PS4  2019 | Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 |  No commentary Full Game #GhostReconBreakpoint

PS4 2019 | Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 | No commentary Full Game #GhostReconBreakpoint

The welcome to a rule the incubator world to point out. My name’s days skull and we’ve been expecting you. You’ve been invited here to innovate, to invent and to create. But we’re also asking you to do the most important thing with your lives that you can do. Here away from the rest of the world, we will build the tools to leave the planet into the future. A completely sustainable economy. A blossoming environment, safe homes. Security for your family. In a community where innovation is celebrated. The generations that come after us may forget all about us, but they will thrive because of the work we do here. Together, we have built. What? Oh, you are damn it. Ah. Huh? Yeah. Despite this over here. They remember what we said. This is a hundred percent accountability right. No one walks away from this alive. My soldiers. No way to go. There’s no way you could survive a crash like that. Stone said not to underestimate these guys. don’t let your job now. We are. Watch yourself. These ghosts are deadly. Some of you have got to be alive. Don’t clap and one to one. This is Weaver. Come in. This is, we were coming over anything you’ve got. Your diet. Walker Joy, we were. Walker. What are you doing? I guess they’re all dead. What’s up? As a lot of work and sit here and what I want them using it for. I don’t know why we’re looking for survivors, said my passion. Maybe we’ll be able to be sure to bring someone back alive. Laughter. Ah. What is this? Meeting the school sleep, does anyone read five by five ghosts. Please? Who is this? A friend? I got the radio. Let’s go still breathing. Rabbit will run with the red Queen Gimme cigarette. I can wait your American medical treatment. Although the trail behind the Asian ruin their destination is an American between two waterfalls. I understood, Go slid up. Yeah. Ah. Ah. Ah. This ghost knows this. I am up. Oh, my God. Stuff. Who are you? I was invited withheld. Are you another one? You can always turn around and go back down. The mountain. Things are a little tense, you know. Watch how you handle that weapon. We don’t allow shooting an arrow one. And what’s there was a cave? So we call it. Get in. What is this place? You boys are right away. But the only two left in our chalk. No radio are Jones between the two of us. we are two rifles and eight mags. Locals go water here. To some supplies. Can you believe this policeman? A minds blown their friendly, more or less are still keeping us on a short leash. You, boys know what to go to a bird. No clue, but there are definitely hostels out there. The time was the troops out there, calling themselves wolves, you know when we deal with, but now you’re dealing with me. You don’t want to charge here who’s asking a call signs, no man. The officer in charge of this operation. By operation, I assumed to be the massively wild screw up. My old man, you play nice. It’s trying to find out why a bunch of grenades were falling from the sky into our lab. Zoning. Will someone sank a naval cargo ship off the coast? Then the entire archipelago overall went dark. Now we were sent here to figure out what happened next thing. We know that shoppers were taken down. Almost half my soldiers are dead. As we can tell. Some kind of military takeover sentinel at military contractors. They put this place on a martial law. He’s in the old beutner neck. Turkey to afford is still making all the high tech stuff they always make said. Maybe now they’re making more weapons, not exactly the libertarian Utopia J. scale advertised. We’re going to find J skill, the head of skilled tech himself. We haven’t seen him. But his drones are keeping an eye on as islands. So you think he’s still a part of this. I’m just not sure why I’ll put figuring it out no, my to do list. For now I see our wounded. Now. What have you guys in his breast? But he won’t shut up. Coming down here. Then come find me. I’ll give you the guided tour. Oh, you mean. Nomad. Who’s left who made it? He just relax about. I’m doing what I can. You damned super hero. Here. Here’s another superpower. I can’t find Midas. But we were. I just realized. We’ll take care of it. The wasp? Ah. The columns black out, I can’t reach the ship. Don’t try to match yours. The big guy. You might have a boat like news. Don’t you worry? I’ll come back with some milk? Go. Are the kids it’s a lot for that? pack it up in the night it was done great work building air wanted. It’s not hope. They understand why you needed to move and they understand its central corporate of bad guys. You heard from Sam, not since last week. I’m sure everything’s fine, but you don’t need to be afraid. I couldn’t help it over here. for some kind of problem. We’re not sure our friends samuel’s missing. It used to be before he decided he’d rather live by himself. Oh great loss, if you ask me he likes catching his own food, says the keeper, or something like that, and then he gives the furs and left over meat to the camp. Never takes anything in return. I don’t get it. Sounds like he knows how to take care of himself. Last week he was down here, hollering about running into a bunch of sentinel’s on his land and said they carried away a couple of deer. He caught, smashed up his traps, and then. This week, nothing. Samuel has always had a temper, a bug in this place these days say the wrong thing to the wrong person. Well, you know, Yeah, no, say where his usual stomping grounds. He’s typically around to the Southeast of Garden Mangrove northeastern part of the sky around. Let’s see if I could find him. Thanks. Bridging material. You don’t want to think about restricted areas zero one. As your pal old know, you heard anything about a lieutenant. Colonel Walker. Let the guy that works with the troops call themselves the wolves. Used to be skilled tax military adviser heard he was an operator. You know? Yeah. We met a couple times. Ah. You gotta make me look in your eye. You have big plans. You can get off this island. Leave us regular folk to fend for ourselves. Auckland is two thousand kilometers away. It’s an awful long way to run with your tail between your legs. I’m not running that the USS wasp as a couple dozen clicks off the coast. If I can get there, I can come back here with some milk. The wasp. Not sure I’m fond of the idea of a bunch of squids runs around our island. There are a couple of your heads on board too. Well, if that’s the case. Look. I’ll be straight with you. We know that we’re no match for former spec ops. Some of our friends, homesteaders and skill employees both believe an alien on a couple of boats. Can you get them protection on the wasp? Absolutely. All right. But they were the butter. Ah. You know anything about restricted areas. We’ve got people stuck at the roadblocks. How are the kids? Ready for your personal to have Erawan? Just don’t forget to swing by the gift shop never. Derrick. Now the naval station closed down years ago. Who are these kids? The birds and the bees, no mad. We’ve got three generations living on this island. If I can be blunt, I don’t like his soldiers being here. It was these kids at risk. But my own man leads red, white and blue, so we’ll never turn our backs on you. I can sort you out if you need any gear or supplies. You and your troops can bivouac over there. If you really get to feel froggy, you can talk to a surgent, Rohan Brown, he is to be Kuei essay s. He likes scouting around the island. For those elite troops. They call themselves wolves. Rowan likes picking fights with them. And over in our war room, we’re working on our own logistics. You can easily find mads in there. There’s the skeptic engineer Jericho hanging around, she’s worried about something big on another island. You may need to bring some friends with you on that picnic. So, like I said. We will never turn our backs on you, but you’d better not do anything to put this community in danger. Oh, I think you’ve got to manage its already in danger. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best. Keep all of us safe. Let’s hope it’s enough.

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