Politicians React to Shootings in El Paso and Dayton: A Closer Look

Politicians React to Shootings in El Paso and Dayton: A Closer Look

-We’d like to begin tonight by saying a few words about the horrific mass
shootings in Dayton and El Paso. This was a heartbreaking weekend
of unspeakable tragedy and, yet, one that disturbingly
feels all too familiar. Of course, as we all know
by now, there’s an epidemic of gun violence and mass
shootings in this country and, no matter how difficult,
we cannot become numb to it, but it’s also not just
about guns. The shooting in El Paso was an act of white supremacist
domestic terrorism specifically targeting
Hispanics. It’s a threat that is
growing and real. These are facts we must look
squarely in the eye, no matter how monstrous. The spread of violent white
supremacy has been fueled by racist vitriol; warning of invasions
by immigrants, language that is
frequently echoed by right-wing media outlets
and, of course, the president; and, on top of that,
there is, of course, too much easy access to weapons
of war that should be outlawed. This is a moment that demands
moral clarity and urgency from our
political leaders and so, now that we’re seeing
the political world react, we thought we might
at least try to offer a few thoughts
on what’s happening. For more on this, it’s time for
“A Closer Look.” [ Suspenseful theme plays ]
[ Cheer and applause ] [ Applause continues ] As of Sunday, we’ve had 251
mass shootings in this country, in just 216 days. And, first, let’s just make
clear, right off the bat, that we know there is
a clear correlation between the number of guns
we have in this country and the number of gun-related
deaths we have in this country. For one thing, America has 4.4%
of the world’s population, but almost half
of its civilian-owned guns. I mean, just look at this chart
from the website Vox, comparing gun ownership
to gun-related deaths. Here are a bunch of other
developed countries and here’s where we are. We’re farther away
from the UK on this chart than we are in real life. [ Laughter ]
There are proven, straightforward,
widely popular ways that we can at least begin
to address this epidemic of gun violence
and then, of course, there’s the issue
of the president’s racist, anti-immigrant rhetoric and the growing threat
of white supremacy. Our political leaders
should have to answer for where they stand on these
issues, and, yet, at first, some senior Republicans
refused to even go on TV and answer questions about it, as CNN’s Jake Tapper noted on his show on Sunday morning. -We’re gonna talk
with at least four presidential candidates today
about what they would do to stop this epidemic
of mass shootings and shootings. We should note that we invited
the Republican governor, lieutenant governor, and both
Republican U.S. senators representing Texas
to join us this morning. They all declined. The Republican governor
of Ohio also declined. We also asked the White House
to provide someone to discuss these shootings. That request, too, was declined. -So, basically, we tried to get
the Republican governor and lieutenant governor,
senior senator, junior senator, the Republican dogcatcher,
the Republican [ Laughter ]
sanitation commissioner. We even tried to get
the Republican elephant, but it literally ran away. [ Laughter fading ]
[ Zap! ] Let me just say,
as a general rule, when you’re spending all
of your time dodging questions from journalists and reporters, that usually means you’re
on the wrong side of history. It’s like when the president
tweeted his racist attacks on four Democratic
congresswomen of color, Republicans literally ran into
elevators to avoid reporters. -He said that these
progressive congresswomen should go back
to their countries. I’m wondering what your
reaction is to that. -I’m working hard as I can
on reducing healthcare costs.
[ Elevator chimes ] I’m not giving
a daily commentary on the president’s tweets.
-But these are, you know, racist tweets. Do you have any concerns
about it? -The president said that
these minority congresswomen should go back
to their countries. Do you have a response? -I hadn’t read that,
but I’ll go check it out. [ Laughter ]
Man, at this point, if reporters want an answer,
they’re going to have to start dressing up
as elevator operators. [ Laughter ] And then, when Republicans
finally did speak up, they acted as if the reasons
for these attacks were somehow mysterious,
even though we know the facts about the epidemic of gun deaths and mass shootings
in this country and we know that the threat of white supremacist terrorism
is growing and real. For example, Texas senator
John Cornyn tweeted: “For every complex problem, there’s an answer that is
clear, simple and wrong. Sadly, there are some issues, like homelessness
and these shootings, where we simply don’t have
all the answers.” Hey, man, don’t throw in
a second problem, like homelessness, you’re also
not doing anything about, [ Laughter ]
as a smokescreen for the first problem. That’s like telling your wife, “There are a lot of reasons our marriage is failing,
like my multiple affairs or the fact that you’re always
mad about my multiple affairs.” [ Laughter and applause ] You’re not gonna get
all the answers if you refuse to ask any
of the questions, but these guys have to pretend
this is some sort of unsolvable problem
because they’re beholden to powerful lobbies, like
gun manufacturers and the NRA. It’s the same reason why,
once Republicans did start going on TV to talk
about the shootings, they didn’t blame
virulent white supremacy or wide availability of
military-style assault weapons. Instead, they,
once again, focused on a favorite scapegoat
of theirs: video games. -How long are we gonna let,
for example, and ignore, at the federal
level, particularly, where they can do something
about the video game industry? I see a video game industry that
teaches young people to kill. -The idea of these video games,
to dehumanize individuals, to have a game of shooting
individuals and others, I’ve always felt that is
a problem for, um, future generations and others. -You’re blamin’ video games? You do know that other countries
