NZXT AVTR-001BL Avatar High Performance Gaming Mouse

COMPUTER TV Hi, so we got the NZXT AVATAR, on center stage today. Check this thing out. New gaming mouse, fresh on the market and tell you what, took me a few days to get used to it, but I really like it now. At first, I was kinda upset at it. It was a little bit too thin. It’s really long, and it’s really thin, and at first it bothered me, but now I love it. And I’ll tell you what, it sort of feels like, when you’re playing, like if you’re connected to your screen, it feels like you’re pointing your fingers at em. Instead of having, this big, fat mouse, if feels like you’re pointing right where you wanna shoot. And I’ve really come to love it. It’s got a rubberized exterior all around. The teflon feet on this thing are ridiculous. You know, pretty much all the gaming mouse, have Teflon feet. I don’t know if they use, some special Teflon, but this thing is super slippery. Pretty much on any game pad, or on any surface, even non-gaming mouse pads work very well, like this regular old mouse-pad. Extremely fast, extremely fast on the table as well. I really did like it a lot. Now you’re gonna notice that on both sides, it lights up blue, so it isn’t, just got a little bit of cosmetic work dye. One thing you will notice as well, is that it’s, very very ambidextrous. It’s exactly symmetrical, down the middle, so regardless of whether, you’re a lefty, or if you’re a righty, you’re not gonna get biased against, anyone can use it, which is awesome. It’s got 7 buttons in total. You have your scroll wheel. You have 2 programmable macro buttons right there. You have your right and your left click. And then you have a right button, and a left button. actually, vice versa. Oh, I’m holding upside down it counts. And pretty much you also have a little display, right here. It’s gonna tell you, your current DPI Switching. Coz again, this mouse does have, on-the-fly DPI Switching. If you wanna switch the DPI, you hold the back button, and you pretty much scroll down, or you scroll all the way up, and just so you know, the setting’s on here. I’m gonna go right back down to the bottom. First one, right there, it’s 600, that’s 1200, that’s 1800 and this is max-out 2600 DPI. It’s one of the higher resolutions available. This thing does, 40″ per second, 15g’s of acceleration. It has 6469 frames per second, maximum FPS there. So that’s very very impressive. That’s something around the, something like, I think I read, 24 Mega Pixels per second, of image processing. Which is pretty extreme. Also, the software, that comes with it, is excellent. It comes with a whole suite. It works with XP and Vista only. I really doubt you’re gaming in 2000. I hope you’re not. Time to upgrade. Directx 9 and 10 will change your life. But, very nice mouse. Very ambidextrous. Very user friendly. If you don’t like it, when you first get it, give it a couple of days. It took me, let’s see, I was playing, Call of Duty 5, it took me like, two and a half days almost, before I started feeling comfortable. And once I did, I loved it. I’m actually switching over, on one of my systems, to this one. And I’m gonna use this, probably for first person shooters, for a while, to test it further. I’m pretty picky with my mice. So, I’m gonna keep trying it. Give you a good view of it. There it is right there. The Avatar by NZXT. It’s their first gaming mouse. It’s very very cool, very rubberized, very fast. Lotsa good buttons on there, and a great software, for setting up your macros, on those two programmable buttons. If you have any questions on it, email me and I’ll see you guys, next time. The NZXT AVATAR GAMING MOUSE, is available from the retailers listed here and for more information, you can just jump on their website and type in: A406-2005. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. The best in tech. COMPUTER TV (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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