Indie Games Accelerator journey | MochiBits (Android Developer Story)

My name is Howard and I’m from the Philippines. My company is called Mochibits and our game is called “” After the bootcamp, we realised a lot of things we thought worked in the game, didn’t. The program boosted our skills as a developer by helping us see things from the user’s side better. We got feedback from mentors on how to think like a user and how to observe users better. One of our games which was having trouble getting good reviews and downloads, basically jumped up to a 4.7 star rating after getting some feedback of what to do with the game. Another game got featured and was able to get a good number of downloads and reviews. I would recommend this program to other indie developers because any indie developer, no matter how good they are at their craft, can still get better. It’s basically training you never thought you needed. Nothing could be better than that for people who want to get better.

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