have video games, too, right? Japan has a huge gaming culture
and very few gun deaths. If video games
were so influential, they should make one
about Congress called [Bleep] Do Something. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Whistling ] And, as we all know, [ Whistling and applause ]
as we all know, there are commonsense gun safety
measures that are supported by a vast majority of Americans, that we could easily pass
right now, that would at least begin
to help in reducing the frequency and intensity
of these horrific attacks. In fact, the House just passed
gun safety legislation a few months ago,
but it’s been blocked in the Senate by Mitch McConnell
and, on Sunday, Ohio congressman Tim Ryan
called McConnell out on MSNBC. -There is a bottleneck
in the United States Senate with Mitch McConnell. We passed, in the
House of Representatives, a few weeks back,
background checks, a basic step that 90% of the
American people support, and the Republicans need to,
quite frankly, get their [bleep] together
and stop pandering to the NRA. -Damn, members of Congress
are cursing on cable now! [ Laughter ]
Good! If there were ever a time for cursing, this is it. This is an emergency! Next time Tim Ryan gives
a speech on the House floor, C-SPAN’s gonna have
to bleep most of it. -President Trump, [bleep] my [prolonged bleep]
[ Laughter and applause ] And, of course,
it’s not just McConnell blocking gun safety measures. It’s also the gun lobby and,
particularly, the NRA. Even Trump,
at a meeting with lawmakers after the Parkland shooting, blurted out
that they were afraid of tightening gun restrictions
because of the power of the NRA. -It doesn’t make sense
that I have to wait ’til I’m 21 to get a handgun, but I can
get this weapon at 18. I don’t know.
So I was just curious as to what you did in your bill. -We did not address it. -We didn’t address it,
Mr. President. -You know why? ‘Cause you’re
afraid of the NRA, right? -I think you underestimate
the power of the gun lobby. -No, no. I tell you what. They do have great power.
I agree with it. They have great power
over you people. -There are a few times
I’m glad he’s a moron [ Laughter and applause ]
because he just accidentally tells the truth.
He’s like the racist uncle at the family gathering
who’s constantly saying offensive stuff,
but, once in a while, because he has no filter,
he’ll just blurt out something everyone’s thinkin’,
like, “That Susan really likes
her wine, doesn’t she?” [ Laughter ] “What is that, like,
her fifth glass?” [ Laughter ] Moments like this, you, at least theoretically, want a political leader to console and provide
moral leadership, but we know Trump’s
incapable of that because of the racist
vitriol he’s spewed since the day
he launched his campaign. He’s demonized
undocumented immigrants as rapists and criminals, called migrants seeking asylum
an invasion, and so, it wasn’t
very believable when he offered
this brief statement after leaving his New Jersey
golf resort on Sunday. -Hate has no place
in our country and we’re gonna take care of it. We have to get it stopped. This has been going on
for years. For years and years
in our country and we have to get it stopped. And a lotta things are in the
works and a lot of good things and we have done much more
than most administrations and it’s really not talked
about very much, but we’ve done, actually, a lot so, a lot of things
are happening. A lot of things are
happening right now. -Oh, my God,
our president sounds like a guy who took
too many mushrooms [ Laughter ]
at a carnival. [as Trump] A lotta things
are happening right now. [ Smattering of applause ]
A lotta. [ Laughter, clapping ] This morning, Trump spoke
from the White House and condemned
hatred and violence and white supremacy,
specifically, but, of course,
it’s hard to take anything he reads
off a teleprompter seriously after all his previous comments. Beto O’Rourke summed it up
when he offered this response to a question from a reporter
about whether Trump could do anything
to make things better. Is there anything in your mind
that the president can do now to make this any better? -What do you think? You know the [bleep]
he’s been saying. He’s been calling
Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. I don’t know.
Like, members of the press, what the [bleep]? [ Laughter and applause ]
Hold on a second. You know, I-I–
It’s these questions that you know the answers to. I mean, connect the dots about what he’s been doing
in this country. He’s not tolerating racism. He’s promoting racism. He’s not tolerating violence. He’s inciting racism
and violence in this country. So, you know, I just — I don’t know what kinda
question that is. -Yeah, he’s right, and, again, if there was a time
for swearing, this is it. In fact, with all the swearing,
at the next debate, they’re gonna have to put Beto
and Tim Ryan on a new program called “C-SPAN after Dark.” [ Laughter and applause ]
And, sure enough, when Trump did read
off the teleprompter today, he ticked through the usual
scapegoats he has in the past, mental illness, video games,
and did it flatly. -We must reform our
mental health laws to better identify
mentally disturbed individuals who may commit act of violence and make sure those people
not only get treatment, but, when necessary,
involuntary confinement. Mental illness and hatred
pulls the trigger, not the gun. -First of all, he’s wrong. Second, he sounds
like a fourth grader auditioning for the role of the
scarecrow in “Wizard of Oz.” [ Laughter ]
[as Trump] I would like, uh — Line. [ Laughter ] Brian. [ Laughter ]
This was a horrific weekend of tragedy and heartbreak that no one should ever
have to bear. All decent people, everywhere, should set themselves
to the task of stopping this and expressing solidarity with
and support for the oppressed,
marginalized communities targeted by this hatred
and violence. And, as for our
political leaders, the ones who are supposed
to be protecting us, all we say is they need to — -Get their [bleep] together. [ Laughter ]
This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheering and applause ]

