This Laptop Has 2 SCREENS – HP OMEN X 2S Review

This Laptop Has 2 SCREENS – HP OMEN X 2S Review

have you ever dreamed of having two
screens on a laptop I’m sure I did back in the day when I had conversations with
my high school friends we came up with some interesting designs that had two
displays we jam-packed it with some high in specs faster CPU GPU and memory
available at the time I don’t even know where those sketches are right now we
probably ended up throwing that out but anyways we’re slowly starting to see
that dream turned into reality with a lot of these dual screen notebooks
entering into the market and it has been generating some mixed reactions within
the community some say that it is amazing
I can do so many things with that second screen I’m gonna be a pro activity champ
creators can take advantage for that little display whereas others think that
it is a gimmick why add a second screen on notebook it adds heat to the system
it’s probably gonna affect battery life and performance and potentially it also
results in notebook designs that don’t look like laptops anymore so in front of
me is HP’s omen x 2s it’s a really powerful gaming laptop features Intel’s
Core i7 19 CPU six innings of RAM a terabyte of PCIe SSD 144 Hertz g-sync
display and RT X 28 Emacs cute this thing is absolutely specked out but
above all of that HP has implemented a second display that allows gamers
streamers or anyone who can take advantage of that second screen the
flexibility to run multiple apps at the same time the starting price of the 2’s
is a little over 1,800 US dollars and for that you get a smaller SSD and an
rtX 2070 max-q GPU the spec that I have over here it cost around $2,400 but
you can spend nearly 4 grand to spec this thing out but instead of making
this a typical notebook review I’m gonna be focusing on that second screen how
does it actually benefit a gamer considering that this is a gaming laptop
does it affect performance battery life does it also affect filmer issues as
well basically what is it like using a notebook with two screens well allow me
to walk you through my experience but first a quick message from our sponsor
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below alright so what you’re looking at is a six inch 1080p 60 Hertz display
with touch support when you boot up the notebook HP scum and Center takes over
the screen automatically where it allows the user to monitor system resources you
can also switch between different performance modes like comfort default
and dynamic power performance which was the mode that was used to run the
benchmarks this changes the behavior of the CPU and GPU then you can customize
the RGB lighting of the system but oddly enough it won’t let you customize the
keyboard until you open command center on the primary display so keep that in
mind the next tab lets you screen mirror a particular portion of your gameplay
and I’ll get to that in just a moment the last tab offers a few more settings
for the screen including the ability to enable or disable touch support for the
screen while you’re in a game play now this is a standalone display which means
you can bring in any program you like to the second screen and start working off
of it the downside is that it is a glossy display which means it’s
extremely difficult to view content outdoors and the view angles are pretty
terrible I wouldn’t recommend watching videos on
the screen there is a weird magenta shift when you look at it from a normal
position and contrast is just way off but if you stare at it directly overhead
it’s fine except you’d look ridiculous that way HP has built a few keys right
above the numpad that allows you to turn off the display although do keep in mind
that it doesn’t disconnect itself from the GPU Windows still sees it as a
second screen you also have the ability to adjust the brightness of the display
and an interesting feature that lets you switch apps instantly between the main
display and the secondary display so for instance if you’re working off of the
main display and you have a video playing in the background on the second
screen and you’re constantly really exciting in the video that you want to
bring into your main display as quick as possible that button is supposed to
switch the video to this main screen and then what’s on the main screen to the
second screen except it barely worked on my sample sometimes I ended up getting
glitches on the video on the main display that
just looked weird in other cases it just didn’t work it was a little bit
frustrating to see this feature not work especially since it is very applicable if I or other you know casual apps and
also do keep in mind that if you have a game running in the main display and if
you want to switch that it’s just not gonna work
moving on to actual use case scenarios well to be honest I have mixed feelings
about using the second display let’s start off with the basic stuff like
bringing in your file explorer while working on something else on the main
screen it could be useful if you want to quickly access things but I have some
difficulty weeding the text because the screen is just way too small
what’s really cool is that as soon as you drag the window from the main
display to the second screen it automatically snaps into full-screen
mode although keep in mind that it does not work with every application so
that’s something to keep note of I think one of my favorite use case is browsing
through my spotify playlist the app does a pretty good job with scaling and it’s
fairly intuitive to navigate around with if you’re into discord the screen works
pretty well with the app you can coordinate with your fellow teammates by
talking to them while playing and it doesn’t interrupt your gameplay that’s
running on your main screen which is really cool if you’re into streaming and
if you use OBS this is a great way to monitor your stream on the second screen
while focusing on your main task I think this would come in super handy
