How to mod your Xbox 360 controller’s LEDs and Shell

okay so this How it will be going over
changing the L.E.D.s inside your Xbox 360 controller and the shell for this How to i’ll be changing it from the original to a blue clear shell and you’ll be needing a T8 torx screwdriver you can get it online on eBay that’s where I got this one and to start we need to take off the battery pack since you don’t want current running through the controller and you want to take off seven screws all together this screw is behind the sticker, I already took off the sticker i’ll be putting it back onto the blue
one here’s the sticker right here usually goes over so make sure you find that screw before you take this thing apart completely or you might break the controller so let’s do that one screw out of the seven so i’ll just jump to the next part so now that you’ve got all those screws off you can start taking off the shell you need to be careful so parts don’t start flying you might want to start from the back here make your way up to the front same on the other side comes right off set this off camera you want to take off the electronics here Okay so now I want you to pull up the electronics but be careful that everything doesn’t go flying if you turn this over everything is still in place so now that we have the electronics out we
can start with the L.E.D.s which are on this side so now I want you to take off the joysticks set those aside and turn this over now to take off the left trigger and right trigger you need to push this out and you need to pull this back push this down and there you’ve got it free so pull that off by pulling this back pushing this to the side a bit pulling it out but be careful cause there’s a spring pull it off to the side like this and you’ve got it off so i want you to do the same for the
other side push out, push down pull out turn to the side and be careful with the spring you don’t want to lose those now to take off this you have to de-solder these from behind right here so while where doing the L.E.D.s i’ll take this off while were at it since we got black bumpers for the new controller so now we’re going to put a soldering iron to this while we pry this up that way it’ll come off easy first you want to make sure I’ve already done it to this side that you unhook it now all you have to worry about is pulling this up make sure this is right over the little square you can move it back and forth until it’s right about it so it’s ready to be pried off there you go pull this off look at that right off the board now you want to make sure you clean this up what you could do is put the soldering iron to it and bang it the solder comes off you clean it up so that way it looks like that empty the three holes so you can slide it right back in and solder right back on so let’s do that for the other side so now we have both of the trigger electronics off and now I want to put them back on so we want to grab the two new pieces that came with them snap them right into place look at that now what you want to do is you want to get the
electronics and make sure you leave them on right the side that they belong on and you want to run the little leg that comes with them it kinda looks like this you want to set it into place make sure the legs come out on the other side and all you have to do is solder it in now do that for this side Okay now we can move on to the L.E.D.s you can see them there what you need to do is de-solder all of them and solder in a new one so what I’m gonna do for this How to is I’m only gonna de-solder one of them and then i’ll do the rest off-camera before I de-solder them I just wanna point out that negative is on, it’s positive negative positive negative positive negative positive and negative so I don’t know if you could see it but there’s the L.E.D. I’m going to be putting on and here’s the L.E.D. i’ll be taking off so let’s do that so what you want to do is you wanna make sure you have the right polarity and make sure it’s facing exactly where you want it to I use a precision tool to help out usually to hold it down for me too and that’s how you get that L.E.D. on so now that we’ve got this all together we can reverse they way we took it apart and we get to put the new shell so we get to put the new joysticks and now we get to put in the new triggers, don’t forget the springs so what you wanna do is reverse the way you took it off now do that for the other side now what you want to do is reassemble the part of the control that has the buttons on it and the electrical pad so… what you want to do is make sure you
have the screws from the other controller so you’re able to put this together, the D-pad so let’s put the D-pad on let’s put it in place then you take your screws and use your small screwdriver once you’ve got that in screw the other one in okay so now we can put the electrical pad on make sure the top and bottom of this of the shells on make sure the sink button part of the electronics is on I don’t know if you can see that it’s really tiny make sure it’s in place you can probably even use the heat sink to melt that little piece of plastic to keep it in place wouldn’t recommend it though unless you know what you’re doing and now we can put the electrical pad for the D-pad and now we’re ready for the electronics make sure everything works properly so now that we’ve gotten the electronics in we can put the rumble back before closing it take the last piece before we have to screw it back in there you go, now all you have to do is screw it in now when it comes to these new shells you might have to do some pre-threading it’s very tough at first but all you have to do is make sure careful not to tighten it too hard If I can’t tighten it anymore with two fingers then I don’t tighten any further so you do that for the next six now that you’ve got that closed you can
turn it over and I’m just going to add the sticker that I had taken off from the other controller… why? just cause I can you don’t really have to let me take the last part the battery pack add some batteries now we can see the fruit of our labor and that’s it for this How to

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