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Rockstar games. yo yo yo what’s good game world in this
video we’re going to reflect on what I considered as my top 10 Rockstar Games
on all the time peroxide games is definitely one of my
favorite gaming companies when it comes to making all publish an enjoyable innovative games is hard to find a
gaming company that can do a bell were even more consistent than rockstar
has been doing over the past 15 years believe me this is definitely be one of
the most exile is to produce so far as I have so much respect and admiration
for Rockstar Games I body consider myself as a family trust me no one can deny the
fact that Rockstar Games has released none so classics over the years that
side muscle was glued to our TV screens for hours upon ends and this is one of the
reasons why I have to pay homage to Rockstar Games and showcase my top 10 Rockstar Games up
all the time believe me when I say construct a listless was definitely a
difficult task because Rockstar Games has released so many classics over the
years us what the number one position a couple
a times of changes whole entire top 10 a few times and F lee rearrange the order so many
times it’s just crazy so anyway people s go for less get to
let’s review I consider my top 10 Brookside games of all times this school the in a number ten is LA Noire in terms of the unique and
innovative tile Rockside every did a fantastic job with Eleanor quite a few people actually play this
gem and I wouldn’t say is everybody’s cup a tea by far really enjoyed playing
it the graphics and height facial
expression animation for the game was absolutely brilliant the story is fantastic the characters
are real compliment to the game and environment is definitely breath
taken even though this is not your typical Rockstar Games is definitely a masterpiece and work
plane if you get the opportunity the claim in a number nine position is Max
Payne 3 I was a massive fan of both Max Payne
1&2 and their father little bit skeptical when Rockstar Games announced
that the first edition was making its way I wondered whether much pain free could
actually live up to such a high standard of the game and to meet this game definitely was a
huge compliment to such a fantastic series I had to take my hat off to Rockstar
Games of to play much grain free because it was such a phenomenal game the graphics absolutely stunning and the
story is well told and deftly enjoyable the game plays extremely addictive and
the game mechanics are exceptional and the action will definitely keep you
on the edge EEOC’s for time to come Max Payne 3 is definitely a hahaha
Rockstar Games style I should never be overlooked did in at number eight my game gta4 now come on how on earth we have a rock
Silas and not Mitchell 1 gram for 20 tile gta4 as play release was definitely
African a breath of fresh air in the gaming industry I was way off Italian for a couple years
and definitely when it really is I was not let down the amount of things that
you can do in GJ for was just remarkable and the introduction to my player online
game in just for the game to a whole new level the graphics were on point the great
selection of music for two radio station continue to amaze me some people may argue that this is not a
great as GTA in the series by actually liked the story the decision based missions which
affected the outcome of the game the amount of things you can do in this
game was just Ellis such as internet dating bowling getting drunk and driving while
strong even going to the comedy club to watch cap Williams gta4 is definitely a fantastic 20 and as
I keep saying these games should never be overlooked that claim in a number seven position is Max
Payne 2 the Fall of Max Payne Max Payne 2 to 4 the Max Payne was
developed by the bookstore Vienna and also Remedy Entertainment has so many
credit ass also go to remedy in that same as well this is what I consider one of the top
action genre games I’ve actually played over the past 15 years when I first
played Max Payne 2 this game just really amaze me I was so surprised by
how epic the new array it was in the game and also its cinematic interactive movie
Express was just astonishing Max Payne 2 to me was a fantastic sequel to the
first bar as it just took everything I was
fantastic in Max Payne 1&2 it’s a whole new level Max Payne 2 is definitely one of my
favorite PlayStation two tiles and certainly a rockstar classic on three members ish in number six is bullying if you’re not familiar with
bully basically is GTA in the school I know that sounds crazy but believe me
when I say this game is why I like to define as an epic Rockstar tile moline
definitely bring so much to the table as far as Epic Games go in some ways this game had me put any
mobile hours as a story was well scripted and the side missions were fantastic why
I really loved about this game was a toll free tonight you got you can
actually go any way you want you to play pranks on
students by shoving them in the lockers or even in the bin which will consequently get you into
detention if you work or you don’t have to be so mean in the game
because you have the option to pay the perfect student and nobly anyone icon seem to stress
enough that Rockstar Games did a fantastic job on Bali well I was really hoping for was a
sequel which never came about who knows maybe in the future we might get one on
next gen school the trust me if you watch the
movie or even love gram for 20 games and never
played the Warriors don’t trust me you really missed out on a epic game I had the worries on normal
exhorts and I literally play this game every single day there was nothing left
in the game for me to do after I finished a bit the game mechanics behind worries was
just or Sunday took everything I was great about GTA such as
the free Roman fire elements and in hard state of grace standard I mean you can
