NVIDIA GeForce Now

NVIDIA GeForce Now

– So back when I was a kid
about 200 years ago or so, being a gamer was a lot harder. I played a lot of computer
games on an Apple IIc, but it wasn’t anything like the brand-new Nintendo that just came out. No, for that I had to go
over to a friend’s house and now that I think about it, I’m still a little mad
at my parents about it. Anyway, now we have
gaming everywhere right? On our consoles, on our phones,
on our computers obviously. Or you’ve got it in all of those
things thanks to the cloud. And that cloud has a name and that name is Nvidia GeForce Now. Now they’re sponsoring this video, but I tell ya, GeForce Now
is absolutely something you need to take a look at anyway, it’s just so ridiculously cool. So what is it exactly? All right, let’s go dive into it. (upbeat music) And when you think of gamers you tend to think of
souped-up PC rigs, right? Really high-end machines that light up or serve beer or can float
in midair, I don’t know, all kinds of really cool stuff, and those are great if
that’s what you wanna have, but what about the rest of us? What about those of us who like
playing the occasional game but aren’t really gamers per se? Maybe we’ve got laptops
but not gaming laptops. Maybe we’ve got desktops
but not gaming desktops. And that’s where GeForce Now comes in. It’s cloud-based gaming. Now you’re playing on the computer that’s right in front of
you, but all the processing, all the hardcore computing is
being done in Nvidia servers, wherever they may be, they’re
in the clouds or California or somewhere, I don’t
know, I don’t wanna know, I just need ’em to work, right? Now okay, yeah, there are some actual hardware
requirements here of course. And we’re not talking just
Nvidia GPUs either, okay? It’ll run Intel, it’ll
run AMD, whatever you got. And yeah, we’re talking about cloud gaming on a Mac, because why not? And the list of supported
machines is surprisingly deep. It really just needs to
be on OS 10.10 and higher. And finally, and I’m
super excited about this ’cause I still love it,
there’s Nvidia Shield. At this point more than
halfway through 2019, it’s still the only Android TV box you should even think about buying. So if you can play it on a Mac and you can play it on a PC, you can play it back
there on that thing, too. And pretty soon this is all
gonna work on your phone, too. How cool is that? So what games can you play
and what are they like? Well, there are more than 500
triple-A games in the library. There’s “Wolfenstein:
Youngblood” and “Fallout 76.” There’s “Counter-Strike: GO.” There’s “Dota 2.” And a little game you might’ve
heard of called “Fortnite.” The point is this isn’t
bargain basement stuff, okay? And if you already own a game
that works with GeForce Now, you can play it on any of your other devices, too, very cool. So that’s maybe my favorite
thing about this, right? Instead of waiting for
what seems like hours to download and finally play a game, it just takes a few
seconds with GeForce Now. Really it’s that quick, okay? Ya click a few times, ya
wait a couple seconds, and then you’re up and running. And you don’t want to wait for patches, you don’t have to wait for updates, it does it all in the background, so as soon as you start
playing, you’re ready to go. It’s kinda magic now
that I think about it. I’m a little afraid to
ask how it is they do it ’cause it’s that seamless and that cool. And because this is all on the cloud you can jump from one device to another. You can start on the Shield, move over to your PC, hop over to a Mac. Why do you have both? I don’t know, maybe you’re crazy like me. Point is it works and I’ll be honest, I had my doubts at first, right? Cloud gaming, how can it possibly
be as fast or as powerful? I don’t know, but it is. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t pick up a few tips along the way, all right? First, if you can, use ethernet, okay? I mean it’ll work over
Wi-Fi and that’s fine, but ethernet, in additional
to possibly being faster, is absolutely going to have lower latency, latency means lag, lag is bad, they both have three letters,
that’s all you need to know. Second, and actually this
goes back to the first thing, controllers, right, you can
use a wireless controller, they work pretty well,
but spend a couple bucks and get a hardwired controller, it’s gonna eliminate any lag on that end, and boys and girls, lag
is the name in the game, you don’t want it. So that’s it for Nvidia GeForce Now, it is ridiculously cool cloud gaming, and it’s also getting
really popular, all right? They’ve already got more
than 300,000 people playing, and more than a million waitin’ to get in. So if you got any more questions, go hit up the GeForce Now site, I’ll have it linked down below the thing. Tell ’em Modern Dad sent ya. That’s it, see ya later. (upbeat music)

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24 thoughts on “NVIDIA GeForce Now”

  • i tried it on my nvidia shield (using ethernet), it was cool but the latency was just enough to make it not feel right. i'll give it another go soon though 🙂

  • I was waiting for you to bring up the Nvedia shield. Such a powerful machine and can do so much. Since the last update with Hulu, it's our only box in the main media room. When did they announce it will be coming to mobile??

  • This Video is just an add. You don't talk about how latency was for you or how the compression is or price or anything that could be a negative. I am okay with sponsored videos but not that.

  • Sorry. Can't trust a video about a product that's sponsored by its creator. Please don't do too many of these. I know they pay the bills, but I've had to unfollow more than one tech youtuber for basically becoming an advert channel

  • I've been in the 'beta' now for years, it's alright but ya there is lag issues. Wired and fibre are almost requirements tbh. Also, when Fortnite gets an update you do have to wait like 3 hours for them to update all the servers before you can play…it's not done 'in the background' while you play, like you implied.

  • The wired version of a controller is not always better than wireless. Rocket Science did a comparison of a bunch of different types. For instance, XBox One Wired and Wireless have the same latency on PC.

  • Nice and funny video as always man, and yes, it would be the next thing, with 5g I guess some countries would leave the option of having great computers and instead a 5G declive and that's ir

  • I've been on the beta waitlist for this thing for months. Want to try it but can't. So frustrating. Am I missing something?

  • Just fyi…being a person thst loves the past time of playing video games has absolutely nothing to do with owning a "PC RIG". there are alot of so called hard core "gamers"! That only play 3 or 4 games..ever.

  • I get that this is a sponsored video, but please don't let that degrade the quality. A video talking about cloud gaming should mention other big competitors like Google Stadia, not pretend like they don't exist and making the video seem like one giant advertisement for Nvidia.

  • The Nvidia products in and around GeForce Now are great offerings. I tried it out with an Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet I have and quickly moved on to trying it out with Nvidia Shield TV. I have also tried on my Win10 (gaming) PC and will check it out on my work Mac laptop soon.

    Nvidia has done 2 things. First, they have built great support for in-home game streaming. This allowed me to move my living room HTPC into my basement and just stream games to Nvidia Shield devices from that PC (i.e. it's a server now). I was able to stream Steam and Origin games from this PC easily via Nvidia's apps. Second, they have built support for cloud game streaming. Although I was able to VPN in to my home network from a relative's house and use my game server, just using Nvidia's cloud streaming was the better choice for on-the-go gaming.

  • It's fantastic unless you want to play any Rockstar title (GTA V for example) they recently removed all Rockstar games for some unknown reason. Really frustrating especially if you paid £200 for the shield then another £20 for the game on steam and put 100+ hours trying to get a 100% complete on story mode