#NAVIVLOG: Megafon final day. Epic games vs PSG.LGD and Liquid

#NAVIVLOG: Megafon final day. Epic games vs PSG.LGD and Liquid

You have to take reporters seriously, I am serious and I’m asking serious questions. Secret, Liquid… What went wrong yesterday? We had a questionable draft as we didn’t see eye to eye on what to pick. NAVI are in the finals. Roma, how do we become just as good? We will, at some point, Yana. You will, and what about us? Come on, you should know it, what can we expect from PSG.LGD? They don’t take any home tournaments that seriously. How are Liquid so good? Okay, Mila, thank you for supporting us! Yana, don’t be nervous, it’s gonna be fine. We are in the final, emotions are running high! I’m grateful to everyone in the audience for your support, it was highly motivating and helpful. Hello, everyone! We are still at Megafon Winter Clash. We’ve secured top 3 and today are playing for a spot in the final. We’ve been provided with the scooters, because the venue is so large that it takes about 2 minutes to walk to the restroom, so we’re using these to get around. LGD or Secret? We’ve prepared for both of them. That’s it. Andrew is picking against himself. Who will win? Andrew on the left or Andrew on the right? Let’s find out! Who did you want to face more? – We? – You. – Everyone at once. Hey, you have to take reporters seriously, I am serious and I’m asking serious questions. Secret, Liquid… I mean… Secret might’ve been easier to play against as we had already faced them in the groupstage. But we were preparing for LGD, because we expected them to win. Anyway, looks like we’ll play against most teams at this tournament. Are LGD stronger than Secret, in your opinion? They are, in my understanding, they are not as good as Liquid, but they are still strong. They’ve beaten VP, Secret, even though it was a pretty close one against the latter. It’s going to be tough, but we’ll get the much needed experience. I believe we have a chance, it will come down to the draft and execution. What went wrong yesterday? In the second game, we did our best to come back, but it wasn’t quite enough. It happens. In Game 3, we got outdrafted, we made some questionable draft choices as we couldn’t see eye to eye on what to pick. In the end, we didn’t come to conclusion, and the game turned out to be very difficult in terms of the draft. Also, they did a good job setting up lanes, TB was in mid, we couldn’t really switch lanes, which allowed TB to free farm and hit critical mass, and OD was impossible to deal with. We were preparing our drafts for both LGD and Secret. Look at this cool badge, even I don’t have one. Dayana, who will do it in a Bo3? LGD or NAVI? You’re asking me who will win, or who I support? Both of those. NAVI, obviously. And who will win? NAVI. NAVI are in the final. We’ll pick our signature heroes: Axe, Brewmaster. – Who else… – We don’t play Brewmaster. – My bad. – We can pick Phoenix though. – Yes, Phoenix! What about bans? We’re facing LGD, right? We should ban IO. We had, and still have, a plan, and we are going to stick to it. That’s great. Are Secret strong? To be honest, not at this tournament, they have a stand-in, and Yapzor makes a huge difference for the team. However, their core players are very good: MidOne, Nisha can turn around games they have no business winning entirely off of outplaying an opponent. Roma, how do we become just as good? We will, at some point, Yana. You will, and what about us? And so will you, we just need more time. – We all do. – Yeah. After the victory over PSG.LGD, would you take an interview with our guys? That’d be great, to be honest. Okay, tell me, you are a 5k MMR player after all, right? Well, not anymore. Come on, you should know it, what can we expect from PSG.LGD? PSG are very strong, they were top 2 at TI after all. I don’t want to offend OG and their fans, but this TI should’ve been LGD’s. They should’ve won it. FY is simply playing out of this world. Do you think NAVI have potential? Of course, they’ve already proved it on several occasions. They are the runners-up of a Minor, now they’ve beaten VP on LAN, played well against Secret. Tell me about VP. All that fatigue is probably taking its toll on them? Yes. Also, I think didn’t take this tournament seriously. They don’t take any home tournaments that seriously, like, “Okay, we’ll come and see how it goes.” For some reason, they don’t do as hot here. The biggest advantage of NAVI is their potential, the main thing is to keep it up. The way they played against VP in the group stage… You could say that it wasn’t that VP played poorly, NAVI just outplayed them. If the guys play well and their game plan works out, I think they’re capable of doing this. How are Liquid so good? First, they had a lengthy break, and they came to this tournament well rested, prepared and meaning business. I think they’ll either face you guys or LGD in the final. Okay, Mila, thank you for supporting us! The time has come! My boys. It’s great that the guys aren’t nervous at all. On his way onto the stage, Akbar told me, “Yana, don’t be nervous, everything will be all right.” The guys were confident walking onto the stage, and I think they’ll play the same way. Hey, folks. What are your expectations for the match? I except the guys to do well. Which guys? Well, you know, there are guys who we have an immense amount of respect for, and there are other guys who we love and believe in. We respect the former ones for their results, and love the latter ones regardless of anything. They are in our hearts. This is our cross to bear. So we’re waiting and hoping for the best. As the one who manages a channel that people regularly refer to as a channel about NAVI, I’m totally on board with Stepan. We love both our teams. DP’s ult is actually not one that needs to be timed right. They use it when engaging or pushing a tower, and you see it when it’s on. As for AM, you can catch him out with Nyx. Two heroes – Nyx and OD – are enough to bring him down. The enemy team has no items that’ll actually make them stronger at this point. BKB on DP, that’s not good because our draft is flawed in a way that TB is basically our only physical damage. We defended mid, traded towers, their Titan has no buyback, which is important if we kill him again. – Roshan is about to respawn, you can contest him.
– And Hex’s coming online soon. Towards the mid game, I thought it was already over. Yeah, kind of, because I was falling behind AM in levels, it was crucial that I hit 20. We were fighting non-stop, I noticed AM was 23 while I was 18, that was a bit worrying. Well done, now play the same way in Game 2. Thank you, need to finish the job. 2-0 against LGD as advance to the final! Emotions are running high. The crowd is going wild. Apparently, no one was expecting this outcome. They guys did great. What’s with the Tinker pick? You said the hero was weak. Well, Beastmaster’s Hawk provides vision for me to spam rockets. They had no heroes that could get to me. OD, Lion, Wyvern, none of them could reach me as I was spamming my nukes from a long range. What do you have in store for the final? Just no 20-minute stomps, okay? This is not up to me. Let’s make it 1-1 and play a close one. – An epic series that goes the full distance? – Yeah. Roma… Uh, some dude just hit the wall. For 3 years, Liquid has been the stumbling block for us. We’re capable of beating any team except Liquid. Shouldn’t have let Kuroky go. Well, yeah, if I were in NAVI in 2012, no way I would let Kuroky go. – Good luck to you! – To you, too. – And have fun. We lost the first game, but I would’t say it was a lop-sided one. Anyway, Game 2 is on the way, hopefully it’ll go better for us. Zhenya, what are your overall impressions of the tournament? It was an amazing LAN event, a lot of spectactors, great show, I liked everything. Are you satisfied with your result? Sure, even despite losing the grand final, we managed to make it there and showed a pretty good result. I’m happy with the way we played over the course of the tournament. Game 2 against Liquid was kind of even up to a point, but we were unable to turn it into a win. Overall, I’m satifised. I’m grateful to everyone in the audience for your support, it was highly motivating and helpful. You might say it’s frustrating, but I’ll say it’s worthy. We’re the runners-up of MegaFon Winter Clash and that’s a really good result. It was awesome to be able to play in the finals. Thank you for watching our vlogs and supporting the team. Sending love to everyone.

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