How Does G2 Jankos Win Games in UNDER 20 Minutes? | Skill Capped

How Does G2 Jankos Win Games in UNDER 20 Minutes? | Skill Capped

Hey everyone and welcome. Today you’re going to learn how to play aggressive
junglers. Now, there are different types of aggressive
junglers. Today, we’re specifically talking about aggressive
junglers that are strong early game, but fall off late game. These are champions such as Elise, Lee Sin,
Jarvan IV, Xin Zhao, Rek’Sai, and Gragas. We’ll be teaching you how to play this unique
style of jungling and acquire massive leads in the early game, but more importantly, how
to convert those leads into victories despite falling off. And even if these champions aren’t your playstyle,
I highly recommend you watch this video anyways, as you’ll have a better understanding of how
to play against them and what they’re trying to accomplish in these games. So let’s jump straight into it with a challenger
replay from professional jungler G2 Jankos playing Elise against Lee Sin. As Jankos starts the game he chooses to start
at his Blue. This might immediately bring up questions
for some of you guys. This is because we’ve taught you before how
valuable the Red side jungle is on the current patch due to Raptors and Krugs being worth
so much. So why would Jankos choose to start Blue,
where he’s going to get less gold and experience? Here’s what you need to understand about playing
these kinds of early game aggressive junglers – farm does not matter. No matter how well you farm you’ll always
fall off late game. Instead, you have to look at farming differently. It becomes about spending the least amount
of time in the jungle as necessary, while maximizing your time ganking. Still, that doesn’t answer our question of
why he’s starting Blue? Well, where you start will be dictated by
what lane you want to gank early. In this position, Jankos is choosing to start
Blue so he can path to the opposite side of the map and gank bot early. Let’s take a look at the side lane matchups
to understand why he chose this. In top lane we have Camille against Irelia. This can be a volatile matchup where both
of these scrappy bruisers will fight each other. On top of that, Camille has a form of engage
with her E ability to help set up ganks. It seems like there’s high gank potential
top, which makes it strange that Elise would choose start Blue. Well let’s move to bot lane to understand
this enigma. Here we have Draven Thresh against Syndra
Leona. Draven Thresh offer a lot of crowd control
and engage to help set up and follow up on ganks. Additionally, Draven is a very snowbally champion. We can start to see that we have two great
gank options in both top and bot, but why did Jankos choose bot? It’s because we’re in a more bot centric meta
currently. As the game progresses, top lane champions
like Camille will find it more difficult to solo carry the game. In comparison, when you get bot lane ahead,
you’re getting 2 players ahead instead of 1. AD Carries also scale a lot better with supports
into the late game. So this is the first rule of aggressive jungler:
you need to identify what lane you want to gank early and start on the opposite side
of it. So as Jankos clears his Blue he’s going to
watch the side lanes to see where the enemy Lee Sin is starting. Bot lane shows early while Top lane is missing,
this indicates that Lee Sin is getting a leash at his Red buff. This is really important and is why you need
to be watching side lanes at the start of the game to know where the enemy jungler is
starting. Since Lee Sin is starting at his Red it means
he will be pathing towards the bot side of the map, looking to gank them early on. This is our exact gameplan and so we can anticipate
there will be clash between the junglers on the bot side of the map. As we mentioned earlier, farming on aggressive
junglers is about doing the minimum necessary. In this case, Elise wants to hit level 3 and
have double buffs before she ganks bot lane. To do this, she’ll need to clear 4 camps,
which will be Blue, Gromp, Wolves, and Red. It’s not about maximizing the gold and experience,
but rather minimizing the time you spend in the jungle and getting to your key level 3
spike as fast as possible. After Red, let’s check both mid and bot, since
we have the possibility of ganking both, and see what we should do. In mid we see Twisted Fate is pushed up and
is somewhat low on health. This is a definite gank opportunity. If we look bot, we can see our bot lane has
secured a level lead and is pushing a big wave into the enemy’s tower. Now, even though Mid lane has a great gank
opportunity, we have to remember, the enemy jungler, Lee Sin, started Red and is pathing
towards the bot side of the map. With our bot lane being so overextended he
will definitely look to gank them soon. This is how we know we should be moving bot
side and Jankos does just this. Now, it’s at this point he has two choices
to make. The first is waiting in the river brush for
Lee Sin to gank in order to counter gank him. You would do this until the Scuttle has spawned
in the river, then move to take it with the lane priority you have bot lane. The second option is more advanced. If we go back to when we checked bot, we could
see a huge wave was about to crash into the tower. This is a type of gank we taught you recently
called the Tower Dive. If you haven’t seen the guide yet we highly
recommend you check it out. It’s titled “Learn The Most Powerful Gank:
The Turret Dive” If you haven’t yet subscribed to Skill-Capped,
we highly recommend you do to stop missing out on these essential guides which help you
climb faster than anything else out there. Jankos first moves in to see if Lee Sin is
on his Blue or nearby to turn the dive around. He doesn’t spot him and moves to execute the
dive. It’s very important to note how Jankos likely
only chose to do this because he’s playing Elise. Elise has a unique mechanic with her Rappel
