Switch Lite will SAVE gaming!

Switch Lite will SAVE gaming!

– The Nintendo Switch Lite is important. (upbeat music) And I say this because ever
since it was announced, and as time has gone on, there’s been some people who
aren’t exactly a fan of it. (wahs) Don’t get me wrong, there are people who are really excited
about the Lite as well, but there has definitely
been an element of people that are just unsatisfied
with its announcement. And a large part of
that comes from the idea of why does this exist in the first place? And I get it, I do. A large part of that is frustration due to the fact that we
are getting a Switch Lite in place of what people were
hoping would happen next in the form of a Switch Pro. After all, PlayStation and
Xbox, well both of them have released some kind
of slim-lined version, those were marketed as being
just sort of the next step of the regular system, and after that they
released their big systems, the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X. And while that isn’t any
kind of super old concept that we’ve seen in gaming, it’s something that people
got used to right away and very quickly and have gotten excited about the idea of the switch
getting a similar treatment. Now we don’t know for a
fact that we’re not getting a Switch Pro, there’s a
lot of rumors and signs that point to likely we
are, just not super soon. Probably sometime next year. But in the meantime,
Nintendo is focusing on and releasing something
that’s kind of a step in the opposite direction of a Pro system with the Switch Lite. ‘Cause it’s not really
a slim-lined revision, it’s not something where
it’s the same price, offers the same stuff, but happens to fit a little
better in your pocket. It is straight up, and I mean this in the best way possible, a downgrade. – Oo! – It removes the core feature
of what a lot of people associate with the Switch, the ability to switch. – Syke!
– You can’t dock it at all, and you can’t remove the Joy-Cons either. It is something much more along the lines of a traditional handheld console. It’s more like a new version
of the DS in some ways than it is a proper Switch. And while it does have better battery life than the original Switch, it actually turns out that
it has worse battery life than the new recent refreshed models. So a lot of people who
already own Switches or have been thinking of buying one look at these trade offs and go, why would I wanna get this? Why would anyone wanna get this? And the simple, polite version of this is, it’s not for you, it’s
not targeted for you. And the extreme that a lot
of people that that to is, oh well the Switch Lite is
for kids, it’s for babies. Which is kind of a
funny, interesting thing considering Nintendo’s history. This is a very similar problem
they ran into with the Wii where the Wii was a massive success, it made a lot of money for Nintendo, but at the same time, it started
kind of a perception issue with the company. The Wii’s focus on
motion controlled games, and honestly a lot of
which were very novelty, and the fact that a lot
of third parties left them to release stuff on Xbox and PlayStation where we started seeing a lot
more adult oriented content, while Nintendo stuck with a
lot of their first party stuff that was still fun and great, but they never really hit
the same level of maturity that people were seeing on other systems. An even bigger problem here was the fact that the Wii suffered
from a lot of shovelware, which heavily impacted the
way people viewed the system as once again being
something that’s not really for real gamers, but
instead something for kids. Now the Switch has undone a lot
of that negative reputation. I mean, it had an amazing
list of first party games that came out, it was a great idea that a lot of people
resonated with right away, and Nintendo has gotten a lot more lax with what they allow from third parties, obvious by the fact that you can play Doom on the system of all games. And so I see people being really upset about the mere existence
of the Switch Lite because, quote on quote, it’s for kids. My reaction is, well yeah, it kinda is. Why is that bad? Now to be clear, I’m not
saying that every single person out there who wants a
Switch Lite is a kid. I’m not saying it’s just for kids only, that’s just one of the main demographics. I mean really, I want the Switch Lite. And depending on how my
experience goes with it after it launches, I might even swap over from the regular Switch. The point though is that the Switch Lite is not a system about pushing boundaries. It’s not a point five system where we’re looking at
getting better graphics or new features or something
that the regular one can’t do. No, it’s about something that arguably is even more important, accessibility. ‘Cause the Switch Lite isn’t competing against the Xbox or the PlayStation. The Switch is, in its own way, but really the thing that the Switch Lite is going up against is mobile games. This is a conversation that’s
been going on for a long time and it’s been dying down for a little bit. But there’s this ongoing concept of how well does the
future of video games look in the face of something like cell phones where everyone ends up
getting one either way, there are way cheaper games
you can get easy access to, and it’s something that,
especially when you’re looking at kids, they’re just getting
