New Maximum PC Turbo Gaming PC Computer Build 2016 Unboxing Review

New Maximum PC Turbo Gaming PC Computer Build 2016 Unboxing Review

all guys today i am going to get started building maximum pcs turbo pc this is New Maximum PC Turbo Gaming PC Computer Build 2016 Unboxing Review there are the turbo one they have the only he actually here is all the specs second so if you want to take a look at this this is the one they had their newest one they had in the magazine through december the art I’m going to make a few differences are instead of using the their 3 1080 gtx card i’m going to use my 970 because for my purposes right now that’s fine are the most most of the rest of these i am staying with the same i’m staying with ATX case the 750 watt our gold power supply the asus x 99 a to motherboard intel core i7 5820 k cpu the corsair h100i be to cooler and like i said i’m going to change the GPU to the 970 I’m staying with a 32-gigabyte g-scale rip job b-series ddr4 and I the SSD am also changing i went with the Samsung 851 terror by evo so that was really cool and then i’ll be putting on Windows 10 home and here is all the parts guys I’m also i also bought our LED lights set there which I’m gonna set up in the case guys this is gonna be a comprehensive build i’m going to show you guys where to plug in pretty much everything because I’ve had a really hard time finding this online so I’m gonna do a lot of research and show you guys how to set this up and are also before this i will be reviewing each of these components separately and showing you what’s in the boxes so if you’re watching this video those other videos came up before so go ahead and back up and check them out well let’s get started i’m super excited okay that I’m gonna go ahead and mount the Corsair cooler right to the case is gonna be at the top of the case so here you’ve got this plate here are you take the two screws off here and there’s three screws on the back so it just slides right out and you’re going to model it right to here so the way i want to monitor in the case like this but you’re going to mount it right to this top plate over here ok so now i’m going to go ahead and mount this whole radiator here to this plate here i’m going to keep it all the way over on this and so i’ll show you why in a moment so basically as you can see from this end you’re just going to line up the holes here your line up the holes there sorry ok so you gotta line up the holes there and you’re going to use the smaller screws and a spacer up top for all every one of these so it’ll be eight screws to mount it so i’m going to go ahead and do that ok guys so here I got the motherboard the first thing i want to do before i put the motherboard into the case is to install the ram and the cpu so you’re not reaching inside a dark case you moving stuff around it’s a lot easier to do out-of-the-box are here i got my ripjaw memory I’ve got force for eight gigabytes tix here which is what they recommend i wanted to go with 216 goodbye sticks but they recommended for because our it’s like that optimizes the channels so it helps it makes it a lot faster use for and then i went with the intel core i7 5820 cpu so I’m gonna go ahead and take that out of the package for you guys right now just comes with a little book and then it comes with the CPU itself and guys if you don’t have a static like an anti-static wrist strap I mean it’s not a huge deal just make sure you guys touch something metal before you touch any of these components because if you have static built up and you touch something it’s gonna fry your gonna fry whatever you’re touching ok so I for this computer they recommend for sticks and the configuration is the first the third the 6 and the 8 so you can see those ones are gray so if you’re using four sticks you’re going to plug your memory into the four gray ones there i will show you how ok so when you plug it in you just go ahead and pull this one tab out here and you can you line this up because one side is longer than the other so you line it up you make sure that you are putting it correctly there and then you just put it into the channel pieces there you push it down you’ll hear a click and the end piece here wall pop back up so I’m just going to go ahead and install for those into the gray gray slots rather than the black ones ok so i’ve got all four of those installed and it’s already starting to look pretty cool i mean i really like the red color off rip joy uses on its memory it looks really cool and then we’re going to go ahead and move to the cpu installation so here you’ve got these little arms here you just go ahead and push it and they will pop up there and then this whole cover will pop-up it does have a cover here to cover the cpu once you install the cpu you’re going to remove this cover and they recommend you keep it because if you have any motherboard issues and you gotta send it back they won’t give you our refund or another motherboard without that cover in place because they probably want to keep dust and particles out of the socket ok so when you’re installing it you see a little air all here on the cpu and you see arrow here on the motherboard so just align those arrows just put it in there nice and gently it’ll fit right on top and then just go ahead and close the bracket close these are slots here and you’re gonna go ahead and remove this cover here so that you’re on the back of your cpu is showing usually this is where you would put the thermal paste and pull on the fan but i am going with water cooling so i’ll show you all after i get this put in the case are the watercooler actually has thermal paste built into it so you’re going to go ahead and attach it right to the cpu there ok so for this step you’re going to take the back plate here this is for the bracket on the water cooler so you got on the back of the motherboard you got four holes these are adjustable so you adjust it and pop it into the four bowls and then you’re going to turn your motherboard back on the front on the top ok and for the 2011 which is the cpu socket I’ve got here you’re going to use these you’re gonna odds long on one side and short on the other there’s four of them for the standoff ok when you do this you’re gonna want to put this screw the short and into the motherboard piece here and firmly tighten it down ok guys are actually with this socket set i have here all I actually found that you don’t need to put the back plate on there so you’re just gonna screw these the short end right to the four screws on the four sides of the cpu ok so the first thing you’re going to want to do is go ahead and install the back plate from the inside its absolute simply slides into here and pops into place nice and easy ok so the standoffs for this case already are included here so basically you just pop the motherboard into here you line it up and you’re going to go ahead and put in i believe it’s eight screws ok the screws are not included with your motherboard they come on your case these okay so guys these are the screws that you need to attach the motherboard they have round heads and their little tiny screws ok guys i went ahead and install the screws there is nine of them you’ve got 12345678 and then 91 in the middle of the board there so my next step is gonna be to attach the water cooler so I’m simply going to go ahead and take this plastic cover off the lining plate here and then just go ahead and put it right onto