll

    6/10 for making me reply

    "you'll play 7 games in a row where your team mates feed" it's as if rito know they constantly give players 1v9s and are taunting them about it

    hey rito, instead of trolling me why don't you explain why in this elo hell i'm in everyone troll picks like it's normal queue, where someone can lock in a morgana bot, feed then go afk and not get an instant feedback sanction.

  • Is it tilt if I start to lose care when the games goes wrong but I still keep playing and doing my minions and jungle clears although getting raped in my jungle because the enemy team has us behind our inhibitor turrets?

  • lol community receives a lot off of backlash on having become too toxic so what does riot do turn toxicity into comedy 200 iq play ez clap

  • Great job art/lore/everyone who worked on that team! Just hope player support will finally start banning people who run it down so i wont tilt

  • That was amazing! I’m missing this one though:
    The one smurf that came down from the heavens to this low land to help others climb, but instead decided that his teammates are not playing to the standards of the elo they are at, so he must feed to protect the purity of this land and banish his teammates to a lower division, where they truly belong.


  • Soooooo HOW ABOUT YOU FIX YOUR MACHMAKING AND THE GAME IN GENERAL SINCE YOU FAIL TO FIX YEAR OLD BUGS AND STILL HAVE NOT NERFED OP CHAMPS. But of riot is a indie companny righ ? you dont have the man power XD. Banning system broken machmaking broken. TRASH COMPANY THAT RUIND ITS SELF WITH GREED

  • Before u talking about tilt u have to know why all players are tilting its bcs of fucking boosted players and feeders and troll and int so that make the patient and a good player mad and then be tilted clean ur games from boosted players and fix ur matchmaking I'm d3 and I played with gold 5

  • I appreciate how much effort went into this, even the quiz. I usually avoid this gamer language bs like "tilt" etc, comes off pretty cringy to me. But this is well done on it's own. gj

  • 5) Cleric that just wanted people to get along and mediated problems for them so all could get along. But eventually the cleric noticed that the good it spread had no effect on the toxic wasteland. The cleric had fallen and now stands there in the shadows of the rift fuming over every rude person, cursing the gods for allowing the toxic wasteland to exist, the gods had tried and failed to remove the poison from the lands, but they could not… Eventually people who encountered the cleric noticed that everything was fine (until the fire nation attacked) until someone became rude, afterwards for some reason the cleric went deaf, with a tear falling down its cheek.

  • Best way to deal with trolls is to focus on your game. I am a paladin and honestly I get tilted at myself for dying not the fed enemy 10 2 akali.
    Never surrender always fight to the end and focus on your lane and late game scale. As long as you focus on yourself and do as best as you can you already won the game. If you succumb to tilt you failed already and none of your insults directed at your team can make you a better player or improve the chances you have of winning.
    On the other hand.. BMing the enemy ? Well that is fun.

  • Will you upload the music in the video somewhere? It's really great, and i would love to be able to listen to it without the narration.

  • "Take the test. Meet the types. Master your tilt."
    Yes, I will master my tilt. No one will be better than me at tilting.
    ..And if they are, I'll tilt.