Guardian Heroes (Sega Saturn vs Xbox 360) Side by Side Comparison

Guardian Heroes (Sega Saturn vs Xbox 360) Side by Side Comparison

In the previous video (SoulCalibur), I said that such a video would be the last of the channel (to know the reason, just go check it out) But the previous video had a lot of ‘likes’ and comments from people who understood the reason, although sad about the end There were over 1,500 likes and over 400 comments from people who showed to care about my work I’ve been doing this for a long time now, because since 2015 I’m creating these comparative videos Since my comparisons usually differ from other game comparisons that we usually see out there Because one of the purposes of my comparisons is to compare games under normal use And what would be the normal conditions of use of a game? which would be ? Shouldn’t it be Gameplay? After all, no one will buy a game to watch the stationary characters … Ok, you can not generalize, because surely there will be those who will buy KOF because of Mai Shiranui for example No wonder Mai Shiranui makes a cameo appearance in the game Dead or Alive 5 and 6 to attract this type of audience But this audience that just wants to pick Mai and then pause the game to keep counting or watching is the minority Most Gamers buy a game to have fun playing, not to watch stationary characters So the fact that Mai Shiranui shakes more in one version and shakes less in the other doesn’t mean anything about gameplay. I do not mean that it is not important to know these details, because it is interesting, but there is a confusion … The confusion is due to the exaltation of graphic details over gameplay, which is a mistake to see this way. Because downgraded graphics are made to circumvent hardware boundaries, so as not to detract from the aspect that matters most And what matters most is precisely gameplay, so not always graphic downgraded means the game will work worse Graphic downgrading in many cases means optimization in order not to detract from the aspect that matters most (gameplay) An example of graphical downgrading aimed at optimization was Nintendo Switch DOOM (2016) Nintendo Switch DOOM (2016) received several graphics cuts compared to PC, PS4 and XONE But the DOOM Nintendo Switch version plays the same way as the other versions. And the only way for an average player to notice these graphics cuts is to put them side by side under abnormal conditions of use. Abnormal condition is to lay side by side with the stationary characters (the same one who is looking for haystack needle) … Because under normal usage, hardly any average player will notice graphical differences during the action So it’s not right to downplay the Nintendo Switch DOOM by Downgraded Graphics when your Gameplay is exactly the same. It’s really amazing to see Switch running DOOM so well, so we have to try to understand downgraded So let’s try next to understand some reasons for the numerous DOOM cuts of the Switch version, ok? Come on, since big resolution is a waste, since most of the Nintendo Switch audience plays in portable mode Because the higher the resolution, the higher the processing power should be, and this will result in higher battery consumption. Another feature is that higher resolution demands a larger screen which does not fit the size of the Switch screen. So if the screen is small then there is no real need to maintain heavy effects of high quality particles or textures. What I mean is that anything that is not essential or noticeable under normal use may go down for better performance Because what should be prioritized is Gameplay, otherwise the Switch DOOM could even have PC graphics, however …. however the Switch DOOM gameplay would not be the same as that of PC, PS4 or XONE, as the game would work with Slowdown without optimization. And it would certainly have other problems like overheating or Switch battery running out faster than normal. So comparing games is not about comparing photography, drawing or animation, but about comparing complete experiences. Another example I can cite is Sega Saturn’s DOOM (1993), which is one of the worst versions of the game … But the only way to find out so bad is the DOOM (1993) of Sega Saturn is only through Gameplay That’s why it’s important to compare gameplays, because the lack of frames or effects doesn’t always mean a worse version … However, the presence of unnecessary details in a video game that has limits can completely damage a game An example of a version that has plenty of graphics detail for a limited console is the KOF 95 of PlayStation 1 For example, the game (KOF 95) has a certain amount of abnormal detail for an early console (PS1) life 2D game Once again you prioritize one side (graphics), you’re hurting the other side (gameplay) You need to know the limits of each console, and