for streamers on the go I should also mention that you’re only allowed to run
one application at a time on this display you can’t split screens although
that would look worse in the first place then there is the real time screen
mirroring feature that allows you to snip a portion of your gameplay and
magnify it onto the second screen it sounds like it’s pretty straightforward
but it isn’t because there are some things that you have to keep in mind
before trying this out first every game that you run should be on borderless
windowed mode because it is a secondary display after all and you need to be
able to move the cursor from top to bottom secondly you have to define the
specific area before the gameplay starts because once you’re in the snipping
feature won’t work and you can’t change it in real time so you have to hit
escape assign the area and get back in now does the screen mirroring feature
make you a better gamer not really because I
take advantage of it I mean a few use cases that you could take advantage of
is probably bringing in your maps or your health status or potentially if you
want to magnify your shooting target to target your enemy that is one use case
scenario but realistically speaking guys it is something that you’re running on a
flat display that’s literally on a horizontal service and you’re kind of
supposed to focus on what’s on the main display and if you just lose your focus
for just a second and look in your second screen someone might just snipe
you within that second so you just lose that momentum that you’ve been building
up so far so it’s it’s a cool concept but I don’t think it would significantly
or it would help you become a better gamer that’s just that’s just my take
now I did try running some creative applications like Adobe Premiere but
guys I hate to say this again but the screen is just way too small to
accommodate the timeline and the scaling is pretty terrible it’s very difficult
to read text when you’re viewing at a normal distance I tried bringing in
other panelists like the Lummi tree scopes and lumetri color but
unfortunately it’s just difficult to read the text on top of the glossy
screen plus the not-so-great viewing angles make it an unviable solution I
also experienced some courts with the second screen so when I’m having a video
playing in the background on this display and have something on my main
display whether if it’s you know running a game or perhaps in resolve or
something like that the video actually starts stuttering which really wasn’t
pleasing to the eye also the screen just stopped responding to me sometimes it
just just wouldn’t work if I’m trying to bring a window from my main display to
the second display it just it’s completely disabled it gets disconnected
from the GPU which means I had to get it fixed with a restart so that was a bit
annoying like I said the hardware still needs refinements and most importantly
software is something that HP certainly has to take a look into so does the
second display benefit me in any shape or form I personally can’t bring it into
my workflow but I think that this could be a great solution for streamers on the
go with all of that out of the way let’s quickly talk about the design of this
laptop well it is a gaming laptop after all HP has stuck with their omen mantra
for a while now and they haven’t really done anything different
here the front panel has an interesting choice of textures I’m glad that it is
in brushed aluminum the omen logo is backlit and RGB and you can customize
that through the command center the build quality of the 2S is really good
it’s actually a little bit on the heavier side coming in at over 5 pounds
so even though that it might look like a Finn gaming laptop it isn’t necessarily
light it’s certainly heavier than my razor blade 15 opening up the notebook
you’re greeted with the keyboard and trackpad shift it’s at the bottom this
is of course to do to that second screen the keys have a good amount of travel
distance and it’s tactile it’s much better than my razor blade 15 I’d say
it’s on par to the arrow 15X from gigabytes so that’s a good thing it’s
also RGB backlit and customizable through command center the trackpad is
shifted to the right hand side and to be honest with you it’s easier to get used
to but I feel like it’s a bit too small again this is because I’m used to track
pads that are larger on the positive side the surface is really smooth for
navigation it is one of the best track pants that I’ve used on a notebook
thanks to precision drivers plus you also get dedicated left and right
buttons and with the help of pressing this button it brings up a virtual
numpad on the second screen port selection is decent on the left hand
side there’s power in HDMI 2.0 2 USB 3.1 gen2 a ports in such n2 that’s a big red
flag guys I mean this laptop cost over $2,400 and you’re getting IO that’s not
up to spec so basically you won’t have access to the 10 gigabits per second
protocol with Gen 2 because you’re stuck with five gigabits per second with Gen 1
as for the rest of the ports there’s Gigabit Ethernet headphone and mic jack
on the right hand side there’s an extra 3.1 gen one port and a Thunderbolt 3
port that also functions as DP 1.4 the display on the 2’s is great
it’s a 1080p 144 Hertz IPS screen with g-sync
I had an absolute blast gaming on and color reproduction is really good and I
didn’t notice any packwood bleed with my naked eye so that’s nice in terms of
upgrade ability when you open up this laptop you have instant access to the
memory modules which are populated you also have an additional m2 slot for
expandable ‘ti so that’s nice this notebook comes with a 72 watt hour
battery unfortunately battery life is not great
and I expected this because it’s got high inspects a 140 for her to G Singh
display and on top of that you also have a second screen running off of that
graphics card so with my light load test I got roughly over two and a half hours
and on a heavy load tests maybe close to two hours but interestingly enough I
