Every Xbox One Controller Ever Made

[XBOX SOUND]>>Hi, I’m Monique Chatterjee. I’m an Industrial Designer at Xbox.>>I’m Carl Ledbetter. I’m an Industrial
Designer at Xbox too.>>We are going to tell you
about every Xbox One Controller.>>Ever made.>>Yeah, ever made.>>That’s wrong. Let’s try it again.>>Every single one.>>Let’s try it again.>>Okay.
[MUSIC]>>We all know from
the very beginning like, “Don’t mess with
the Controller. Everybody loves the 360 Controller. It’s the most comfortable
controller ever made. Just don’t touch it.” But we said “No” We said there’s plenty
of room to improve. [MUSIC].>>When we launched Xbox One, we started with the Day
One Controller.>>Day One.>>It shipped with
the original bundle. It says right on the front “Day One 2013” But I brought something today.>>What did you bring?>>Something that we’re not
supposed to talk about, and it’s actually this. This was the first controller we shipped to all the game developers, and they needed to use
our new controller so that the games would
work with Xbox One. So it had this special pattern
that we put on the controller, on the console, and on
the connect sensor, and it was inspired by what’s called arousal pattern from
World War 1 battleships. You even see it on
some car companies, they do it to really disrupt your eye and what
you see in the form. So we did that on his
controller and that’s->>Super secret.>>-super secret.>>I got this one when I
first started working for Xbox, and it’s soft. It’s got the soft touch.>>Yeah.>>I love that. It
says, “I made this. Launch Team 2013” Pretty awesome.
Yeah, it just feels good.>>Yeah. It had this detail on the front that we affectionately
called the V-neck.>>Yeah, I remember the V-neck.>>Yeah. But we redesigned it.>>We cleaned it up, added Bluetooth, got rid of the V-neck. It just really simplified
everything; simplified the icon. Because of the Bluetooth,
we didn’t have to have the IR piece in the front. It just really cleaned
the controller up a lot. [MUSIC].>>So we have a lot of
special edition colors that we ship as bundles. We come up with colors that work
for a lot of different games, for a lot of different people. We’re looking at
grays are super nice. We have this mid tone gray.>>And a console to match that.>>And a console to match it. We have the military green. I love military green.>>Whoa, I like that one. It matches.>>Totally looks good on you.>>Yeah.>>Yeah.>>That’s a cool one.>>We did this monochromatic ABXY. This is a super cool oceany blue. Then this purple one is new.>>That one is hot. So
this is the Fortnight?>>Fortnight bundle.>>Yeah. Does it have a color name?
What’s the name of this color?>>It’s a gangster purple.>>That thing is hot.>>Yeah, it’s bad ass.>>Can people see that? I mean, look at that. The ABXY, the purple
reflection in there is insane. This gives people choice.>>Yeah.>>Like you go to
the store and you can get something that fits
your own style at home.>>Yeah, I think that’s
what it’s all about.>>Yeah.