started on way sooner. Now personally, I’ve never
fully believed in the idea that somehow mobile gaming is going to completely, 100%
replace more traditional purchased gaming, at least
until we get to the point where all devices are basically
just an all-in-one thing. But that’s a little
farther down in the future. But I don’t think there’s such a thing as people who are just always
going to be no matter what for mobile and never
interested in a console or vice versa. But there is an important
debate about people who are grown up and
used to playing on one and never really get the
exposure to the other. And that’s where the Switch Lite comes in. Because while it is
lacking a lot of features compared to the regular Switch, and like I said is, honestly, a downgrade, it has one very big strength
over it, price point. $100 off in fact. Price point is one of the
most underestimated reasons why a system can sell well. I’m not saying that it’s
the only thing that matters. Obviously having a great game library, having a powerful system,
having usable features that people find great are
all good selling points. But I think at the end of the day, making something more affordable simply gets it into more houses. I mean again, look back at the Wii. Nintendo was suffering a bit
of a reputation hit with that and it didn’t have
necessarily the strongest Nintendo library of games ever, it still had its good individual hits. But at the end of the day,
it still sold way more units than the PS3 or 360. Why, because it was a lot
more affordable at the get go and became even cheaper over time, making it a really great choice for people that wanted to pick it
up for their families. The goal here isn’t to appeal to people that are already into gaming. You already own a Switch
or are already planning on saving up to buy one. They have your interest already. The point of the Switch
Lite is make something that is at a more affordable price range so someone who isn’t
necessarily super into gaming is more likely to go huh,
maybe that’s something I’ll check out or try. Or, in the case of someone
getting it for kids, again something that I
think the Switch Lite is heavily aimed for, it’s a lot more appealing
to buy a $200 system than a $300 one. And while there are some downgrade aspects to the Switch Lite, I would argue that there are some other
aspects of its design that makes it more appealing for that specific audience. The fact that it is
smaller and more portable, whether you wanna put it in
some kind of carrying case or slip it into a bag, it’s just gonna carry around a lot easier. And it’s one solid design. I cannot emphasize enough how, while the Switch is an awesome handheld, there’s a certain level
of scariness with it because of the way the Joy-Cons are. If you drop it, those can break off, that can break latches, all
kinds of things can happen. With the Switch Lite, at least in concept and hopefully with it
being one continuous piece, it’s going to be a stronger unit, which is a lot better if
you’re handing it to a kid. And this is why the
Switch Lite is important. Not because it’s the
strongest, most powerful system out there that’s gonna give
you the best gaming experience you’ve ever had, but
because it’s going to be a much more attractive offer to get someone who hasn’t
really played games before more interested in
actually giving them a shot and being their gateway
into eventually, yeah, buying an Xbox, buying a
PlayStation, buying a gaming PC, or just getting a more
powerful version of the Switch, maybe even a Switch Pro next year. Simply put, the Switch
Lite is not about quality, it’s quantity. I understand why this isn’t super exciting to everyone that has a Switch right now. There’s definitely that hope
of hey, a more powerful one down the line would be really cool. I’d like that too! But honestly, I can’t help
but be excited by the idea that this is going to help make the Switch even more popular across
an even larger audience. And at the end of the day,
the more people that buy Nintendo Switch Lites that
weren’t planning on buying a regular Switch in the first place means more profits for Nintendo, which means they’re gonna keep
making more and more stuff that we’re excited about. Because look, Breath of the Wild 2 is not gonna pay for itself. Or actually, it might once it releases ’cause yeah, Breath of
the Wild did really well. And I also get that a
big part of this argument is whether or not the Switch
Lite even really truly counts as a Switch because it
doesn’t do the namesake. It’s just a permanent
handheld and that’s it. And look, the ability to
swap between two modes is awesome. The ability to out in
public take out a Joy-Con and hand it to someone else and start doing co-op is awesome! But it’s not a make or
break thing for the system. I think it was a great concept
to make it something enticing to people when it was first released, I think it’s something that
there are people out there really love using, but there’s
gonna be a lot of people, a lot of people who tried that out when they first got the system
and haven’t used it since. There are plenty of people
who just use the Switch as a dedicated handheld, and
that is exactly the niche the Switch Lite is going to help fill while being cheaper to
buy in the first place. More importantly, it’s
gonna make it something much more accessible to a lot more people, and that’s a good thing.

