Don’t Waste Your Money On This Streaming Gear.

Don’t Waste Your Money On This Streaming Gear.

Oh man it seems like there’s a ton of
videos out there that show you what you should buy as a content creator and
streamer but there’s never any videos about what you should avoid until now
and in this video I’m gonna show you how to not waste your money and make it
effective and avoid some of these pitfalls of things that really aren’t
gonna pay off for you we’re getting started right after this looking to
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gonna help you be awesome alright I’m gonna be a little honest
with you out there a lot of streamers and content creators make you feel like
you need to have the latest and greatest equipment to have great content or get
discovered and perhaps I’m guilty of this of myself and I am sorry I just
like to show you new products that are gonna help you out but you don’t need
the latest and greatest and you don’t need to go broke getting awesome
equipment that’s gonna help you get discovered so what I’m gonna do in this
video is I’m gonna show you what not to waste your money on so that way you’re
spending it correctly alright let’s go oh man gonna be hypocritical right off
the bat don’t waste your money on a gaming chair I know ironic im sitting in one
right now in all of my videos but a gaming chair is just a chair we just put
a word before it and we charge a little bit of extra money it’s the same as
every chair backrest armrest cushioning you know move around on wheels you know
don’t waste your money on a chair that’s gonna cost you two three four five
hundred dollars and up they do the same thing as every chair you can get off
Amazon staples or office max if there’s not
enough cushion just go you know spend a little bit of money on like a $5 $8
throw blanket and just sit on top of that essentially it’s got all the same
value and benefits that’s gonna bring to you do I think gaming chairs are cool
yeah do I think they’re comfortable heck yeah do I think they look great on
streams and in my videos Dang right I think it does but you know what doesn’t
add anything extra it’s got a lot of bells and whistles but it’s just
essentially a waste of money and what people don’t tell you is chairs break
down over time and this includes gaming chairs so essentially in two to four
years anyways I’m gonna need a new one cuz the padding is gonna keep getting
smaller and smaller and I rather waste my money on something that’s like 50
bucks rather than something that’s two hundred and fifty bucks going down for
this oh there we go I’m back you know start working out I
know I’m gonna get a lot of hate on this one so keep your comments to yourself
and tell I’m done cuz I’m gonna make a valid point there’s always a battle
between wired versus wireless and depending on who you are and how your
gaming setup or stream setup is I’m actually gonna recommend you go with
wired because it’s 20% to 50% cheaper versus the alternative of wireless and
let’s not forget if you’re a streamer out there I’m gonna assume you’re pretty
lazy because I’m lazy and we always forget to charge you know our mice our
headsets even keyboards can die and if that happens during a live stream you’re
essentially dead in the water especially if you don’t have replacement batteries
which didn’t happen a lot and if you go with wired you don’t have to worry about
that at all and as long as you have good cable management everything’s out of way
anyways nobody sees what you have during your stream so stay away from wireless
if you don’t need it now I will make an argument if you like to move around a
lot you want to get like a wireless headset so that way it gives you more
motion and range to move around within your streaming environment I can see you
making a case for that but for things like keyboards and mice it’s not really
that much value to it I mean heck if you think about it anyways the microphone
you’re gonna get unless it’s a wireless headset if you’re gonna get like an XLR
USB mic those are wired in any way so just feed everything
a generally the same way to your CP CP PC there we go and everything will just
be managed the correct way and you won’t have to worry about anything
God dyslexia is kicking it hard to death capture cards are an important piece of
any streamers here if you’re streaming from your PC and a lot of people want to
have great visual quality with clean crisp resolution and also making sure
they produce a strong visual impact that’s a lot of people waste a lot of
money on getting the most expensive capture card wait oh I’ve got one in the back hold on, capture cards are awesome and the higher resolution and
low latencies are really really cool but you have to think about what your
viewing audience is gonna want if they can’t see 4k or 2k or your platform
doesn’t even accept it don’t waste money on it
1080p at 30 or 60 frames per second is still a really good video resolution and
aspect that people will enjoy and if you start producing content at 2 or 4k if
your platform can accept it you still have to remember your viewing audience
has to be able to receive that information and when you’re producing a
lot more content on higher resolutions that’s more data that has to go render
up and then go down into either like their phone or tablet or computer and if
