Mizuki’s Route END – Let’s Play AI: The Somnium Files Blind Part 27 [Japanese VA PC Gameplay]

Mizuki’s Route END – Let’s Play AI: The Somnium Files Blind Part 27 [Japanese VA PC Gameplay]

I feel so uneasy, we haven’t seen
Aiba talk for so long and I’m like, I need my guidance star (Welonz chuckles) But now we’ll get to see what happens
when somebody psyncs aside from Date psynching Would Mizuki just show up here? Oh, we’re gonna find something
really interesting here, aren’t we? Something that we don’t know yet Did he make that for me? I love the idea of this though, just that I saved Mizuki and now Mizuki’s saving me 5 locks, Date, Jesus (Welonz chuckles) This is what you get You always being a tsundere all
the time hurting me, Mizuki, come on just tell me you love me and I’ll–
I’ll feel good, okay? (Welonz chuckles) and I’ll be better in no time These are all pretty short. “Leave it”? What would be the freakiest thing that
we could see in the Somnium? Something that corresponds to another Somnium? Like, what the hell was that in the
beginning when we tapped into Iris’ house? Okay, we’re not gonna use a timie here because it’s a bit of a waste, I think Let’s just…taste it (Welonz chuckles) Mizuki can see how much Date loves her, too He thinks about you all the time Now we can check out those
animal husbandry videos, right? Mm, let’s check out the other ones first I mean, should I use it? Seems like–I mean a lot of these are very small times so I feel like we should save a little bit maybe? We don’t need to save more than 3, though “Cyclops Killer” “Cyclops” with a Japanese accent would be “Saikropsu” so “Saicrop” Let’s start using some of these timies Huh. “Memories of school”, that’s our
current objective right now Well, none of these things really scream “school” to me I’m wondering though, like you know how Date
doesn’t have any memories beyond 6 years ago? Doesn’t mean that 6 years ago, he was already a police? Or Did he–like 6 years ago, he suddenly regained– I don’t know. what do you call it?
A life with memories again He’s like, “I’m gonna become the police” and
that’s when he became the police? I got no clue Hm…I kinda want to look at the picture, too. Is it00 Oh, I think that the picture’s probably of the killings,
right, maybe of the merry-go-around place? But it’s gonna give me a bad timeie I didn’t even use one of my timies,
goddammit (Welonz exhales) Then we gotta hurry up Can we check out the picture again? Yeah, checking out the picture again will not
give us a bad timie, but it’s still only 12 seconds Turn it on Oh, my God! Well, that wasn’t it (Welonz chuckles) Mizuki, please there was only 3 things here. We already exhausted the corkboard,
the computer is dead Well, it must be the police ID then, right? Throw it, really? Ah I’m gonna say it again, but Date really made a big decision here in taking care
of Mizuki and (Welonz exhales) he’s such a good guy Where are you gonna find a guy who’s
willing to take care of a kid like this? Oh my gosh Trash Can is new If we’re trying to piss Date off, probably
toss something but let’s look inside Uh, yeah, we’ll just use these timies,
but all the times are really small Report card? “Memories of gifts” It’s gotta be the Adorabit All these times are really small so I feel like
they do want me to try as much as I can Ugh, this is so cute, I’m gonna frickin (Welonz sighs) I’m gonna die (Welonz chuckles) Adorabbit, that’s gotta be it This CD? Kind of curious why–bad timie though. We’ll do it Is that a reference to “The Hitchhiker’s
Guide to the Galaxy”? What’s the smallest time here, any smaller ones? “Usarinpa” Is that a reference to Funyarinpa from 999? 12 seconds. Yeah, let’s try these ones Uh, lift it because we get a half timie from it. Maybe? Well, we already have
a half-timie; let’s listen then Yeah, we got time, we got time We’re fine (Welonz chuckles) “Ugly”, 66 seconds throw it Oh Yes, but for some reason the nice
choices grant a penalty Hug he gives a bad timie, what gives? “Memories of gifts”, right? So I feel like
Adorabbit is a right direction here Maybe not the ugly one (Welonz chuckles) Let’s hug it, then (Welonz chuckles) That wasn’t it, but that was cute We have another bad timie Maybe it’s listen to music I need to get rid of the timie first 24? Or… 12 Let’s try and listen to music and Oh, my lord (Welonz chuckles) Well, that wasn’t it There’s really not that many things here, right? Oh, there’s something behind me. My chair Oh Sit down? You can see the audio deck smoking