>>Black-white color choice. [MUSIC]>>Actually, this one is
amazing because this is the first Xbox One special edition
controller we did.>>With grips.>>With grips. So it’s
called Lunar White. It had metallic gold triggers, D-pad, and the grips. This kind of opened
the door to not only do we do unique things
with materials and colors but how can we add subtle things that give
a performance effect? Then the blue and red.>>Yeah. So we have
key colors; blue, reds, grays.>>Yeah.>>A little bit of variety, some personality, and expression.>>Yeah, we tried to
do something unique. So like on these in particular, there’s a little color accent. So we did the green with orange, the gray with green. People want something new and fresh. [MUSIC].>>Design Labs came up over
and over throughout the years. You have the history on that.>>The idea was, how do we empower
gamers to be designers too? Because, of course, they
loved the designs that we create but everybody wants
to do their own thing.>>When we first launched it, it was color only plus engraving. I don’t even remember
how many millions of different combinations
you could make.>>Millions, and I have
a couple to talk about. This one’s kind of cool,
0-60 and it’s inspired by the original Ford GT, which is cool.>>But this one has the next round
of things you could do.>>That’s right. So you
could add metallic triggers, the D-pad, and rubber grips. Everybody loves rubber-grips.>>Super cool.>>Hey, you know what
I found? This one. You made this, right?>>Launch Edition. Yeah.>>You designed that one.>>I made this. So this does
have every single color that we offered at launch all put together and everyone who was on
the core team got one of these. So this is super cool. We were just talking about it
being at the grand buffet.>>It is the ultimate mashup
of design labs. That’s it.>>To actually execute
this whole new, it was a whole new manufacturing
system and supply chain for us. I think that was
the bigger challenge. Right?>>Yeah. I remember there
was some meeting where somebody who was in this thing
and like, “Wait a second. Are you asking us to stock all these colors of all these parts
and have them in some room, someplace, and then somebody presses a button and then they have to
assemble it like a one-off thing?”>>Then direct ship it to someone.>>Yeah. At their door in seven days
or whatever and we said, “Yeah. That’s what we want.” And they did it. It was so amazing. [MUSIC]>>I remember you suggesting that we should look at
camouflage and then just dumping this giant pile
of books on my desk like this high,
all camouflage patterns. So yeah, the team just geeked out on camouflage and we ended up
picking the M90 camouflage. It’s super clean. Clean modern geometry.>>Yeah.>>That’s what we’re going for
with the controller design. So those two things worked
really well together. Of course, we’d launched the first
one in the classic army green.>>Yeah. So this is
called Armed Forces.>>Armed forces.>>Yeah.>>Yeah. It has the hit of orange.>>Yeah.>>Which makes it super technical.>>It is cool. Kind of inspired by the old Army jackets
where the outside is the olive drab but on
the inside it’s bright orange. So it’s a common detail. So emergency, people can see.>>Yeah. Another cool thing
about the Forces camo is that it’s not meant to hide. It’s not like the woodland camo where it’s all about hiding
in your environment. It’s meant to break up the shape, the surface of whatever
you’re looking at. So it just becomes confusing.>>Yeah. These are pretty
cool. Everybody loves camo. [MUSIC]>>The shadow series, we were inspired by nature. We had these awesome like
panoramic views of sunsets and oceans and just
beautiful washes of color, and we were just inspired
to do something that was a little more about that kind of beauty.>>Yeah.>>So we came up with
Shadow series and we blended the black of the bottom case
up into a bright color. We started with copper->>Yeah.>>-then we went to blue.>>Yeah.>>I brought something.>>Oh yeah, there we go.>>Yeah, this is
the blinged out version.>>Whoa.>>We were originally going to go for the full color pop on the top.>>I remember that.>>We had this kicking around
the studio for a while, and then we realized it was too much.>>It was too much.>>It was over the top.>>Then we updated the
controller to the Xbox One S.>>Yeah.>>Then we had to revisit
it, like rethink it. So it changed. We went from dark
on the bottom to dark on the top.>>Yeah, we reversed
the flow of gravity>>When you switched it, this design became really
cool because all of a sudden, the hotness of the color was
the part that you touch now. So it draws you in, and then the Xbox
button blended into this whole dark ombré effect at the top with the
bumpers and triggers. [MUSIC]>>Hey Monique>>…at first it was foil.>>The foil? You got
to talk about this.>>Oh yeah.>>Talk about these.>>I’m going to have to get
out my notes for that though. I just cannot remember.>>Come on you can remember.>>I can’t remember.>>Okay. Came from
the military handbook.>>Military handbook.>>Right.>>Well.>>The first one we shipped
was actually this one. So we’re trying to come up with
something on these controllers that->>Are we rolling?>>We are, we’re rolling.