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100 thoughts on “Switch Lite will SAVE gaming!”

  • The people who are complaining are the people who already have a Switch. "wtf i cant dock it?!" No muthafucka, it ain't for you. Dock the Switch you already have.

  • Can’t wait myself price is in a good range for me and I love the he handhelds like Vita and 3ds so I’m pumped for the switch lite

  • I've actually been waiting for this since the launch of the original switch. I've been holding off because I knew they would make something like this for people like me who have no interesting in playing on a TV.

  • Umm no switch aren’t saving gaming with they’re remastered overpriced games that barely work yeah Nintendo’s stuff is amazing everything else is meh considering u can get used competitive consoles for cheap in some cases less than 100 bucks all this switch lite does is replaces 3ds as 100% portable console

  • What the hell are people complaining about. Of course it's gonna be a downgrade, it's called the switch LITE for a reason. And honestly there's not that much a difference. The screen is .6 inches and the size is .4 by 1.2 smaller then the original, that's not a huge difference. And of course the battery life will be smaller, it's a smaller console, so people need to stop complaining. I much prefer the switch lite over the original, so I know what I'm getting.

  • It's ironic how many gamers bashed Sony and Microsoft for their mid-gen upgrades, saying they were greedy and pushing people toward PC gaming since buying spec upgrades felt like a more limited version of upgrading PC components. Yet here we are now in 2019 basically demanding for Nintendo to do the same and give us a Switch Pro. Switch Lite definitely makes more sense in the current lifecycle. They are going to sell an insane amount alongside Pokemon this holiday. A Pro wouldn't have gotten them nearly as much attention. Save that for BOTW2 if anything.

  • The more options, the better for everyone! Plus I'm betting this Switch Lite will sell like hot cakes in Christmas holiday.

  • Not really surprising the feedback you get about the Lite is pretty much negative since the main audience for the Lite is children (who don’t take care of their things very much and whose parents prefer to spend less) and YOUR audience is probably lore mature hence they probably won’t bother buying the Switch for the MOST part and consequently they are not interesting in it getting covered… 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Im not a nintendo dude, yeah i owned nes and snes back in the day when nintendo was best in console market, but this is sumthin that im gonna buy 20th day this month. Its a handheld which can play Doom and Skyrim on go and its only a handheld so its better to use for that than the og switch. As a handheld i mean and that is the only thing that Switch has to offer to me and im gonna buy it. For console gaming i have the best console: XBox and soon i have the best handheld: Switch lite.

  • Only wish that it would come slightly darker electric blue colour… colours are the only thing that i know beforehand can say im not too excited, grey is just little too lifeless and yellow just a little too bright for me but i think ill still go with the yellow… But really not the best colour options imo.

