Major Theory Confirmed ! | Game of Thrones

Major Theory Confirmed ! | Game of Thrones

Hey guys A few months ago I brought you a video in which I introduced the possibility of Littlefinger’s death for the upcoming season which would according to my theory happen on his own wedding night. However, this same theory might have been confirmed by a recently published behind-the-scenes photos. As I already brought the ten minutes long detailed video about this theory, today, I’ll try to explain it to you as short as possible. This theory of mine starts with Peter Baelish who did all he could to set Sansa as a queen of the north. Littlefinger betrayed Ned stark in order to set up a fight between wolves and lions and then poisoned Jeoffrey on his own wedding night to save Sansa and then that same girl, already tortured by the Lannisters, handed over to an even more sick oppressor, Ramsey Bolton all in order to turn the North against the Boltons, and to give him an opportunity to lead the knights of the Vale who he is commanding with by manipulating young Lord Robyn which he provided by killing Robyn’s father and mother all in order to set Sansa as the queen in the North. As we saw by his face expression in the season 6 finale, Littlefinger, he did not expect that Jon, who is not even near house Stark would be proclaimed King of the North by other Northern Lords and as we saw in his face expression that’s also the moment in which he started making a new plan. His new plan involves Sansa as his wife as a wife with who he will manipulate as he is manipulating Robyn which would provide him the northern army and would lead him one step further to conquering the iron throne His plan by this theory is trying to make a conflict between Jon Snow and the north or to arrange Jon’s death but also to make sure that this time he will get the northern army which marrying Sansa will assure as they named it, “The White Wedding”, between Sansa and Peter Baelish will happen upon Littlefinger’s threat to Sansa that he will pull the Vale troops back to the Vale unless Sansa marries him while Jon Snow and his force will not be able to follow Jon will be at Dragonstone Of course the first thought you have right now probably is even if he would want to Littlefinger could not command the lords and the knights of the Vale but be careful about it and remember what happened in the 4th episode of the 6th season Don’t forget that the knights of the Vale were mobilized not only because of Peter but only because of his relation towards Lord Robyn. If some of the lords from the Vale such as Jon Royce the lord of Runestone were then to disobey Peter’s commands they would be sentenced to death by the Lord of the Vale by Lord Robyn Arryn, by the lord who is manipulated and does as Peter says All the lords from the Vale are vessels of House Arryn, and have to do as Lord Robyn commands or otherwise they would be executed. Before I go any further you have to know that at this point Sansa will not be alone in Winterfell, there will be her brother Bran at her side who will finally arrive home the first episodes of the seventh season, while her sister Arya will also arrive at Winterfell a bit later. With emotional scenes between Arya, Bran, and Sansa, there will also come to the problem that the differences between the Stark sisters which will eventually result in Peter Baelish taking advantage of and increasing those differences it will conflict between those sisters. Arya has always had more rigid cold while Sansa has learned to be more pragmatic. Arya is a skilled killer and wants revenge immediately while Sansa has a more subtle and manipulative way of doing things which she learned from Littlefinger and Cersei as well. Having developed very different perspectives, Arya and Sansa will clash in a matter of ruling. Upon noticing the split between these sisters Peter Baelish will take his chance to take advantage of the certain situation by increasing conflict between Arya and Sansa which will not end as Peter Baelish wants. According to linked plot, Bran Stark will help his sisters to see through Littlefinger’s game which will result in Sansa sentencing Baelish to death and with Arya carrying out this same sentence. But let’s get a little bit back As I was saying, Littlefinger will start his new plan by marrying Sansa but at the same time he will not be aware that Sansa is manipulating him that Sansa and Arya have found out the truth about his betrayal of their father which they will most probably find out from the Hound. as they brotherhood without banners is headed north. There’s also a possibility that Stark sisters will find it out from their brother Bran, as it’s easy to assume that Bran will most likely enter a vision and go to the day of Ned’s arrest in order to find out who betrayed his father which would provide his clear answer However, while there are a lot of possibilities about how the Starks will find out the truth there is no doubt that they will finally find out in the seventh season. That’s the moment when the wedding between Sansa and Peter is going to happen. The moment which will lead to their wedding night, which is orchestrated by the Stark sisters , by Sansa and Arya As this theory continues, Littlefinger and Sansa after the wedding feast will go to their room and while they are alone and while Baelish thinks that his cunning skills and his genius mind again resulted in the Starks being manipulated, in that very moment Sansa will put a dagger down Littlefinger’s throat

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  • I think little finger will give the dagger to bran and bran will give it to arya because he is a cripple. That's what I think will happen.

