Season 7 Predictions (Game of Thrones) PART 1

Season 7 Predictions (Game of Thrones) PART 1

Oh hello everyone this is the last harpy and in this video we’re going to go over the season seven predictions that being said if you’re not caught up with the season finale now is the time to leave so now that we are clearly out of book territory we can only guesstimate what is to come we were left with Cersei being crowned queen and protector of the realm well the spectators were chanting long may she reign it kind of sounds like an ironic Portia into the Valen compromise it ends with the little brother strangling her aka Jaime her younger twin that is actually giving her quite a bit of murderous staredown in the final scene at King’s Landing well Cersei died at the hands of her beloved brother in season seven or do you think we’re going to see her as the new villain of the series after Sansa rejects Littlefinger’s romantic attempts at Winterfell we can see that jon is being praised by all the northern houses they claim hizmet as the new king of the north the only person not celebrating of course is Littlefinger he’s looking at Sansa giving her kind of a evilish grin we now know Jon is Lian a son and that Ned was really as honorable as we had hoped we may know his destiny but until he reconnects with the new three-eyed raven bran john still knows nothing he will continue to try to rally the north against the night’s king and hopefully cross paths with his little brother again or should I say cousin now officially a game of Thrones fan site Watchers on the wall reports that the showrunners are looking for two kids for a high stakes scene while this could be a number of things I would like to thank brand as a few more flashbacks explaining the evolution of Westeros and now that it’s certain he can see visions of the future I would like to see some of those speaking of rent before uncle Benjen left him in Mira he said the wall was not just ice and stone yet there are ancient spells keeping the dead away the Knights kings mark on-brand granted em and his White Walkers entrance to the Ravens cave will season seven open to a shot of brand bringing the wall down or will his entrance allow passage for the White Walkers knowing the Game of Thrones would probably not hold anything back I expect to see the wall demolishes some point whether it’s season seven or maybe the beginning of season hey I was a little confused how Bears could teleport I mean he moved uncomfortably fast from Dorne onto a ship you know sailing to Westeros with Dany and the rest of the crew if Yuri watched the final scene though some of the ships were also Martel and Tyrell ships so they had I guess picked them up on the way or met them in the middle as they were traveling back across the Narrow Sea they advanced the travelling in between scenes to get more out of the episode now that we only have two seasons left and we have very few actual episodes in each season to keep from making this too long I’m going to go ahead and make a second video with other plot lines and predictions for the next season including Arya Stark Samwell Melisandre and more thanks again guys for staying with me on this adventure so far new videos are coming up as well as other shows peace

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85 thoughts on “Season 7 Predictions (Game of Thrones) PART 1”

  • Jaime is for sure going to kill Cersei. PS, what do you think the show creators have in store for the hound?

  • Nobody seems to understand that scenes and episodes are not in a time chain……………. no teleporting, just simple and plain as months have passed. Daenerys wedding was before Jon Arryn's death, in case you want an example of it

  • Have you also noticed that Jon has a scar just as same as khal drogo had..and Dany talking about possible marriage. Hints?

  • its not teleportation its time. you think that when jon sumoned banners they come next day? nope some needed whole week to winterfall. why? because north is huge. and that journey from dorne to slavers bay took 15days maybe a month

  • My predictions would be:
    1. Melisandre joined the "Brotherhood Without Banners" and bring Catelyn to life, also known as "Lady Stoneheart"
    2. Arya confronted Ilyn Payne (maybe she'll lose as Ilyn Payne is the better swordsmen).
    3. Ser Jorah turned into a stone man with greyscale
    4. as Daenerys set to Westeros, the most interesting person to marriage would be Jaime Lannister.(I thought it would be Jon Snow at first, but married Jammie would upset Cersei, and merge the force with Lannister is something Danny would do )
    5. Night's King found the horn of winter, then uses to destroy the wall. As the wall collapses, the "Ice dragon" appear from underneath. Ice dragon is bigger than all Danny's dragon combine.
    all three dragons will be rides by: Daenerys herself , Jon Snow , Bran(?)"You will fly"???
    Now, that's a fair fight.

