Steam Greenlight is Dead!  | GAMING NEWZ

Steam Greenlight is Dead! | GAMING NEWZ

Hi, this is Dodger and you’re watching my show! 3 2 1 Ready? GO! It is SO wet outside Everybody keeps being like “Oh my gosh, these silly californians with so much water~” We’re gettin like, crazy mudslides and stuff. They’re calling it “Storm Lucifer.” tsk sooooo, hopefully it won’t live up to THAT name but my hair is very wet. *laughs* So for our first piece of news, there’s a thing There’s a thing that people go to called the
Konami Arcade Championship. This is where the DDR world championships happen and THIS year an american took home the gold. Which I think to any of us who have been in that vortex You know, on….heh, here on Youtube and you wind up just watching multiple videos of people in Japan, being inSANE at video games like going to an arcade, and just being like baivsfdiabsjdbsdviadlalalala and you’re just, you’re…you can’t, you can’t even follow it. So imagine that, but with DDR. Right? Everybody’s holding the bar and their feet are Flying all over the place. I can’t… It baffles me, that an american was able to win in THAT situation but it was real cute he was like “I, I wanted, to be real good at DDR mm since I was like 13 and now I’m, I’m taking the gold home to America.” I was like “Aww, bud” This was the 6th…. KAC The si…The 6th Konami Arcade Championship so uhh, you know, look if you’re incredible at DDR, and you’re like “No one’s ever recognized me for that I didn’t know that that was a thing!” Maybe, you need to start competing, man Get, Get to that KAAC Something with a LOT of controversy surrounding it in this last week is that Steam has announced they are eliminating Steam Greenlight They are going to replace it with something called Steam Direct Now, if you’ve spent a lot of time on Steam Greenlight not as a person who’s trying to get a game pushed through but just as, you know… Umm A person who wants to play a game You know that the system was never “perfect.” it was always kinda weird and it also had this, strange taste in your mouth of “But when I go on Steam, there’s so much..garbage.” “How come, how come all the garbage got through so easily?” So, the way that Steam is trying to fix this which to a lot of us, makes NO sense. is they’re trying to make this thing called Steam Direct and Steam Direct, is going to be a system where you submit a game along with a fee so as long as you pay the fee and submit the game properly your game will just be up on Steam pfft I think for those of us who you know, talk about the games industry a lot and discuss it in depth Umm This read to us as “God, you know, Steam Greenlight is just a pain in the butt. I don’t wanna deal with it anymore.=( I think I’m gonna come up with a system where somebody just pays me money and then they’re just up there.” which…sounds ridiculous to me. like the fact that they just can’t they can’t hire like,10 DUDES?! You can’t, you don’t have the money to hire like 10 people to just play the games that are submitted just to like, see if they even run…man. like, that’s not a thing you can do? REALLY?! And now, they’re asking people to pay money and they don’t even know how much. Right now, they’re like “I don’t know, we’ve talked to a bunch of developers Some of the people think it should be like a hundred bucks ($100) some of the people think it should be like 5000. and I’m like “There are Indie devs all over the place who don’t have that kinda money. What are you talking about?” So umm Needless to say you know, opinion piece I, I think that this is silly I think I think for years I think for years now They could’ve just hired a few people had them be in their own little room and been like “play games, buds.” *winku + tongue click* “You got this.” but no, they just keep coming up with more like weird, convoluted ways to do it that don’t work that nobody understands and now we’re gonna be paying them even more money to not…do their jobs That’s fine! That’s cool. I love it! At least! You know the one thing I can say? Their return policy is really good you know? Like Thank God! In a world filled with garbage games Thank god, that if I play it for like 5 minutes, I’m like “Wow! this is garbage!” I could give it back, and get a full refund Thank goodness YO! Speaking of people who have really listened to what we want and the sort of games that WE enjoy Oh my God So Conan: Exiles not saying that the game is perfect *SPOILERS* It’s not There’re all kinds of problems with it but it’s a survival game set in the Conan universe that has come out recently. It’s in Early Access Umm, I believe that they’re still calling it Alpha Umm BUT Something really cool is They did a press release saying “Yo. We sold so many copies We’re so glad that this game we’ve poured so much love int…” You know what, I’ll just read it. “Funcom has gone through some challenging times in recent years and seeing the game we’ve poured so much time and effort into gained this amount of traction so quickly is very invigorating for everyone who works here. This is just the start of the Early Access adventure. We will do whatever it takes to make sure Conan: Exiles turns into a fully fledged game that has something to offer new and old fans of both Conan and survival games.” So… AWESOME! It’s doing well. They’re feeling invigorated They’re jazzed to keep working on the game But to go back to what I said at the very beginning Something that they have already added which I’m so excited about is a, a dev kit for modders They’ve said “Yo guys Start working now. Get to work making mods Go for it buds! Whatever you wanna do here you go.” And I feel like this has come up a lot on my show in the past but just embracing modders is the way to keep your game interesting right? it adds to the longevity of the game It adds to the community like binding y’know? like, everybody gets so excited to make mods to play with mods There are countless games that have stuck around for WAY longer than maybe they should have because there are people still, to this day, making mods for them And I think that it’s cool that they’re saying “Yo, I mean, l…we’ve y’know barely, scratched the surface of this game but if you wanna start working on mods now Go for it, here you go.” Very cool, and as always I’m excited heh I am jazzed If you will to see what sort of things modders make for Conan: Exiles because There’s always the people… Okay, there’s two different types of modders right? Can we all agree? There’s two different types of modders. There’s the guys who are like “I’m gonna make this game even MORE EPIC!” and then , there’re the guys who are like “But what if they were all My Little Ponies?” Very excited and I’m also very happy for Funcom umm I’m I’m looking forward to the way they flesh out the game even more I DID HAVE FU… You know what? When I played it I did have fun despite the fact that I died every like 5 MINUTES CUZ THAT GAME IS SO HARD but I did have fun When it comes to open world games that just has billions of sidequests but you feel like they actually matter I think that in recent memory The Witcher 3 has been the game that lot of people will point to. Like “That’s a game, where I did a sidequest and it actually affected things. it was important