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  • People continue to use skewed data to say video games don't have an impact. The truth is they do play a part in these shootings. They influence unhealthy individuals as the games replace role models in their lives. This is true with music and movies as well. Because you can survey the general population and it doesn't show this connection, or that it doesn't show up in other cultures is insignificant. It is one of the things that contribute to this problem. Just as availability of guns, and the grandeur of the media of the previous episodes also play a part. Like the Dayton shooter these kids are also often bullied as children fueling their societal hatred. These people are looked at as evil twisted individuals, but keep in mind for the most part it is our fault as a society for creating them long before they got access to a gun.

  • If Americans let the Republican Party to continue stopping the development of a public high quality free for all education (I mean school and high school) you are going to end like China, with a bunch of rich guys telling a hold nation what to do, to feel and think with no Human Rights… yes… that is the result of the ¨ultra capitalists¨ in power… a militar dictatorship branded whatever: communism, tyranny, monarchy… what ever…. a f#$%/& militar dictatorship

  • Do Americans have the brains and the education to understand how insulting is to give the excuse of the video games? If you are an american and believe that stupidity yopu are the living proof of the urgency of a public high quality free education for all of you…. its an enormous irresponsibility for the most powerful nation in the world to be packed with ignorants and racists that do not know when they are being insulted in their own faces by the Republican party

  • Don’t forget that three people were also killed by an apparent white supremacist on Sunday July 28th at the Gilroy, CA Garlic Festival, just prior to the El Paso and Dayton racist terrorist shootings.

  • In BOTH situations, the shooter could have and SHOULD have been killed by ARMED CITIZENS. I NEVER go into a Walmart or ANY place without my sidearm. As a vet situational awareness is second nature. You ALWAYS watch your 6. You NEVER put your back to a door and you watch people.Shooting people outside of war or self defense is ONLY done with a sick mind. NOT RACIALLY motivated. They can hide behind ANY label they want. It is NOT normal to want to go out and kill people. War, you kill the enemy, see people die, lose friends and come home PTSD. WHY?? Because killing is NOT what our brains are designed to have us do. These mass shooters have sick minds FIRST! Terrible as these shootings are, you can NOT blame gun owners. Case in point. Another Walmart shooting was stopped before it began by WHO???? An armed citizen! This is how it works! The LAST THING anyone should be doing is listening to a comedian who thinks he's got the answer to ANYTHING!!!