    Goes back to S2E10- Daenerys in The House of the Undying. Everything is destroyed, except the Stained Glass of seven stars, what could this mean?, and what will Samwell learn in Citadel.

  • I want to see the cocky, pretentious, tells it how it is Jaimie from season 1 and 2 to come back but unleash his antics to Cerci and see how she likes it. I hope Arya and the Hound regroup and start killing all the people who are on her list. Dany and Jon need to ally up and take down kings landing then work on destroying the white walkers

  • I keep hearing the community saying "teleport" or "teleportation". Is it that hard to phathom that a month or two has actually passed? This isn't 24. There isn't a clock counting down. You have to use your brain a little bit.

  • Enough of this "teleportation" BS already. How do you know how much time elapsed between each scene? From the time Varys leaves Mereen to the time he returns it may have been several months. There is no way of discerning it from any clues in the show. Likewise it may have been months between the time Arya left Braavos and when she kills Walder Frey at the twins. It's not as if things of consequence must happen synchronously in the different story lines. Would you like to watch the "The Stories of Varys Travels Through the Narrow Sea and Back and Little Else Of Any Interest Whatsoever" for several episodes??

  • Rhaegar was the presumptive Targaryen heir to the Iron Throne, and Lyanna was almost definitely Rhaegar's legitimate (albeit polygamous) wife, which puts Jon Snow in quite the princely position as Rhaegar's only surviving child. He's just been crowned the King in the North, but if he wanted to make a play for the big-boy chair down in King's Landing? He's got a very compelling claim.

  • Fan Theory question…since Darnerys is Targarion and therefore fireproof (unburnt), would Jon Snow (also Targarion) also be fireproof (unburnt) also?

  • I think, Euron will destroy most of Daenreys fleet in the first ep. of s7. Why? Because its feels like, no one rly cares about the threat from Euron and atm Daenerys is way to strong to rly need to team up with someone, even if she has thoughts about a tactical marriage. And after this fight the cards are being reshuffled in the fight to the iron throne, so Daenerys definitly need to team up. And dont forget, Jon has now a way larger army after he reconquered Winterfell, and is named King of the North.

  • I can't get over poor Tommen's death. Watching his heart break was so sad. Cersi HAD to know how blowing up trial would effect Tommen. He was already dead to her by then.

  • if those are dornish ships maybe they already arrived at westeros and that's a scene before a big battle

  • The green trial obviously happened months before Dany set sail with her fleet. Pay attention to the show.

  • The creators of the show have explained the reason for Varys' quick return to Dany. Each sequence of the show are going by different timelines. So for example, yes we saw Varys in Dorne, and then a couple of scenes saw him on Danys ship, but these two scenes would have taken place months a part from each other. It's the same with Arya. And it's best they do this cause it moves the show on a lot faster to save the audience from getting bored! 🙂

  • Awesome. Really enjoy your posts.
    I think somehow, history will repeat it's self. That there will come a time, that the battle will come to King's landing, and Jamie will again find himself in a similar situation as he did with "The Mad King," except this time it will be with a "Mad Queen."

  • I have a REALLY weird twist on a possible plot.. What if Maggy The Frogs prophecy about Cersei being killed by the "Little Brother" is really about The Hound being the little brother that kills her instead of Jaime or Tyrion… "Little Brother" is a bit ambiguous and is open to interpretation.. maybe on purpose! And then we'd get Cleganebowl afterall lol! What are your thoughts on that? GREAT videos btw!

  • turn down your background music bro, it's too loud at times I can barely understand what your saying with that music.

  • JONSA Jon and Sansa become the King & Queen of the Noth.

    Deany & a dragon die

    Tyrion takes the Throne and revealed to be Daeny's bastard brother

  • Just a suggestion: your background music over-rides your verbal input. Please dial it back a bit so it's easier to hear you. Thx

  • cersi will die by the valanqar( little brother).. she consider tyrion an imp..not a brother..the only brother/lover she know is jamie..she will be expecting tyrion to kill her base on maggy the frog but not realizing its going to be jamie..she will start to mistreat him now she is queen..maybe fucking other men or try to get married to someone else..the thing i do for love and choke the hell out her..i think jamie is one of the most intelligent character in this movie,he is very smart.anybody to kill him is arya or brienne or the for dany she will bed three man..who are they? n what are the treason's ?