they don’t have good processing power on whatever device you are watching on it’s
gonna be a stutter II watching time for them which means it’s not gonna be an
enjoyable time I love 4k and to 2K capture they’re really awesome they’re
beautiful and gorgeous but if you’re not producing content that needs to be done
in these platforms have you know aspect ratios and resolutions you’re not doing
things like YouTube don’t waste your money yeah cuz it seems like since
twitch and mixer and Facebook gaming and YouTube gaming live and all these
platforms are becoming more noticeable companies are gonna start making
products probably on a yearly cycle which means at some point all of these
will have new iterations or generations so you can buy an introductory 1080p
card from like Elgato and then wait till you’ve grown your audience or your
content that you want to move into like YouTube and then buy a capture card that
will be producing higher content felt like I rambled but I
you get the point I hope we’ll find out we’ll see how the edits go yeah I
rambled but you got it one of the coolest accessories as a streamer and
content creator is the elgato stream deck and I know you’re thinking that’s
probably worth buying and yeah it is don’t waste your money on the mini
the six key it’s great but it’s virtually useless and these are the
reasons why because the minute you get an elgato stream deck you’re gonna wish
you had more buttons and that’s the simple reason why you shouldn’t waste
your money on this on the 6 key unless that falls within your price point
that’s fine but most streamers that get the normal one
sadly they eventually start buying too so my advice would be just save up and
get the XL version which has more keys or just go with the regular normal
version and then learn to have folders within folders so that way you have more
access to keys don’t waste your money on nano leaves they’re just expensive and
they don’t give off an awesome visual representation anymore don’t get me
wrong they’re beautiful they’re gorgeous I would love to have them all over my
house and in my stream room unfortunate thing is it’s a lot of money and it’s
just not worth it especially now since everybody has them the hype is kind of
died down and they don’t make that strong of a visual impact anymore
my recommendation is find an alternative out there which there are tons now for
cheaper if you’d like a video on that let me know or if you want something
that’s just gonna create a nice ambiance or a nice glow or a hazings of colors go
with some RGB rope lights or fairy lights they will create awesome products
heck you can even just go with regular RGB bulbs and set them off to the side
and get a nice casting of color like you see behind me my whole lighting setup
that you see behind me was made for less than 32 dollars on lightning deals on
Amazon that has even come close to buying a single pack of nano leaves now
I’m not picking on Nano Leafs trust me nano Leafs are cool and if they wanted
to sponsor one of my videos I’d be more than willing to sellout and do it for
them the problem is is people get hypnotized by all these beautiful colors
and things going off they feel like they have to spend all the money to get that
visual and and you don’t you can get away with a
lot of cheaper alternatives that will give you just the same or even more
visual impact while saving money speaking of RGB speaking of RGB oh man
I’m already regretting giving this tip out because I know so many people are
gonna hate me don’t waste your money on RGB accessories okay RGB keyboards RGB
Mouse’s RGB Ram RGB motherboards RGB coolers RGB snap-on anything for your
case it you just don’t need it so waste of money it’s not it’s not providing
anything extra for your machines I mean yeah it looks dope and really really
cool don’t get me wrong being hypocritical again I have RGB all around
me but it doesn’t add anything and it costs like literally ten to twenty
percent more depending on what you want to get and if you add that all up in the
long run you could have allocated up money to you know a better CPU better
Ram going from ddr3 to ddr4 or faster versions of those or solid states or you
know m2 drives there’s so many things that you could put that money into that
would have got any better performance that doesn’t task your machine as much
but no you chose to spend it on colors that nobody can see because the camera’s not
even facing towards that and that’s what I want you to know is there’s so many
things off the frame that nobody will see it’s for your own enjoyment and if
that is you that’s perfectly fine but I feel like your money could be better
spent in other places it’s important to spend your money wisely so that way you
can be successful at being a streamer so that way you can be stable with what you
do and I don’t want you going into debt doing this hobby or profession which is
why I’m gonna put a video over here to the side that’s gonna show you all the
reasons you need to know before you buy an elgato key light to see it’s gonna be
an overpriced light for you or the perfect light field as well as a video
that YouTube’s gonna recommend down at the bottom I recommend watching those
videos right after this because it helps support my channel I love all you
awesome people out there thank you so much for watching this video and I miss
you already and until next time peace

