Sonic the Fighters (Arcade vs Xbox 360) Side by Side Comparison / Dual Longplay by VCDECIDE

Sonic the Fighters (Arcade vs Xbox 360) Side by Side Comparison / Dual Longplay by VCDECIDE

Typically, Sonic games are usually developed by Sonic Team, which is one of SEGA’s internal divisions. But Sonic the Fighters was not made by Sonic Team, but by another division of SEGA, which was Sega AM2 And for those who don’t know, AM2 was the division responsible for creating some of SEGA’s most successful franchises. And among the successful SEGA franchises that were created by AM2 are games like OutRun, After Burner, Hang-On and Virtua Fighter. This, Sega AM2 was the division of SEGA responsible for creating the franchise Virtua Fighter, which is the father of all 3D fighting games. And during that time, AM2 used to be led by Yu Suzuki, regarded as SEGA’s Shigeru Miyamoto But Sonic Team was not far behind, as it had in its team the controversial Yuji Naka, in which he led the Sonic Team Although Sonic Team and AM2 are divisions of SEGA, Yuji Naka was not in the mood to assign Sonic rights to AM2. But Yu Suzuki was keen to produce a blue hedgehog fighting game using the Virtua Fighter graphics engine. And in the face of some disagreements, the Yu Suzuki team was allowed the rights to produce a Sonic fighting game. However, although it was made using Virtua Fighter’s graphics engine, the game looks more like FIghting Vipers Fighting Vipers for those who don’t know, this is another Sega AM2 fighting game It’s like Sonic the Fighters is a mix of Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighter Kids To summarize, we can say that the gameplay is the same as Fighting Vipers, but with the look of Virtua Fighter Kids And both Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighter Kids received ports for the SEGA console at the time, Saturn However, for some strange reason, Sonic the Fighters didn’t have a port for Sega Saturn and was restricted to the Arcades. Only after a long time, about 9 years later, did a game port appear on a home console (Gamecube) To make things clear, Sonic the Fighters was released in 1996 for the Arcades on the Sega Model 2 board. The first port of Sonic the Fighters only came out in 2005 for Gamecube in a compilation called Sonic Gems. But the port used here is not the Gamecube version, but the Xbox 360 version released in 2012. So there is a 16 year difference between the original Arcade version and the Xbox 360 version. But before talking about the quality of the port itself, you should ask yourself, “is the game good?” I, VCDECIDE, who are writing right now, say right away that the game is not bad, but it will not please most It will not please most people simply because Sonic is a Casual character, and the gameplay of the game is not accessible. Again, Sonic the Fighters’ gameplay is the same as Fighting Vipers, and that’s where the big problem is. Fighting Vipers Although it has a simplified Virtua Fighter gameplay, it is still complex for the casual player. So Fighting Vipers’ gameplay mechanics don’t match Sonic-loving audiences One type of gameplay that would work well with Sonic the Fighters would be a Smash Bros or Tekken gameplay Calm down, I’m not saying that Smash bros or Tekken’s gameplay is casual or shallow In fact Tekken and Smash Bros gameplay can be as deep as Virtua Fighter gameplay for example The difference is that the gameplay offered by Smash Bros or Tekken allows the casual player to play the game. That’s why today Tekken and Smash Bros are 2 of the biggest blockbuster blockbusters Because both Tekken and Smash Bros allow casual players to have fun smashing the buttons Already in games like Virtua Fighter, you are required to know an extensive list of rules and scams in order to have fun with the game. Anyway, Sonic the Fighters is a good fighting game, but it will surely be a game that will displease most If you are a casual gamer and want to have fun with Sonic in a fighting game, then I recommend you go play Smash Bros. But what about the Sonic the Fighters port for the Xbox 360? was the port good? I will leave this question for you to answer, after all, there are 16 years of differences between the Arcade version and the Xbox 360 Note that the Xbox 360 version is not an Arcade emulation since there is one more character in the game. and to select the extra character, you have to go to Amy Rose, hit start, and the character will change Amy Rose will change to a character based on a Fighting Vipers character And the new character is Honey the Cat, whose blows are the same as Honey from Fighting Vipers c621961f5ce266c611fd54bd764a7315 So this is a nice end to the Xbox 360 version, isn’t it? But what about you, what did you think of Sonic the Fighters? have you ever played the game? Do you think the game is good? I believe the game will only please those who are aware of the gameplay mechanics of Virtua Fighter And very few people are really aware of the gameplay mechanics of Virtua Fighter. So I think Sonic the Fighters would be better off with style and the public if their gameplay were like Tekken That’s it, I hope you enjoyed and learned something from the comparison! so don’t forget to leave the like and comment _ Do not forget to vote in the environment that is in the upper right corner of the video, and until the next video

