New Features Announced – Dreams PS4 Full Release

There we were, casually going about our business,
slowly waiting for Dreams to arrive on the 14th. But wait, something happened! A Discord
message from Tom Dent pops up informing us that all Early Access adopters will also have
“early access” to the full game, 3 days early in fact! That means some of us can play the
brand new story mode from the 11th instead! How wonderful is that?! A livestream could
be on the cards for Tuesday, that’s all I’m saying. But other than this bombshell, and quite frankly
generous, piece of news, what else can we expect from the full game upgrade? Thankfully there was also a blog post to reveal
the details. The blog post is as follows. We’re excited to confirm that Early Access
Dreamers will upgrade to the launch version of Dreams ahead of the February 14th launch
date. We’ll be releasing the update that gives those players access to all the new
content in Dreams between 10 AM GMT and 12 PM GMT and please note, the Dreams servers
will be down during this time. After 12 PM GMT the update will be available for players
to download and will be between 7-16 GB depending on your region (the discrepancy is due to
language support). We’re really happy to be able to welcome
our EA community into the game early and hope you enjoy all the new features coming with
the official launch of Dreams! The team here have been busy bees since Early Access launched
and we’re excited to be able to confirm the major changes you’ll notice on the 11th: We’re releasing Art’s Dream! This feature
film length adventure follows former jazz musician Art as he dreams about his life,
past and present, and realises he needs to make amends with his fellow bandmates. The
journey takes him through a series of dream-like situations involving him and a whole cast
of wonderful fantasy characters, such as D-Bug, a helpful little robot with an electric personality
and Frances, a hammer wielding teddy bear. Will he get his shot at redemption, or will
his dreams become nightmares? You’ll have to play to find out. You’ll also get access
to the Art’s Dream creation kits, allowing you to make your own dreams with our noir,
sci-fi and fantasy creations. There are also two new kits, Welcome Home
and Ancient Temple, to use in DreamShaping and your homespaces (yes, two of them). You’ll
also find a new intro to the homespace area and quite a few new tutorials and how-to videos
in the Workshop! We’re also supporting 8 new languages – 6 with full VO support – Arabic,
Russian, Polish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
and Portuguese. You’ll notice some important updates to
the Dreamiverse as well. The UI we implemented for DreamSurfing is coming to DreamShaping
which should make it easier to find content and collections to create with. We’ve also
added trophies and new imp quests. A quick note on trophies – if you’ve met the criteria
for a trophy in Early Access it will pop the next time you hit a related milestone. For
example, if there is a trophy for hitting level 30 and you’re level 87, the trophy
should pop when you hit level 88! Now, we know our voracious creators in Early
Access are dying to know what’s changed in the tools. We’ve added better thermometer
tools (level analysis and heatmaps), camera bookmarks and a whole new control scheme that
uses left and right sticks, not the motion sensor function, for players who prefer that
option. We’ve also done a lot under the hood – our
best guess for how many changes have been made between the start of Early Access and
now is…well…18,000? We’ve deployed bug fixes (much of it based on your feedback,
thank you!) and added polish across the game. Smaller changes have been made to: Checkpoint / respawn redesign
Display settings Visual polish & bug fixes
Emitters iteration Audio preferences
Puppets procedural animation and walk cycles Gadget colour (consistency pass)
Fog range Audio strokes – improve stacked selection
and movement Audio – localised envelopes
Scoreboard iteration Watermark can be turned off in preferences
Feedback responded to: Option to change sculpt default to single
stamp Sky flecks on slider That’s all for today’s Dreams video. Wonderful
stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree. What was your favourite feature from the announcement? Is
there anything you’d like to see added in the near feature? Let us know down in the
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