  • Honestly I knew why it was made. But I don't think I can say that it will save gaming… I don't think gaming is dying. I would not buy one if it wasn't for 2 reasons, I will undoubted want to trade with myself in pokemon when it comes out, and 2 for the last 2 generations of pokemon since I've become a fully functional adult with money I've bought those systems that have the legendaries on them… and I'm not stopping this generation. This is why they made the new switch… so they could take all the money of hard core pokemon fans. I have 4 3ds because of pokemon. You notice you can raid with 4 players they are just egging me on to buy 3 more switches but that has to wait, I only buy 1 copy of each game. I orginally bought a zelda 3ds then when xy came out got my second 3ds then they came out with the new 3ds and I bought that cause some asshole told me that the new one had special content for pokemon when you played on it. If wasn't lied to I never found it… then sun and moon came out and I bought my 4th. I'll probably end up with 4 switches too. I can see me getting a powered up switch the moment it comes out and then later buying a pokemon one. Well maybe not pokemon is pushing my buttons. If things don't get better I might not play the games that come after sword and sheild.

  • I also think the switch lite is a good choice for people who don't have a tv because they won't have to pay the extra $100 for things that they'll never use.

  • The Switch Lite is lite on everything that makes a Switch a Switch. There for making it pointless. The Gen 1
    Switch update add extra battery life once again making the Switch Lite worthless.

    Also is anyone else concerned about "JoyCon Drift" in unremovable JoyCons.

  • im getting a pokemon switch lite and pokemon sword and shield dual edition.
    as well as luigi mansion 3 with glow in the dark steelbook and ghost dog keyring

  • Finally you nailed it 💪 I have mobile gaming and the switch lite is the answer for me ..
    Who is the switch for?
    Busy people who are on the go or working long hours and don't have time for a full console hamming system.

  • It just makes no sense, really for the shortcomings it has in exachange of the 100 usd less, it really makes no sense. It seems more like an scam based on Nintendo knowing its fan base like to buy re iterations of their consoles, instead of offering a new way to play.
    One can buy the refresh switch instead of this downgraded console.

  • When I got a switch my cousin said that he would want one just without the option to dock since he didn't need it and that he didn't want to pay the full price for one. We're both 15 and the Lite seems perfect for him.

  • i think the switch lite is a good idea, because it will bring the availability of switch games to people who cant spend as much money on video games. i couldnt get a switch because it was too expensive, but a cheaper version that can play the same games is a lot better

  • I‘m more handled mode person cuz nobody want to play with me + I don’t care about the TV mode I already have ps4 and I want to get one just to kill some time when I’m out and I’m IN LOVE with those colors so the Lite more suitable for my case, …. but the only problem that I like the original Switch just because the color around the screen BOTHERS ME SO I FEEL BAD FOR ME when everyone can’t wait to get one of those cute and I can’t like it just for silly reason 😂

  • My husband plans on getting one. He was super excited about the Lite! He doesn't ever use his dock, and he's always on the go, so getting this, along with a cheaper price, is great!

  • 🤦🏻‍♂️What I cannot understand is it’s called a switch but yet it cannot switch what a joke good luck you guys trying to play 1-2 switch with the lite switch 😂😂😂

  • Everyone is missing the point. It's a way for Nintendo to merge their handheld and console libraries into one instead of having a DS like system with separate games. It's the dedicated handheld that's more compact and solid

  • I’ve been waiting for them to release a SwitchBoy since they announced the Switch. Heard the rumors of no more 3DS type handhelds then saw the Switch combo a console and portable; I saw the writing on the wall! I didn’t like the joycon idea and played my nephews Switch when they got it, still didn’t like the feel and layout when connected. This right here, the Switch Lite, is my payoff for waiting. Not only is it what I was looking for, it is being released alongside Link’s Awakening the first game I beat on the OG Gameboy.

  • I'm 35 years old. My last big console was the N64. Simply because I couldn't afford anything. the Switch Lite changed that. A friend from England pre-ordered me one on amazon. I've already bought a dozen games. Because I can afford to, for the most part. Yeah, the Switch Lite is "kiddy" and all that. But it's cheaper, it still works with all the games (for the most part), and i can play with my friends.

    So everything kevin hits on is 1000% true.

  • I'm 27, a really hardcore gamer, and the yellow Switch Lite is going to be my first Switch. I just love portable gaming. Can't wait to play MHGU on it.