decided to run these tests with the second display turned on and that also
significantly brings down the battery life so certainly not the best and
something to definitely keep note of the i7 9750 h6 scored 12 thread CPU performs
like a champ the clock speeds were hitting 4.4 gigahertz on all six course
and it is the fastest notebook sleepier than i’ve seen as you can see with the
Cinebench r15 r20 and blender tests it takes the lead
compared to the Allegiant Wi-Fi 45 featuring that same CPU moving on to my
Adobe premier benchmark unfortunately it did not do well the system took over 20
minutes to render our 13 minute 4k project and I expected this because it’s
running a decent display and you HD Graphics is disabled and the user does
not have the option to disable G Singh to enable you H to graphics like what
you were able to do with the Y 740 from Lenovo so yeah when it comes to Adobe
Premiere the rendering performance is not that great however if you plan on
editing with DaVinci Resolve the studio version to be exact this thing is gonna
fly because you’ve got that RT X 28 Emacs q2 to take advantage of gaming on
the other hand was as expected fantastic you can easily push over a hundred
frames per second in pretty much every triple-a title like battlefield one
overwatch and apex legends far cry 5 and Shadow the to mirror also did really
well but I thought to myself since this laptop comes with a second display does
it actually impact gaming performance well it certainly does but nothing
significant to a point where it’s unplayable
I ran a 4k video on that screen and ran these benchmarks taking a look at
temperatures and things are not looking good guys you see when I was briefed on
this notebook HP mentioned that they used liquid metal from thermal grizzly
on the CPU and GPU and it was really excited about that until I put it to the
test as you can see the CPU gets to a whopping
97 see and guys this is just when rendering a video using Adobe Premiere
that’s disappointing and really odd considering liquid metal supposed to
bring down those temps significantly interestingly enough I didn’t notice the
clock speeds throttle while running these tests so it looks like the CPU was
being pushed to its limits but that application seemed to work really well
with the GPU the max temp I saw in the r-tx 20 max queue was 68 C and that’s
damn good for a GP of that caliber and the clock speeds on the GPU were hitting
about 1600 megahertz so that’s up to spec I should also mention that that
secondary display adds heat to the system so as you can see by these
thermal shots back and forth there is a significant difference between the two
when the display is turned off and turned on with a game running in the
background fan noise is respectable under gaming scenarios it doesn’t sound
like a jet fan which is nice but during idle scenarios you can still hear the
fans ramp up I’m just gonna stay silent for a second so you guys can listen for
yourselves so hopefully that gave you a rough idea
there is unfortunately no way to control the fan RPMs through command center I
still feel like the software is a little bit limiting in that area so hopefully
HP could update that in the future oh and for those of you wondering about
performance differences between comfort default and dynamic power performance
well here are the numbers on my cinnamon jar 15 run yes there is a difference so
it really depends on what you want to do at an instant so I guess this brings us
to the conclusion and guys I know it’s been a long one but I hope I was able to
answer a lot of the questions that you guys might have had with this laptop but
let’s kick things off with that second display it’s a cool implementation I got
give HP the credit for implementing and thinking out of the box in terms of
implementing one in a gaming notebook but it still has a lot of work to be
done first and foremost it’s glossy it’s small the text is very difficult to read
especially on a normal viewing distance and I wish HP was able to extend the
display all the way to the left and the right so you get a little bit more
virtual screen real estate the battery life is also pretty terrible on this
notebook but that is to be expected considering the specs
and it just isn’t your typical gaming laptop that you can lug around with it’s
more of a temporary plug-and-play solution and that’s obviously due to the
trackpad and the keyboard shifted towards the bottom so you also lose the
lap ability which is certainly something to consider especially if you plan on
taking this to say university or your work place things there are a lot of
factors to consider before pulling the trigger on this laptop not to mention it
starts at $1,800 and for that you get an RT X 2070 max Q and a 1440 hurts juicing
display and I’m glad that they aren’t charging a boatload of cash for that
second screen but my biggest issue with this laptop
are those CP temperatures they just run way too hot especially on a regular
workload like rendering a video and Adobe Premiere it just doesn’t make any
sense they say that they have applied liquid metal on the CPU but I just can’t
see that working that well especially on this notebook on the other hand it does
cool that our TX 28 max Q really well I mean 60 Hz under full load that’s that’s
just amazing so with all of that being said I want to know your thoughts about
the Omen X 2S gaming laptop what do you guys think about it
I wonder thoughts about this second display is it something that you can
take advantage of if you’re a streamer who’s watching this video I want to know
her thoughts about that second screen do you see yourself taking manage of it
especially if you’re on the go again chiming in the comments down below
I’m here with hybrid connects thank you so much for watching make sure to check
out some relevant content over here don’t forget to subscribe and hit that
notification button for more content I’m signing off and I’ll see you guys in the
next one