We’re telling the story.>>Sorry I just got out my computer.>>You got your Surface
computer out and you’re remembering but that’s okay. But we wanted to come up
with something that helped really take somebody on a journey through what
the MilTech series could be and make it special. So we call them Easter eggs. But for the astute fan if you go into the military handbook they have a whole series of icons
that they use to signal. So you can basically
command troops in the field to go search or do
some reconnaissance.>>Yeah, so this one means seek and destroy when you put
all these symbols together, but I was trying to look up exactly. So the first symbol
Is reconnaissance, the second one right here is isolate. The one that
looks like teeth. And then the last one is destroy. So when you put those three symbols together you
basically get: Seek and Destroy. It was super cool to
put these symbols in and then wait for fans to figure it out. This tech series we have the grips which are really pretty
tactical and techy. But then also, we created some grips on the top surface
of the controller. We did that by laser etching this triangle pattern
into the surface. So it’s like a big block of print. Then we go back and laser
etch these triangles.>>Yeah.>>So they’re actually like raised
3-D grips and just give you like a little more of
a technical edge to your controller.>>Yeah, I remember you
brought in materials. We were looking at things
like kevlar, and cordura, and ballistic nylon and all these different types of materials that are
super high-performance, super rugged, and we were like, how can we juxtapose
something opposite the rubber grips onto the top
without being rubber grips? The result of this laser
etching it was cool. It felt like there was
a material coming through the top case that felt like…>>The right character.>>Yeah, it just matched. [MUSIC].>>MilTech and Sport Tech.
They’re sort of like cousins. They use a lot of the same elements, but it’s coming from
a lifestyle perspective. So we were able to really
have a lot more fun with it and leverage
different color palettes. It has some of the same features.
We have grips and the technical pattern
on the top case which we blew up and made it
more into a graphic. It’s less of a laser
etched detail and more of a graphic effect on the Sport Tech.>>It’s similar to when you go to the store and pick out
your favorite set of sneakers. They just feel like this
is right and It just reflects a little bit about who
you are and what you’re about. The red is hot, the blue is really good and then we did the white one. This one the original
concept I thought you had white thumb sticks.>>Yeah.>>But but then we
learned, wait a second, if we have white rubber thumb stick tops they
actually pick up dirt.>>They get real nasty.>>Yeah, something that
we don’t want to see. So we came up with
just the right amount of light gray that it just helps
with preventing dirt buildup. Then we brought that Grey
to the bottom side as well as a continuous grip story. [MUSIC].>>Translucent can be done
really well or not so well. I mean, we’re industrial designers. We love embracing
what’s on the inside and then melding it with
what’s on the outside. So this is the Phantom
series black controller. You can see inside of it
but it’s real deep you have to really squint at it. You can see that inside piece on the Phantom white
controller a little better. It really highlights and
pops what’s on the inside.>>Whoah. You see the
way the light hit that? That’s cool and you also
made the Xbox button match or play off that
a little bit. The metallic finish. Even the way the circuit board
If you can see in there. You start to get
a peek of what’s going on deep in the inside
of the controller.>>We’ve done some special things like the cabling on the white one. We’ve actually made the cable
white and the spring that runs around the D-pad is actually a specific color in each of these. So those little details
you notice when you’re staring at the
product for awhile.>>That’s the other thing,
you kind of work yourself into this space when you’re
doing translucents. You have to design the inside too.>>Yeah, you have to take
it one step further.>>Yeah. [MUSIC]>>This was our first
limited edition controller we did with Titanfall. For all of these controllers we’re
going to talk about the goal is to make the hardware feel like
it came out of that universe.>>Yeah, it’s like a piece
of the game that fell into your living room and it’s
like storytelling, right?>>Yeah. Then, what
did they do with this?>>They put a weapon
in the game called the C101 that was based
off the controller. So we went from game to controller
and then back into game.>>Then this one. This is from Call
of Duty: Advanced Warfare.>>A lot actually went into
this specific gold that we used. We used candy bar wrappers
for inspiration.>>That’s right.>>Yeah, and we found
the perfect one and matched it>>Yeah, this is really cool. It looks like every increment of
degree is printed in the side. So if you were honing in on your sniper sight or your scope,
this mimics that experience. Then what’s going on here?>>There is a kill count.>>There’s a kill count.>>There’s a kill count, and there’s a smiley face on the other side. Things that people might carve into.>>Their weapon.>>Their weapon.>>Here we go, classic, Halo. So let’s talk about
Master Chief first.>>Okay.>>Everybody loves Master Chief.
