Logitech MX Master 3 – I’m Switching!

Logitech MX Master 3 – I’m Switching!

so this is the Logitech MX master 3 and
for those of you wondering the MX master 2s its predecessor was launched more
than two years ago and if you recall my review of this mouse aside from the way
how I looked I actually really enjoyed my time using this guy because it was
packed with features that helped ease my workflow for editing videos and doing
other things but it was also geared for professionals who spent a lot of time
sitting in front of a screen creating spreadsheet documents working on
presentations coding you know working on graphics you name it now the master 3
addresses some of the issues that I had with the 2s but Logitech has also added
some more features to make it a little bit better like a newly redesigned
machspeed scroll wheel which I’ll go over in the video as well as the
inclusion of pre-configured button profiles that can take advantage of all
these buttons including the horizontal scroll wheel depending on certain apps
and the best part is they aren’t charging a premium for it it still
retails for $99 so it’s the same price as a 2s when it was launched back then
so let’s go over some of the changes that Logitech has done to the master 3
and compared to the 2s but first a quick message from our sponsor the Razer Blade
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smaller and lighter than previous generations and cooler under heavy
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the Razer Blade pro 17 check it out below alright so what’s new with the
master 3 as you can see from a physical standpoint they do look different so the
master 3 doesn’t have the pointy tip like the 2’s and if slimmed down the
palm rest area by a little bit it’s still the same size as the 2s and
weight wise the 3 is 4 grams lighter than the 2s but honestly I wasn’t able
to tell the difference however coming from my glorious model oh that weighs
only 67 grams the difference was night day but then again these two mites are
geared towards different users so that’s something to keep note of unfortunately
it’s not ambidextrous so left hand users are out of the equation if you prefer a
palm type grip the master three does not disappoint just like the 2s my hands are
fairly large and I was comfortably able to wrap them around the body but you
could hold a claw style as well if you’re into that they’ve shifted the
battery LED indicator to a more visible spot because with the 2s I was easily
able to hide the indicators with my thumb due to its location and the
biggest shift for me at least is that they relocated before and backward
buttons to a comfortable position it’s right underneath the horizontal scroll
wheel and it was easily able to reach all three of them without having to
stress my thumb like I did with the 2s however there’s still not as tactile as
I’d like them to be they still feel mushy but that’s just personal the
primary left and right buttons on the other hand have great tactile feedback
and they don’t require a lot of pressure to register as for other changes the
Master 3 finally finally uses a USB type-c for charging and it supports
quick charge so you can get about 3 hours of use from a minute of charge
which is awesome unfortunately battery life hasn’t really improved compared to
the 2s because they still feature the same size battery and so expect up to 70
days worth of use from a single charge which is still amazing considering that
this is a wireless mouse packed with features now having switched the 2s for
a little while since launch I remember taking it to show floors like CES and
Computex and I only remember charging in maybe one or two times over the course
of 6 months which is amazing and the master 3 is still going strong I still
have full bars which by the way can be monitored through the options software
unfortunately I still wish if they gave us the option to view the battery
percentage but we don’t have it so yeah now just like the master 2s the master
3 comes with bluetooth support and easy switch which means the user can switch
between three different systems at the same time by
this button right over here which is pretty cool I think this will come in
super handy if you’re working in an environment where you have to switch
between different systems at the same time and if you’re looking for a
keyboard to go along with that logitech didn’t announce MX keys which features
flow support as well as easy switch and I think there’ll be a perfect companion
for the magic three it is $100 which is expensive
but hey if that’s something that you’re looking into that’s an option moving on
let’s talk about the max speed scroll wheel Logitech spent quite a bit of time
talking about this feature during my briefing so here’s what you need to know
they’ve implemented electromagnets inside the wheel that’s supposed to
offer silent and precise movement as well as a seamless transition between
ratchet mode and Free Spin for those of you wondering ratchet mode is when you
can physically feel the scroll steps whereas if you quickly switch over to
four you spin you’re basically letting the scroll
wheels go for as long as it can depending on how much force you’ve
applied so when you’re in ratchet mode the magnets inside are polar opposite
which results in repulsion hence you’d be able to feel the scroll
steps as the teeth inside make contact with each other when you switch over to
free spin the mouse sends an electric charge which then reverses the polarity
and so the inner teeth retracts making no contact with the exterior wheel which
ultimately doesn’t create resistance but why would someone need such a crazy
high-tech scroll wheel on a mouse I can’t really answer that question but I
can certainly tell you how it feels these scroll stamps they feel a lot more
smoother and softer compared to the master two less and most importantly
they’re very quiet you can’t really hear the scroll steps as you’re scrolling
through it almost feels like it’s vibrating inside but it really isn’t
it probably has the electromagnets anyway here’s a quick sound test
comparing this hyper max speed scroll wheel to the hyper fast scroll wheel on
the master 2s so I hope that gave you a rough idea on
how this new mechanism works it’s really difficult to explain it through video
guys because you really have to try it in person to experience it
you see I’m coming from a traditional medicine with a scroll wheel that has
well-defined scroll steps that I can feel them and hear them it’s normal to
me but switching to something that’s out of the ordinary something that uses
electromagnets inside it’s it was a little bit awkward at first but I slowly
started like it after because of its smoothness and just when I’m you know