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  • This is at least the 20th time laptop manufacturers have tried to put a second screen on laptops. So far the only halfway decent solution has been the MacBook Touch Bar. Mostly because the software support is shit, Apple is the only one in the position to get the software for these things to an actually usable state.

  • JFC! Literally about to post my review…. LMAO you fuckers! Also….you made me look stupid in my review with the screen mirroring, so thanks for that 😒

  • First off, sorry for the long comment. The way you're using the thermal camera was a little incorrect as far as taking a comparison measurement. The way we usually use the cameras for comparison measurement is as follows: allow the device to reach thermal equilibrium at desired operation, use the auto threshold on the camera to dynamically set the upper and lower limits for temperature, view the device with the camera (would be the laptop in this case), switch to manual mode after the thresholds are set (this should be done with the baseline of operation so in this case the second screen off) which should keep the thresholds set from Auto mode, then let the next test case (laptop with second screen on) reach thermal equilibrium and scan using the manual scale established in the baseline. This should allow the differences (caused by the screen) to be very… Hot so to speak. They should more easily standout. Some caveats can be that auto won't establish a great threshold for the upper limit so it is still difficult to see differences. This can be resolved by manually setting the upper threshold higher than what auto mode sets. I apologize for the long comment, but I love the content quality of this channel and have been subscribed for a while. I want to see you guys do well. I think adding the thermal camera for cases like this is genius, but I want to see you guys execute well on it. Great video as always, I hope this help.

    P.S. I don't know what thermal camera you guys are using, so I would reference the manual to find out how to access the settings mentioned above. Thanks!

  • They should have implemented the second screen that doubles up as the touchpad. Most power users use a mouse so the touchpad is not really used.

  • Seems weird that they just have a little screen in the center with all that wasted space on the sides, makes the ASUS ZenBook Duo instantly seem better 🤔

  • So for the extra money you pay for an itsy-bitsy, built in "2nd screen", with all it's inherent limitations i could buy a nice, big hdr, freesync full size monitor and use that as a 2nd screen. Hmmmm

  • I really like the idea, laptop screens are to small to multi task so having the ability to throw on a yt video while working is exactly what I'd want.

    Looks like this implementation isn't great though. The screen being flat rather then raised somehow just makes it seem inconvenient.

  • My 1983 Mr. Game and Watch "MARIO" has two screens. 1 Screen left and 1 screen to the right, you had to move items on the conveyor belt. Did anybody else have this playable? 🙂 MW-56
    And I have it overclocked too.

  • How do you chat with your friends on the secondary screen while in a game? Wouldn't typing make your character in the game start doing things while you're typing words? Or are you effectively alt tabbing out of the game so Windows knows you want to focus on the text instead of the game?

  • I found a 50 dollar red dragon keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and mic combo I haven't bought it yet still contemplating but if you wanna review it I can send you a link

  • I thought it was normal for Intel laptop CPU's to be around 95°C in temperature, don't they all get pretty hot? A lot of manufacturers have been needing to down clock them for this reason

  • I give you 3 seconds! Exactly fucking, 3 seconds so that you remove this idiotic smirk from your face, or I pick out your eyes and fuck you right in the skull! One! Two! Three!

