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SID: Very impressive and I’m
not even in the PSVR headset. Zac immediately got a visceral
reaction to this when he first put it on, and he’s
adapted quite well I’d say. RYAN: Good job, Zac. ZAC: Hey, thanks, guys. I really am sorry for whoever
has to use this headset next because I literally am sweating. [LAUGHTER] [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] SID: All right. Welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. We are here checking out
GT Sport on PlayStation VR, one of the standout experiences
you can experience on PlayStation VR. And, actually, Mr. Zac Minor
over there doing the honors. ZAC: Hey, guys. SID: So tell us a little bit
about what you’re experiencing in the PlayStation
VR headset right now. ZAC: I am — I mean, this is
going to sound cheesy — I’m experiencing Gran Turismo unlike I have ever
experienced it before. SID: Is that so? ZAC: It is so. I’ve played a fair
amount of Gran Turismo, and I never play in the cockpit
view for a variety of reasons, but this completely changes the
way that I’m interacting with the game. There is — it feels
like I am — oh my gosh. RYAN: Glancing against a wall. ZAC: It feels like I have way
less power over what I’m doing in the sense that I am finally
recognizing the true power of these machines that I am inside. SID: Interesting. ZAC: When I play on the hood cam
where you’re not seeing the car at all — and there’s a sense of you’re
just kind of driving through this environment with a variety
of physics systems at play, but here it’s really look at all
this engineering and manufacturing that I’m
just trying to wholeheartedly control. It’s really kind
of overwhelming. SID: Interesting here to see
as well Polyphony Digital, they are known not only known
for their sort of visual fanatic perfectionism. They have incredible
detailed car models. It’s something
they’re really known for, but also really known
for their visual prowess, their graphical engineering. They have incredible technical
expertise and just interesting to see this sort of
long-standing studio considered masters of the craft really
tackle what the hot new gaming graphics
technology is here in VR. RYAN: Yeah. Absolutely. The thing is, that visual
prowess extends to not only the VR mode, but the standard
mode, the environments, the tracks, the car’s
interior and exterior. No matter where — kaboom — no
matter where you look in Gran Turismo Sport, you’re going to
see something that just looks visually spectacular. SID: Tremendously realistic. They’re known for being
incredibly detailed about how they use lighting; incredible
detail in their lighting, great frame
rates, just the works. So definitely one of the
more visually spectacular VR experiences you can check out
right now with PlayStation VR. And I don’t want to sell short
another mode that you can play in VR which is the go-karts. We checked that out
just a few minutes ago, and that is a whole different
experience where you are sort of exposed to the elements as
you whip down these racetracks. So also very, very cool way
to experience GT Sport in VR. RYAN: And from the safety of
your own couch, Sid Shuman. ZAC: This is seriously making me
kind of start sweating a
little bit, guys. This is pretty intense. RYAN: I mean, I’m always
overwhelmed in cockpit view in racing games because you’re
right there like Zac said. You’re surrounded by this
extremely powerful machine, hurdling down the
Tokyo expressway. So in VR that’s just going
to enhance that so much, and it’s really intense. SID: I got to say, Zac actually
doing a pretty good job. I would not be
performing this well, especially under pressure. RYAN: I would not — well,
I just can barely drive. ZAC: It’s really amazing how
having to kind of look around to look in your rearview mirrors
actually changes the experience instead of just having
the immediate glance. SID: Yeah. ZAC: Like, I actually have to
move my head to look at that. And, again, it just kind of
shifts the balance of power between the player and the car
and the environment in a really interesting way. SID: Next up I would
love to see Polyphony add, like, a driver’s school test
where you could do parallel parking and really have to
swivel your head around to capture the full
experience of driving. But maybe — we’ll probably
going to have to wait for some other day to see
something like that. RYAN: You really want
to parallel park in VR? SID: I mean, it has
ramifications for student
drivers and things. I think it could
actually be really cool. RYAN: It could be a
learning experience. You could play
this in school, Sid. SID: That’s right.
It’s educational, right? Video games as
educational tools. But anyway. Really very impressive and I’m
not even in the PSVR headset. Zac immediately got a visceral
reaction to this when he first put it on, and he’s
adapted quite well I’d say. RYAN: Good job, Zac. ZAC: Hey, thanks guys. I really am sorry whoever has to
use this headset next because I literally am sweating. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: That’s just the power
and precision of PlayStation VR. SID: That’s right. That’s immersion at work, Zac. Should be pointed
out that in GT Sport, currently VR
gameplay limited to 1v1. So whether you’re in a go-karts
or racing in sports cars, you’re racing one other car. But it’s such an intense
experience that, I don’t know, it probably wouldn’t bother
me all that much. It’s just a visual
tour de force, you know. RYAN: And it’s more intimate
as we were saying earlier. You get that intimacy of virtual
reality and the intimacy of doing one-on-one racing. SID: Just looking at the car
it’s ridiculous, just the detail. Again, really shows off
this detail that Polyphony is known for. RYAN: Zac, keep
your eyes on the road. ZAC: That’s it guys. SID: Nicely done, Zac Minor. RYAN: Well done. SID: That’s GT Sport on
PlayStation VR and out now with some VR gameplay and some ways
to check out some of the super detailed car models as
well, all in PlayStation VR. So thank you for joining us as
we tour some of our favorite PlayStation VR games. We’ll see you next time. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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