in the background (Welonz chuckles) Gifts Ahh, I get it, because probably even though I like the Adorrabit, what Mizuki actually did was call it ugly Maybe? Bad timie, though It is ugly. to be fair There we go (Welonz chuckles) The way he’s clawing onto its head (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz chuckles) Oh, no, you hurt his feelings Like, we’re looking at the good memories right now, but it’s easy to forget that Date is not perfect Remember how he left Mizuki at the bar?
That wasn’t good, but he does try He’s trying very hard And like,to be fair. he’s never had a kid,
he was 25, what do you want him to do? He doesn’t even sleep in his own bed,
he gives it to Mizuki I feel like we have a smaller thing here? Oh, the chair is done. Okay 24 12 Quit being so rude You really want to sleep? We could, I think we have time (Welonz scoffs) Lift it up? We could try doing that, too She so casually lifts up the entire bed with the frame. Oh, my God Sorry, what was the hint for this one? “Memories of the bed” Okay, then let me check out the door, first. This one is also a Somnium that
doesn’t branch off, it seems Oh, wow (Welonz chuckles) the doors in
Somniums are usually useless I don’t think so When you had a nightmare, something-something Okay, I do have to hurry up a little bit It’s only the bed and the door, though The bed, I’ve already exhausted, haven’t I? Yes, so the door Oh, silly me, of course If I couldn’t tackle it open then, I don’t think
this was gonna be the one, anyway Is that where the washroom is? (Welonz chuckles) I thought it was a door to the outside, but maybe there’s more to this apartment If we want everybody to be comfortable, It probably would be better for Mizuki
to be on the sofa cuz she’s shorter Date, does it do his legs even fit on
the sofa? (Welonz chuckles) The coat rack, Date’s coat, and the fridge Wow, some really small timies here None of that We’re starting to get a little bit tight on time I’m guessing the little bonus eyeball
thingies and we can pick up, maybe we have to lift up one of these furniture things? Yeah, okay Oh That is weird. What does that mean? Oh, that’s new, isn’t it? Do I still want to try opening this? Let’s look at the pot Oh– Oh, that’s got to be the right one here.
Okay, in that case– Oh–I’m not allowed to go out of it I wanted to check that Date’s coat first,
but I guess that’s not happening Huh? Oh, my God What? Ah Was that some sick joke? That wasn’t the end. Oh, God. Yeah, we’ll be fine, we have one minute Might as well open in while we can 6 seconds to 2 seconds Nothing There’s nothing in the fridge in his dream Yeah, that was probably a weird Easter egg–oh, God That was frightening(Welonz chuckles) Smell it first; smell of old people (Welonz chuckles) Both of you wear coats are so like, cyberpunk looking Kick it. I’m guessing “I’m not wearing that”
is the right one so let’s kick it Should use a one Oh (Welonz chuckles) I’m surprised he didn’t die Okay, I saw a sparkly thing just now when it zoomed out Well, we don’t have time though, where is it? Oh–What did that show up? Dunno, but we don’t got time Walking around is what’s thinking time right now This “charm”? You mean like a keychain right on the side? Oh, yeah, there’s like a protection charm thing These are pretty recent memories Aww… You have to wake up Mm? Oh, this is easy (Welonz chuckles) I know we love our parents But they are garbage to us, okay?
We don’t got time to go to both And it’s easy to see who’s done more for
me, who really cares about me. What? No way Mm, we don’t have time, though (Welonz exhales) Okay, so I can either do this right here
or I can try to run over to my parents See if I can get rid of the timie But I don’t think I can though, this is–look, they made it a long walking distance on purpose Yeah, I can’t get rid of my timie either way so what I’m gonna do is probably run back to Date 19 seconds should cut it and if we chose the choice earlier, then
we would have run out of time anyway, so it’s fine Come on, Date! Goddamnit One more, I just need one more! No We didn’t start out this last part with enough time Usually this kind of thing, I’m guessing he probably would have pushed me away 3 times. That’s okay. Um… Is 85 enough? Let’s go back a little bit more just
to make sure we get enough. Eff the parents Ugh, come on, Date! Aww The last choice, it’s 72 seconds, but
as long as we can make the choice it’s fine So all we really needed to do was survive that 2nd one which unfortunately, I couldn’t do the 1st time around See, it’s zero, but it doesn’t matter “Captain”, captain, why captain? Aw, that was such a nice story, though “Sanpai”? Worship, like going to a shrine Day 6, this is a long one, isn’t it? I feel like we usually don’t get this far (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz exhales) Ah, That’s nice But you just know, tomorrow
