Gaming Laptop Giveaway   Acer Gaming Laptop 2017

Gaming Laptop Giveaway Acer Gaming Laptop 2017

what is up guys and girls Alex from three-game peak is here today I’m very excited to finally bring you this epic gaming laptop review in giveaway this is an Acer Aspire 15 laptop so without further ado let’s jump into the specs we have a 15.6 inch full HD screen with a resolution of 1920 510 II and aspect ratio 16 by 9 that makes games and movies and fear more real and dramatic the graphics are driven by GeForce 940m X with 2 gigs of DDR 5 VL the mid-range dedicated laptop video card with a direct x12 support and it doesn’t job well latest intel six generations skylake cpu it’s a dual core processor model.i v 6200 you it runs at 2.3 good girth base speed and up to 2 point 8 gigahertz in for behold 8 gigs of ram and this laptop has a good amount of storage out by fast 256 GB solid-state drive it also features a legacy DVD writer drive on board reports in interfaces we have a newest USB 3.1 types connect followed by an rj45 port for your wired network that runs at one gigabit speed next is legacy g4 connect your older monitors may be a project followed by an HDMI interval ending with two USB 3.0 ports on the corner on the right side we have a headphone jack in the USB 2.0 port for your mouse keyboard or any other device that runs at an older 2.0 speed in front we have a full 80 cam and built-in microphone here speakers and SD card reader a wireless eight oh two point seven a key card that is supposed to provide three times faster transfer speeds compared to the older models it comes with a full size keyboard with a soft touch key response which doesn’t feel bad he touch really comes to personal preference the built-in backlight looks very nice in the dark precision touchpad feels more responsive than other traditional touchpad it also features a palm rejection technology that ignores unintended motions 2800 milliamp lithium-ion battery promises around 12 hours of battery life we were able to get out around 10 under moderate use the weight is around 5.2 pounds or 3.2 kg and easy to carry around it comes powered by Windows 10 64 bit edition I hope you have enjoyed this short review of the acer 15 laptop and it was helped now let’s get to the epic part the epic part is that you can take this laptop home with you and here’s how I’m giving away this laptop to the members of our community you can enter the giveaway in just three easy steps first subscribe to our YouTube and Twitter second like this video and share it across all of your social platforms remember that saying the more you give the more you get back 3rd comment below to let us know that you entered that’s all here is a quick shout out to the winners of our previous giveaways

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