Minion Rush – Celebration Update – Bananas

Minion Rush – Celebration Update – Bananas

Hello, Minion Runners! I’m Manuel, the Community
Manager for Minion Rush. Today we’re talking not only about
the Minions’ favorite fruit, but also one of the most discussed
topics in our community. A lot of you have been asking for Bananas
to have a more meaningful role in the game. Well, we heard you and we’re
adding many new ways for you to spend the Bananas you
collect during your runs! The Update will bring a
new type of Prize Pod to the Shop that can be
purchased only with Bananas. Each week, a certain number of these
Prize Pods will be available, and they will grant you Costume
Cards as well as Coins. Speaking of Coins, let
me fill you in on what they are and how you’ll
be able to earn them! Coins are a new currency
type coming to Minion Rush that you’ll be able to earn
by completing missions. Coins will allow you to
buy the specific Costume Cards you need for the
costumes you want. You’ll also be able to earn 3-Star
Prize Pods for fulfilling all the missions during a run, which will grant
you Coins and rare Costume Cards. My next video will be all about
Costume Cards, so be sure to tune in to learn more about
this exciting new item type! Now, I’m sure you’re
wondering what’ll happen to all the Bananas you’ve
collected during this year. Well, after completing the new tutorial,
your previous progress will carry over, including all your Bananas,
which will be converted into Tokens! That’s it for today! If you liked this video, please let us know
by leaving a comment and a thumbs-up below. Keep running and don’t forget to hit
subscribe on our social-media channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
and the Gameloft forums! See ya!

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27 thoughts on “Minion Rush – Celebration Update – Bananas”

  • TÜRKÇE ÖZET : Bugün sadece minyonların favori meyveleri hakkında konuşuyoruz. ama aynı zamanda topluluğumuzda en çok tartışılan konulardan biri. Bir sürü muzun oyunda daha anlamlı bir rol almasını istiyordun. İyi, sizi duyduk ve sizin çalışmalarınız sırasında topladığınız muzları harcamanız için birçok yeni yol ekliyoruz. güncelleme sadece muzla satın alınabilecek dükkana yeni bir ödül paketi getirecek. Her hafta, bu Ödül Paketlerinin bir kısmı uygun bir şekilde kullanılabilir ve size Kostüm Kartları ile birlikte Paralar verecekler. Paradan bahsetmişken, sizi neyin olduğu ve nasıl kazanacağınız konusunda sizi bilgilendirmeme izin verin! Paralar Minion Rush'a gelen yeni bir döviz cinsidir. görevleri tamamlayarak kazanabileceksiniz. Paralar özel Kostüm satın almak için izin verecek İstediğiniz kostümler için ihtiyacınız olan kartlar. Tüm bunları yerine getirmek için 3 Yıldızlı Ödül kapsülleri de kazanabilirsiniz. Bir koşu sırasında misyonlar, size Paralar ve nadir Kostüm Kartları verecek. Sıradaki videom, Kostüm Kartları ile ilgili olacak.

  • It is nice to meet you Manuel, but I have some SERIOUS questions, and they come from what I hear from other players and testers and from what I have witnessed in your videos:
    1. What happens to all of your bananas? I heard some people say the whole transfer to tokens thing wasn't true, and that you lose just about everything from before, and personally I want to keep all of my bananas, while also not changing them into tokens. Also, I have played this game ever since early June of 2014 and I am still playing. Heck, I'm a freshmen in High School now and I am still adicted! I love this game and I currently have over 7.4 million bananas and like 300 or more tokens and I am on jelly lab level 500 right now. I don't want to lose them nor all of my costume upgrades, jelly lab progress, special mission rewards, special mission progress, racing rewards, racing progress, perks, free revives, free racing weapons, free launchers, prize pods, mel and island hopper cards, blueprints, costumes in general, things I have had to pay for, golden tickets, achievements, and much more!!! Please let everyone keep these things!!!
    2. I am not a huge fan of the new system. Some people said that there is no replayability to the new levels and objectives and that the costume boosts are garbage and that it is repetitive and without other events, races, missions, goals, and other ways to play, the classic fun and memories are all gone from what I hear. And I can understand what the people are saying, too.
    3. Is there a way to keep our game the way it is without the update changes (problems and removals)? I REALLY don't want to lose all of my history and progress!
    4. Can you still change or prevent the update? Because so far, a lot of players and testers either hate the update at worst or didn't really care for it at best. So if possible please listen to the community and your huge amount of dedicated minions (get it? XD), please. Thank you for your face reveal, too. You people are still very nice, but I, and many other people, just want to help you make this update miles better. Please respond if possible or make a public announcement or even better: both. 🙂

  • Can somebody PLEASE make a video on how to get all the progress back😩☹️ the instructions were not helpful