  • books 4 and 5 open with the warning that the chapters are non sequential. I guess the dorn scene happened before all of the varies in mereen

  • About the "teleportation" -"Game of Thrones" is not "24" -the story makes time jumps because they have a limited time to tell it -and a whole episode showing Varys, in a boat, sleeping or reading the lokal newspaper for the fifth time just because he is bored, is not fantastic television.

  • I can quite see Jaime kill Cersei. She won't be expecting it, as the thinks the Valonqar is Tyrion, whom she has always hated and mistrusted. She won't thing it could be Jaime, since they are twins, but she once said she was born first, and he was born holding on to her foot.

  • The point of the valonqar prophecy is that you don't know who it is. Now my guess is Jamie also but there's a chance that it isn't. Which mean saying it will be him for sure is wrong to say. No one even said it would be her younger brother it's The younger brother. Sorry to nit pick but people that don't know as much as you or I will take it as certain when it's far from it. Just like everyone that said Cersei would blow up kings landing. There was a great chance maybe still is but it wasn't and isn't certain at all…

  • I think, since the winter is finally here, the season will be very cold, dark and (full of terrors). Even Kings' Landing will be covered in heavy clouds, which would be symbolic with Cersei as the new tyrant.

  • thank you for not making your videos longer then they need to be. All too often videos like this are made by people who seem to enjoy nothing more then hearing themselves talk! Nicely done without trying to be funny or cute… very refreshing!

  • Since Bran is definitely going to want to sort out what he just saw, I think we'll get 3-6 more flashbacks:
    1. Tourney at Harrenhal-this one is definitely going to be shown. We've heard the story from Littlefinger so it will make sense to actually see it now. This could include the Stark siblings meeting Howland Reed, Rhaegar singing a song that makes Lyanna cry, the knight of the Laughing Tree, Rhaegar crowning Lyanna, and Rhaegar chasing after the Laughing Knight only to discover it is Lyanna.
    2. Rhaegar 'abducting' Lyanna- now that R+L=J is confirmed there are a couple of new mysteries, one of them being if Lyanna was abducted or if she went willingly. Similarly, this might also answer the question of if Lyanna and Rhaegar got married, thus making Jon legitimate. 
    3. Battle of the Trident/Rhaegar's death- this is another story we've hear, or at least heard it alluded to. When Rhaegar died he whispered a woman's name, which could have been Lyanna. So this could be the time to answer that question.
    1. Sack of Kingslanding- This is a big event in the history, it changed a lot of things and caused a lot of death. This could be an expansion of the brief flashback of Jaime killing the Mad King. It could show the Mountain killing Elia Martell (who I hope we see) and her children, Rhaenys and Aegon, who we now know are Jon's elder half-siblings and that is a fact that I hope the show doesn't ignore.
    2. Deaths of Brandon and Rickard Stark-This is one of the big events that set off Robert's Rebellion, and we now know that Jon's paternal grandfather murdered his maternal grandfather and uncle.
    3. Tragedy at Summerhall-this one is unlikely, but Rhaegar was born during this so maybe. This was a great fire that killed, among others, King Aegon V Targaryen, his eldest son, Prince Duncan Targaryen, and Ser Duncan the Tall. The fire broke out while Aegon was trying to bring dragons back into the world and, according to Ser Barristan Selmy, was caused by sorcery. Also present was the heavily pregnant Rhaella Targaryen who was probably saved by Ser Duncan, who would have been like 70 at the time so that is pretty cool, who then returned to the burning building to save other and died while she gave birth to Rhaegar.

    Don't get me wrong, we'll probably not see all of these and if we do, they'll probably be broken up. We also might see a little more of the Tower of Joy flashback. Some of these might not be done like the R+L=J flashback either, some could be recounted stories or done like Cersei's Maggie the Frog flashback, Dany could have some visions, or maybe even Jon.

