Terraformers Game Pitch

Terraformers Game Pitch

Imagine, humanity has been setting up small
scientific outposts all around the solar system for the past few decades, now the world powers have decided to work together to establish a proper colony. You have been chosen to be in charge of that
organisation and the Earth’s factions financing your effort have a lot of expectations. To succeed you will have to set up colonies
along with projects to support and grow them. Be aware though, the agendas of your employers
might conflict with each other or with your goals. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk outside one
day? As the colonisation progresses, projects at
your disposal will reach crazy engineering scales. Perhaps re-starting a volcano or moving an
ocean will help? Slowly the planet will change, a process called
terraforming. As you might have guessed, Terraformers is
a colony management and simulation computer game on a planetary scale. You will interact with your colonies from
space, on a visually pleasing world. In the background the planet features a realistic
atmosphere and ecosystem simulation, so that hopefully, players will learn something on
the way. We are three game developers that worked together
two years on a released game. After toying around with some ideas, we sat
down for a week to identify our target audience and delve into the game design. The result is a paper prototype for which
the feedback has been very positive. Our hypothesis confirmed we are now moving forward
to implement the gameplay in our tech demo, for a fully fledged computer game.

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3 thoughts on “Terraformers Game Pitch”

  • I had the pleasure to talk to the team on the Fantasy Basel today. Still an interesting concept to me and for sure i will follow the development with curiosity. i'm very into space, engineering, history and city builders, so i believe you guys will bring this gem to a great thing.