Y’know? I, I felt like it was okay for me to go off and like, do a sidequest and it wasn’t a waste of my time It, it really did contribute to the world as a whole and who was involved, and what was going on like it was… they were meaningful. It turns out that a lot of other game developers are looking at that game and saying “yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahYEAH! That’s the way to do it.” The people working on Mass Effect: Andromeda have taken that to heart. They are planning on having what they are calling “meaningful side quests a la Witcher,” which really just makes sense because again Mass Effect is a world that is very interesting One of the reasons that it was so awesome in Witcher 3 is because You know, it was the third installment We were already so invested in these specific characters Umm, and to like have places where we could involve them more or, or see little nods to other games was SO cool! and to just flesh everything out and, and again, really feel like you were contributing to the final part right? umm I think that… Absolutely! that’s VERY smart to do with Mass Effect People love it! They love the world I think again, any kind of a nod to the older games is gonna be great, for like a hardcore Mass Effect fan So I’m delighted! I’m delighted to hear that people are looking at a game like Witcher 3, and saying “That’s the way to do it!” To, to give people experiences that, that makes sense and feel like they’re important. You know, umm, Inquisition… They did some interesting stuff with but I feel like they still missed the mark a little bit There was a period of time while I was playing Inquisition when I wa, when I was like “No, i-it’s fine because like every side quest I do is contributing to the Inquisition. Right? but, like, it It still… In the end I was like “Oh God, this is so much busy work!” So if you really loved Witcher 3 get ready cuz Mass Effect: Andromeda is gonna try and mimic that kind of style. And if they, y’know if they really commit to it, I think it’ll be super cool. For any of you who love the Payday series it has been confirmed that Overkill is working on Payday 3 It might not be coming out anytime soon We actually found out through a financial earnings report umm which on the plus side means that it is absolutely true right? There’s, there’s like NO question but on the the con side I don’t know how to say that CONVERSELY Umm We have no idea when it’s gonna come out We didn’t get like, y’know a cool trailer or anything like that. We don’t have any graphics to look at, and be like “OOoo, it looks so be-shiny~.” But they have confirmed it that they’re definitely working on Payday 3 that they’re gonna take as much time as they need to to make sure that it’s a really good game because it is their most important property. “It is with GREAT satisfaction that we also can announce that Payday 3 production has officially initiated and at a full-designed stage. I’d like to especially clarify this project will enjoy as much time as we deem needed It will be done, when it’s done. This is our single most important brand today and the cornerstone of our business We will treat it accordingly Updates in the near future might be scarce and far between We simply don’t rush Payday 3.” I don’t know when’s the last time you checked out Payday 2 but they still… they continue to support that game so if you haven’t played it in a while there might be a bunch of stuff that you haven’t seen before. Think they just put out a DLC pack umm That game is fun! Those, those games in general, are very fun and I’m excited to see what they do with Payday 3. Even if we have no idea when it’s gonna come out. Das fine! AGAIN That’s fine because they’re making sure that it’s a good game. Take your time buds. I think especially The fact that they are continuing to support and add stuff to Payday 2 while they’re also making Payday 3 is like “Great. You’re doing right by us. Go for it man.” And as a final bit of news for those of you who have not called it quits forever! The next generation of Pokemon: Go is now live There are 80 new pocket monsters that you can find around the world Umm Some countries have now gotten their own pokemon That didn’t have them before you know how like there were lots of different places where it was like ” Oh… well the only place that you can get a Tauros is in the U.S.” Y’know, that kind of a thing. umm, yeah! There’re, there are more of those now. There are more countries that have their own specific pokemon and it’s been interesting to see Who’s gone back to play it and who’s just like “Nah, I’ve been burned. I’m done.” Uhh, the pokemon can apparently like, dodge now That’s a thing that exists. So you know, there’s even more of a possibility that when you toss a pokeball it’s just gonna fly off into the aether I love that. Here’s the thing is that I still think that Pokemon: Go is an awesome idea. I still really really wish that they had given it the support that it needed from the get-go. umm You know, when everybody was really into it and really invested and really loving it I wish that they had kept that steam going instead of making it seem like they had no idea what they were doing and they didn’t understand the community because that’s how it came across And whether or not that’s true that’s how a lot of people felt. umm, I still think that it’s great for exercise I still think that it’s a great way to get people outside and doing something umm, and who knows like, with this new generation, this might be a way to get people back into it. For sure Patch notes: Umm, over 80 additional pokemon originally discovered in the Johto region Umm, gender specific variations new encounter mechanics new berries new outfits uhh, a new night mode map and new night mode encounter music bug fixes test fixes etceteraaaaaaaaaa But Still… no trading.=( *cries* I have a friend who has been keeping like 10 Tauros just, just in there just in case because she’s planning on, like doing some travelling and she’s like “If they add in trading, I’m ready. I’m ready to like go to another country and be like “Yo You want a Tauros cuz you can’t get it anywhere else?” like that’s literally why she’s keeping them and I’m just like Aww man, I’m gonna be so sad for you if it just never happens.” right? Or if it takes like yea… a year or more for them to add that in I still, I still love the idea of Pokemon: Go and I still love that it exists. Umm, I just… Y’know I, I just think that it’s a shame that they didn’t take advantage when everybody was SUPER INTO IT! But what can you do? Maybe everybody will get back super… into… it again… But anywho, that’s been me show. Thank you so much for watching If you have a positive OR a negative response feel free to leave it in my comments section and if you would like to watch my streams you can find them at If this is your first video ever thank you SO so much for watching I hope that you’ll watch more I hope that you enjoyed yourself Um, please hit the subscribe button if you think I deserved it Aaaand Uhh Hopefully, I’ll see you next time Okay? Have a FANtastic week everybody I’ll see you again in the future Bye-bye~ Mua! “yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahYEAH! Das the way to do it!”