break into causes still car radios you can break into shop she could buy with a
police trust me this game is so epic I love the fact that as a toupee options
either play with your friends it definitely complement the game to me worries is definitely what I
consider Rockside classic in society get HD remake just enough people to
experience this fantastic game today weaver foreign graphics I definitely say
this is a big big game Ste to me this is definitely one of my
favorite gram for 20 hours the map was a massive the story was great and the things that
you can do in this game was just amazin I mean you could recruit gang members
style turf wars and i’ve a plane day ahead car go to the
gym eat burgers ready to play as I mean
there was literally so much that this game had on of our there’s been rumors or talk so
even san andreas to my eye appear on a next-gen I would even be shocked if they create
his game cuz I mean this is definitely granted though as finest it this that claim in position number free is GTA 5
okay this is definitely a tricky decision as be more were times I would
press the say that this is probably the greatest game rocks I has created a looking how successful Graham 5005 has
been since his release is difficult to argue why this game isn’t open a bar but trust me I’ve got my reasons anyway
GTA 5 is definitely a big deal this to me showcase what game should be in every
way it’s fine engaging graphics a superb excellent
story i mean the list goes on and on to online feature on grounders 2005 is
just amazing. it definitely took what was the son about GTA 4 I’m just
brought to an outstanding level in terms of graphics when GTA 5
originally dropped on the x-box 360 and ps3 of a while the graphics are amazing damn when it got released on the ps4 and
Xbox one all my why they took it to a whole new level again to me Graham Feb 2005 is without
question one of the biggest games as being released in the past five years easily I mean the graphics the game
played this story everything will humble most games today the taking the number two position is my
game Red Dead Redemption many kind even dare to argue that Red
Dead Redemption is a certainly a top-five rocks are gay men should even
be a number one many could say when Red Dead Redemption first came out
I said hands down this to the shine off autograph have 20 franchises at the time it took a min to a whole new
level Red Dead Redemption is why I consider at
absolute classic is one of those games outshines most games across all genre in terms of story Red Dead
Redemption Jeffery had this down to a fine tooth comb it was amazing at the time of his release the graphics
were super bill just something you definitely did express it any game at
the time in terms of Mission iPhone Red Dead
Redemption was on point the game was so fun sometimes in Graham for do I find I
kinda get distracted by all the little bits and pieces you can do whereas in
red dead they kept it at a point don’t get me wrong Red Dead Redemption
still has a distraction from the mission because a map is just so big how can you
not get distracted as such a massive world I mean you can get sacked by a
bear a wolf was writing for that sound body ended today you still kept playing
a game for the mission because the story was just that good I was a massive fan of this game and I
definitely cause stress how big this game was for me I would look forward to the next
gen release if they have a part to or just a follow-on to this can cause it
was amazin it definitely took everything I was great about Red Dead
Revolver and harness it to a new level big big game Red Dead Redemption one of
my favorites no code okay taken position one and every
my favorite rocks I game all the time is gram for 20 free yet
again any in a free Top Free Games I just mention could have been easily seen
at this position by had to give it to GTA free for those who might be wondering why on
earth did he put his game at number one let me explain ice to argue today that this is one of
the best crammed into a games I’ve Eva trade the impact they had on me was
just amazing for those who can relate if you can sit
back remember when this game first came on a ps2 how disbelieved or you die game
could actually do order these things it was certainly the
first time I saw all these elements in the game and I was really shocked we had
overseen a bird’s eye view GTA back in the days but boyish DJ free def Reb or it’s a whole another
level grover tho I just shot me on so many levels I couldn’t believe the
amount gray gray decisions that the game had when you go into a cause such as the
last low talk show k jumper in the best reggae music there
was FX train great drama bays does the eighties music station oh my
word trust me this game was so big even just the radio stations alone but his
game to a whole new dimension for me that ok on sale in GJ free was just
amazing and F lee Brice senza elements to the game there was
prostitution those police chase those fights industry else wearing does
just so much they’ve thought you actually was in the game plane yourself to me Graham
fifth or Fri was innovative and a historical landmark ingame in kind of like when you first ever play
Goldeneye on n64 Shenmue in a dream cost DJ freeg definitely demonstrate how open
world game it should be in terms of GTA series on iraq sub
always improve their brow bag game over the years in terms of the ground
have to as I follow GTA free with better graphics pair elements but trust me I’ve always look to GG free as the
framework a foundation to all those great grand theft or as I followed so for me that’s why I consider this
game to be my favorite rock star game today thanks for taking the time out to watch
my video please subscribe like or comment below let me know what your favorite Rockstar
Games are all times are into the next video peace out the I’m the

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