How to Earn 100 Subscribers Gaming on YouTube in 2017

How to Earn 100 Subscribers Gaming on YouTube in 2017

Welcome to Wallerdog gaming channel’s “How
to earn 100 subscribers!” I have two channels and both have reached
the 100 subscriber milestone. This channel is
a gaming channel. My first channel
is now based on travel, vlogging, beer, and whisky. As they are two entirely different channels
I will describe the steps it took for each channel to reach 100 subs in their own “How
to earn 100 subscribers” video. I decided to start This channel after looking
at other gaming channel creators and saying to myself, “I like to play games and I can
be a successful YouTube gaming creator!” I live streamed/published my first gaming
video on 1 October 2016. By January 2nd, 2017 I reached 100 subscribers! So, what can you do to earn 100 subscribers
on your gaming channel? 1) Emphasize your personality! I think some YouTube gamers go overboard on
their reactions, but I cannot argue with the results that they get from them. On the other hand, I think that if you want
to sustain a personality as a gaming creator for the long haul and be true to your subscribers
then you should emphasize your personality. Basically, I believe in being yourself especially
if you are going to be live streaming like I do in a majority of my videos. I want people to like me for who I am and
not for who I am projecting to be on video. With that being said, either people will like
me or they won’t. But, that also means that you cannot just
play the game without commenting while playing. If you do, then someone who comes to watch
to check you out will quickly get bored and leave and probably never come back. This is the part that is difficult for me
because when I am playing a game I really get into it and concentrate on trying to achieve
whatever it is in the game. Plus, most importantly you need to make friends
while you are streaming and playing. I would never have made it to 100 subscribers
without making friends! I believe that is evident in both of my channels. Let’s take a look at the comments on my
videos from October through December, you will see that not only do I have a few faithful
friends, Reggie and JP, but I also have made friends from the gaming community, as well. 2) Publish LIVE and pre-recoreded videos frequently
and regurlarly . You do not need to publish daily; however,
if you want to catch people when they are online then you need to publish daily because
who knows what their schedule is like and when they can join your live session. Since the internet is a world thing that means
you need to archive those sessions so that others can watch them when they do come online. That also means you need to produce gameplay
highlights or montages that are shorter in duration for those who are just finding your
channel on YouTube. If they come in and see your shortest video
is 60 minutes they may decide not to invest the time to check you out. But, if you also have 5 and 10 minute videos
that are a compilation of high points in your games then the chances are more likely that
they’ll take a look. I’ve even had gamers who like my live streams
recommend I do more montages and highlight videos for them to watch, as well as being
available for others. It’s taken me three months to earn 100 subs
on this channel. In that time I have played about 220 hours
online that can be evidenced by the number of hours I have archived here on YouTube. That’s equal to 5 and 1/2 40-hour work weeks. Plus, I’ve edited and uploaded 20 gameplay
highlights videos that equal at least another 20 hours of editing time, for a total of six
work weeks in a three month span while working a full time job. Does that mean you need to invest that much
time? Not necessarily! I see other successful video game creators
who only do edited videos once a week do as well. Just remember, to be able to edit the game
video that means you still need to take the time to play it and edit it. 3) Find a way to interact with your viewers
in the chat room and in the game. Unless you are a professional gamer, don’t
be afraid to ask advice from those who are watching you play or those who have commented
on your games. Most people watching you will probably have
a lot more experience than you do in the game. On the other hand, you may also have people
pop in who have never played the game. Frequently look at your chat, whether it is
on Twitch or YouTube or whatever app you are using to do a LIVE broadcast. Be sure to monitor, as best as you can, the
conversations between the members in the chat, as well. You may need to moderate any behavior that
is not favorable to the channel, its members, or you. Keep things positive because you are trying
to grow your community. If the game allows then play matches where
your community members can play alongside you or challanege you on an opposing team
or in a training room. You cannot get much more interactive than
that. 4) Try different games By trying different games you will attract
different players and viewers of those games. Unless you are a pro at one game and have
a lot to offer your viewers on that one game, it may be better to be a jack of all trades
and cover several games. This will also give you material for pre-recorded
videos where you can show your funny mistakes and big successes while learning the game
and your community members can watch you grow on that game. Plus, your community members will probably
make recommendations on other games for you to try. By being open to this you show that you are
interested in what they have to say and you care about what they have to offer. There are enough free games out there that
you do not have to purchase any games to earn your first 100 subscribers. 5) Marketing In order to earn 100 subscribers you need
to be able to reach new people with each and every video that you publish. Yes, we are talking about Search Engine Optimization
or SEO and using social media to market yourself and your videos. The first thing I want to do is determine
what tags I want as part of my video. One of the powerful tools you can uses for
this and other things related to your channel is Tubebuddy. I use the free version, which is very limited. You can buy the full version with all the
bells and whistles; however, I want this to be a self-sustaining gaming channel so until
I have the resources to invest in more things for this channel I will do it the hard way,
which will take more time. Since we are talking about SEO, where else
to look than the biggest search engine on the internet; Google. Next is YouTube, the second biggest search
engine on the internet. Rolled into those searches is also social
media. My favorite one to use is Twitter. This leads to looking for groups on FB. On FB I am looking at several things; 1) does
the vendor have their own page, 2) are there related group pages I can post to or join
and post videos, and 3) should I create my own page and post to it. We should also consider Instagram, Snapchat,
LinkedIn, and Google+. Personally, I use Snapchat 95% of the time
for family stuff. Bonus TIPS! Do NOT ask sub for sub! It is unprofessional, annoying, and useless
when it comes to gaining true viewership! I want to be subbed to people that will inspire
me, entertain me, or that I have some form of relationship. I work fulltime, plus 4 or 5 hours every night
creating videos. I won’t have the time to look at just another
creators videos who tries to compel me with sub for sub. Know what I mean? Do NOT ask for help getting to 100/1000/10,000
subs; everyone will just ignore the plea that is coming from so many creators. Just keep doing what you are doing and
the numbers will come. Been there, tried that. When live streaming do ask for new people
in the chat room to subscribe, if they like what
they have seen they probably will. I gained 7 subscribers in one night of live
streaming, I always ask. And another thing! HAVE FUN!!! If you aren’t having fun, then why are you
doing it? Finally, If you are a creator with over 100 subscribers, what
tips do you have for others who will watch this video? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for your
time and we’ll see you on the battlefield! Cheers! Wallerdog!

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5 thoughts on “How to Earn 100 Subscribers Gaming on YouTube in 2017”

  • Great stuff Les. I can testify to the many hours of hard work you have put in to growing your channel. Keep up the good work.

  • This is such good advice. I really like what you said at the end of the video about wanting your subs to be interested in what you have to say and genuinely enjoy your content. It makes so much sense! No one wants a load of dormant subs. I'm still starting out and have just reached 50 subs, so I don't have much advice except to keep going and enjoy yourself and more importantly BE YOURSELF. Have a great day ^_^