MMORPG Weekly News Recap August Week 4

MMORPG Weekly News Recap August Week 4

MMORPG news roundup time. I have to apologise that some of these may
be a little late as this video was recorded a week prior to release due to my being on
a cruise for the week and wanting to have at least some content go live while I was
on holiday so that the youtube algorithm didn’t punish my channel too harshly. Peria Chronicles
First up we have the unfortunate news that Peria Chronicles is officially ceasing development. Announced in 2012 as project NT , under Nexon,
one of the larger South Korean publishing studios and their subsidiary development companies,
Peria Chronicles is a game that honestly I stopped following many years ago because it
seemed to be stuck in some development limbo. They released a south korean closed beta a
few months ago that I did intend to go give a try and never got around to, I didn’t hear
a lot of great things about the game except it had of course an amazing art style. I can’t really talk about what was wrong with
the game personally so I’ll just leave it at that. It’s always a shame when a game gets cancelled
but with how many times this one was delayed, I’m surprised it made it as far as 2019 before
they pulled the plug. I try to find silver lining in these things,
in 2012 when Peria was announced, the Art style was extremely unique and that’s what
generated a lot of buzz. While I won’t say the art style wasn’t exceptional
for Peria, I will say that since then, it seems every month a new anime inspired mmorpg
is announced and over the coming few years we should be drowning in anime tiddies and
waifus. Always look on the bright side of life, rip
peria chronicles, we hardly knew ye. Wow Classic Of course it wouldn’t be a news video in 2019
without some World of Warcraft Classic news. As I’m writing this video wow classic launched
aa few days ago, I haven’t had time to play it a ton.. Due to packing for the holiday aand of course
majorly to do with the queues. As this video releases it will probably be
a week or so since launch and hopefully those of you who were interested in Classic have
been managing to get online and play without too many long wait times. No one likes queues but for those unaware
of why they have queues, it’s not that blizzard are grossly incompetent and didn’t anticipate
the hype or the number of players that would be logging on, it’s that they know the numbers
will inevitably drop off. So they’ve wanted to keep the number of servers
minimal to avoid having to merge servers later on as no one wants that to happen, server
identity, character identity is and was a huge part of why vanilla wow was such an amazing
game. So just to say, yes classic launched, yes
I’ve played it and yes it’s definitely fun. Expect to see some wow classic content on
the channel once I get time to actually level up some next week! Archeage Unchained Archeage unchained which for those unaware
is the new, standalone client of archeage with a buy to play box price and claiming
no p2w or subscriptions got a release date of september 30th, along with a pre-order
page showing their founders packs for the launch. I have a bunch of videos alreaday going over
this in detail, this is for those of you who follow the news and not the game specfically. Archeage was one of those games that captured
the essence of what made mmorpgs fun for a lot of people and unfortunately went down
the path that so many mmorpgs from the east do, the path of greed. The game has been dying for years now since
the large initial launch to the west in 2014, to the point now it is being run by another
company called Gamigo. They have vowed to resurrect the game and
the new service promising no P2W titled Archeage Unchained is their way of doing it. Archeage free to play will stay live, though
if unchained is as they say, I can see the f2p version dying off shortly after unchained
launches as it saps the already dwindling playerbase from the original and less appealing
game. Just to say, both games are content wise identical,
just having vastly different monetisation practices, or so they say. I’ve got a few videos talking about all the
claims they’re making and what to expect from this version in terms of monetisation. Feel free to check those out of you’re interested. Ashes of Creation Unless you missed it, Ashes of creation coming
soon to steam…Apocalypse is heading to steam. Fuck…Ashes of creation apocalypse is heading
to steam? Oh…Nevermind, almost got excited.. Yes that’s right, apocalypse, the end of the
game…Wait no that’s not right, the battle royale version of Ashes of Creation that they’re
claiming is a testing ground for the main mmorpg that is still yet to materialise any
actual, tangible evidence that it exists beyond the kickstarter concept is launching on steam. Originally for half a day of testing which
