Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Reaction Because Geek

Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Reaction Because Geek

holy crap you guys a trailer just dropped so I’m going to record a reaction because I don’t know I’ve never done this and I kind of want to so let’s Lutz do this holy crap okay I am starting the reason Lucas yeah am i focused okay I’m starting now now [Music] I’m used to these I’m used to the west [Music] and I lose to the south and I’m used to the north understand in our way well that’s cool we will defeat we cannot be certain said I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms and I will [Music] you just saw that brothers econo with it oh my god last best hope against the coming storm only oh my god that would hold our military holy we don’t put aside our enmities and bound together we will die then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne wait who is that oh I think I know oh holy war is he yeah Joan we already know that okay so yeah holy crabs that looks awesome okay and he didn’t have like one of those crappy songs in the background last year’s song what’s really really good I actually still listen to it cuz it’s so good but yeah Wow okay so but I’m gonna stop this right here that was that was awesome I saw a lot of things that I already knew about because of his boilers and the leaks and I saw a lot of things that I didn’t expect and yeah I can’t wait to talk about it guys so just please keep an eye out on my channel for my next insane trailer breakdown just like last year I’m gonna make another one of course um nothing I’ll be like 40 minutes long but it would be good alright so yeah click on the Bell to not miss a notification from my channel leave a like if you like this video well I don’t need to like this video it’s just really lazily don’t video but anyway I will see you guys later you down video but anyway I will see you and I son I just got a new camera so I need to get used to like look in here I have a flip screen on top and I keep looking at the flip screen I need to look here yeah so

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  • This video is meant mainly to let you know to keep an eye out for my next Insane Trailer Breakdown! I'll work on it as fast as I can.

  • "Yeah Jon, we all ready know that" lol best reaction ever xD…. Can't wait to see Unsullied kicking Lannister butts in their own house!!

  • I have already watched the trailer, but honestly I just love watching your videos for your voice and that accent. [In my head, we are already married, with 7 kids.]

  • My impression from the trailer:
    "Hey Dan how do we get around writings hundreds of pages of dialogue?"
    "I don't know David. I guess we could just have a ton of battle scenes and minimize the plot."
    George R.R. Martin convulses instead of writing his next book.

  • I wish I could be with you during the premiere!! Ughh that would be the best thing ever! I love your work!!

  • Can you tell me if that kiss is really Arya and a Sandsnake??? 😳😳😳😱😱 if that is what I saw it blows my mind

  • Omg i did not even know there was a trailer!!! How is that even possible?! Great job as always Val, you are honestly amazing!
    But hey…who was redhead being kissed by Ellaria there? I'm jealous…

  • Have you investigated the trailor yet? Another Chandelier hunt We want the stuff we missed lol.
    Seriously tho looking forward too it.

  • Oohhhh! Pause 1.20 at 12 warriors forming the circle in the Snow! ! just like the last hero story. That's got to be Jon Snow and his men! 💖 Your decor is like an awesome room of black and white 👏👏👏😀

  • When you said it didn't have one of those crappy songs in the background I was like, what are you talking about last years trailer was awesome, especially with the song. Glad you corrected that right away. Haven't seen the Trailers for the older seasons though.

  • watching this video was the first time Im seeing this trailer too looks awesome not long left to wait now getting exciting.

  • Is Arya by the fire in 1:22 on the same place where Brienne and Pod rescued Sansa with Theon? And is Mel seeing Jon walking up the stairs at Dragonstone?

  • I like when I hear a new trailer or set of photos are released because I know that soon my boredom will be kept at bay.

    Love your breakdowns and sleuthing out what is likely to be seen when!!!

  • I think that's Asha or whatever her name is (theons sister) with Eleria Sand (Oberyns Paramore) at 1:41 making out.. why I don't know 🤔

  • Why do they always put droggo at the end of the trailer, why not the night's king as the icing on top… get it? ok im out

  • +Because Geek
    "This video is meant mainly to let you know to keep an eye out for my next Insane Trailer Breakdown! I'll work on it as fast as I can."