  • New Sub here, I do like your style. Try to work on your emotion in your delivery and improve your into but that is nitpicking as compared to most the sound quality is very good and overall deliver is solid:

    Anyway it was confirmed that that final scene was the leaving of Slaver's bay and/or Mareen's harbour.

  • I don't understand why every one puts so much importance on the time that the characters travel. I'm sure that the scenes are not happening simultaneously.. It's TV, their speeding up the story…

  • The Hound vs The Mountain will happen. You see The Mountain is cersei's top guard, and the Hound just basically shacked up with the Brotherhood. Well the Brotherhood was under Ned Stark's orders to bring down The Mountain who was raiding villages. They have been doing what they can ever sense, but with no one to guide them, might as well be fuck all.

    But now Jon is king, and the Starks are back in control of Winterfell, Beric will align the Brotherhood with the Starks once again and be a part of the march south. I do believe Arya will find them again, she has a list, but will put aside her list to help The Hound bring down his brother.

    Sam stole his family's Valyrian sword. This wasn't just for shits and Sam giggles, it's foreshadowing. He's now in the citadel with access to thousands of years of knowledge. I predict in his study, he will rediscover a way to make Valyrian steel. Or discover what it is that kills a white walker. With this knowledge, he will return to Jon.

    Dany's going to lay siege and fuck Cersei's shit up, or so she thinks. Cersei's no fool and i'm sure they have more wild fire. Tyrion knows damn well how effective that stuff is to a fleet. Plus, it's king's landing. Takes an army of brick shit houses to take it. But i'm a bit hazy on this. It showed Dany, already met up with the Tyrells and Martels, en route to King's Landing. How they going to drag out so many episodes of just siege? I think Euron is jumping to Cersei's side last minute. That will give Cersei a formidable fleet to face off against Dany's.

    Theon is spending a long time on a boat. He has no cock. Neither do the unsullied, but they don't care and are bad asses. I believe Theon's going to learn to be a bad ass and train with Greyworm. With his new training and confidence, I believe he'll be the one to kill Euron… Right before Euron busts through the door that Yara and Dany are behind fucking. Cause Euron's a cock block

  • Bran's mark happened by accident and the nite king plan to invade south of the wall before Bran has mark. If Bran' mark was only way to bring the wall down, all they had to was keep bran south of the wall before he got the mark. That doesn't make any sence.

  • I really enjoy you're direct way of pointing out things, keep it short and simple! 🙂 like sometimes it's quite a pain in the ass to watch a video for 20+ min just to get out something you could have say in 2-3 sentences/minutes

  • The throne will be dismantled and handed back to the different houses from whence they came to help fight the White Walkers. These were valyrian steel swords that Aegon the Conqueror's dragon, Balerion, the Black Dread, fused into the Iron Throne. This will be the last ditch effort to maintain civilization from the beings beyond the wall. I suspect the dragons will be destroyed which will hasten the need for these swords and at the end of the day there will be no combined kingdom but separate areas without borders.

  • ''he valonqar shall wrap his HANDS about your pale white throat and choke the life from you''
    Jamie lost a hand maybe its tyrion who kill her after all

  • can u do a video on Sansa and arya relationship as sisters and the clips for it? also where do you think it's going when they meet again. thanks love your videos.

  • Based on Quaith's mask and Melisandre's necklace, a connection may be revealed.
    Brienne and the Hound will tag team the Mountain, check out the first conversation between the Hound and Ian McShane's character.

  • Totally agree about your misgivings about Bran's mark of the Night's King. Almost no-one seems to have picked up on that.

  • When Jon was murdered in 5 10, as his blood spilled out it seemed to me to form a map of Westeros. Is this a prediction that he will be King of all and not just the King of the North?

  • I personally don't think Cersei actually loves Jaime or anyone now that her children are dead. I don't think she has loved Jaime since King Robert died. She has been using him and demanding he do things and generally being a real bitch, only giving him some affection when she needed something. She probably dose not even tell herself she loves him anymore. I also think Jaime will realize this and react in a manner she has not predicted because she thinks she can control him. More than likely Jaime will become the Queen Slayer at the end of season seven. After that, he will probably kill himself.