Gaming Laptop vs Mini ITX – Which offers more?

Hey guys what is up! It’s Andro Matthew
here again with another video. Mobility seems to come with a hefty premium in gaming. It’s
why gaming laptops costs so much. I know the prospect of being able to play wherever you
go is tempting. However, there is a viable gaming laptop competitor and that is the Mini
ITX form factor. The main con of a gaming laptop is the higher
cost at a reduced performance. For example, a gtx970m for laptops and standard gtx970
will not perform equally. The m version of a GPU will usually have a significant reduction
in performance. In fact, a 970m would probably perform slightly lower than a regular 960.
Not only that, upgradeability will be an issue in the future especially since most laptop
GPUs are not replaceable. There are some laptops that have desktop grade hardware, but have
you seen them? They cost a fortune! You see, my last PC build was an ITX setup
(even now I’m on a Micro ATX form factor). If you don’t know what an ITX is- an ITX
is the smallest form factor motherboard you can buy. And having smaller boards means getting
smaller desktop cases. The main benefit of ITX is you can save a lot on cost and sacrifice
almost none of the performance. You might have some hardware limitations like supporting
up to only 16gb of maximum ram or being limited to certain GPU and cooler sizes but the performance
threshold is still way above what a laptop with similar specs can do. I chose ITX mainly
because I didn’t want to sacrifice performance but I still needed the mobility. When I was
doing my degree, I’d have to travel a long way home for semester breaks, first by train
then followed by a bus to the airport and finally by plane. Yeah, with this setup I
wouldn’t be playing my pc games on the road, but it’s much more convenient to just play
the games I have on my phone anyway rather than having to pull out a laptop which is
still too big considering the circumstances. Now with that said, I realize there are legitimate
reasons why a gamer would need a laptop. If you prioritize mobility above all, then a
gaming laptop will definitely be more useful for you. I imagine an E-Sport player would
need one, cause’ of how they’re always moving around for competitions and practice
sessions. Also, LAN parties are much more convenient with laptops than anything else-
Yes, some people still do that. With all things said, remember that laptops are also useful
beyond their capacity for gaming. You have the flexibility to game or do your work wherever
you want. If you’re unwilling to trade-off absolute mobility for performance, get a gaming
laptop. I’ve come to the end of my videos please
know that I’m not hating on gaming laptops- I might be coming from certain viewpoint we
don’t share- that’s ok. But if you disagree, feel free to tell me in the comments below.
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