    Yes, please! Can't wait. I really like your analyses! Watched the trailer a couple of times and then a bunch of the breakdown videos that are out now and I have to say all of them skimmed over a lot of things. Given there wasn't a lot of time for the creators to work on their breakdown videos. But I hoped I would get something out of them (ok, Pete Peppers mentioned one thing I didn't notice before).

    Things I think were not talked about much in those breakdown videos:
    – Generally: Ok, some frames don't give much away, but there are always at least some points which could be talked about

    – 0:34 "enemies to the south" Who could that be? Did we see these sleeves somewhere? Whose weapon could that be? And why would anyone in the south need a fire or have a fireplace for that matter?

    – 0:37 "enemies to the north" Creepy as fuck, but: how far north is Arya really? Does not look like it's far. Looks colder, but no snow, more like autuum and the first ground frost.

    – 0:45 (from Pete Peppers) Is that Euron having a chat with Cersei?

    – 0:51 One, two, three dragons. Does that mean there was no sea battle yet or does Euron not have this "dragon binder horn" like in the books or what's up?

    – 1:09 (my guess) Two shots back to back from the same scene? Is this the high stakes scene the girl (on the left, you can just see the back of her head with her long red locks) and the little boy (on the right) were casted for? And I see LF, the little bear, Brienne and Tormund "lurking" around. Everyone from the north right now is there.

    – 1:16 Sea battle? Right?

    – 1:18 Melisandre at Dragonstone looking down on Jon, Davos and Tyrion (who else)???

    – 1:20 Beyond the wall (counting 8) Can someone make out who is who? (I know, here they still have the hoods on) Is someone hurt (on the left it looks like they carrying the one in the middle)? Any guess if it is before the scenes at 1:24 and 1:40 or after?

    – 1:22 Arya is probably further north now, right, snow and all?

    – 1:24 Beyond the wall (counting 12) Seems to me like most of them hold either a sword or a spear. But is one of them actually holding a war hammer (on the right)?

    – 1:33 Who is that opposite the Mountain? The pattern of the outfit looks kind of familiar, similar to something Cersei wore?

    – 1:34 Is that water underneath a bridge? In one frame there is a shield. Is that the Greyjoy sigil?

    – 1:38 Arya is looking sleek in her new outfit. Where is she?

    – 1:39 Most certainly this is greyscale. But whose hand is this? Is this person locked up?

    – 1:40 Ok, Jon Snow looks hot in this outfit (for me at least). Who is with him besides Tormund? (counting 5)

    – 1:42 That arm is Tyrions right?

    – 1:43 Ok, we cannot see who it is, but: Is it just me or does the person on the left (has its hands next to the other person) look like he or she pushed the person on the right (drops a split second earlier into the water and the persons arms are more outflung) in the water to save him or her? Is one of them Theon? Looks like the sea battle…

    I'm so excited! 🙂

  • This is probably the first reaction video where the person is actually genuinely watching it for the first time lol.

  • Can anyone make out what's going on at 1:15? Its after the mountain shot but before Jon chokes Baelish. It looks like people running in a hallway.

  • nice wall paint color, i want to do my room like that. it that flat black or dark charcoal color?

  • In the words of Val "Holy Crap!" What a great Trailer, I love the map room! Did anyone else see grey worm getting naked with Missandei? I so hope they hook up but for obvious reasons how would that even work? Also the hideous Greyscale arm must be that of Jorah Mormont so no cure yet.

  • Daenerys started out as a victim, and fully turned into an entitled monarch. Her campaign against slavery is obviously commendable. But this whole "I was born to rule" shit only makes me appreciate Jon Snow and Tyrian Lannister that much more.

  • VAL you called it you said it was Mel at dragonstone when we saw the leaked photo of a red woman standing there. you said shes going to be there! your so incredibly smart!