from there create a balance to provide the best experience for the player. and on KOF 95 (PS1), they just threw away the whole part of the gameplay, because the PS1 version plays different KOF 95 (PS1) is a game that pleased only those who did not know the Arcade version That said, let’s now talk about Guardian Heroes gameplay, which is one of the great Sega Saturn classics The above game was developed by the same creators of Gunstar Heroes, so the similarities in the names But the gameplay is more similar to another game from the same developer, which is Yu Yu Hakusho (Mega Drive) Yuyu Hakusho (Mega Drive), despite being based on a hit anime, was a little obscure game in its day. Because despite being one of the best fighting games, Yuyu Hakusho (MD) was released only in Japan and Brazil No, Guardian Heroes is not a fighting game, but it shares many similarities with Yuyu Hakusho (MD) Yuyu Hakusho (MD) can play with 4 players at the same time, with a 2 combat plan system Already the Guardian Heroes (Sega Saturn) can play with 6 players at the same time, with a system of 3 combat plans A sua jogabilidade pode ser considerada a mesma, mas o Guardian Heroes é um Beat’em Up com elementos de RPG. And the Guardian Heroes game was released in 1996 for Sega Saturn, and had a 2011 version for Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade) The Xbox 360 version has had a lot of changes, and one of those changes is about the gameplay that is different … But the Guardian Heroes of the Xbox 360 is not like the KOF 95 (PS1) which has terrible gameplay compared to the original … Plus, if you don’t like the changes, you can still play the same gameplay as the Saturn version on Xbox 360. But let’s talk about the new Xbox 360 gameplay that differs from the original gameplay of the Sega Saturn version. Gameplay changes have been made to make the game more intuitive, dynamic and fun For example, instead of having to hold a button to choose magic, you can just make the move The problem with having to do a ‘Hadouken’ movement is that not everyone has this ease of execution But in Sega Saturn gameplay, you waste a lot of time selecting the magic you want to unleash on your enemies. And since it’s a frantic game, you’ll probably be taking on enemies while selecting magic in the Sega Saturn version … So it will depend on your level of control skills and fighting games, whether or not you like the new gameplay of the X360. Besides the differences in gameplay, there are also other differences that make the Xbox 360 version very interesting One of these other differences is in the textual part because all the texts (speech) are different from the original Saturn version. Another difference is the Aspect Ratio which has been expanded from 4: 3 to 16: 9, which increases the area of action. The artworks (portraits) were all redone at higher resolution, but the same cannot be said for sprites and backgrounds. Sprites and backgrounds just got a kind of filter to make them look less pixelated But it’s not just a simple filter, because also added punching effects and details to Sprites and Backgrounds. The truth is that the Xbox 360 version has improved the already excellent Sega Saturn version, a good example of good port The game sounds simple, but it is quite complex and it will be a hard task to finish it without losing continue You might say that the X360 version killed the Sega Saturn version, but it’s a mistake to see it that way Note that from 1996 until 2011 the only existing version of Guardian Heroes was Saturn only. Even today, it’s worth a try and play the Saturn version, especially the multiplayer with 6 human players But a player used to the Xbox 360 version will find the Saturn version not very good, which is not true The Xbox 360 version also supports more simultaneous sprites on screen without slowdown Anyway, there are a lot of differences, but still the X360 version doesn’t differ from the original, that’s how all ports should be Stay now with the rest of the comparison, and try to figure out all the differences if you can, because here YOU DECIDE.

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  • Spot on using Doom on the Switch as an example. People who blast it for not looking as good as other versions are missing the point. It's Doom 2016, running on what is essentially a tablet. It's Doom that you can play anywhere. For most, the trade-off is totally worth it.

  • A versão Dreamcast parece um port "Remaster" aprimorado do Sega Saturn, a GPU Xenos pode facilmente otimizar as Sprites do jogo sem borralas, sem contar no Abismo de Hardware e poder entre esses consoles.

    Nesse caso não existe qualquer chance do Sega Saturn, é inferior em praticamente tudo inclusive em proporção de tela e resolução, por motivos óbvios.

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