  • The dagger has a ruby in the pommel. Rubies are magical in GOT (think Millisandre's necklace). Prediction: Littlefinger will use the dagger to control Arya Stark.

  • I agree that Arrya will be the one to kill Peter.  I think it will happen very much the way you described because now that Season 7 is underway, the producers in "After the Thrones or Go Inside the Thrones of Season 7, Episode 1 – the producer himself said she doesn't have to wear just a "dead" persons face.  Arrya will wear Sansa's face to trick Peter and she will kill him with that dagger.  Thank you…I think you're pretty right on.  What do you think will happen to Robin Arryn?

  • Not super on-topic, but I never noticed the wooden boards on that balcony look a hell of a lot like piano keys. 5:08 Bizarre.

  • Petyr: "So, Bran, I've been getting the knack of manipulating enfeebled young noblemen, and you seem like as good a mark as any, so what do you say? Here's this knife by the way."

    Bran: "I can see through your shit with all of my eyes."

  • The vale couldnt with draw even if they wanted to so this theory is off the table. They swore allegiance to john snow as king in the north and to hold true to be banner men for john snow. If they threatend to pull their army they would of broken an oath and oath breakers dont have it easy in game of thrones. lord frey got fed his own children and his entire family slaughtered for breaking the oath of hospitality. jaime lannister lost his sword arm and is known as an oath breaker. jeofrey swore an oath to spare ned stark and executed him any way.
    john snow could reseat the lords of the vale if they betray the oath. the only way this could happen is if john snow bends the knee to daenarys. Thus nullifying his claim to kingship and the oaths sworn to him as king. That and littlefinger cant take the throne with the vale alone and cannot return to the lannistters as he swept sansa away from cersei. the last few episodes have forshadowed his death for sure but even more so it has shown how his games have lost their power. the moment bran utteted chaos is a ladder. petyr and us knew he had played to many games and suffered very little in terma of concequence. he is in winterhold the house of the honourable and not in kings landing where the dirtiest little ratbag gets to sit comfortably his change in scenario, his waning power of manipulation and his face and fear when he talked to bran. i think death is the only way this character progresses and i think in true rr martin justice. he will die failing at the game he played so well. when starks go south they die when kings landing and the corrupted men and women journey north they die and suffer. petyr is a symbol of what kings landing was all about but like i said that isnt the way in the north and playing the game in the north has consequences. look at greyjoy. bolton and frey.

  • In the south the honourable and brave fall to the cowardly and the corrupt. Flip side. In the north cowards and corruption is slaughtered by honourable and brave men. petyre is everything kings landing stood for and more and he is exiled from kings landing and away in the north. his fate was sealed and forshadowed with four words "chaos is a ladder" the show was hinting at his waning power when he kept approaching the starks and getting face slapped for his efforts. His games have been payed in anything but consequences and in the pilot episode we learn quute quickly that in the north consequences are payed in kind. The spirit of the south and kings landing came to the north in the house of frey and bolton and greyjoy and it tried its wicked ways and was met in a fashion that it could never be enforced in the south with predjudice. north goes south they die. The south goes north they die. currently the north under johns rule are going further north so we can assume that they are going to win that war. The decision of the war of the throne will be decided in this way i beleive. if cersei goes north the lannisters loes if tge starks go south the starks loose. I theink the battle will take place. in the same as roberts rebellion. which lies between the houses saftey nets and makes the fight anyones guess.

  • Man how do you know all of this? half of this did actually happen !! I didn't watch the whole video because I don't want spoils

  • They should give us a sex scene, since they are the only attractive couple left on the show. And Dany x Jorah will never happen.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong , isn't any face Arya wears from a dead person ? That would make it impossible to have 2 Sansa 's ? Your theory is inconsistent with the facts of the current GOT's plot.

  • Also, the Many Faced God is Death. Just because Arya used Jacken Hagar's face while he was there does not mean that she can use live people's faces, it just means that the person who Jacken's face belongs to is dead too, and he just uses that one as a favorite. This whole theory is wack

  • how would marrying Sansa make him king in the north? the people chose Jon. not Sansa. it would be so stupid if they married & the north just said alright Jon's not king anymore this Littlefinger guy is because married the non-queen.