  • Cudos on posessing the testicular fortitude on calling it what it actually is edomite terrorism..however,its no epidemic,its a pathology.

  • Thousands of people storming a border .so that is not an invasion? Over 15 million illegals here and that is not an invasion?exactly what does the left consider invasion?

  • Looks like we cant stop mass shootings easily, guns can be made, games pirated, crazy people will lie and say they're ok, so what can we do? I can apply for a concealed carry and at least be able to shoot back to protect my family if there is a shooting. But really we should come together as people, dont let them divide us or we will end up fighting our own brothers and sisters, keep things personal if someone does you wrong be mad at them but not at everyone who has the same hair cut.

  • the USA used to be known for its patriotism… now it seems to be known for mass shootings and racisim. im sorry for your country, i really hope it all gets resolved

  • As OF Sunday (August 2019) over 250+ Mass shootings….BUT the Right-Wing want to say that during the Obama Presidency….EIGHT YEARS!!! There were 83 mass shootings,,,,AS IF Obama was somehow personally responsible??????

  • Donald J. tRUMPski-von-Putin is not personally "responsible"…..BUT surely his rhetoric language is. HE is, after all…POTUS. AND his Twitter is fucking SEEN by every whack-job on this Planet.

  • SO MANY PEOPLE miss the point of shooters like the ones in El Paso, Christchurch, etc.: Acting in "self defense". We (whites) don't like mexicans, blacks, cocos, or anyone unlike ourselves: we have trouble liking each other! But lately, the cultures of POC are very upsetting to us, and their growing presence (illegally or otherwise) is largely nauseating and offensive (They hate us even more, in case you wondered). I'm not saying that randomly killing everyone you don't like is right, but, getting rid of them is a priority (and in the back of ALL of our minds because we dont want you around anymore!!),… A priority that some people take to extremes. 200 years ago had this trend started, every single goddamned POC (and liberal collaborator) would have been rounded-up and either shipped off to some Godforesaken hell-hole island, or Africa, and given a swift kick-in-the-ass: a "lucky to be alive" farewell. Or they would have wisely run home voluntarily. I am a white nationalist, and sincerely wish that whites were alone on this continent,… this planet. Personally, and aside from the multicultural insanity we're forced to endure,…. I don't like looking at non-whites: they repulse me. -Same goes for them most likely. I think others are ugly; they think we are: Simple. I think the cultures of POC are vile, destructive, uncouth, primitive, and banal; They think whites are similarly repulsive,…. too bad we made and control just about everything tho, and they can't deal with that. Some sort of revolt is brewing,… How soon and severe it will be is the great unknown factor. But, when it does,…. Remember how many more of us there are; how many guns we have; who runs our police and military; and just how much POC are reviled and hated. Think about that next time you piss us off, you dirty motherfuckers.

  • "A lot has been done, a lot of things are happening"
    When those lots of things didn't prevent two shootings in one week, you're doing the wrong things.

  • Just think, If trump would have stood up for our laws against HATE crimes, we would not have lost any lives due to gun violence. The souls are screaming for justice!

  • Smoking and automobile accidents are take way more lives. Why the pressure on guns when they pale in comparison? There is a ban on crack cocaine and it isn't that hard to find it. That loud pop that you will hear is the sound of your head coming out your ass.

  • Gun ownership is what the United States free, if you don't like freedom you are free to leave. I hate it when commentators compare the U.S. to other countries when it comes to "gun related deaths." First they say deaths because they want to include suicides which shouldn't be included when you're talking about mass shooters. Second they say "gun related" when they compare us to other nations. What they should be comparing is homicides per capita by nation. If another nation has a higher homicide rate per capita, but they're not gun related, does it make it any better?
    What kind of solution is giving up gun violence for knife, acid, or gasoline violence?
    33 People died in a Japanese anime studio because one man committed an act of terrorism with gasoline.
    What are we going to do? Do background checks to use gasoline? People who commit attacks on the masses don't have a history of it because you can only get away with it once.
    You're not a killer until you are.

    Oh, Chester is dead now too. Haha lol. RIP buddy. We're on our way to join you when we get shot in public.

  • SO… Obama did nothing about homelessness for 8 years and he's their GOD. How can he just decide to blame it on the Right ? I guess there was no homelessness before 2016???

  • OMG I thought you were a talk show….you know ?…comedy, guests, skits, laughs, funny….what's with the political preaching. Johnny Carson is rolling over in his grave.

