Fix Broken Office Chair:  Lift Lever

Fix Broken Office Chair: Lift Lever

Fix a Pneumatic lift Office Chair that has broken lift lever. This one is a Haworth Zody Model that costs over $400 brand new. The pneumatic lift mechanism itself works fine Here you see the lever dangling from under the seat, because the screw hole is broken. So the screw is still attached to seat but lever is not fastened. to the left is the cable from the lift lever This particular model was made in Holland,MI Here is lever again This part that takes the fastener/screw is broken what is needed is a way to get the lever to stay fixed Again we see main problem is I needed to to fix the lever and bracket someplace so the cable can be drawn through it’s cladding. Best position to do so is the original position (even though it can be fastened anywhere on the chair). Here I hold it in space -and order to operate the pneumatic lift (watch closely as I do that)… The chair rose up! So we see the mechanism works fine, it’s just a matter of fastening the lever some place. The fix I used was simply a LARGE WASHER UNDER THE SCREW HEAD. Demonstration of lever fully fastened in original position using a large washer under a screw lift operation Demonstration while normally loaded… Try this if you have a similar problem! Don’t just trash the chair!

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