He is the iconic character from the Halo universe
that goes back to OG 2001. But in this case, we tried to mimic the design to match
Master Chief’s armor.>>This is one of my favorite
explorations in paint quality. There’s a super complex pearl
formula that makes this green. It’s a green-gold which
works with the gold on the D-pad which is reminiscent
of Master Chief’s visor.>>His visor.>>Yeah. Then we have the laser etched hex pattern that you
see in Master Chief’s suit.>>This is Spartan Locke.>>Inspired by Locke and the look and feel of
the whole Halo universe. It all comes together.>>There’s four numbers
on the side here and they are representative of basically, Fireteam Osiris who was
hunting down the Blue Team. So we see the number
of John-117 here, who is actually Master Chief.>>That’s Chief.>>That’s Chief. Then, of course, Kelly, Linda and Frank.>>Fred.>>Fred. Let’s talk about Gears.>>This is the first time we
used a laser to get messy. We wanted to get brutal
with this controller. So we had to figure out
how to use a laser to make these insane swarm scratches.>>Yeah.>>We also use the laser
on the A, B, X, Y to make them look scratched in.>>What else did we do on this one?>>We’ve got- it’s crimson red, we’ve got the Crimson omen, and then we’ve got the newer Phoenix omen.>>This might be a good time
to bring this up. Yeah. I don’t know
if you can see this but every controller we make, we have a little message
on the inside. You can see down inside here printed on the label it
says, “Hello from Seattle.” So it’s just a little
personal message. Then, okay, let’s talk about
Minecraft. They’re just fun.>>The pig is actually soft, the feel of the pig controller. We actually changed the texture
on the controller so you touch it and it just feels piggy.>>Also, there some other things too, like on the back.>>Yeah, we have- super
cute with the pig tail, and on the inside is a carrot. We originally had
a pork chop on the inside, and then we decided maybe that’s
not the message we want to send.>>I want a zombie one though.>>Yeah. We should make more.>>Let’s make more.>>We should make more.>>Okay. Sea of Thieves? This one’s so
cool. Do you have that rock?>>Yeah.>>Get the rock.>>Do you guys have it on B-roll?>>It’s right next to you.>>Oh. It’s right here.>>Yeah, the rock.>>Yeah. So we did
this translucent top case. So I was in this gem shop in
Portland and saw this rock and it totally just reminded me
of the spirit of the game and we tried to capture the feel
of it with the effervescence. It’s like glittery, effervescent
green stuff that you might see floating in the water and then we actually laser etched
barnacles in to go with that. So super surreal nautical theme.>>Yeah. Then we had this, also,
idea about bioluminescence.>>We actually have
the skull glow in the dark. There’s a character in the game
who is a gold hoarder. He’ll steal your gold and then he’ll replace his body parts with gold, and we thought that was
an awesome story and we just carried it through and put
a gold tooth on our controller.>>So just all over
this there’s stories and depth and details, and
this was a lot of fun.>>It was super fun.>>Yeah.>>This is one of the most fun ones.>>Absolutely. Okay. PUBG.