editing videos and doing things in Photoshop it just felt a lot more
natural and pretty cool too but is it a revolutionary feature that’s worth
upgrading from your existing Mouse not really guys because if you’re coming
from something like the master 2s the hyper fast foveal is one of these
signature features of the MX master series and yes this goal will feel a
little bit more premium compared to the 2s but it’s not worth upgrading to at
least in my opinion but if you’re willing to try something new
you’re coming from something a little bit more basic why not one of the things
that I loved about the 2s was the ability to customize the buttons with
different commands not just window specific but app based as well so if you
need to create a custom button layout for Photoshop or AutoCAD or Adobe
Premiere you can easily set that up through Logitech options the master 3
adds an extra layer on top of that by pre configuring the mouse with different
app profiles once you install logitech options the
app scans for programs that you have installed on your system and it
identifies apps like Photoshop Final Cut Pro Microsoft Office Adobe Premiere and
a few more and it loads the button layout automatically so for instance
with Photoshop you can use the horizontal scroll wheel to adjust the
brush size when you’re doing touch-ups or you can set it to adjust the hardness
or opacity or zoom I use DaVinci Resolve for editing these videos so I use the
horizontal wheel to scroll through my timeline
plus I have customized the forward and backward button
to mark in and out points when in reviewing footage this really helps my
workflow I use Excel to create graphs for comparisons and to make things quick
I assign the horizontal scroll wheel to increase and decrease the text size and
the four and backward buttons to redo and undo if you’re a web browser like
Chrome or edge you can use the horizontal wheel to switch between
different tabs which is also pretty neat and if you hold the middle scroll wheel
and start moving the mouse around you can pan within an image whether if
you’re in Photoshop or PowerPoint or any other program logitech has really
unleashed customization to a whole other level especially with that horizontal
scroll wheel it’s more intuitive to use and I really love using it for editing
videos and creating thumbnails that being said you could technically do all
of that on the master 2s except you lose a lot of the tool based support for
apps for the horizontal scroll wheel and you also miss out on the pan feature
plus you also have to create profiles for every app by yourself since it
doesn’t come pre-loaded with any moving on to tracking performance and honestly
nothing has changed here the master 3 still uses the same
darkfield 4000 dps sensor just like the 2s and it felt very similar now I cannot
emphasize this enough guys the master 3 is not a gaming mouse so you’re not
gonna expect the most accurate responsive pinpoint accuracy like you
would on a traditional Gaming Mouse like the model o with an optical sensor I was
still able to detect a little bit of acceleration and lift off distance
tracking so if you plan on gaming if you’re planning on playing FPS titles on
the master 3 that is ultimately your choice but I would strongly not
recommend that just just don’t just don’t buy this for gaming the last thing
that I want to cover here is the software experience this is one of the
best that I’ve looked at so far it’s simple and provides basic controls for
the user to customize if you want to set a custom button layout you can simply
head over here and choose your app but if Logitech doesn’t support it you can
add programs manually which is nice and guys the amount customization that you
can do with the master 3 is endless and I have nothing to complain about it the
pointing scroll tablets you adjust the sensitivity and a few more things I
still wish it launched it give us the visual indicator for dpi levels it’s
pretty disappointing I should also mention that this mount
supports launch text flow just like the master 2s and for starters this is a
pretty cool feature that lets you seamlessly switch the cursor between
different computers as long as you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network and
you can also copy and paste files as well although be mindful that it heavily
depends on your network speed so here’s the bottom line with the MX master 3
it’s slightly refined compared to the master 2’s the body certainly looks a
lot different they have relocated the forward and
backward buttons to a more comfortable location which I really like
you also get USB see finally that’s a thing I’m sure a lot of you guys will
appreciate that as well and the max speed scroll wheel it’s a cool feature
it uses electromagnets to create a smoother and quieter operation when
you’re scrolling through documents and doing things but it’s not really a
feature that’s worth upgrading from the master to s however if you desperately
need USB type-c and if you see yourself taking advantage of those custom
pre-configured button layouts where you can bring them that horizontal scroll
wheel within your workflow and if your Creator I think you’re gonna appreciate
the master 3 now if you’re a professional watching this video and if
you’re currently using a very basic Mouse and if you’re thinking about or
looking for an upgrade to something a little bit more robust and feature-rich
I would highly recommend checking out the Master 3 yes it’s still expensive a
hundred dollars but given logitech’s history with sales you can certainly
pick this up for a lot less during special sales event so that’s something
that’s worth looking forward to I should also mention that I have switched from
my glorious model o to the master 3 and I know a lot of gamers might be
disappointed by that but if you think about it I spend the majority of my time
creating content for you guys and less time gaming so if I find something that
can ease my workflow make it a little more efficient and faster that’s a
win-win for me so let me know what you guys think about the master 3 from
Logitech I really want to know thoughts about it yes it’s true it’s truly
interesting and different to try something refreshing compared to a
traditional Gaming Mouse so yeah there’s that thank you so much for watching guys
amoeba with harvick Enochs signing off make sure to check out some relevant
content over here don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification
button so that you can get notified when we pump out a new
video I’ll talk to you guys in the next one

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    One out of two here is very disappointing, though scroll wheel looks much better. Sticking with MX Master 2S.

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