  • Video games? Really? I thought it was comic books and Mad Magazine that were corrupting young minds. These kind of fairey tales have been floating around for years. Get a grip on the prevalence of weapons in America.

  • undocumented immigrants aka illegals are criminals if you illegally enter the country you violate federal law aka you are a criminal

  • seth meyers gives bedford a bad name, assumes all people are stupid and that he’s significant .there were three shooters dressed in black, wearing shorts, just like multiple eye witnesses said. Al Hall was one of the shooters, there is a vid of him calmly walking down the snack isle. the fall guy was arrested blocks away driving towards the walmart.

  • What about war. That has to be way worse than video games. Doesn't stop them from starting wars and sending men and women to die.

  • so the white guy that kills 23 people is mentally ill but the black guy in his grandmother's back yard with a cell phone, or selling loosies in front of a corner store,or the black kid walking home from the corner store wearing a hoodie is just plain dangerous??!!! Them we shoot first and ask questions later, but the white guy with the gun, the intent, and the means we want to look into his mental health?!!

  • If America repeats its 2016 in 2020, we gonna have to build a wall on our southern border to keep the AR15 wielding crazies out there. Canada

  • It's sad that ye are all arguing when everyone should be getting to together and doing something you can argue about what's hate and what isn't the bottom wheather ye like it or not 1 almost all the shooters were white
    2 video games have nothing to do with it
    3 if everyone is sitting down no one does anything ye have a voice as people of America and yes I mean every colour and race stand up and say enough use your voice x

  • Pass all the laws you want, modify them all you want. It means very little when our nation has the highest rate of crimes and folks who don’t obey them, and attorneys who are willingly in the business of getting every one of them off the hook. And a system that profits them more.

    We already have the longest list of laws of any modern nation. And yet problems isn’t based on what is written nor practiced. It’s silly to to think that laws fix problems when morals are flushed down the toilet

  • You people are buying right into their propaganda and it's gonna bite y'all in the ass when you fail to realize the bigger objective they have planned. The wall isn't to keep immigrants out. It's to keep us in. It's not hard for these organizations to shut down every airport in the country to seize air travel and we have the largest Navy in the world. Open your eyes.

  • American sheeple, it isn't guns or Trump that caused these mass shootings. If you'd get your butts away from the Electric Jew(music, movies, radio, and television), you'd realize that mass shootings occured during Obama's presidency as well, not just Trump's. Also, you'd be aware that gun laws were way less strict in past decades and mass shootings were virtually unheard of back then. So, what exactly is the cause of these mass shootings? What exactly was different in the past decades compared to present times? One thing I have noticed was WAY different compared to nowadays. It's that this country was way more God-fearing than it is now. Yeah, when you take God and the fear of God out of the nation, you get people committing ungodly acts like all these mass shootings. Also, when you allow mothers to kill their babies via abortion, you cheapen life in peoples' minds which gives them less hesitation to take a gun to a large group of people and open fire on them. Also, when you enact laws permitting sodomites to marry, this nation, as a whole, is thumbing its collective nose at God. It's like God is saying something like, "You fool, if you think My presence & blessings aren't necessary, you'll find out just how wrong you really are!" Don't any of you regurgitate the same ol' stuff like, "God would never let stuff like that happen!" God will let atrocities like that happen & His back is turned on our nation right as we speak! Have ye not read Amos 3:6? It says, "Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? Shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?" Romans 1:22 summarily describes Americans these days. It reads, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." No gun law enacted or change in presidency will stave off the rising tide of mass shootings being committed in this country! Turn from the Electric Jew, reject the left vs. right political paradigm, find a fundamentalist born-again Baptist King James Bible-only soulwinning church, and be a part of this world but not of this world. If we'd all do those things, think how much better off we'd all be! God bless! ‘Nother young fool, with a lit fuse Broken compass, now he’s let loose Vanities and … and bitter things; now Guns and blood and madness of mind Not a guess, sir! We been hollerin’! Read the Book, read the sign Have a seat in the front pew, hear the preacher God has promised … to bring the thunder Kids are dyin’ … in your classes Our warnin’s screamin’ – to the masses, Who do you think you are? Takin’ ‘bominations this far. We say you’re mind-sick; ur life is sleazy Ur always lyin’, ur always schemin’ Now He’s pilin’ … on His rage, while You’re all prayin’ to your demons

  • No trump supporter will EVER convince me they are remotely sane! I'm bipolar with borderline personality disorder but am on medication and therapy. Even I see the insanity of trump and the ludicrousness his supporters just wave it off. That's scary af!