  • Cheeky bit of click bait. Finding out that it wasn't Peter who killed Jophry. Also when John makes his way back to winterfell before the so called confirmed "white wedding". Nice try shit theory👍🏿👍🏿

  • Sorry, but the way you're pronouncing Sansa completely prevented me from paying attention to anything you have said.

  • DUDE IM ONLY 4 MINUTES IN and everything he said about Arya, Sansa, and Peter is true!! Omggg 😱 (keep in mind that this video was made ~2 months before the actual episode where Arya came home and Baelish is already up to something no good)

  • Arya can only take the face of a dead man / woman. and since Sansa is not dead, she cannot take her face and the theory that Paetyr will see 2 Sansas is technically not possible. 🙂

  • Littlefinger gives it to Bran, who gives it to Arya. I think you're right that Arya will use it to kill Littlefinger.

  • This will not happen cause Arya will find out that Littlefinger is trying to break her sisterhood relationship between Sansa and this will lead to the use of the dagger that killed Catelyn Star that will kill Littlefinger

  • Arya can only wear a dead persons face. So, while Sansa is alive, Arya can not wear her face. Peace out.

  • The only problem i see with this theory is that the starks will be killing a man in their home. While they were hosting this man. Like the red wedding. As walder frey did and well arya took her revenge.

  • This far into season 7 I'm not sure if we'll have time for the whole wedding theory but I still think he'll die in the finally somehow :))

  • Little Finger is no one. I think he can change faces and at the end of this episode, he was pretending to be Arya. Sansa got a letter earlier to go to see Cersei. He knew she wouldn't go and that she would send Brienne, who is supposed to protect the Stark sisters. They even made it a point to show that scene with Sansa and Little Finger. He's trying to divide Arya and Sansa. The first time Arya and Sansa spoke this episode, Arya showed emotion. She showed uncertainty when speaking about their father. The final time they speak, Arya spoke much differently. She spoke calm and with no emotion. She also flipped that blade and handed it to Sansa like someone who has handled that blade for years. Little Finger owned that blade for years. Arya just got to Winterfell and we've never seen her handle a blade like that. Just Needle and a bow.

  • Well, almost got it all right.
    There was no wedding and Arya was the one that actually cut Little Finger's throat.

  • I believe 1 more wedding for Sansa is in the cards. That would be 4 now but this time with the Night King. TV shows love to rub in our faces the end at the beginning to get us to rewatch the show all over again. I cannot ignore Sansas wardrobe when she met the Baratheons for the first time and her first future husband her beloved Joffrey. Tell me if her whole Ice and fire theme sends a few shivers down you spine as it did for me. Im guessing she's barron going by her rape that amounted to nothing and walkers past the wall screams Winterfell is fucked

  • Welp. You were right about Baelish using the Stark sisters different ruling methods to drive them apart (or so he thought). Anndd Arya using the dagger to cut his scheming throat xD

  • Pure bullshit. Like the leak was pure bullshit. Fan theories are all well and good but its annoying when people call their own fantasies a leak.

  • Littlefinger's scheming in Season 7 was pitiful. It's like he wasn't even trying anymore. I can't help but feel that Littlefinger from the first few seasons would never have been stupid enough to fall into his own trap like that.

  • jaime will die defending bran. arya will use his face to kill cersei. daenerys will get pregnant, but die while giving birth. jon will die while killing the nights king. at the end we will see tyrion with the daughter of daenerys and jon, which will be named visenya.

  • I reckon Jon snow is the son that rises in the west and sets in the east (dany) and that Khal drogo will be reborn again as their child, the stallion who mounts the world. Thought I'd put this out there.

  • i guess the whole wedding killing turned out to be bs lmao. i used to watch these type things faithfully and every single one is always wrong. everyone knew little finger was gonna die that season. all this crap is click bait.

  • I think there is 3 different Sansa's and Thae sansa from pics in the vail looks very different than the other 2

  • Well, this never happened thanks to Bran, Arya and Sansa found out the truth. There was no wedding. Just a court session where Little finger is found guilty and sentenced to death. Arya carries out the sentence with Little Finger’s dagger. Little Finger had given the dagger to Bran in an earlier episode in season 7.

  • Well…….that’s one “wedding” that didn’t go according to plan then …little finger got his throat slit