she’s not gonna be like this again (Welonz chuckles) Better cherish it while we still have it Another ending? I don’t trust this Okay, gonna skip it, we’ve seen it already Where’s my cliffhanger for the next route?
I know you want to give it to me Aiba! She’s praying, too Something is really wrong with this route;
everything’s going too perfectly We killed Sejima and that’s it Where is a bad thing? Come on, give it to me And we never resolved the thing about how, like, “Ooh, you’re getting killed by your own father”
What the hell was that? (Welonz chuckles) You usually do that Khh (Welonz chuckles) What? (Welonz chuckles) Okay. Alright (Welonz chuckles) Mizuki, you still want that lesson
about the Guardian Dog statue? Aww Ahh, my God, that’s so cute Help me, help me. Oh, that’s so sweet.
Aww (Welonz squealing) Let me savor this moment a little bit more before the inevitable bad thing comes (Welonz chuckles) We didn’t really get a chance to ruminate on the whole dad thing, the father thing but now that Date’s awake, maybe we’re gonna remember that in due time (Welonz chuckles) That’s gonna be a memory you look
back fondly on, you know, one that you spend with your friends (Welonz chuckles) Maybe that’s why Mizuki got bullied
at school. (Welonz chuckles) Oh. Okay, alright You’re my damn eyeball, if you’re not
in my eye socket, I can’t see Then Mizuki saved me Oh my lord, that means Aiba doesn’t
remember the part about how So suddenly mentioned being somebody’s father Because she was dead at the time, god damn it that means Aiba doesn’t remember the part about how Yeah… What should I say for last? Mm, let’s save that one for last How do you even know I have insurance? I’m a lowly police officer. maybe I don’t have that Do you remember? (Welonz gasps) Your mom’s best friend Your homeroom teacher? Wait You were on your way home from the police station So was walking next to your homeroom teacher who is also your mom’s best friend Hitomi? Hitomi is a elementary school teacher, right? Shoko– we know that Shoko–uh, actually we know that Hitomi knows Renju which means that she probably also knows Shoko So Hitomi was walking next to So Is that supposed to be my understanding here? Oh, bit of a mystery Really? Oh (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz chuckles) They couldn’t find a translation for that. Tsundere–did we talk about this already? Tsundere, most of you who watch
anime should already know this but this word basically means like,
somebody who acts hot and cold Pretty much exactly what Mizuki’s doing here,
she’s always like, “Ehh, Date, why don’t you “go to hell and die already?”, but inside she’s really thinking “Oh, I love you so much, Date” (Welonz chuckles) In the Japanese one, Date was like, “Oh, I didn’t say Mizuki,
I said mizugi” which is swimsuit cuz you know, he wants to go swimming later on and see some girls or whatever Oh, pfft “I said mizugi” which is swimsuit That was like, 2 words and the translation was like 3 lines long That describes Date perfectly No, that describes Mizuki perfectly Yeah “I said mizugi” which is swimsuit Even Aiba, too Are we going for a more mellow ending today? You’re not gonna give me a big hook to–? Hm. Okay, well, this was nice but this route is… not really one that makes you think, “Oh, my
God, there’s more that we don’t know” I mean, obviously there’s more that we don’t know, but this one was more about fleshing out
a lot of the backstories with Mizuki and her parents and there was one last little bit at the end
there with how Hitomi walking with So I’m pretty sure it supposed to be Hitomi Weird, huh? Relatively straightforward one The coloring on these lines are indicating whose path we’re on, right? ‘Cause yellow is Mizuki And then red is Ota. I think–oh, but it’s red here, too There’s a purple one here Green Green–I don’t know who that is, but
maybe purple is Iris? I’m not sure Hmm Well, that’s that and then the thing about
So being a father, like– you’re not gonna talk about that?
Okay, fine. we’ll just move on, then The next time when we come back We will be going back to Mizuki’s Somnium
from the very beginning and then choosing the–what was it, the balloons? And that’s gonna start an entirely
new branch that hopefully will be… leading to a lot of new things Okay, well, I will see you then,then. Bye