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44 thoughts on “Sonic the Fighters (Arcade vs Xbox 360) Side by Side Comparison / Dual Longplay by VCDECIDE”

  • I can’t believe I haven’t played this game yet. Is it still available for download on the 360? It’s like Fighting Vipers and Bronx mixed with Sonic. The Hedgehog 🦔

  • Pena que não saiu pro Saturn. Joguei no fliperama e tenho no Xbox 360, realmente deram uma melhorada boa gráficos. Faz também comparação dos Simpsons de Arcade.

  • It must have been frustrating to be a Sonic fan during the Saturn's run. All you wanted was the next main game of the series, showing off the power of the new console you just sank money into, only to get a compilation of Genesis games, a port of Sonic 3D Blast, and two side games in the form of this and Sonic R.

  • 360's contrast is a little higher and looks to be using some anti-aliasing to smooth things out. Other than that its an almost 1-1 port. Not bad.

  • The Xbox 360 port has brighter colors, some musics are somewhat different and lower pitched (see the intro music or the jingle from when a fight start) and it lets you pause the game and see the combos.

  • There's a version of the Model 2 Emulator that let you play as Mecha Sonic, the Transformer Mecha Sonic from the op, Candy and Robotinik, and another random robot character, as well as play as Super Sonic since the beggining!

  • Sega realmente cagou demais no Saturn, tanto jogo que se for ver dava pra eles portar tranquilamente e eles deixaram de fora, não que esse Sonic fosse o "salvador" para o console, mas provavelmente teria atraído um pouco mais de jogadores para a fanbase do mesmo.

  • A AM2 ainda criou os incríveis Daytona Usa e Scud Race que pra mim até hoje são os melhores games de corrida que a Sega já fez ,sobre esta comparação ficou praticamente igual sem tirar nem por bem também não teria como não ficar já que o 360 é muito superior a placa model 2 da Sega , é um jogo que poderia receber uma ótima conversão no Saturn na época mas acabou não saindo

  • the arcade Version because this was in 1996 and look at most games of the time then this WOW bringing back the mmrs of when i was like 5

  • The anti aliasing of the 360's version kills it for me. The model 2's Aliasing was one of the signatures of that generation to me, due to the fact it had sub pixel precision, and was different of ps1 and saturn's trembling graphics.

  • I'm still sad this game never came to Steam, alongside Puzzle Fighter HD, MvC2HD, Harmony of Despair, Scott Pilgrim and Guardian Heroes HD. The 360 has a lot of amazing games. At least the Xbone has most of them brought over.

  • Actually, Honey the Cat was also in the Arcade version. You could only select her if you have some hack/cheat device of some sort to get access to her in the arcade version and she sadly wasnt in the Gamecube or PS2 version.

  • XB360 takes the cake. It has mipmapped textures which provides distance texture stability. The XB360 textures are either uncompressed or have a higher bit depth as distance textures appears brighter and uniformed. This is also represented on Sonic as his stomach polygons are more defined on the XB360. But hey XB360 is two generations at least more advance so it makes sense.

  • Só digo uma coisa, graças adeus Sonic de luta não teve port para o Saturn, tipo assim, no Saturn obviamente iria sofrer muito pra rodar esse jogo, principalmente a quantidade de polígonos e as iluminações.

  • Honestly, I still don't understand why Sega ended up making this game at all…….. Wouldn't they be supposed to figure out this was not even a game but a bull****….? Where can players find the fun of the game in the first place…?