  • Look Nintendo and Xbox have had there Biff but these two systems are totally opposites they itch are for deferent types of gamers they both have great games

  • The biggest issue with the Switch Lite, beyond its lack of docked mode, is that some games won’t even work with the system (Super Mario Party, etc.)

  • if switch lite released at the same time with the original, I prolly would have bought the lite. I've been playing handheld for so long the orig Switch was actually pretty uncomfortable to play on. I like to play handheld but the orig's a bit big to be comfortably used as handheld for long periods of time imo.

  • I fit very neatly into that demographic. I'm a 21y/o college student, living alone on a rented apartment. I don't own a TV and have no intention on buying one.
    I have wanted a Nintendo console for a looong while, but I haven't had one since the NDS.
    I live on a 3rd world country where consoles and specially games are very expensive.
    The moment I heard of the possibility of the Switch Lite, I knew it was my chance and started saving. So far I have only enough to buy the console. If I buy it from amazon on the US and have it shipped to me, it should be about $60USD cheaper, since prices here are bumped up significantly and the cost of the system makes it so that shipping is cheaper.
    So that's what I'm doing, I'll buy the console online, maybe one game or two and see if I can sweet talk my parents into gifting me one more for my birthday 😛

  • Sounds great for someone who doesn't have a switch or is looking for a more portable option. What still worries me is if the drift situation which will also hurt the switch lite, especially since it's one unit and not just the joycon.

  • You missed one key point. The switch lite is for the Japanese audience. Nintendo prioritizes Japan over it's western fans. Handheld gaming is king in japan. It was primarily designed for them since the OG switch isn't as portable. A small handheld version will dominate the market over there

  • I got back into traditional consoles with the 2DS. It was a cheap way for me to get access to those great Nintendo titles. I see this as something similar. I have a regular switch and 98% of the time, I'm using it in handheld mode so there aren't too many downsides to me.

  • I love my switch. Heck, everyone in the house has one (5 total!) WIth that said, I pretty much play only in handheld mode and the games I play don't require the features missing of the lite. I always felt the switch was a little too big and always thought it would be better if it was the size of the Vita (maybe slightly larger). I plan on trading in one of our switches for the lite. I figure if I do want to play on the TV I could just use my Wife's switch.

  • To me, the switch lite seems like the perfect accompaniment device for people who already have a PC/XB1/PS4 and want something for when they're away from their usual setup, such as a holiday or a long work commute, simply because they don't need the docked mode when they have a much more powerful system with many of the same games, at home.

  • i see the point with the lite . like for me before i would never even thought of getting a switch now i have one and i love it and i might get the pro one someday

  • cellphone gamer: but my phone has just as much graphics as your nintendo tablet! Har Har!
    nintendo gamer: Okay!
    cellphone gamer: my cellphone died help! i need a ride home! 🙁
    nintendo gamer: my cellphone battery is still full >:-)

  • I just don't get why some of the regular switch owners are so mad about the switch lite. If most of them actually used their brain, they would hopefully realize that the world doesn't revolve around them and understand that they are not the targetted group. The switch lite isn't for folks that already have a regular switch. The switch lite is for people with a smaller budget, who don't have a TV, who want to save a 100 euros/dollars so they can spend that money on some games or people like me, handheld gamers, who wants a refresh from 3ds and doesn't want to pay for a full console to play the newest games. Good day!

  • My younger brother is a 26 year old hard core PC gamer and has getting a Switch Lite because of the low entry price. I hear more people who were on the fence getting a Switch now because of the price.

  • i do like the switch lite but the only reason i dont like and want to not be able to remove the joycons but if u like it be free to buy it

  • I wish you knew what you were talking about…yet, again another lost soul that’s doesn’t understand Nintendo’s marketing after the failed Wii-U

  • I hope it is also way sturdier than a regular switch, being targeted towards children that throw things and some times they really really smash things (not taling about the game , but the hand held).