Heroes of Order & Chaos – Lu Yunfei Spotlight

Welcome to the Hero Spotlight for the newest update to Heroes of Order and Chaos, featuring Lu Yunfei Lu Yunfei: “I am more than a man, I am a Living Weapon!” This living weapon is not flesh and blood, but cold steel and seething hatred. Lu Yunfei inherited the assassin skills of his former master, Qiu Yuelan. Now he mixes swordplay with lightning strikes to mark his target, locking them in place before slicing them to pieces Lighting Burst launches Lu Yunfei’s sword at his foes, creating a zone of lightning that deals physical damage over time. The zone lasts for 4 seconds and marks any targets that enter. Lord of Lighting teleports Lu Yunfei to the center of the active Lightning Zone to strike nearby enemies. If no Lightning Zones are present, this attack will damage any foe directly around him There’s no escaping the Lightning Laceration! This skill teleports Lu Yunfei directly behind a marked target, delivering a vicious backstab attack Lightning Kick knocks back enemies with thunderous force. If executed a second time within 3 seconds, Lu Yunfei will rush the target with an even more damaging strike. Now let’s see how Lu Yunfei storms the battlefield Lu Yunfei marks the Rock Fist and slows down his escape using Lighting Burst and Lord of Lighting Combo. Rock Fist still has a head start, but that ends quickly with Lun Yunfei’s Lightning Laceration. Cutting off his escape, Yunfei deals a Lightning Kick to Rockfist. In a panic, Rock Fist tries to run, but it’s too late. Lu Yunfei unleashes the final fatal blow with a shocking Lord of Lighting and Lighting Burst combo. Don’t forget to share your best kill with Lu Yunfei on Twitch!

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