Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi – Oichi Drama Route Playthrough [PS4 Pro]

Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi – Oichi Drama Route Playthrough [PS4 Pro]

I see, Ani-ja has finally made a move… My injustice cannot be helped as I’ve allied with the Shogun… Lord Nagamasa… Why don’t we leave to somewhere far away? We must not fight with brother.. The flower tells me so… I can’t do that! There’s no running away as I’m now the head of the Kyougoku-Azai army! Lord Nagamasa… That man you’ve mentioned before… Shibata, was it? After all, he’s a man who tried to disobey your brother, so he must be strong, however… This Azai Nagamasa, I won’t lose so easily!
Believe in me, Ichi… Believe in me and my justice! Ah…! Wait, you can’t go…! Don’t leave Ichi alone…! Lord Nagamasa… Do you plan on leaving Ichi behind in this world…? Are you Shibata Katsuie? I see that you’re a man of courtesy, but you’re nothing but evil for disturbing the peace of Azai! Evil…? That is true.. To you I must be nothing but a detestable kakuen. You’re the one who stole my one and only desire to live! I’m afraid you’ll have to pay for your deed right this moment! What are you talking about!?
I’ve never met you before in my life! No.. Please, let me find him before it’s too late! I will kill you, and this time! I will take Oichi-sama for good! Even if it means nothing will change in reality! Take Ichi!?
What a disgusting way of speaking! Ichi is not your doll! Ichi doesn’t… Ichi doesn’t want to lose Lord Nagamasa! Coming from a man who caused all this with no sorrow!? You’re the one who took away Oichi-sama on that day! Why can’t you see that that kind of intention is what causes you to be evil!? You don’t deserve Ichi, Malicious Shibata Katsuie! Lord Nagamasa… Lord Nagamasa… Lord Nagamasa! Lord Nagamasa…? Oichi-sama, please acknowledge this moment… I will protect you… I can take in everything– No… The you who plays with flowers during the day, Or the you who embraces the night! Because I– NOOO! Injustice! I won’t give my wife to the like of you! I-Is that Azai-shi…? No, Oichi-sama…. Your heart..! Silence, you criminal! Look at my justice, and then look at my love! No… This isn’t her! She is no longer the one I once loved! What was it… That you saw in me, then? O-Oichi-sama..! That sorrow I saw on your face from time to time… I…
I just wished to protect that fragility with my own hands! Is that so…. Lord Nagamasa told me… To stop being so gloomy, and that I should laugh more… Lord Shibata… I do not belong to you… She belongs to me, to Azai Nagamasa! This can’t be… This can’t be true… This can’t be! This can’t be!! I won’t acknowledge this as reality!! Oichi-sama… Let us meet again somewhere else, somewhere in a different world! Doesn’t matter how much time passes by in this world, I’ll never let you have Ichi! Goodbye, Shibata Katsuie! Lord Nagamasa, why don’t we go see brother? I’m sure he’ll be happy now that we have become one… Fufu… Lord Nagamasa did you hear? Apparently Lord Shogun is making an attack on brother right now. Hm, is that so. Looks like this turbulent period will finally enter its climax. That’s not all… Lord Hideyoshi and Lord Tokugawa are on their way to take the throne as well. Ohh, Sir Tokugawa as well huh. This will be interesting.. Lord Nagamasa, what shall we do? Let’s see… As the Kyougoku-Azai army, we must preserve justice as we are Ani-ja’s sword! Yes… Let’s do our best, Lord Nagamasa… Fufu.. Ani-ja! This Azai Nagamasa is here to assist you! brother… We are not your enemies anymore.. Did you lose yourself, sister…
To wind up in such a foolish state.. Such a menace among these soldiers…
I’m scared, Lord Nagamasa… Do not worry, Ichi… I’m right here with you! Yes… Lord Nagamasa! The battle has already begun inside. Hmph,
looks like I was late. Could that be… Oichi-dono? No, it can’t be… Her heart is broken… Ieyasu, that is the result of powerlessness. No, that’s not quite right. She built herself by choice! Hmph, I have no ear to lend to some wild birds chirping around. So you’ve arrived, the epitome of weakness… The one who gave up on her true self! Lord Hideyoshi is strong as usual…
However, Ichi is not alone… We are not weak… If losing it has resulted in breaking you, you were not supposed to desire it in the first place! Because you desired love, you even lost yourself! I can’t listen to this any longer! Know that your insulting words towards my wife are truly evil! Ichi… Ichi would rather stay weak than live on not remembering those days Demon King! This is another example of the disease you bring upon this country! If you don’t raise the powerful, there will be none but these weaklings! Lord Hideyoshi… Please don’t speak ill of my brother! Ichi… Where do you plan on going…? Oh long time no see, Sir Tokugawa..
How is Sir Honda doing? I see… That’s how it is huh, Oichi-dono.. Yes, Tadakatsu is doing very well, Sir Nagamasa. Oichi-dono, I’m afraid I might end up ruining your happiness. What’s wrong Lord Tokugawa?
Why do you laugh with such a sad face? This bond you have with the one who’s already passed away is of much value… However, even with that bond you’re still alone! Hahaha, how silly of you to say such a thing! Look at us, Ichi and I are with each other right here! Sir Nagamasa! I will make sure to look after Oichi-dono. So please find happiness together on the other side! In the end I lacked the power…. Nobunaga-kou, please… Take care of Oichi-dono… Do not come near me, the 5th heaven demon king! Brother…? What are you saying? The act of creating its own comfort, that itself is the 5th heaven’s long-cherished plan! It is a perfect title for someone like you who drowns herself in fantasy. Ani-ja, those words are too bitter for a family member. I thought Ani-ja was always high-minded and broad-minded.. A wise-ruler who secretly thinks of his sister! HA! I don’t care for your ideals! You went as far as to borrow the mouth of the deceased and that’s all you have to say, sister? I see… You can’t be happy for me even now…
That is fine… Ichi has Lord Nagamasa.. Have-nots… If that is your answer… It cannot be helped… Azai Protector of the Bizen Province Nagamasa… The man to have married the demon king’s sister.. I will lay desire and victory onto the future of the two of you… I will gladly take that blessing… Now.. Goodbye, brother… Don’t cry Ichi, I’m right here with you. I understand. Take pride… Those two to have stopped me.. Nii.. Sama…. Don’t cry, Ichi. There will be a day of reunion in another world. Yes, Lord Nagamasa… For you to be in such a form without any of my help! It’s incredible! I’m a bit jealous! Lord Shogun…
Your words of praise cannot make Ichi happy… If it weren’t for you we wouldn’t have had to turn against Ani-ja.. Hmmm? Oh that is right, you were related to Maria. Well then, dispel that heavy resentment of yours to your heart’s content! Let’s go Ichi! We must bring down this evil power that brings unnecessary battles to this land! Yes, Lord Nagamasa… Ichi will always follow you! Let there be justice over the emperor! Hahaha! This is too much! That Maria,
why didn’t she tell me about this sooner! To the hatchling of the most mad couple!
Spin the lathe of destiny! To the one who’s been reborn…
I will acknowledge you as the emperor… Go on… Azai Protector of the Bizen Province… Oichi… Aren’t we a bit tired from walking so much,
Lord Nagamasa? As the Azai Protector of the Bizen Province, don’t show such weakness, Ichi! You’re right.. I’m sorry… Ichi must… Ichi must become stronger.. Ichi will protect everything… So… Always be with me, okay Lord Nagamasa? Yes, I’ll always be with you, Ichi.

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