Old Western Pop Songs Game // LYRICS CHALLENGE

Old Western Pop Songs Game // LYRICS CHALLENGE

Haeppy: Today on twoplustwo. BapMokja: Songs of our childhood. BapMokja: This episode of twoplustwo BapMokja: we are going to be discussing and guessing BapMokja: some of the songs that we heard
when we were growing up. Haeppy: This is how the game works… Haeppy: We’re going to read to each other
one line from a song that we picked. Haeppy: From our childhood. Haeppy: We’ve been basically listening to just Kpop for… BapMokja: a few years, probably. Haeppy: Yeah, a long time now. Haeppy: But we grew up on very different music. Haeppy: So please, play along with us. Haeppy: Write down all the answers
in the comment section below. BapMokja: So Haeppy’s going to start. BapMokja: He’s going to read a line from a song that he might think that I might know from my childhood. BapMokja: If I can guess the correct next line,
I’ll get 3 points. BapMokja: If I can’t the line, I can try to guess the artist and the song title for just 1 point. BapMokja: Oh… hold on. Haeppy: Yes. Haeppy: Some of you might have gotten it like “that”.
[translators delete this part: This means I think people might have guessed the answer right away.] BapMokja: Okay, can you read it in cadence.
[translators delete: cadence means rythm, so he wants me to read it in the rythm of the song] BapMokja: I’ll take half a point or remove a point. BapMokja: Remove a point. BapMokja: So for 2 points, can you say it in cadence? BapMokja: That didn’t help me at all… Haeppy: Are you ready?
BapMokja: Give it to me with the tune. BapMokja: I’ll do it for 1 point. Haeppy: You got Backstreet Boys. BapMokja: Yeah. Haeppy: So does that count as 1 point? BapMokja: I’ll get 1 point for that. Haeppy: I’ll give you 1 point for this one. Haeppy: Oh my god… Haeppy: Well I know it’s Spice Girls. BapMokja: You said “when” but it’s “that”
but I’ll give you the 3 points. Haeppy: Yeah!
BapMokja: That’s close enough. BapMokja: Spice Girls, “Two Become One”, 1997. Haeppy: And the Back Street Boys was 1996. Both: That is a long time ago. Haeppy: Some of you were born in that year. BapMokja: I know the tune, I know the tune! BapMokja: I just don’t know the words! BapMokja: Hold on. Haeppy: Okay, wait, artist and song? BapMokja: It’s Boyz II Men, “I’ll Make Love To You”. BapMokja: I know I can get the line. Haeppy: Are you? Are you just going to give up? BapMokja: Yeah, I’m just going to give up. Haeppy: 1 point.
BapMokja: Just 1 point for that one. BapMokja: I’m going to read you 2 lines. BapMokja: And you have to get the next 2 lines. Haeppy: Okay, the next two lines. BapMokja: I think it’ll be easier
for you two get it like this. Haeppy: No? None of those were right? BapMokja: You’re correct! Haeppy: Yes! BapMokja: Maroon5, “This Love”, 2003. BapMokja: Boyz II Men is what? It must be 80s. Haeppy: No! No, no, no. 1997? Haeppy: Oh, 1994. Haeppy: This is a song we sing all the time. BapMokja: Okay…. pressure! Haeppy: So, you should get this… Haeppy: Very good! 3 points for BapMokja. Haeppy: I don’t know the line! Haeppy: That line… I can’t… BapMokja: I’ll give you half a point for the song title. Haeppy: No. Haeppy: I don’t need charity. BapMokja: You don’t want any points?
Haeppy: No. No, no. Haeppy: What is it? BapMokja: It’s the Fugees, “Killing Me Softly”, 1996. Haeppy: I can’t! There was no way
I would have gotten the lyrics. Haeppy: Nooooo! BapMokja: Does that mean I automatically win? Haeppy: Next line then. What’s the next line? Haeppy: A-ha! If you can’t get this one, you don’t get it! Haeppy: Should I give you half a point Haeppy: because you pre-empted my line
and you got the first part of the first line? BapMokja: Well, I got the song and… Haeppy: Yeah, okay, so you get 2 points for that at least. BapMokja: I’ll settle for 2 points. BapMokja: I didn’t even know that…
I wouldn’t have guessed that at all. Haeppy: Oh… come on… Haeppy: I… I know the song… BapMokja: You want to know what the line is? Haeppy: Yeah! BapMokja: 1999. BapMokja: Classic time of our lives.
Haeppy: Oh my god… Haeppy: All I needed was the first three words of the next line and I would have gotten the whole thing. BapMokja: So for 2 points… BapMokja: Can you give it to me in cadence? Haeppy: I even tried to emulate him,
but I’m really bad at it. Haeppy: Some of you have already guessed and
you guys are screaming at your monitors. BapMokja: They probably have! BapMokja: I just can’t get it right now… Haeppy: No? BapMokja: No, what is it? I don’t know this one. BapMokja: I don’t know that song. Haeppy: Really? BapMokja: We don’t sing that song. Haeppy: Yeah… BapMokja: No we don’t! Haeppy: Yeah we do! Haeppy: When I get to the chorus, you’re going to get it.
BapMokja: Which part do we sing? Haeppy: This is the part we sing. Haeppy: What?! BapMokja: Yeah! Haeppy: What?! Haeppy: No… I don’t even know who they are… Haeppy: I give up… I tap out… Haeppy: I know the song… but I don’t know the song… Haeppy: I don’t know the song though. Haeppy: Nope! BapMokja: The title of the song is, “One Sweet Day”. Haeppy: I don’t know the song.
BapMokja: Mariah Carey BapMokja: Boyz II Men, “One Sweet Day”.
Haeppy: I don’t listen to any Mariah Carey songs. BapMokja: 1995. BapMokja: They were kind of tough! BapMokja: I thought we were going to do better.
Haeppy: Kind of tough? Haeppy: You picked, like, 2 songs
that were impossible for me to guess the lyrics! BapMokja: How did you do at home?
Haeppy: Yeah! Haeppy: Were you guys able to beat us? Haeppy: 7 and 6 points. Haeppy: Pretty low, I’m guessing. I don’t know… Haeppy: Maybe… maybe.
You guys are all just too young and you don’t know. BapMokja: Maybe it’s just the wrong age. Haeppy: So please, please, please do write
your scores down in the comment section below. Haeppy: Like this video. Haeppy: Subscribe to our channel. Haeppy: Click the gear icon and check the box Haeppy: so you get all notifications
about our new updates. BapMokja: And stick around for a preview
of the next episode, coming up right now!

