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100 thoughts on “MSI GS65 Stealth Thin review: An elegant and portable gaming machine”

  • No G-Sync, no numpad, no additional 1TB storage, bad thermals, 1070 Max-Q.
    So I went for Zephyrus M GM501GS instead, which has G-Sync, numpad, 512GB SSD + 1TB SHDD, good thermals, full 1070, but bad battery life.

  • You said the brightness is around 350 nits but most of the reviews said it's around 250 to 300 nits and lowest of the aero 15x, razer blade 15 and zephryus. Is it really 350 nits?

  • oh man the upgrade is right; my younger brother has a MSI GS60 2PE Ghost Pro.
    Had a ram failure from an object falling on his keyboard creating the laptop to not boot up; once i diagnosed the beep sequence that it was stating it was a memory issue i had to take apart the laptop and take out the motherboard which was so annoying just to SWAP new ram card….
    Not my favorite machine to work on.

  • Brightness is one of the reasons I didn't pick this up, as the panel was measured at 260 nits in most reviews. Can you could check what panel you guys have?

  • Great review, it's nice to see the brands improving and a very honest video about it, you pointed out a lot of thing some might not like, and stated it's your personal opinion, as always great video and liked Dan.

  • Great review. I'm actually thinking about getting this laptop instead of an xbox one x. But some reviewers say the trackpad uses synaptic drives but here they're saying windows precision. Which is it?

  • I have this laptop for a week now. I will give you brief of my experience.
    First of all, this laptop looks gorgeous! It is full aluminum. It comes with a bag and a mouse. The bag is great but the mouse is something in the middle in quality terms.
    The screen is awesome. Very sharp and colors are looking very good. I used on a sunny day outside. It is mat but to see very good I had to increase brightness a bit. It doesn't have a touchscreen but in my opinion, it is absolutely unnecessary.
    In normal usage, it is easy to hit 5 hours maybe 6. But under heavy load max, what you will have is 3 hours. I bought this laptop for work. I needed something working fast and thin. That is why I chose this model and it definitely satisfied me.
    But I have to say that this laptop is very easily hitting to 90C in CPU. If CPU is heavily used temps are hitting to 90C. Even under 10-20% of CPU usage, temp is around 70C. So guys if you have another laptop same level with this laptop please comment below.

    Also, I would like to mention that, my order for alternatives:
    1- Razer Blade 15 (not available in my country)
    2- Asus G501 M (not available in my country)
    3- Gigabyte Aero 15x (not available in my country)
    4- MSI GS65

  • Ummmm…

    Max-q isn't a thinner gpu. It's just a binned and underclocked one.

    The display is not 100% adobe rgb, just srgb.

    There are many configurations including ones with nvme drives. The best buy one is an exclusive configuration with sata to reach a low price point. Ditto with all the other laptops at best buy that have 12gb of ram or just a 1tb hard drive, from many brands, to reach a lower price point that best buy wants. The gs63vr also has an ssd if you don't buy the very lowest sku.

  • Ordered this with 32gb ram 1TB SSD. Going to be using it for Game Development when travelling, Zbrush, Maya, Houdini, Unreal Engine.

  • the ssd is a result of you buying the laptop from bestbuy. bestbuy offers a 2000 dollar version of the normally 2200 dollar laptop, and that price drop is a result of sacrificing the good ssd for something slower

  • The Best Buy model is the only one with a SATA drive. All other models are NVMe. That's why it costs less.

  • The power button is a fingerprint scanner now. Msi just put it on there website in the description of the laptop. Idk how they have implemented it but I know it’s there

  • I’m sold, I need something for college but also want to play some video games on the side. But the main selling point is the battery life for me

  • Just to let you know maxQ has nothing to do with size of the GPU. MaxQ is a cherry picked 1070 and then they under clock it. The maxQ certification means it won't be any louder than 45dbs and on average will run cooler. Also a sata ssd that reads and rights at 540mps isn't that slow actually it's one of the fastest sata ssd's. Now granted a nvme can be about 5 x faster but I have a pc that I gave my wife with a read 400 right 300 read 480gig ssd and it boots from cold in 13 sec!! For gaming a sata drive is fine.

  • Was going to get this but with the comparatively dim display and frustrating maintenance process, I will probably go for the aero 15x

  • I got the same thing, chose msi over razor because it's $500 cheaper and you get 2x M.2 SSD sluts 😈 VS 1 slut on razor

  • Good review – but you'll see no difference in game load times going to an NVMe drive. If you need to edit video, MAYBE a difference. I'd rather put in more storage that's standard SATA based for game storage than pay through the nose for an NVMe drive that's not appreciably faster for gaming purposes.

  • Look… If you're going to do a meaningful and honest review, do it right. What are the thermals on this thing while rendering? Lets say render something for 20 minutes while using 100% CPU, all 12 cores. Tell me, please. I'd really like to know. And don't say it's hot. I know it's hot, too hot! So do it right or don't do it at all. Because of you people are going to buy this thing and get shafted! Not all of us buy computers for gaming, right? So do us all a favor and measure the temps, will you?

  • good review, I think It's the best portable/high performance device. I will get it to be able play my favorit pc game "heroes of the storm", sure this machine is too powerfull for a game like this but I want to enjoy it especially as my first experience with 144 Ghz monitor. Hope I will be satisfied with batterie life to move and work all the time, if not, it will be my first and last gaming laptop and I will switch to Surface pro 2018

  • I had the msi gs65 for about two weeks until the screen stopped working so I replaced with a new one and about 4 weeks after the new one the screen stopped working again I was tired of replacing it so I gave up on the laptop.

  • I'm almost sure I got an NVMe ssd through PCIe, it came 256 gb and I upgraded to 512, I don't think they even offered Sata storage

  • Since i need a new pc but really dont game as much as i used to do and when i do i mostly play on my ps4, is was thinking to get a macbook, but i might just get this and have to option to game on it if i feel like it.

  • I like where laptops are going with the new small side and top bezzel… It looks really awsome on this msi gs65 and on the newish lenovo y530

  • Ur playing an fps game on a laptop with a controller… Are u crazy wtf do u think ur doing xD
    The rest of the review is good so yeah 👌🏻👍🏻

  • If I did a clean install of windows, would I still be able to update the steelseries engine and change the keyboard colors, etc?

  • Is there anyone who use the 1070 version and play rainbow six? Please tell me you fps. I think mine is getting a low frame but I'm not sure because it runs benchmark like fire strike fine.

  • Just bought one. Didn't know about the power light vs which GPU.

    Just waiting for my 1TB 970Evo to arrive then the upgrade fun can begin. Laptop was a ridicuous £1499 from Currys/PC World for the 1070 model (but only 256gb SSD to start with)

  • Lovely review brother. I am amazed you know exactly what it has. Excellent review. I bought this last night and i enjoyed shadow of war so much on it than on my razer blade 14 2017

  • Upgrading this laptop sucks but to be honest I was able to take it apart in an hour and put it back together with no issues and with no previous experience working on laptops. Replaced the factory thermal paste and ssd and undervolted the cpu and no more thermal issues.

  • Upgradability might be a deal breaker for me. Also not a fan of the downward facing speakers. Like everything else though so will keep an eye out for next year's revision

  • MSI GS65: $2,000
    Macbook pro 13 inch (2018): $1,800
    This is why Apple's laptops are not a great value. You get a whole lot more powerful laptop with the MSI GS65 for only $200 more. There's no competition there.