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Kindle Unlimited. Hi guys! This is Frankie for the Pixel Slayers. Today I have a $5 gaming mouse. At Five Below, you can purchase this gaming
mouse for only $5. Is it any good? Well, let me tell you about it. So, all you get in the box is the mouse. You don’t even get a manual. It’s just the mouse. So it’s plug and play, no drivers needed. Everything that you need to know about the
mouse is pretty much displayed on the back of the box. It’s 1200 VPI. It’s supposed to have multicolor cycle, scroll
wheel, left, right, you know. Your regular shi-bang. But for five bucks I was pretty impressed. Initially I wasn’t expecting much. I thought well, this is cheap. It’s too cheap to not buy. And I’m curious, so let’s find out what it’s
all about. Not really any complaints. It’s not really squishy, the plastic is pretty
solid. It’s hard to flex the plastic. I mean I’m sure if you’re pounding on it it
would probably break. But if you’re just using it, or being a little
rough with it… it’s obviously not flexing. I don’t feel any difference in texture. It’s just all the same plastic. It is a nice comfortable smooth plastic. The scrolling wheel is definitely cheap plastic. It doesn’t have that soft touch plastic that
you would see on a lot of more expensive mice. But quite honestly I don’t really notice. It doesn’t bother me. Keep in mind, this is five dollars. The lights do cycle through. You can’t set the light to the color you want,
but they are a pretty pleasant color, they aren’t too bright. It’s a regular optical – not laser – sensor
at the end. And it’s really accurate. I tried it on multiple computers, plug-and-play,
you don’t have any drivers to worry about. It works quickly. It’s very generic – don’t get me wrong, this
is not a name-brand gaming mouse – but I would pay $15 for this in a pinch. And the fact that you can go to Five Below
and get this for five bucks, that’s pretty nifty. I can’t believe how cheap technology is getting! These cheap off-brand products. You can see the molding. A lot of different companies use this mold,
and some fancier mice actually have bolts here. This just has plastic. But yeah, it is what it is. It has an FCC rating so it’s not THAT generic. At least it went through that process. It’s pretty cool. It gives me a Transformers vibe and look to
it. When it’s lit up, it’s even cooler. I’m gonna show you it lit up at the end of
the video so you can see what it looks like. I just wanted to talk about it first and,
yeah. For five bucks, I would say just pick it up. Even if you don’t want to use it for your
main mouse, if you just want a backup mouse laying around. If you have a wireless mouse, this is pretty
good for a backup. Because sometimes your batteries die and you
need a quick mouse, you don’t have batteries at the house or you’ve got rechargables that
need charged, you just plug this baby in and get back to gaming or work. This is a great laptop mouse, if you want
to throw it in a laptop bag. You’re not gonna find a mouse for five bucks,
let alone a gaming mouse with lights. Nothing negative to say, honestly. It’s what it is. It feels like a cheap mouse, but it doesn’t
feel like a five dollar mouse. I would pay $15 dollars for it. Very impressed. Very pleased. You cannot go wrong with this mouse. So I hope you liked this video, a review of
the Color Changing LED Gaming Mouse, by Youse. You-say? Yoose? I dunno. It’s five dollars. And it’s pretty cool looking! And it’s five dollars. So if you need a mouse and you don’t have
a lot of coin, get it. Thanks for watching! Bye.

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