This kind of started it all.>>Yeah. We met with the creators
and they were talking about how the game is inspired
by Battle Royale. So that actually translated
into one of the Easter eggs. When you see Battle Royale
movie posters or the book, there’s like X’s over the characters who have been knocked out and this is your trigger finger. So we have that little homage. Also used the grip.>>Oh yeah. This is the first time we shipped this texture on the trigger. It just breaks up
the surface tension. Where does that leave us?>>Right here with the latest Gears.>>The latest hotness.>>Yeah. Gears 5, Kait Diaz. Looks super good. Really
inspired by her winter armor.>>Yeah.>>Super light silver, whitish, we have the snowy look
on the controller.>>It feels like
the environment, it has the->>Phoenix omen.>>-Phoenix omen, which is what she’s about and you’ll see some of
the little yellow accents. But then on the back.>>The Locust symbol.>>The Locust symbol. So what
is it? What’s it going to be? All these little details,
they just start to tie together
the whole Gears universe. [MUSIC]>>Best one.>>The best one. It is
the best one for sure. Let’s just start with
the standard elite. This was the pinnacle of all controllers and it has
everything we can think of; the molded in rubber grips, we had the paddles. These all became details
that we could embellish; the magnetic attach and detach, the little button sensor or the plunger, the switches for the hair-trigger
at two positions, the metallic accents on
the triggers and bumpers, and of course the
removable magnetic D-pad. So we had this pop of color
that was back there as well as
removable thumbsticks, so people can really set
it up how they wanted. We wanted to do something more, so we did a special
edition version of it. There’s really a white accent.>>Yeah. This is
the first time we did white on white, totally monochromatic.>>Yeah. This one is ridiculous. You got to talk about this one.>>The Gears elite. This one is so full of
cool hidden Easter eggs. It says “Grub Killer” down
there under the D-pad, and this D-Pad it ties into the UI, the weapon select UI, so you get the base
level icons there. We actually perforated this D-pad
so it has some tactility.>>Yeah.>>So we did a bunch of
studies to figure out exactly what that
Gears D-pad should be, and we had all these other ideas
that were super cool. Like this one, it’s
hard to see but it has a little chip out of it like as if the chip was going
to connect into one of those scratches like
the nails went straight through. We had this other one that was actually like a cog,
looks super cool. It was a little rough
on people’s fingers, so we didn’t go that way.>>Yeah. It sort of hurts
but it looks cool.>>Yeah. We had this other one with the full cutouts in the corners. So we did all this work to come to this final D-pad which
is pretty awesome. Another really cool detail…
you know all about this. We have four different
engravings that we put on the inside of the thumbstick. We design these Easter eggs
in for fans to find, and it took a long time
for someone to find that.>>That leads us to, let’s see, we’ve learned so much, like
trigger grips, rubber grips, performance, profiles, programming, removable
and changeable thumbsticks, D-pads, hair triggers, and
the most recent elite controller, the Series 2, takes all those
learnings and pulls them together. I can honestly say that
this controllers is something that all of
the design team and the hardware team is really proud of because it took
all the things we’ve learned. We actually re-engineered
the original elite controller, we redid everything
hearing the feedback from everybody about
durability and performance. So we wrapped rubber
all the way around. We put the trigger grips on there. We added one more setting
for the hair-trigger. It has a built-in battery
so you can charge it. It has three profiles, plus a default mode. Most important, it has
adjustable tension thumbsticks. So, I mean, there’s
just so many things that we’ve done on this and it opens -at least for us- a new doorway for doing more limited and special editions and we’ll see what the future holds. [MUSIC].>>Hey We got these controllers out
because they’re cool. These specifically have never
been made for sale publicly. But they’re worth talking about
because as designers and as Xbox people we also
do things for fans. This one is particularly meaningful. It was a custom controller
designed for Xbox Addict who was just a good person
and also a fan. And Xbox Addict passed away, and so last year at E3 or E3 2018, we did a custom controller
and console in his honor. Then this one.>>This is the sugar skull
that was created for XO in Mexico City 2018, super fresh and cool.>>Yeah. This one is
pretty awesome because it really aligned to everything
that we did in Mexico City, all the branding and
advertising elements. If you actually went to XO you
know everything about this, but it really wasn’t made for
sale but it was something that really embodied
what XO is about. So all of these things
are really for fans. This last one here is this
X design with digital and the circuit boards feeling like the technology
coming through, was designed for X-Fest ’18. So while they’re not
available for sale, sometimes we’re able to
work with the teams to create meaningful designs that really celebrate the culture of
gaming and gamers and our fans. So we’re always proud to be
able to contribute to that. I don’t know what else to add
to that. [LAUGHTER] It’s a dream job. To think that we->>It’s really amazing.>>It is amazing. We
get paid to go to work to make this
cool stuff for people. It brings smiles to their faces.
What could be better? [MUSIC] [XBOX SOUND]

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