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36 thoughts on “Mizuki’s Route END – Let’s Play AI: The Somnium Files Blind Part 27 [Japanese VA PC Gameplay]”

  • I hate repeating myself… but I have to. This is the best ending imo. Though there is another one that comes close. I just love how close Date and Mizuki are in this ending especially.

  • Pewter: YOU GOT 6 MINUTES!
    Date: OMFG I KNOW.

    Pewter: Mizuki, you got 6 minutes.
    Mizuki: So annoying!

    Goddammit, the influence

  • I love how Mizuki is tsundere but not just for the sake of it. Many people try to add tsundere characters for inclusion but there is actual sense in Mizuki behaving the way she does.
    And that comes from her upbringing, her school life, her family situation and the bond with Date.
    This is a awkward situation for any child and with so much abuse she had to suffer even more understandable.
    But Date accepts her nonetheless but has his own issues to face and clearly, it's awkward for him too.

    We may think Date was bad for not hugging Mizuki when she cried at the Park but at the same time, it's plain obvious that Date himself ponders if he has any right to do so for not being her father. He is just an overseer for her and that got even worse after her parents both died and why he first rejects Mizuki in the Somnium climax.
    I could write more about this but I am not sure how to fully express it.
    But it's very evident that Date legit loves Mizuki and sees her as a daughter and that makes it even more….awkward for him after both her parents got killed.

  • 46:12 "She's also my mom's best friend" is a mistranslation. If you listen to the original japanese audio you hear that she actually says "she's also my best friend's mom". Pretty glaring error imo. But since there are very few I'm willing to give them a pass for this one.
    I wish they would patch some of these small errors though. Especially this one. It's a bit hard though because the english dub actually says the wrong line in english too iirc. So they would have to rerecord that line as well. I don't think it would be that hard to have Mizuki's VA do that though since she is apparently a huge fan of this game too. I saw some clips of her english VA streaming the game with someone else and her reactions were pretty heartwarming too. I feel like she is one of the best english VAs of this game by far and this game has pretty much only good VAs.

  • I really love how straightforward Date's somnium is, no turns, no branches. It's similar to how Mayumi's is except Date's goes forward instead of backwards in time. Also similar in how much Mayumi thinks of Ota with how much Date thinks of Mizuki. I think how small most of the times are for each action shows how compatible they are with each other too.

    Congrats on finishing Mizuki's Route! This is definitely my favourite route of the game. I'm a sucker for this kind of family dynamic.

    46:15 By the way they mistranslated this part, Mizuki said 私の親友のお母さん; "My best friend's mom".

  • love how they casually dropped bombshell and covered it with "father-thing" and no one even noticed what plot twist was 😀

  • That hint about Hitomi may be much more crucial than it initially appears – with that little tidbit of knowedge, Hitomi is now connected to all four victims (well, in sejima's case, '''victim''') in at least some way. And of course she is heavily bound to the old cyclops killings too, which I guess we will see more about her and them in the blue routes. I wonder if it will be as long and detailed as the red routes ended up being?

  • If I were to make a guess based on what we know now, I'd say Sejima killed/tried to kill everyone for some reason we don't yet know and Shizue killed him in the other two timelines because she figured out he's the killer and then thought that it won't be possible to take him down legally. Pewter said that the previous Cyclops was caught but officially the investigation was ongoing, so it's possible that Shizue is tried to pull something like that again, and that's why she made it look like the new Cyclops did it. I don't know why did she make the video, but maybe she anticipated someone innocent may get accused (possibly she expected Date to be under suspicion), and made it to make sure no one else gets arrested for something she did.

  • Maybe not guardian material but to Date's credit he's trying, and did accept to take care of a child while on his own and still pretty young himself.
    That was a nice episode, lots of uwu lol

  • Potentially unrelated but Shoko, Renju, and Mizuki all share a water-y theme in their names. Nadami is made up of characters that mean "open sea" and "ocean", while Shoko can possibly be understood as "glass" making her colder and more brittle. Okiura is related to "the open water" with the "ura" being the same "ura" from Urashima Taro, the story of the man who saves a sea turtle and goes to the underwater palace of Otohime, while "Renju" literally means "string of pearls" which is also the name of a strategy game with black and white beads. Mizuki might just be as simple as "water" and "energy/spirit". Considering that Renju had Sunfish Pocket with the nautical theme, and the Okiura Fishery, and mentioning that Mizuki's grandfather was some kind of amazing fisherman they seem to be making references to that kind of mythical sea people. Not really sure if that will at all come into play, but there seem to be themes among family members and people who are related.

  • Adorabbit looks to me like a cross between Ravio (from Zelda: A Link Between Worlds) and the Mr. Yuk symbol.
    That "Game Over" seemed, for one moment, to be scripted.