ability that let’s her dodge a tower shot and reset tower aggro, which makes her one
of the best champions at diving. In the end, even though this worked out for
Jankos, it was extremely close and this is not a play we’d recommend you trying. Instead, as we mentioned before, waiting in
the brush in river to counter gank Lee Sin, into then taking the Scuttle as it spawns
is your best choice. After getting kills, Elise takes the Scuttle. It’s at this point she has a couple of different
options. Tell me what you think is the best option. One is to take her Raptors or her Krugs which
are still up. Two is to recall and spend the gold she has
from the early kills. Three is to take the top side Scuttle. Which do you think is the correct choice? The answer is take the top side Scuttle. Remember, we want to maximize the time we’re
pressuring the map and minimize the time we’re farming our camps. Scuttles can be a great way of achieving this
since they’re in the River and quick and easy to kill. They give you a way to gain gold and experience
while being close to laners to immediately gank after. So Jankos moves to take the Top Side Scuttle
and we immediately see this decision pay off. In top lane we can see a big wave has crashed
into the tower, with Irelia being a little low on health, and Camille being overextended. Moving to either tower dive this, or simply
hover in the nearby brush to protect Camille and possibly Counter gank Lee Sin. So Jankos moves top after the Scuttle and
he’s able to help prevent the enemy Leona from roaming top. Afterwards, he recalls to finally spend his
gold. Now there’s a new choice for you to make. Where should you head to as you leave the
base? Well, we shouldn’t head top side as we have
no jungle camps there and our top laner isn’t even in lane. If we look mid, we can see Zed is pushing
a wave, we could choose to hover near his lane for a possible counter gank. If we look bot, we can also see it’s pushing. We also have the option of hovering near this
lane. So how do we choose which lane to move towards? Well, there’s actually two logical reasons
that dictate the correct decision. First, as you should know by now, Krugs give
the most gold and experience of any camp. If we head towards the bot side of the map,
we’re closer to our Krugs, which we could take while being near bot. Second, is that when mid laners are pushing,
they’re able to roam quite effectively since they’re on the center of the map. This means, a mid laner that’s pushing, can
always finish pushing the wave and move to roam with you after. This is why it’s the correct decision to head
towards the bot side of the map. So Jankos does just that, heading bot, and
we can see on the minimap that Zed is roaming with the lane priority from pushing in the
wave. This allows his team to turn around the gank
by Lee Sin on his pushed up bot lane, picking up several kills, and denying a big wave to
the enemy’s tower, and pick up tower plates. We can see how little time Jankos has spent
farming and instead his main priority has been to read the map and know where he should
be, then pathing in the quickest way possible to get there. Great, so Jankos has a big lead, but how does
he close out the game before he inevitably falls off? Well, firstly, he’s going to continue to prioritize
reading the map, executing ganks, and responding to fights over farming. For example, shortly after as he heads top
side to take the Scuttle as it spawns, again, using the tactic of taking Scuttles to keep
up in farm while being super close to laners to gank them, he checks top lane. He see’s Camille is level 6 while Irelia is
level 5, but more importantly, that Camille is building up a big wave. This presents a possible tower dive as the
wave crashes. Additionally, something we’ve taught you in
several videos is the importance of tracking Flash cooldowns on laners. Earlier in the game, Irelia solo killed Camille,
but she had to use Flash in the process. This was at around 3:14. Meaning her Flash won’t be back up until 8:14. If we jump back to our current position we
can see it’s 6:29. There’s no way Irelia can have her flash back
up. It’s by knowing her flash is on cooldown,
combined with her being down a level, and a big wave building towards her tower, that
Jankos knows there’s a possible gank opportunity top. So Jankos executes the gank and gets an easy
kill, denying a huge amount of minions from Irelia. This is a great part of learning aggressive
junglers is that it forces you to practice and improve your ganking. Again, later on as Jankos leaves base, even
though he has his Red and Krugs alive, he see’s that both players are low mid. He ignores clearing his jungler and prioritizes
immediately ganking mid. This allows him to pick up a clean kill where
he Rappels to a minion, into Flashing in range of Syndra This is how snowballing with aggressive junglers
works. The further ahead you get, the less you need
to farm your jungle, and the more time you can spend ganking. However, you can’t keep just going for kills
as that’s how you inevitably give up shutdowns and throw the game. With the lead you attain you need to start
focusing on objectives. You typically want to begin doing this around
the 10 to 15 minute mark. For example, with the lead Elise has given
bot lane she looks to take the Dragon at the 10 minute mark. She then moves top side shortly after to secure
the Rift Herald shortly after. Now with both Dragon and Rift Herald off the
map, Jankos is free to focus on pressuring towers. Which you can see him do by playing around
his winning bot lane, getting a pick mid, putting down the Herald, and using the Herald
to brute force down mid, taking towers, the inhibitor, and eventually the Nexus. Alright, that’s going to do it for this video. What do you think of this aggressive playstyle
of jungling? Let us know in the comment section below,as
well as any questions you might have. As always, good luck, and have fun, on summoner’s

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