then vaished from the store. Presumably this won’t be a one off and the
BR version of AoC will launch fully on steam when it’s ready, which judging from the progress
they’ve made since taking the game down 6 months ago, won’t be for a long while. I’m not sure why I even included this in the
MMORPG news, except to bring up ashes of creation since it’s not often we get any news about
the game recently as they don’t seem to actually do anything. Honestly I feel like I have to include this
joke of news about the battle royale since it’s as close to news about the game as we’ll
seeminly ever get at this stage. The battle royale will be available for free
to play, with cosmetics purchaseable when it is. Yay. Kingdoms Under Fire 2
Officially got their launch date and founders pack information. Launching in November of 2019, Kingdom Under
Fire 2 is a game that has a lot and I mean a lot of negativity surrounding it. Mainly due to the fact it has no idea what
it wants to be and has been in a constant state of stop, start, restart development
for almost a decade. The game has failed to launch, launched and
failed or just planned to launch and never did in just about every region you possibly
can, except for the west. Now the game is coming to the west, with germany
based Publisher Gameforge at the helm, the same people who publish Aion, runes of magic,
tera, soulworker and wizard101. The game is a hybrid mmorpg, rts, boasting
the typical things for each genre, level up, choose one of five unique heroes, craft gear,
train an army, use the rts tactics in battles to outmaneuveur enemies and win battles. IGN got their hands on the game for 14 minutes
of gameplay a few weeks ago and honestly this one looks like the most generic experience
I’ve ever seen in terms of the mmorpg aspects. In terms of the actual battles with the RTS
mechanics, the dynasty warriors style hack and slash through large armies of enemies…We’ll
have to wait and see how well everything meshes together to make an actual game overall. I’m not confident in this one, especially
after I took a look at their founders packs and saw some questionable stuff such as upgraded
troops, troop upgrade materials and experience packs but who knows. Maybe the decade will be worth the wait for
fans of the series. We’ll have to wait and see, something mmorpg
fans should be used to by now. Last Oasis
The wicked wild, the wicked wicked wild wild west inspired survival mmorpg starring Will
Smith….Last Oasis, was due to launch on the 3rd of september to steam early access. Unfortunately, I must be cursed in some way,
since as soon as I uploaded by preview video for the game, they pushed the early access
release date all the way back to october 10th. For those unaware, Last Oasis is a game inspired
by Mad Maax, Howl’s Moving Castle, Snowpiercer and a bunch of other source of art and Engineering. Featuring typical Survival mechanics, craft,
scavenge, loot, survival, kill, steal, build a base…This time on a giant land boat, while
shooting cannons at people, beating them to death with melee weapons and swinging around
the place with your grappling hooks….Set in a constant moving enviroment due to the
earth no longer rotating and based on avoiding the super hot or super cold enviroments while
gathering resources, looks to be a super interesting game. While probably not a true mmorpg in the sense
most of us think of them, a game probably similar to Atlas, a game that is close enough
I’ll include it on my mmorpg weekly news video and try not to feel too bad about it. The game is currrently under NDA, so they
footage we have aswell as the actual knowledge of how janky or buggy it is, as is typical
with survival games and early access remains to be seen. As always, more on this when it releases. That’s it for the big things on my radar this
week guys, I hope I didn’t miss too much and I know I will have done. Next week I’m going to start consistently
putting these out, writing down each news story I see as I see them instead of waiting
a week and trying to remember everything that happened at the end, forgetting half of them
and then struggling for news. I know for a fact I missed a bunch of cool
stuff and I apologise for that. Special thanks as always to Chillie Hue and
Seal boss for supporting the channel via youtube membership subscription, thanks to everyone
watching, subscribing, leaving a like, commenting and joining the discord. See you guys on the next one, PEACE.

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  • Will deff be getting archage this week looking forward to playing it. been along time since i played any wow might have to try out the classic. oasis loos interesting though looks like one you'll need a group to enjoy maybe.