    Also, the use of timbre makes the Somnium intro theme sound to me very reminiscent of Radiohead's "Treefingers", even though the chords are completely different.

  • The 42-thing is definitely a Hitchhiker's reference. Not only does it say 42 (and that number can surely mean nothing else by now), but it's LUE-42.
    Life, the Universe and Everything, to which 42 is the answer. Slightly more elaborate and clever than most 42-references, IMHO.

  • Also, Date didn't just "leave Mizuki at the bar". He left her at the bar, called a cop to pick her up and escort her home, then went to confront a group of yakuza at their base. Rather than bring her with him. Action scene at So's house notwithstanding, that's still the responsible parenting choice.

  • The hidden eyeball showed up when you turned up the pot and Adorabbit flew out. If you hadn’t done that, Adorabbit would still have been on the speaker, where it was originally, but because it was gone you were able to get the eyeball.

  • "tsundere" definitely needs to make its way into normal English lexicon as a borrowed word from Japanese. There's just no good translation for it.

  • Satanic Adorabbit might be a joke or a reference, but it also could be a manifestation of Date's fear of being rejected by Mizuki and him missing the mark – you can see that her being dissapointed by it initially left a huge mark on him, so it would make sense that if you were to put that fear of not living up to the task, it could be a thrashed Adorabbit – a rejected gift. It peeking out of the soup…maybe visualization of the idea that this fear lingers in every single and banal everyday task Date performs for her, including making food, because he is trying his best to please her tastes and there is nothing worse for him than another "ugly" from her mouth?
    Or its just a joke. I dont know.

    The bed situation is really interesting. You would think that if they are living together for 4 years, they should just buy another bed, right? Yes and no. Date giving up his bed for Mizuki is a nice symbol of sacrifice, but it might be pointless martyrdom if all he needs to fix the situation is to buy a second bed. Not doing so might imply he is bad at planning and adapting, or that he considers this arrangement a temporary situation. You do not buy a second bed for a guest who is staying for a week or so and then goes away.
    So you could say that Date is dumb for not buying a bed for himself and communicating that Mizuki is only here to stay temporarily.
    However, there is a catch. If you buy the second bed, you are telling Mizuki the opposite – this is a long term, permanent arrangement. This is not a temporary "until your parents figure it out and come back for you" situation. I am replacing your parents. They do not want you anymore, so I'm buying you a bed, because you are not going back to them.
    Such message could be devastating for Mizuki, and make her feel like Date is intruding and inserting himself into a place he does not belong to – and he definitely feels like he does not, as the final mental lock shows. So no second bed.
    …though honestly, it should be what they are doing after getting the stew. Take care of your back, Date, sleeping conditions are important for your health!!

    A big symbol of deeper bond is finally revealing Aiba to Mizuki. Date has been very clear from the start he has certain mysteries he is not interested in sharing with Mizuki, and it probably made their relationship grow slower. Tearing that down is an important step forward.

    I'm suprised we never get to talk with post-abduction Iris. I understand it is traumatizing, but its also why I was really curious how they would handle the matter. I know I'm a horrible person. This game does have the touch to do it respectably, tho.

    Dates and Mizukis clothes look super cyberpunk, you are right. Maybe Pewter is their supplier of fashion. If Date is a Psync victim, it would make sense that Boss and Pewter would take it upon themselves to compensate by constructing a new life for him – providing him with means to live, like a job, apartment and clothes. The reason why I think Date might be a victim of failed psync are multifolld – the fact he is an amnesiac who was instantly employed at ABIS; Sejimas weird father comment; and the fact that Pewter and Boss are really, REALLY specific when they talk about results of overstaying in the Somnium. They keep nagging Date to not cross the line – maybe he crossed it before, and the reason why they are so specific in describing the fail result is because they already witnessed what happens when you "get collapsed into subjects mind" once. Maybe thats why Boss and Pewter hold him in such high regard, too, calling him a hero and placing absolute trust in his character and abilities?

    why i am writing comment essays at 5 in the morning
    insomnai i guess

  • 29:00 Not at all. The fix to 1 or 10 seconds are the most valuable timeys. Remember how often you get a giant number or a ?. That kind of waste here, where you use it for just a few seconds gained, can make you fail a somnium.

  • Mizuki says Welcome home date when he wakes up, because she thinks family is people who say ordinary things to each other like welcome back. Mizuki accepts Date as her family