  • Love the video. Can you tell me what camera did you use to make this video? because all your videos are awesome on quality. you got yourself a subscriber !

  • The look on Jon's face when he is in the Great Hall is the same look he had when Sansa showed up at Castle Black.

  • My theory how Dany takes the Vale:
    Just give sweet robin a ride on a dragon, boom, kingdom conquered. Tyrion knows his history and knows robin from his encounter there.

  • Will the Lord of Light try to kill Jorah, too? He manipulated Melisandre to kill Stannis daughter, maybe because greyscale is a threat to his goals. The greyscale might be able to infect and kill the wights/white walkers. And yes, i still think the lord of light may be on the same side as the night king, as he made stannis fight everyone in the north (well, not everyone, but you know…) and then let him die, weakening the enemies of the night king.

  • If you look at the shot with Jon and Tormund running through the snow you can see that Tormund is holding an axe made of dragonglass.

  • I just realized something. Nothing to do with the trailer but with the years long seasons. If "Planetos" is in the eye of a giant, then winter takes place when the giant sleeps and summer when it's awake. Kind of explains the saying "A long summer means a longer winter". I mean I know I sleep waaaaaay longer after a long day. It doesn’t explain the day-night cycle but that's just because we don't know much about giant anatomy.

    Rubs tinfoil hat

  • Hi, Val! Another great vid. I can't wait to hear your trailer breakdown.

    I've watched quite a few (aka too damn many). No one has mentioned one thing I noticed, which may or may not be important.

    In the scene where we see John at the high table at Winterfell, flanked by Davos and Sansa, there are a couple of characters whom everyone seemed to be freaking about several months ago.

    No…not Bronze Yohn Royce. Not Brienne. Not lurky Littlepeter (sorry, I know you're a PB fan girl).

    I actually mean the mysterious red-haired Northern girl and the mysterious little Northern boy. Both appeared in still photos from the set. People freaked the f out, and theories abounded.

    The girl (Alice Karstark?) seems to be seated on the right-hand side, to the right of Bronze Yohn. The boy (Umber heir?) seems to be about 3 or 4 people down on the left-hand side.

    Anyhoo…this may or may not be important. What do YOU think, Super Sleuth?

  • What's Arya looking for under the bed? Something of hers she left back in the Tower of the hand? Valyrian steel catspaw dagger? Uncle Edmure? Hot Pie's recipe for kidney pie?

  • Does anyone else think little finger is actually talking to Jon when he says "your father and brothers are gone and yet here you stand…" I'm wondering why he would refer to Sansa as "the last best hope against the coming storm"

  • I am glad I am not the only one who was disappointed that there was no song, a few days before the trailer dropped I was thinking about it and I was looking forward to which song they will use this year, I know it shouldn't be that important, but last year's trailer was way better, this one didn't do it for me, I think it's the first time in 7 years that I am not that excited about GOT, it's not just the trailer, it's how bad last season was as well, I don't know if it was because youtube spoiled it all before it even started or because it was just bad, but it wasn't good, I think the show have been reduced to some good moments here and there, it feels like the plot doesn't make sense anymore and world rules and logics that were set at the beginning of the series are not relevant any more, I didn't read the books so I don't care if they changed things from the books, but I think they are starting to contradict the world of the show, lol I guess I am really upset about the lake of a song in the trailer, still better than all other shows out there right now, only show that is competing is Silicon Valley.

  • I have 2 predictions and I expect some recognition when they come to fruition.
    #1- SANSA WILL BE KILLED BY ARYA, I believe the fate of the Stark kids and their wolves run parallel. Her wolf was killed by Ned who is a Stark. I believe Arya will still hold a grudge for lying which led to the death of the butchers boy. Sansa was also one of the people that just stood there and did nothing while Ned was executed.#2- CERSEI WILL BY MURDERED BY THE FACELESS MAN WEARING JAMIES FACE, I think there will be a scene where they are alone together and Cersei will notice he has a right hand……he will kill her shortly after making that realization.