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100 thoughts on “Old Western Pop Songs Game // LYRICS CHALLENGE”

  • I feel bad. Never in my life have I heard any of these songs but one. Blue but I didn't know the artist. I was on hype when I heard it Nightcore. That's all I know

  • i was kinda shocked that i pretty much knew all of the songs and the lyrics. i mean i was born in 1991 so i must've been too young to know some of them at that time, but i guess growing up without youtube and all those streaming sites where you can choose what you want to listen to rather than having only radio and mtv where you have no say on what you listen to makes you memorise these songs. if that makes sense 🙂

  • The only one I didn't get is the Ludacris one, maybe because I don't listen to him before or he wasn't that popular back home. XD

  • Everybody, 2become1, This Love, It wasn't me, killing me softly, Hero , One sweet day.. 3 points each… (wohooo cheers 90's babies)

  • 9 points! I got the Spice Girls song, The Fugees song and Blue (Da be di da be die)
    lololol. This was awwesome 91 liner here!

  • I know every single one of those songs, but for whatever reason, I couldn't guess any of them lol. I think I would've done better with choruses. I was born in '92.

  • I got 7 points 🙁 , I was born in 90 , it has been a while sinceI listened to any old song , but I am glad you did a video a bout this , it's a blast from the past 😉 , P.S love all ur reactions keep going ^-^

  • haha this was fun.and HARD! I knew all the songs but couldn't remember most lines without song melody! lol. well done you two!

  • OMG BOYZ TO MEN !!! I screamed so loud >< And I got the line riiight 😛 It's one of those songs that I'm not supposed to know the lyrics to because I'm too young XD Except I do 😛 Great video!! 😀

  • I knew all the songs here but I'm not sure about my points haha. Like a 5-9 I think??? I grew up with Linkin Park mostly so yeah. Really enjoying the twoplustwo episodes though!

  • nah, you guys are not that old! i'm younger and i could nailed it a few 😉

    p.s: the portuguese subs YAY thank you guys so much for this! love you both and your videos are hilarious ❤ love from Brazil

  • Hahaha. I knew some of them. I was born in 1990. Lol I didn't know the the last one. You guys are super hilarious. 😀

  • I was born in 99 but i know most of the songs in this video because of my father. He have a good taste in music and played it most of the times when I was little so these songs sound really familiar to me but i barely knew the name of the songs, the singers or the lyrics (it might also because English isn't my mother tongue). But when I heard you sing the chorus I was like:"I had heard this song hundreds times". I love songs in those period so thank you for helping me finding it out.

  • I got 13 points, wow i thought that i would be worse at this but i get almost half of the songs, also good choice of songs

  • This is what I got.Pausing after every Question was asked.
    1)"you better rock your body now" Everybody- Backstreet Boys 2) "cause tonight is the night when 2 become 1" Spice Girls- 2 become 13)"ill submit to your demand" Boyz 2 Men- I'll Make Love to you. 4) "and her heart is breaking in front of me but I have no choice cause I want say goodbye anymore" Maroon 5-This Love. 5) "Given her an extra key" 
    Shaggy – It wasn't me. ( I remember singing this song in primary school).  
    6)"??????????my life with his words" Killing Me Softly- The Fugees. 
    7)Would you laugh oh please tell me this" Hero by Enrique 7)"??????????? I'm Blue?8) I have no idea?????9)"Now its to late to hold you cause you've flown away so far away BoysIIMen and Mariah Carey- One Sweet Day. born 88. this were my jams.