  • Seth totally ignores the fact that the Dayton shooter was a Sanders/Warren supporter. No hate or vitriol coming from that camp right? …..Of course not….. And why would any Republican in his or her right mind speak with CNN? …. We can't get a fair shake on that network, so blow right past them ….give them nothing!

  • Now I know why I don't watch your show. You are not funny. You've made more sweeping generalizations in your little rant than bags thrown in a week long corn hole tournament.

  • That's why he repealed law banning mental illness as a block for owning guns. One of his first actions. Check it out. He's nothing but a con artist liar.
    Worse potus ever!

  • There is about 4 million registered guns in the US. Brazil only 600,000 registered guns. You are 5 times more likely to be murdered in Brazil. Give every person in Japan and Denmark a gun and you still have about a 100 hundred murders per year. If liberals cared about murders they wouldn't ignore the gang violence in Democratic run cities.

  • If mental health is the main reason for these shootings as they claim (which it’s not), won’t don’t they resolve healthcare?

  • How are the guns simulated in video games more dangerous than real guns? Kids firing guns in video games are more dangerous than the kids shooting real guns in their backyards? How is the facsimile of the thing worse than the real thing. I want to say there is a mental illness in the USA, but its blatant lying to cover up corruption and bribery, so that is a moral sickness.

  • why didnt they talk about dayton? doesnt fit their narrative. the first part was so scripted. journalists also ask the squad if they condemned the attack on the ICE facility. they ran away as well. i cringe at the fake audience

  • All of those utterances of God bless America have fallen on deaf ears. It's no longer a place you'd like to live, let alone visit. I went there over 20 years ago and people were kind and generous, even guys hustling would help me out. That hustler, by the way, asked me if I needed help. He took time for someone else that he recognised was from out of town. I will no longer visit but I know that there's a lot of fantastic people there and I hope and wish they get the country they deserve.

  • The fact that politicians on record openly admitted to the NRA's power of influence over Washington, DC should tell you something about this country. Before anyone labels me a leftist, make no mistake. I give zero f's about Republicans and Democrats. When you evaluate this country's political system and practices, they're basically the same thing. Stop the madness and stop electing people who don't represent your beliefs, concerns, nor values.

  • "How about we treat every young man who wants to buy a gun like every young woman who wants to get an abortion – mandatory 48 hour waiting period, parental permission, a note from his doctor proving he knows what he is about to do, a video he has to watch about the effects of gun violence…Let's close down all but one gun shop in the state and make him travel hundreds of miles, take time off of work and stay overnight in a strange town to get a gun. Make him walk through a gauntlet of people holding photos of loved ones who were shot to death, people who call him a murder and beg him not to buy a gun." – Gloria Steinem

  • I thought that Barack Obama had already tightened mental health checks in terms of gun control? Is that one of the things that Trump has overturned?

  • People with mental health issues commit about 3% of violent crime. Even if every violent crime committed by a person with a mental health issue were stopped, 97% of violent crime would still happen.
    If advocating for more access to treatment for people with mental health issues, that's great, people need access to treatment. But trying to blame all this violence on people with mental health issues is not good. Stigma is a real thing. Trying to say this stuff happens because of mental health issues does not help with that issue. Admittedly, some violence is committed by people with mental health conditions, but these are not a large percentage of all violent crime that happens. When mental health issues are involved, it makes sense to talk about mental health issues.
    One thing that is a factor in 100% of gun violence is guns. There should be less access to guns.
    It makes sense to have legislation that prevents people from having guns. Some people with mental health issues should not have guns, but they are by far not the only segment of our population who should not have guns.
    To reduce gun violence, keeping guns out of the hands of people with a mental health condition does not go anywhere near far enough. Maybe it's a start, but it is not enough. Any factor involved in such instances should be considered. One factor that is involved in 100% of gun violence, unsurprisingly, is guns.
    Based on the chart shown in this segment, it looks like our legislators should learn from other countries. It looks like there are many other places that have a better record on gun violence. Look at what they are doing that gives them that better record, and do some of those things. Also based on that chart, fewer guns is correlated with less gun violence, or to put it another way, more guns is correlated with more gun violence. Guns are not the only factor, but they are clearly a significant factor.