the standoffs here and screw it into place with the thumb screws that are included ok next we’re going to our plug-in the connections to the Corsair cooler into the motherboard first you have the USB one here that’s gonna plug into the USB down here and then you have off for the water pump or fan i’m gonna plug that one into there so I’m gonna rub it around and then i will show you how I did okay so this cable here i wanna head and routed it back through their out through here to the water pump off fan connector here and then the other cable i routed it up through the top down the back and over here to the USB header ok let me zoom in you can see up top there is the the fan cable and when we go down here you can see the USB one is plugged in all the way down there i refer to your motherboard manual that will tell you where to plug all these in ok guys so i went ahead and plugged on these are the ones from the front panel you’ve got the research sets which you got the LED light there and you have the power switch in the two LEDs they go on to this adapter here that comes with the motherboard and then this is just going to plug into the front here you’d refer to the motherboard manual here which shows how they connect this is for the front sound panel this is USB 2.0 and 3.0 up so the USB 3.1 is going to plug in right here and the sound is going to plug in right there i assume in one second okay so there you have the audio and then you’ve got the USB 3.0 l and then you’ve got the all the front cables for the power and everything plugged in there like I said again refer to your motherboard okay right there or my fingers pointed is where you going to plug in your fan it says on cpu fan there so I have one fan connection from the front because with this case you just plug in 1 fan connection and then on the other side you could plug in up to 12 fans okay and that would be a good time to install the power supply as you can see i went ahead and connected all the different power cables I’m gonna probably only need about two or three of these all I want to have them connected so i don’t have to take out the power supply in the near future so this is going to slide right down into here and then you’re gonna put four screws on the back side here which i will show you in a moment ok then to purchase power supply you simply drop it in you put in these four screws here ok so next I’m gonna do the hard drive for the hard drive i want with the one terabyte 850 Evo by Samsung so i’ll go ahead and take this out and this is gonna model you’re gonna take this bracket off here mommy right to it and then reattach it ok then what it’s once it’s modded with four screws that come with the your case you’re just gonna drop it onto here slide it forward and you’re done okay then you’re going to go ahead go ahead and plug in ah the power plug here from the power source and then you’re going to go ahead and plug into sada cable here and then the safety cable will be plugged into the front of the case and then why we’re back here we have one more thing to plug into power that would be this for the fan so you go ahead and plug it into the power connector here and then we have the big thick cable here that’s got to be routed into the front this is the main power for the motherboard ok then for the main power supply that is going to plug in right over here and the Seder table is going to plug in over here one of the data ports here ok guys are another two sets of cables to install for the cpu you gotta eight and up here and you got a 4-pin here and ok then the last thing we’re going to have to install the 3d card so I’m going to take out these two expansion our port blockers here and put it right in there ok so this one you’re just gonna plug right into here push it into place and put in the two screws in the front ok once that is installed you’re just going to take the 8-pin cpu power cable from the back and plug it right into here ok as you can see our things are still looking pretty neat i mean i have some cable management left but the next part is to just go around look at your motherboard off instructions instructions that came with your cooler and all everything that you bought here make sure everything’s plugged in and then it’s going to be time for the post which is the power-on self-test to make sure everything is working ok here we go says press f1 to get into bios and there we go ok so you’re seeing the cpu speed there are you seen the fans spinning up the motherboard temperature there’s the memory ok awesome cool ok guys so here is what the final install looks like i had a little bit of cable management to do are right over there I gotta clean up some of those cables there are those look alright so I got a little bit of cleanup are i’m going to install LED lights on the two sides of the glass panel so you have LED lighting on the inside and here is the backside which you don’t see I’m here you can see it’s a mess of cables so i’m going to go ahead and clean this up a little bit too but this side is not as important because you’re not going to see that okay so guys here is a complete look at my setup with LED lights are put in the system and it looks totally awesome so I went ahead and install the LED light kit that i bought from amazon which includes two strips which I tape to the sides of the door on the glass panels there he comes with a little remote control the receiver is right in there and you can change it to all these different colors so let’s go ahead and try some of those out got red green blue yellow green sorry I’m having a hard time seeing the remote so as you can see as you change the colors to the I like the memory sticks actually change color check that out there they turn from red to black that is so cool and then with its I could also cycle through colors so have it flashing different colors there or different colors here or also here or here and then also you could adjust the brightness to so this is like maximum brightness if it’s too bright for you just dial it down i’ll let me also open that up so you guys can see it without the glass door in the way actually I apologize aah if I do take the glass door off i’m not going to have the LED lights on so here I’m just going to go ahead and zoom into the case you can see here the case is really super nice and clean so when they have that the back panel where you could run everything out the back panel there it makes a huge difference as you can see i mean the inside the case is pretty much bear and that is my computer build guys let me know what you guys think I’m really interested to see what you guys think of it and thanks from you and ok so here is a good are finished look at my computer this is inside the case after my cable management everywhere as you can see it’s all pretty much empty inside so right now I’ve got everything installed up and working you can see those cables there are running through the bottom the only thing I don’t like is that cable from the 3d card all the rest are the cable management actually turned out really great i mean i i’m surprisingly shocked i’m also used to all buying my computers so you don’t have as a premium of a case but that’s what it looks like so it was a lot of fun and I appreciate you guys watching click the boxes below for a lot more fun videos and if you want to see even more go ahead and click the subscribe button

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