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33 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Your Money On This Streaming Gear.”

  • What streaming gear do you think you should save for last, not buy, or way overpriced?
    Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Haha my first buy lately was a gaming chair but under 100 and yeah it’s just a normal chair but my other chair I didn’t sit properly with this cheap gaming chair I sit straight up and it’s helped my back a lot

  • Got Question Do u need good upload speed to stream or need good download or a bit of both or pending on your Graphics card

  • Hi Wild ! I don't post a lot of comments but I want to thank you for your vids !
    However I disagree with you about the gaming chair.
    I had a low cost (60€) office chair and after 6-7 months the leather imitation started to melt into lot of pieces and it was awfull, it was like if I had a molten cow in my house.
    After this bad experience, 6 years ago, I bought a Maxnomic gaming chair for about 300€ and it's still in perfect conditions. I don't even have to take care of it a lot, just some wheel cleaning because of dust/hair and it's enough.
    I think a gaming chair is not a priority buy when you start streaming and you got your first revenue, but it's a 100% good investment if you stay a plenty of time, like me as a web dev, in front of your pc.
    Thanks for reading me have a nice day/night !

  • Guilty of having RGB keyboard and mouse. Thankfully, both were cheap enough on Amazon. Sadly my keyboard's keys are starting to fade from use, so yeah I need to get a new one soon. I'll keep these tips in mind when shopping for a new one. Thanks, Wild!

  • You’re not wrong, you are just being realistic. But then again, when the guilty pleasures kicks in, the money just goes in a different direction.

  • Overall, a nice video of you. However, I would say, do not waste your money on the stream deck, especially if you're new. An old tablet / smartphone and software like Touchportal is perfect and the software costs only $ 10 🙂

  • Thank you for the reminder yet I only get what I only need that’s actually useful for content, productivity and or etc.

  • Thx Man love ur Videos, recently acquired an elgato and use it for mobile gaming, makes my streams look great but still not sure why there is skipping in it (very frequently) not sure what to do, it's streaming at 720, 30fps but it still skips any feedback would be amazing

  • Did you know that ninja watched one of your old vids back in the day for the best face cam? It’s true! When he played h1z1 he once said in his stream “if it wasn’t for Wild4Games on YouTube, you guys would be watching without face cam.” Btw keep up the good content !

  • I was ready to go thumbs down on this video based on the thumbnail. However I agree to everything you talked about especially the Stream Deck section. Be frugal in your purchases and you will get more out of this hobby.

    One thing I would ding you on though is the need of a capture card. Today's PC equipment can handle everything you want to stream and all the side programs of managing the stream. The only people I would recommend a capture card for are those that stream console games. And there too I agree on the type of card you talk about.

  • I live stream on twitch and just made Affiliate last month and I don't have a camera should I get one or is it not a big deal cause I was told that it kind of was if I want to get a bigger audience btw I stream on ps4 cause my NVIDIA capture card on my pc does not work anymore

  • Hey Wild, thanks a lot for all the streaming tips and tricks. I was lost for over a year, I didn't have a lot of followers and I got 0 viewers per stream. I took a little break for 3 months and over that break I watched your videos and customized my stream. Last week I started streaming again and now I get about 3-4 viewers per stream, and I got about 20 followers. I'm looking to get Twitch affiliate before the end of the year and I am slowly turning streaming into a job. Thank you a lot and I hope you help more people turn streaming into a job.