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  • the problem with Pokemon go is like 1/3 a Pokemon game in the sense that it has the assemble a team and grind for lvls, but then once you get your dream team and are ready to take on the world, all you have is gyms and its just lacks late game content, and yeah adding new Pokemon helps but its still just covering up the lack of game in it.

  • Final fantasy 15 "tried" to mimic Witcher 3 in how to flesh out sidequests.

    Not quite there but at least they tried something rather than nothing.

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  • I'm really happy with the direction games are going in regards to being influenced by things that other games do well. I think games have a bright future because game devs are seeing how well good games are doing now more than ever. People saw how well P.T. did and are now being majorly influenced when making they're own game. And since P.T. was the most terrifying game in recent memory, I'm more than happy more horror devs are wanting to be like P.T. because that means more good horror games. This is exactly the same thing with Witcher 3 and other RPGs. Apparently the guys behind Final Fantasy XV played a ton of Witcher 3 while making the game and were really influenced by it and it shows. And look at how many people loved Final Fantasy XV. These examples are a step in the right direction.

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  • You always had to pay a fee to be on steam. It just makes it so people can't submit trolls or joke games. The fee money goes to charity currently. Who knows with this new system though

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  • Meaningful sidequests mean nothing if your game has a price tag beyond it's worth.
    That is also something that any company making a game needs to learn from CD Projekt Red as well.

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  • Greenlight failed at what it was supposed to do, so good riddance I say. If you can't pay a decent amount of money to submit your game, then making games is probably not the best use of your time.

  • Although I Think your "Cave Dudes" idea would be great for the moderation of Greenlight I think it is inevitable that Steam went for the one that maximises profit. I think their idea is that if you truly believe in your game you will find the money and that the customers will moderate the content themselves with the ratings system.

    Hopefully it will stop the shit shotgun approach. Throw enough stuff and Steam and something will stick.

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  • I'm an indie developer & commercial contractor. A lot of indies feel that steam direct is just a renaming of greenlight, and the paying to greenlight has just been acknowledged. That is why so much junk got through the greenlight process. Why pay ten duded to QC, when you are getting paid to simply greenlight something.

    FunCom: AoC and TSW, not failures but hard sells to the public. CEx, easy sell to the public in comparison.

    Of Mod developers, only 0.001% are competent, on the level of commercial game makers. 80% of mods are just garbage from unskilled players. 19.999% of mods plagiarize something done well in an other mod, or trojaning a virus hack (meaning the true intent of the mod is not defined and kept hidden behind the plagiarized released description).

    Side quest are meaningless, any resemblance to meaning is an illusion and an act of magic.

    P:Go, P4F gamers believed they were customers and had a voice. They were not customers, and had no voice. Once the developers realize how P4F exploitive the game was, they took action to correct this. And target, their paying customers. The only true customers with a voice.