  • I really like the placement of the trackpad and the DEDICATED MOUSE BUTTONS being to the right of the keyboard. Actual mouse buttons are so superior to them being integrated into the pad.
    The secondary display, if left where it is with this model, should be able to tilt up to allow for a more natural viewing angle. That would really help.
    I still prefer the concept we saw a couple years ago of screens that fold or slide out from behind the primary display, offering a triple screen setup in a laptop formfactor. I really hope that comes back onto the scene soon. I'm not much of a laptop guy, but something like that to go along with the noticeable mobile performance we're seeing the last couple years would really be appealing to me.

  • I have the I7 + RTX 2070 version and the temperatures are excellent!
    The second screen is perfect in scenarios where you need to monitor something (a result of a script for example or a some metrics on a dashboard). It is also useful to pin a reference material you need to come back to.

  • why is the glossy cover for the 2nd screen, covering the whole laptop from side to side?
    Could have been used for cooling, or audio, or both..

  • Really hate the design of the whole laptop, can't stand massive screen chins and the bottom display is a complete disappointment compared to the Asus.

  • Asus does it so much better.
    The 2nd display concept would be useful for me when playing a game and have a walk through guide on the 2nd screen.

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  • Note to Dmitry: In the Creative Soundblaster commercial, you said "op-amps" using the pronunciation "ohp-amps". op-amp is short for "operational amplifier". it is pronounced "awp-amp".

  • Just feels like a lot of wasted space next to that display. They could have done anything with those two huge chunks of space. More vents for airflow, additional physical buttons and hotkeys. Heck, how about just stretch the smaller screen to cover the space even though it might be a weird aspect ratio. Also, due to the viewing angles, it would be totally sweet if that screen space came on hinges and you could press a button and it would tilt up to better face the viewer, then fold back down when you wanted to close the laptop.

  • like really fan noise?? come on man, I use to have an old pc which fans sounded like an airplane taking off, fan noise is no concern to me as long as my computer stays cool

  • Why dont make a gaming laptop with a macbook sized trackpad (preferable even bigger) and make this a screen to maybe show cpu and gpu clockspeeds and temperatures and to be able to open optimized apps like a calculator that can really be annoying on a small laptop screen if you already have two windows open and if you dont need it it just goes black and works like a simplr trackpad

  • about the "useful for streamers"

    to be fair, having an OBS return could be nice, but as a (former, until optical fiber gets back) streamer, i'd rather have the chat on that screen instead of using my phone / tablet for it (also havig two screens showing the same stuff but one wioth a framerate hit bugs me REALLY MUCH (event more when I have a webcam on!)

  • I want to be positive about these dual screen concepts because we really are at what is realistically the 1st generation of these products, it's early days, there's going to be some goofy short sighted decisions that are going to look a bit embarrassing in the hindsight of later generations – and, the comments here in general said it; the screen NEEDS to be full width for this to even be considered potentially acceptable(time will tell if this solidifies into a new market category with some level of feature legitimacy like touch screen laptops or rugged laptops, or if it'll die a fad).

    Now, I don't believe that this is useless as-is, it's a bit poorly implemented, but you could even use it daily for something as simple as a digital sticky note. I like the thought of keeping a map on it when gaming too.
    These aren't 'ground breaking' usages, no doubt – but I haven't found any of those for touch screens either, but I do like having the option.

    Assuming that ergonomic changes and feature cost are as minimal as can be reasonably expected(…dream world just above raw part 'best case scenario' kind of cost), I'd rather have it than not. Of course that's unrealistic, so it just depends on whether any innovative, or even just 'creature comfort', uses come up that outweigh the compromises.

    Hell, who knows, maybe we're looking at the next evolution in computer work flow – maybe in like 7 or 8 years from now, as they chip away at all of the little 'make or break' details that are the difference between 'compromised' and 'why aren't they all as good as THAT one', or maybe some kind of technological breakthrough occurs that changes how this sort of feature is implemented – old school light bulb-to-LED kind of breakthrough? That may be a bit much; but maybe ultra-thin, flexible screen concepts will make a curved screen that extends over the hinge(maybe a multi segmented hinge?) to the upper edge of the keyboard possible, or maybe something similar?

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    "only time this would help is if that small screen showed your previous site/folder always only, so you not need to go back and check constant while you work.
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    edit: would have been 50x better to focus more in a proper button quality/layout instead of that crap we see here

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