  • Wow… seing as how we are kinda the same age. Your childhood songs are really similar to mine!

    Its awesome though how Haeppy is from North America, Bapmokja is from Europe and I'm from Asia and even back then, everyone pretty much listened to a lot of the same things 🙂

    My scores sucked though. Probably got like 3 right out of all the songs ^^

  • I'm a '93 liner, I got
    the one with Spice Girls (lyrics), Maroon 5 (lyrics), I knew the Shaggy and the Eiffel 65 ones but not their lyrics, artist or song title lmao
    that's it

  • It's funny how I could sing a long with all the songs, but for most of it I couldn't name the artist 😂 I feel old!! Dayumnn

  • Ahh my childhood! I remember my little ass singing "2 Become 1" all the time, having no idea what it all meant… I had that CD on constant repeat, though.

  • Damn! I still knew 3 of the songs and I'm a 2000s kid. Lol my parents were raising me with Maroon 5, Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey songs.

  • I knew some of the songs, but I can't get it immediately..when u guys sing to it then I can get it, but when u guys didn't sing and the lyrics is familiar I was like ahh this song, I knew it what was it…then u guys reveal the answer I was like omg this song! Haha

  • The nostalgia is hitting me!!~ remember singing these songs in the car or bus to school~ even further back to songs like the Final Countdown and many more!~

  • Ahhhhh! How did you not get the Backstreet Boys one straight away?! That was way toooo easyy. No wait, Enrique was easier lol. I was stuck at Ludacris though. That was the only song I didn't know. And the lyrics to Blue. All I know is the chorus hehehe. A 90s baby with older siblings, so I grew up with a sister that loved Boyzone, Mariah Carey and Boys II Men and a brother that listened to Oasis, Greenday, Nirvana… and Spice Girls. Hahahha.

  • Thanks for making me feel ancient. Got them all except for Ludacris!

    We play a modified version as a drinking game – playing the first few seconds of the song instead of reciting lyrics. That should be killer!

  • I should be somewhere else but can you do a reaction to Melody Day's Speed Up, first they were a ballad group but they've changed their style

  • AOA just released a new japanese song – Oh Boy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCATw-7au30
    Hope you do an Original Smashed Reaction cause that MV is awesome and totally deserves it 😀

  • all the songs from my childhood!!! 92 baby 😉 my mom would get soo mad at me for singing "what's your fantasy" hahah

  • Yeah I only got two, but I do know basically all the words to Blue so I think that should net me some sort of extra credit. 😉 (I still love that song. Also Move Your Body. They're great jogging tracks.)

  • I knew I've heard all the songs but some of them I couldn't really think of the lyrics. I certainly got the ones of the Backstreet boys, the spice girls, blue of eiffel 65, the one of shaggy, and maroon 5. I also thought of the tone while reeding them. XD Surely it was quite difficult. I was born in '93

  • I was born 1998 and I only recognized 3 songs, Maroon5, Eiffel 65 and The Backstreet Boys some of them are even older than me :p by the way I don't know why (I don't want to say alcohol is good) but I wan't to see some new Reaction videos with alcohol 😉 nice video like always!

  • I was born on the Day when the Song Barbie from Aqua came. 08.11.97 😀 Got most of the songs and now Im gonna listen to old chart songs for the next two hours. T T

  • I got every one bar the Ludacris one….the song does sound familiar though…probably have heard it at some point.
    I'm a year younger than you guys (89er in the house wooooooooooooooo :P) so we're bound to have had the same music experiences as kids xxx

  • Happey : Whats my name ×3
    Me: screaming at my mobile my name is sheila .. sheila ki jawani… am too sexy for u.. mein tere haath na aani…
    Am indian.. i cant help it… i simply love this bollywood song.. google it.. u'll love d song..

  • Somehow, i felt old even when i'm 23, and the 90's wasn't exactly my entire childhood, but i knew most of the songs

  • I didn't know some of these songs it's cuz I mostly listened to Spanish music growing up and have a Dominican family.

  • I was legit embarrassed when I couldn't sing the next lines to "one sweet day" when I totally played that song out in my youth. Other than that…I got 13pts.

  • Soooo Haeppy and Bapmokja just walk around their apartment singing Whats Your Fantasy to each other?? XD

  • I got The Fugees "Killing me Softly", Boyz 2 Men "I'll make Love to You", Effiel 65 (I thought it was 69) "Blue",

  • I just turned 51 so I knew some of these. The only version of "Killing Me Softly…" I know is the Roberta Flack one. LOL

  • In the 90s I only listened to pop no hip hop or rap
    My school had a boy band war we got to bring in a cd and listen to a song in music class
    But it ended when someone brought in my heart will go on with lines from the movie
    We stopped cause everyone laughed at jack I want you to paint me like one of your French girl wearing this…..wearing only this
    6th grade boys

  • I was born 2004 I knew quite a few mostly because my dad listens to them when I'm in the car so I learn them 😂😂