  • elpaso shooter didnt do it cuz of trump he said so in manifesto…was environmental freak mad about un global warming &migration replacement compact

  • I like how you didn't mention anything about the Dayton shooter. That was a left wing activist who supported one of the democratic candidates. Hypocrites

  • Seth is a lair . That shooter had the fear of global warming. Had nothing to do with what he’s talking about .

  • Answer they are spoiled. They are conservative. Look they want to keep population down and create plutocrats because they are narcissistic. They believe they deserved the power they got from degeneration. Its is conservative. Through human life. We could all rise up and use every billion people more toilet paper. Every tree not really but the lobbied money would fall because demand would rise. However so does innovating and they want theirs. Philosophy? Come with the ones that brought you. Its hi science

  • It's gotten so bad that whenever I see a flag at half-mast, I think, "Oh, Lord…please, not another gun shooting!"

  • And does anyone else notice that the NRA logo has the olive branch being squashed under the guns the eagle is holding?!

  • Again!….? ⚡
    How do these amphibian politicians live with themselves..
    Video Games. Really.
    Is this the 80's?
    When Tipper Gore and others blamed Rock and Rap music lyrics for the high murder and suicide rates?
    Took the great (and sorely missed) Frank Zappa to " set 'em straight."

    Japan is a violent Video Game mecca . Murder rate?
    3rd Lowest in the World.

    Canada, Norway, UK, Ireland..top safest countries in the world. Presumably, people play violent video games in those countries as well.
    But guns and ammo are highly regulated and/or barely available.

    Guns killed these innocent people you idiots in D.C.
    Your unconscionable inaction for the sake of greed or willful ignorance killed them as well.
    Sleep tight.

  • I'm tired of you talking s*** Seth run for president then b****you're garbage I can't wait till we catch you in prison

  • Red Flag Event? Staged Event? Habeas Corpus? Citizens are recommended to maintain the same level of firearms as the "standing MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX" and their multiple FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS (equipped with guillotines)… Yeah. Keep it comical but, this stuff may be very real and the Founding Mothers warned all of us about this probability. Blue Tie Donald is a frigging CLONE people…Please look carefully and wake the fudge up!!

  • Before video games, it was music before that, movies and shows…but what they don't realize is, all of those are the results of the love of violence…not the other way around…..sex and violence sells…

  • Why does the US want to be the world # 1 leader when they have no answer to the gun problem, the poverty problem, the homelessness problem?

  • This is just insulting to the victims and survivors and their families in the Gilroy Garlic Festival you F**king moron!

  • This is a serious issue. Last thing we need is a third rate comic mocking his way through a very important issue.

  • 👩‍🎤 No they did not literally "run" to the elevator they walked to the elevator. The video literally shows that they were walking. Yes they were trying to avoid the reporters but, they were not running, they were walking😳🙄🇺🇸

  • i guess the video game industry doesn't line their pockets so they can use them as an excuse for this growing crime wave that they don't give a sh*t about. not to mention to use them to deflect away from their rich, generous buddies in the nra. what a pathetic criminal bunch that should be in prison but are making or not making the laws in this country.

  • Wow taking away Medicaid for migrants ! 33 days and they gotta get out ! Serious health risks and rip them off life support ! Nice inspiring ! God won't forgive you and neither will I ! Never ! It's so unnecessary !

  • We had just finished an election and a Trump-like candidate ALMOST elected. Thanks God he wasn't, but for almost one full year many of us are living in fear of having to have a racist as our leader. The fear is paralyzing for many of us, because we have a racism-fueled prosecution history that still fresh in the back of our mind. So, we feel you, Americans, and our thoughts and prayers with you (pun intended ^_^)

  • People of color are killed every day in this country. This has been a problem for decades. But when mass white people get killed it finally becomes a topic of conversation. Democrats are hypocrites!

  • Please test all congressmen for greed corruption and mental illness. It is absolutely deranged to worry about abortions and to condemn people to be targets ..

  • Republicans are ardent supporters of the 2nd Amendment, but you know where they stand on the 1st when they call for censorship and banning of video-games. Idiots. It's not even like universal background checks are even a violation of the holy, 2nd Amendment. Hell, I'd call for universal registration of guns, so we can start prosecuting the gun owners that sell guns to the inner cities.

    Seth Meyers is wicked smart tv if you don't watch. Colbert isn't bad before. None are bad, but nobody beats Conan – though he's not that political.